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Marcella's Servant


A/N: This story is a sequel to Morgan's Enchantment


I pray thee, gentle mortal, sing again
Mine ear is much enamor'd of thy note;
So is mine eye enthralled by thy shape;
And thy fair virtue's force perforce doth move me
On the first view to say, to swear, I love thee

Midsummer Night's Dream Act III Scene 1

"Preparations will be made, and tomorrow night at the Fairy Ring you and Witch-Hazel will wed, with all the ceremonies proper for a royal wedding. Away now daughter I have much work to do to make this happen. Go to your chambers and start your preparation for tonight you will set yourself away as our custom demands. Away child," Oberon thundered, waving his hand as if swatting the girl away. The poor girl got to her feet and quickly left the throne room, doing her best not to attract any attention.

Marcella's heart went out to her daughter. Sitting and watching poor Morgan suffer in front of all her husband's court was almost too much for her to stand. She had been sorely tempted to stand up for her daughter and put Oberon in his place, but she remembered the arrangement of their marriage. She knew that by standing up to him she would be jeopardizing her position as queen.

Oberon's planning for the wedding took up the rest of the night. First he was arranging for flowers to be planted and grown at the fairy ring. Water Willowdancer and her husband Fidgit were armed with all means of quick grow spells and sent on their way. Food and drink for the reception was to be prepared by Oak Iceglitter and she was sent to the kitchen. The job of preparing the wedding cake was assigned to Petal Elffilter. Oberon specified that it should be at least twenty feet tall and surmounted by a glamour of the bride and groom all decked out in their finery. Oberon sent Field Reedwand out to gather fresh pearls and diamonds from the palace garden and to disused parts of the palace to gather cobwebs, all to be used to sew together Morgan's bridal gown.

The invitations were prepared and sent on their way, the wings of the envelopes flapping as they took flight and then giving off a faint pop as they disappeared when reached superluminal speed. Oberon was intent on inviting everyfairy that was anyfairy so that his daughter's wedding would be the event of the millennium, with everyfairy claiming they had been there, whether they had or not.

By the time all of the arrangements were complete dawn was fast approaching. Marcella sat through it all stoically while her husband casually used her magic to accomplish his wishes. Their marriage had been an arrangement whereby she was guaranteed much higher social standing than she could ever have achieved on her own in exchange for the use of her magic.

It had been deeply embarrassing to the royal family when it turned out that their first born son and the rightful heir to the throne turned out to be magically impaired. All through his youth allowances had been made and an elaborate charade created giving him the appearance of magical prowess. Nannies, tutors, and companions had been hired by the royal family to perform magic that he could take credit for. As he came of age an exhaustive search had been mounted to find a bride with magic powerful enough so that Oberon could mount the throne, when his time came, without the fear of more powerful rivals trying to usurp him. All of the major and minor houses had been invited to send their daughters to compete for the hand of the prince. Hundreds of fairy maidens had turned out. Each maiden was given the chance to demonstrate their command of magic before a panel of the royal family's advisors. In the end it was a daughter of a minor house who had won the competition.

Marcella had been born on the coincidence of a full moon and a spring equinox, the most holy day of the fairy calendar. She had been born with a full command of fairy magic. The family she came from was a minor house, not very high up in the hierarchy of fairy families and as she grew Marcella's parents repeatedly told her that the best way for her to advance the family's interest was to become proficient in the use of magic. Marcella studied hard, learning the deep secrets of nature and how to command its powers. Even before she was seventy years old she had surpassed her parents magical powers. She was barely one hundred and eighty when the contest for the prince's hand came about, but she was already had a command of magic some fairies do not achieve until they reach five hundred years, and most never reached.

When it came her turn to demonstrate her power the field where the competition was being held was already cluttered with the attempts of the earlier contestants. Flower bushes, statues and other royal tributes were spread out over the field.

