tagRomanceMaria Pays The Rent

Maria Pays The Rent


Maria counted out the stack of twenties and small bills and put them back into her Bible on the kitchen table for safekeeping. Once again, she didn't have enough for the rent, and her landlord would not be pleased. She worked hard at her job, but it didn't pay enough, and there were also the daycare expenses for her two year old daughter.

Maria was barely into her twenties. She was a nice looking young woman with a pretty face and long wavy black hair. When she became pregnant, her boyfriend melted away and left town. She was on her own now... and it was lonely.

Her landlord, Mr. Gillespie, always came by on the third of each month to collect the rent. She would give him what she had, then make up an excuse, and make more promises that she couldn't keep. She was tired of the game, but it had worked the last two times and she had run out of options.

"Maria, you already owe me two hundred dollars from the last two months, and now you're short another hundred this month," Mr. Gillespie drawled. Maria hated his accent, but smiled and told him she was going to get more hours at work next week and would pay him back.

She looked at him from across the kitchen table. He wasn't much older than she—almost thirty, maybe, and sort of cute. But he was very conservative and tightfisted about money. He would probably throw her and her baby out on the street.

He was looking at her in a curious sort of way and she felt uneasy when he spoke.

"Maria, you are a nice looking young woman. Your boyfriend was a jerk to run off on you like that. You look really nice tonight. I like the way you are wearing your hair now," he said. He leaned back and smiled at her. She had been letting her curls grow out and her hair now fell to the middle of her back. Tonight it was tied with a red ribbon.

"Thank you, Mr. Gillespie; I appreciate your compliment. And I promise that I will repay you when I get my next check," she said.

"I have someone who wants this place, but I have been putting them off. Perhaps we need to make another arrangement," he suggested. "This is what I can do for you." He took out his receipt pad, "I will add another hundred dollars to your receipt today and come over and spend some time with you one night later this week. I will be back next week with another hundred dollar receipt and so forth until you are caught up."

Maria did not like the sound of his suggestion and the not-too-subtle threat that lay behind it. She did not have any other options, though, so she acquiesced. "OK, I will do it for you, but I don't want to."

Mr. Gillespie smiled. "There, that's being a good girl. I have to leave right now, but I will be back at nine tomorrow night. Be ready."

The next day, Maria finished work and picked her daughter up at the day care center. A quick supper, some play time, a bath, and a story, and the little one was sound asleep in her room. It was almost nine, and Maria was still a mess when she heard the knock on the door.

"Hello, Maria. You look like you have had a long day," Mr. Gillespie said as he walked over to the kitchen table and placed a shopping bag on it. "I picked up some things at the market," he said, taking out some pricy cuts of meat and groceries. Maria quickly put them in her almost-empty refrigerator and turned to face him.

"And this is for us," he announced, holding up a bottle of wine, "Get a couple of glasses, OK, Maria?"

After opening the bottle and pouring the wine, they sat at the table making small talk. He asked about her day and told her about a building he wanted to buy the next block over. Draining his wine, he refilled both glasses and said, "This is for you, Maria. Easter is coming up and I hope you will like it." He reached into his bag and slid a wrapped present across the table to her.

Maria eyed the package and took a long slow drink of her wine. She was feeling the warm pleasant feeling that wine always gave her. The package was beautifully wrapped in pink paper with a white bow. Putting down her glass, she picked up the package and slowly removed the paper so she could save it and use it again. When she opened it and lifted up the white paper, she saw a very feminine white Easter dress. She blushed, lifting the satin dress out of the box and holding it against herself in the mirror. She decided she would wear it next week to the Easter service. She turned and thanked Mr. Gillespie.

"Put the dress on with the other stuff in the box, but don't wear anything beneath it, OK?" he instructed.

"Yes, I understand," Maria meekly replied.

"Maria, the gold crucifix that you wore yesterday would really look nice with your dress; could you put that on, too?"

