tagErotic HorrorMany Secrets of Beautiful Betty Ch. 03

Many Secrets of Beautiful Betty Ch. 03


Secret #3

Betty was a beauty. Only, she was a woman who kept a lot of secrets.

She could have been a beauty queen. She could have been a movie star. She could have been that mesmerizing young reporter who reported the news at 6pm and 11pm and the one who kept audiences glued to their television sets not to find out who was murdered, raped or robbed but to see more of beautiful Betty. Only, she kept secrets and her secrets ruined her chance at real happiness and ruined her life.

After all the secretaries and white collar executives fled the city in mass exodus for their homes in the suburbs, she worked downtown. When the good church going folk are already tucked away in bed, Betty is just getting ready to appear on stage. She's the main attraction and the reason why the men drink more, lust over, and spend their money on champagne and lap dances over and again while watching Betty perform. She's a stripper and stripping is her second secret.

When she dons her blonde wig, changes her makeup, and removes her clothes but for two heart-shaped pasties and a thong the width of waxed dental floss, no one would recognize beautiful Betty as tumultuous, naughty, tantalizing Tiffany. The opposite personality of Beautiful Betty, TNT Tiffany is the blonde, sexy bombshell who is the star of the stage. By her stage presence, she demands that all eyes focus upon her.

Generally, men see strippers in sections. Those who prefer tits, stare at her tits. Those who prefer pussies, stare at her pussy. Those who prefer asses, stare at her ass. Only, TNT Tiffany has it all. All of her pieces are so equally as good as any other that they blend into one image. The men see all of TNT Tiffany when they stare at her with their lustful desire. Every man wants her.

When she could have been a beauty queen, a movie star, and an on camera reporter, why did she become a stripper? It is an easy question on the surface, a question that one could give a simple answer to if she was indeed simple, but beautiful Betty was not. She was as intelligent as she was complex and the answer to this question was as complex as she was intelligent. Every psychiatrist would respond with a different diagnosis when giving their reason for her abhorrent behavior. Every psychiatrist would want more time to evaluate her and to make her a case study. Every psychiatrist would agree to commit her.

She had thought about it over the years. Why does she strip? She knows that it is wrong. She knows that she is embarrassed and ashamed by it, but the money is good. It is difficult to give it up. How else would she earn a living? She has no skills, experience or education. Her moneymaker is how she looks with and without her clothes. It wasn't until recently that she came up with an answer.

Even though it disturbed her to the core to remove her clothes and have lesser men than her in every respect ogle her naked body, the process of stripping empowered her. She liked the control she had over men when getting naked and men freely gave her that control for the chance to see her naked. They never removed their eyes from her. There she was on stage, confident in her ability to tease, titillate, and tantalize. She had the men eating out of her hand, sticking money in her g-string, and begging her for a lap dance. Still, the attention she received from men was not the reason why she stripped.

To her, it was just a body and no big deal. It wasn't her nakedness that bothered her. It was the leering that she found disturbing, especially by some of the stranger customers who obviously had mental problems. Although most men think that she is just a beautiful face and a magnificent body, she is so much more than that. She is the person who inhabits her body. They may think that they know her, but they don't know her. They have no idea who she is and what she is about.

It was when she was watching a Dracula movie that she concluded her unofficial and off-the-cuff theory, as to why she strips. Like so many of us being exposed to the same stale genre of Hollywood's lack of imagination when being sufficiently stretched in declaring, "Let's do a sequel," after having watched so many vampire movies, she discovered why it is that she strips for a living.

There are those strippers who will justify their reasons for stripping, firmly believing that it is their decision, but it is not. The reason why she strips may or may not be the same reason for someone else. Some strip, they truly believe, because they are exhibitionists and enjoy removing their clothes in a room full of men or women. Others strip because the money is good and it is the only way for them to earn a good living, which, of course, is true in so many instances. Yet, when you probe beneath the surface, you will find that most strip for the same reason. In her case and in the case of so many others, she was bitten by a vampire. Not a real vampire, of course, but a symbolic one, of sorts.

Sexually abused by her father and brother, they were her modern day vampires, a violent scenario that has been part of man's nature and women's fate since man was given the power to fornicate with women, any women, at will, and women were given no choice other than to submit and endure to survive. They exposed her to the sexual road that she was doomed to take. Now, as a manifestation of what happened to her in her twisted sexual development, here she is as a stripper and stripping herself naked. What was abhorrent to her before she was raped by her father and brother, being naked and vulnerable, she freely reveals to strangers. Only, this time, there is a big difference. This time it is her free, although fated and driven, doomed will, and this time, she is in control.

There is an insatiable appetite for naked women and it does not matter if the women are strangers, friends, acquaintances or relatives. If you are a woman, there are men who want to see you naked and they are willing to pay for the privilege. Then, there are those who do not want to pay and who believe that they are entitled.

Some men, not all men, believe that because they are men, that because they are bigger and stronger, that if they want to see you naked, they will strip you naked. There are those who are into the violence rape, others who are into incest, and still others who are into rape and incest. Those who are into both rape and incest are the vampires.

There is nothing sexual about rape. It is a violent and deplorable act against mankind. Beautiful Betty was raped by not only her drunken father but also by her drunken brother. A victim in her own house and to her own family, she had no chance at all of surviving their violent attack.

In her case, although she was of the age of consent, what woman would consent to being raped by her father and brother? Is it any wonder why she is screwed up today and twisted in her thought process? Oh, just because she is beautiful doesn't mean that she can't be crazy. Just because there is a beautiful vase on your table does not mean that it cannot have a few cracks in it. In the case of the vase, it comes with age and in the case of beautiful Betty, it comes with living.

Surviving the horror of her family secrets is her third secret.

Now, the resulting effect is her insanity and the reason why she is onstage stripping. Some who have had similar backgrounds become prostitutes, while others become strippers, and still others are stripping prostitutes. Then, there are those who become so twisted that they take what happened to them to a new level. This is beautiful Betty's story, the things that she did, and the things that she had no control or memory of doing

To be continued...

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