Before she began Marcella asked the judges, "Would you please stand back I don't want to hurt you." One of the judges snickered, but they backed away giving here room to work her magic. Preparing herself she closed her eyes and concentrated on the power of the universe, the deep power that rules all things. Soon she could feel the power of nature surging through her body. Slowly she opened her eyes and began to chant,

"Power in all things from deep below

Come to me now, through my will flow

A palace we need for our future king

Diamond bright, his majesty to sing."

As she repeated the verse over and over the ground began to shake. Slowly the ground parted and four bright, silvery towers began to emerge. The towers could soon be seen to be part of a larger structure emerging from the ground. As the large structure emerged the moving earth that it had displaced buried all of the other contestants creations. After a few minutes a palace had emerged and the field stopped shaking.

The judges stood and marveled at the palace that Marcella had created. The walls of the palace, though not translucent, seemed as if each was cut from a single diamond. The highest towers, decorated with garnet and ruby roofs, stood over one hundred and fifty feet tall. After briefly touring the palace the Marcella had created the judges announced that Marcella was the winner of the competition.

Marcella married Oberon in the palace chapel the next day. The royal family made it clear to Marcella that she would supply magical power to ensure that Oberon would not face threats to the throne. In exchange Marcella would receive all the benefits of royal status. What Marcella did not know at the time is that Oberon had a thing for forest nymphs and he was not about to let the fact that he was married interfere with his conquests. So while she waited for him in the marriage bed, he was elsewhere.


Marcella was exhausted after all the arrangements for Morgan's wedding had been made. Oberon, as usual, had taken full advantage of her magic and used it without restraint. This had left her worn out and ready for a good day's sleep.

Marcella's personal servant was waiting for her when she arrived back at her suite. The suite of rooms that she used was decorated with floral patterns, with wildflowers and heather hand painted on the walls. The furniture was made out of gemstones, mostly emeralds and garnets.

Bjorn was standing by the door when she entered, bowing his head in her presence.

"Run me a bath," she commanded.

"Yes, my queen," he said, turning and walking swiftly into the bathroom, from which the sound of running water could soon be heard.

Marcella walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed, waiting for Bjorn to help her undress. Marcella required him to wear only a loincloth in her presence because she enjoyed seeing his muscled chest and to remind him of his position. With her magic she was able to make sure that he always had a healthy tan, though it had been centuries since he had seen the sun.

The bedroom was dominated by a king size bed with a large ornately carved, ruby headboard. The carving depicted a man and woman in sexual congress with the large breasted woman on top of the man in reverse cowgirl position, her head flung back in ecstasy. In several places on the headboard small iron rings were set.

With the sound of running water in the background Bjorn returned and she stood up so that he could undress her. Without a word he began unzipping her gown and pulling it up over her head. After he had hung the gown in the closet, he returned and helped her step out of her petticoat. Marcella sat on the bed and he knelt at her feet to remove her shoes and then her stockings. Marcella returned to her feet and Bjorn removed first her bra, then her garter belt and panties.

"Your bath will be ready in a moment," said Bjorn and he disappeared into the bathroom. Marcella sat down on the bed and waited for the sound of the running water to stop. After a few minutes, when the water stopped, Marcella got back on her feet and walked into the bathroom. The bathroom was almost as large as the bedroom, and in addition to the sink, counter, and bathtub, which were all carved out of giant emeralds, all of the fixtures were made of brightly polished gold.

Bjorn stood by the side of the tub, which was filled with bubbles and smelled of her favorite lavender bath oil.

"You always know what I am in the mood for," she said as he helped her into the tub.

"Of course, my queen." He replied. Once he had seated her, he took up a large sponge and began to rub her shoulders. The feeling of he rough sponge massaging her shoulders was heavenly. Bjorn lifted her arm and ran the sponge down along her arm, soaping her arm as he went. He then did the other arm, and then one by one he did her legs, lifting them by the knee and rubbing the sponge up and then down them to her toes. It had been a hard day and after having to use so much of her magic, being washed by her servant allowed her to begin to relax.