"Yes, I will," she replied in a quiet voice. "I'll be right back."

She went to her bathroom, took her clothes off, and lifted the dress from the box. It was beautiful. No one had ever given her anything this beautiful before. It was white, silky, and femininely styled, modestly falling just above her knees when she tried it on. In the box were more things; a pair of white silk stockings, lipstick, and red nail polish. Maria carefully applied the polish to her toes and fingernails, then admired the results. When it was dried, she pulled on the stockings and carefully applied her lipstick and some other make up. The stockings were sheer white and her polished toenails were almost visible. Checking herself in the mirror, she decided that she was ready.

Maria walked into the kitchen in her shoeless feet and Mr. Gillespie's jaw dropped. "You are beautiful, Maria," he mumbled, "Turn around. Let me see you." She complied, slowly pirouetting.

The dress looked just the way he envisioned when he picked it out at the store. Without undergarments, it clung to the curves of her body nicely. As she walked he could see her breasts swaying and her nipples protruding against the fabric. The pink sash in the back danced as she turned. It gave him a thrill to know that under the dress and stockings she was nude.

He handed Maria her glass and they sat on the couch sipping and making small talk. Leaning over, he turned off the lamp on the end table and the room became dark and quiet. Taking her wine glass and placing it on the coffee table, he leaned towards her and kissed her tentatively on the lips. Her lips were luscious and red, like the wine, and full of flavor, so he kissed her again, exploring her mouth with his tongue and holding this kiss longer.

Maria was lonely. She was not seeing anyone, and with a young child in the house she was just too tired to date. There were some men at work and church that she would want to go out with, but when they found out she was a single mom, they weren't interested in a ready-made family. She wanted a Christian husband, a godly man who would be a father for her baby.

Mr. Gillespie had his arm around her, sitting closely, kissing her. She could feel the silky fabric of the dress caressing her skin, which was hungry for his touch. Her nipples were hardened and tingling. She wanted him to touch them. She wanted to forget all her unhappiness and loneliness in his arms and let him do what he wanted with her.

Mr. Gillespie leaned back and looked at her, thinking, I can't do this; it's wrong.

"I really like the way you kiss, Maria. It's getting late, so I am going to call it a night. I will call you about next week." He gave her a brief kiss and he was gone.

Maria sat on the couch in the dark and finished her wine. What just happened? Why didn't he make love to me? Is there something wrong with me? Or is there something wrong with him?

The next afternoon, she visited Mrs. Wallace on the third floor to "borrow a cup of sugar" that she didn't really need. She casually mentioned the landlord to her and was given five years' worth of gossip about him. He lived with his mother until she died, then married a girl last year who left him after one week. He was "a strange one indeed," was Mrs. Wallace's verdict. That made sense after last night, the details of which Maria did not share with Mrs. Wallace, who could be counted on for sharing it with the entire apartment building.

The next Thursday, he came back as they planned. Her child was fast asleep and she made her preparations. She had worn the dress on Sunday for Easter, but with proper undergarments, and had received compliments from some friends at church. When she went to the prayer rail during the service, kneeling and holding her crucifix in her hands, she asked in her prayer for a husband to love her and guide her in her walk with the Lord.

She was going to wear the dress again for Mr. Gillespie with nothing underneath just like last week. Maria was horny. She wanted to have sex with him tonight. He had taken her so close last week. The knock on her door was at the stroke of nine. He certainly was punctual. Looking out the spy hole, she could see he had a bouquet of flowers.

"Hi, Maria, I brought some flowers for your kitchen table. Do you have a vase?" he asked.

"I sure do," she replied, bending over and reaching under the kitchen sink to pull it out.

He admired how the dress clung to her hips and the crevice of her bottom as she bent over to retrieve the vase. Maria arranged the flowers, smiling and humming the tune from a hymn she heard at the Easter service. The flowers were an Easter bouquet of white lilies. They made her kitchen a place of beauty.

He put a bag of groceries on the table and gratefully she put them away in the refrigerator. Reaching in his other bag, he pulled out a fresh bottle of wine. This time it was champagne, the bubbly stuff that always made her giggle.

Sitting on the couch, sipping the bubbly, she decided she was going to get some answers to her questions.

"Mr. Gillespie," she began, then paused.

"Bill. You should call me Bill," he awkwardly responded.

"Bill, thank you for buying me this pretty dress. I wore it on Sunday to Easter service and I felt very special," she said, setting up the question.

"I knew you would like it, and I wanted to see you wearing it," he said.

"I was surprised; a gift like this is usually given by a husband or a lover, but you gave it to me. Do you have anyone special in your life?" she prodded.

Bill looked uncomfortable for a moment, then said, "No. I was married once for a week, but that did not work out. There has been no one since then."

"I have not really dated since I became pregnant with my daughter. We were not married and it lasted only about a week with her father. I was just a notch on his bedpost." Maria said, with downcast eyes. "What happened to you?" she asked, to get to the heart of the matter.

Bill looked uneasy again, but he trusted her, so he told her, "I was a virgin. My wife did not give me time to, you know, have sex with her. She said some nasty things, then left."

"So, you are still a virgin?" Maria asked.

"Yes. That's why I left abruptly last week. I wanted you, but I was afraid to, you know, to have sex. That was part of it. The main part was that forcing you to have sex to pay your rent is just wrong. I am sorry. I have never done that before. We don't have to have sex. I will cancel the back rent you owe to show how much I regret what I did."

"Bill, that is sweet, and I accept your apology. We don't have to have sex unless you want to. I liked kissing you last week; would you like to do that instead?" Maria suggested.

"Yes, but go slow with me, OK? Oh, I have another gift in the bag by the table. Could you bring it here?" he asked.

He admired the way her dress swayed as she walked to the table, and a surge of desire filled him. Maria handed him the bag and sat next to him in anticipation. She could see there were two wrapped presents inside.

Bill handed her a smaller garment box, and once again she opened it slowly, not wanting to tear the wrapping paper. Inside was a white satin corset with garters, a thong, and sheer silk stockings with seams in the back. The corset was beautiful, and it looked like her size. Maria had never worn such a garment before, and seized upon a suspicion. "Bill, this is lovely, and I want to wear it for you. Have you ever seen a woman wearing a corset before?"

"I tried to give one to my wife, but she said that I was a pervert and she wouldn't wear it," he reluctantly replied.

"I would be proud to wear this for you, Bill," Maria affirmed.

"This is for you, too," Bill said, passing the other present to her.

From the shape of the box, she knew was it was. Inside was a pair of white high heels with a thin strap around the ankle. Very romantic and sexy. They'll look great on me with the corset and dress, she thought.

"I guessed at your size," he ventured, "I hope they fit."

"I guess we will know in a few minutes. I will be right back," she smiled, and walked with her new gifts to the bathroom.

Bill felt his desire returning again as he imagined her wearing the corset, thong, stockings, and high heels for him. Maria was a sensitive woman and she did not seem to judge him. He felt he could trust her. He had not had many relationships or romances in his life. His first marriage was a disaster. He wanted a wife, but he did not want to pick the wrong woman again.

Maria took off her dress and put it on a hanger, then slipped off her stockings, folding them carefully. Taking the corset out of the box, she fit it on her body and loosely tightened the laces. She slipped the thong on, pulling it up and fitting it onto her privates, which it barely covered. Opening the new stockings, she realized how fragile and sheer they were, so she pulled them on carefully and fastened the garters. The high heels were a good fit, but she felt wobbly wearing them. They would take some getting used to since all she ever wore were sneakers. She looked at her image in the mirror from the side profile, took a deep breath, and pulled on the corset laces, tightening them. A few deep breaths later, the corset was snug and she was straight laced. No wonder Victorian women were always swooning and fainting. Should she put the dress back on? Yes. She decided to wear the dress. If Bill wanted to see her corset, then he would have to take the dress off her to do it, she decided.