"Thank you, Bjorn, that was wonderful," she said as he released her leg and let it slide back into the warm soapy water. Sitting in the water she thought that she could remain here forever, or at least until she shriveled up like a giant white prune. Bjorn remained sitting by the side of he tub, waiting to wash her off when she finished soaking. Seeing him sitting there she thought back to when she had first seen him.

When she had first married Oberon she had been frustrated by the lack of attention he paid her. Although she had been told that their marriage was one of convenience, a part of her expected that Oberon would at least spend some days sleeping with his new wife. Day after day he was gone as the sun was rising. At a loss for what to do she had gone to her mother and asked what she thought she should do.

"What did you expect," her mother had answered. "You knew what type of marriage you were getting into. But that doesn't mean you can't get attention elsewhere. Find yourself a human slave. You can keep him in the palace and nobody will find out."

"A human in the palace? Surely that would be too dangerous. Oberon would be furious if he found out."

"But, why should he? It's your palace isn't it? You control its magic. There is no way he should be able to detect a human as long as you take precautions."

With that thought in her head she had gone out the next few nights searching for an attractive human male to enslave. Because the skin of fairies does not have melanin they burn instead of tanning in the sun. For that reason fairies are very pale and are mostly nocturnal. When they go into the human plane they go out at night and stay away from the sunlight in the day, to avoid sunburn.

To find herself a servant worthy of her position Marcella had used her magic to transform herself into a small dog and gone looking through several small villages searching for a man to enslave. Not having much experience with humans at first she had been shocked at the conditions they lived in. The humans in the villages she visited were filthy, seldom washing themselves and living in conditions she found appalling. She wondered if it was even possible that she could ever train one of these brutes to live in her palace.

After several nights of searching she was despairing that she should never find a human that lived up to the standard of cleanliness that she insisted upon. Frustrated with the fruitlessness of her search she wandered away from one of the villages she had investigated and followed a path into a forest. She had been walking for about half an hour when she came upon a pool of water at the foot of a waterfall. She was surprised to see a man bathing in the water. Careful not to let him see her she remained in the form of a small dog while she examined him. He looked to be tall but she could not tell for sure as he was sitting in the water, but he did look well muscled and she liked his long blond hair.

So entranced was she with this man that she did not notice that he had seen her. He called out to her, "Hey doggie, have you gotten lost?" He got up from where he was sitting in the pool of water and walked over to the edge where she stood, towering over her.

Careful to remain in character she barked at him, but could not help but examine his cock. Even coming out of cold water, it was much larger than any of the cocks of fairies she had fucked in the past. Now she realized why her mother had suggested that she find herself a human slave.

"I have some food if you want," the man said. He went over to his pack, which was leaning against a tree and took out a piece of venison jerky. He broke off a small piece and held it out for her to eat. Impressed by his kindness, Marcella ate the jerky.

After she swallowed the jerky she changed back into her normal form.

The man, staggered to see the little dog change into a pale maiden dressed in fairy finery, started to back away from her.

"Don't be afraid," she said. "I am not going to hurt you."

"Who..what are you?" he asked tentatively holding his ground.

"My name is Marcella. I am the queen of fairies. I want you to be me servant."

"What?" asked the man, incredulously.

"You will be my servant, and you will obey my commands." Reaching down inside herself for her magic, she recited,

"When you hear me you will obey

From now and till your final day

Hark now and hear my command

Your obedience is mine to demand"

As the spell took affect, the naked man stood silently staring at her.

Wanting to test out her spell she commanded, "kneel before your queen."

The man got down to his knees and bowed his head.

"Get up and get dressed, you are coming with me."

The man obeyed.

That night had been over two hundred and fifty years ago. At first it had taken a while to train him to meet her needs, but he was a quick learner, and soon he was able to anticipate her wishes. She did use her magic to stop his aging. Humans were such ephemeral things, she thought, and without the spell he would have withered and died in no time. Instead he had stayed young and beautiful, for her.

When Bjorn first came into her service she found that she needed to renew the beguilement spell at least once a week so that he would continue to obey her commands. One week, hard pressed by Oberon's demands on her magic, she did not have the power to renew the spell. As the spell ran its course she found that Bjorn still obeyed her commands and was as eager to serve her needs as he ever had been.

Alarmed that he would try to leave her suite and once loose in the palace betray his presence to Oberon's court, she bluffed and threatened to hurt him with her magic if he tried to escape.

"You don't dare leave these rooms, Bjorn, I wouldn't want to have to use my magic against you," she had threatened.

Bjorn had seen her bluff for what it was, but still had no intention of leaving her.

"I will stay and serve you my queen. I don't want to leave you."

"You won't try to escape?"

"I love you my queen, why would I want to leave you?"

"You love me?"

This surprised her, but as she thought about it, it stood to reason. It made sense that this human would fall in love with her. She was a fairy after all, and what human could resist falling in love with her and be willing to serve her needs. She was sure that she was more beautiful than any human woman could be, so it only made sense that he would fall in love with her.

Tiring of sitting in the bath she made an effort to get to her feet. Without a word from her, Bjorn reached over and helped her stand. Once she was on her feet he opened the drain and turned on the detachable showerhead. Using the showerhead he started at her shoulders he washed the soap bubbles off of her body, using his free hand to wipe them off. Once he finished washing her off and the tub was drained, he wrapped her in a towel and started drying her, again starting at her shoulders and working his way to her feet. Once he finished, he helped her step out of the tub and held up her bathrobe for her to put on. She slid her arms through the sleeves of the proffered bathrobe and let him pull it closed and fasten the tie in front.

"Would you like a massage, my queen?" he asked.

"Yes thank you that would be wonderful, Bjorn."

After helping her out of her robe, he led her to the massage bed across the bathroom from the tub and helped her lie down on her stomach. After putting some oil on his hands he began rubbing down her back. Slowly his hands ran down her back and then back up. Next he was rubbing down her back with his forearms and then back up. Over the years, with her suggestions, he had perfected his massage technique to where soon the stress of the day had left her and she was relaxed.

How well he knows me, she thought, as his strong hands worked on her. He always knows what I want and has it ready for me. She realized how much she valued him, wondered if she should tell him about Morgan. She had never told him, or anybody else, the truth about her daughter's parentage.

His hands were now making circles around her scapula, massaging her shoulders and she was remembering the spell she had used to conceive with his sperm. Humans and fairies are incompatible as species and normally cannot have offspring, but she had used her magic so that he could impregnate her.

After fifty years of marriage to Oberon, the royal council had insisted that the queen produce an heir. Oberon, much to his dislike, had insisted that the queen spend mornings in his chambers until an heir was produced. When this command was put to her Marcella revolted and was determined that there was no way she would have Oberon's child.

Unknown to anybody, Marcella had used her magic so that only Bjorn's seed would result in conception. The spells required had been difficult and required many hours of meditation in order to accomplish. For four nights in a row (four being a number with deep significance to fairies as it is the number of elements, the number of seasons, and also the number of cardinal directions) she snuck out of the castle to commune with nature in order to build up the power to accomplish the conception. She told the king that the four nights of meditation were required to make sure that their child would posses powerful enough magic to assume the throne when the time came, and fearful that his offspring would be as hapless at magic as he was he granted her the freedom to be away from court for those nights. After those four nights she knew she could accomplish the conception with Bjorn. So while she spent her days in Oberon's chamber, doing her duty as queen, it was on one of the mornings she spent in her chambers with her servant, after having told the king she was getting ready for her day sleeping with him, that her child was conceived.

While Morgan was growing up Marcella had used her magic so that upon reaching maturity she would have all of the magical abilities of a normal fairy despite her human genetics. Morgan had grown up believing that Oberon was her father.

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