The bathroom door opened and Maria confidently walked out. Her walk was different. The high heels were making her hips move in fascinating ways. Her posture was more upright and poised from the corset. Maria stopped in front of him and did a deep curtsey, leaning forward, her gold crucifix on the chain swinging forward, catching the light. She walked in front of him a few times, showing her sides and back, slowly and sensuously modeling the dress with its yet unseen undergarments for him.

"It's beautiful, Bill. You always give a girl such nice gifts. Thank you," she said, graciously.

"Maria, you are beautiful beyond belief. May I see your corset?" he asked.

"Yes, Bill, I want you to see it on me, but you have to take off my dress first," she countered. She walked over and stood facing the full length mirror.

Bill was hesitant, but her smile won his trust and affection. Putting his hands around her tiny waist, he could feel the firm corset binding her waist through the satiny fabric of her dress. Looking over her shoulder, Maria smiled back at him in the mirror. Near his hands was the pink satin bow of the dress. Just like a bow on a present. Carefully pulling one sash, the knot fell open, and the sashes dangled to either side. A tiny zipper hiding in the track was located, and carefully pulling it down, he was rewarded with a view of the corset. The dress fell off her shoulders to her hips and with a gentle push from Bill, it floated to the floor.

Maria turned to him and stepped out of her dress, displaying the white corset, garters, thong, stockings, and high heels to his delight and pleasure. Once again she walked in front of him and modeled the outfit to ensure his arousal. After turning off the lamp, Bill took her hand and they sat on the couch. He put his arm around her again and they kissed. This time the kisses were long and deep, and Maria could tell he was aroused, noticing his erection straining against his pants. She now knew what she needed to do to make things work with Bill. Slow and steady was her plan. She backed off the kiss and poured some more champagne for both glasses.

"Bill, I think it is time for you to leave tonight. Can you come back next week?" she suggested.

He wanted her now, but he would do as she requested. He respected her wishes. He made a toast with the champagne to next Thursday and gave her a long kiss at the door, then left.

Maria relaxed after he was gone. She was wet with desire for Bill, and she knew that he wanted her too. Now she would find out what his intentions were towards her. She could tell that he was lonely like her and was looking for a mate. His first marriage was a disaster and he was skittish. Maria wanted a husband and a father for her baby, and Bill seemed a decent fellow whom she could love. She walked over to the open Bible on the table by the flowers. It was open to the Letters of Paul. She found what she wanted-- "Wives, be submissive to your husbands." That is what she wanted to be, a submissive and obedient Christian wife.

The plan changed for next Thursday, as Bill called and asked her out on a date. Maria arranged a baby sitter and dressed up in the white Easter dress. She made sure to wear the corset and the other garments as well.

He picked her up at six, and after dropping the little one off, they drove to his church for an Easter musical presentation. Sitting in the car before they went inside, he explained how his church is independent and biblically based.

"We have some customs and rituals that other churches do not honor. One is that women should have their head covered during services," he explained.

Maria responded, "Like in Corinthians, where Paul said a woman that prays or prophesizes with her head uncovered dishonors her head."

"Yes. So I brought this for you for tonight," he said, handing her a small pouch. Inside the pouch was a folded white lace mantilla, a head covering. Maria unfolded the scarf and, smiling at him, placed it on her head, tying it behind her neck. She was chastely and properly covered and earned a nod of approval from Bill.

She enjoyed the choral performances and was proud to be seen sitting next to Bill on the pew. She felt beautiful in her white dress, wearing her shining gold crucifix around her neck. Many, but not all, of the women wore head coverings, so she did not feel awkward. Afterwards they went to a quiet upscale restaurant for a light dinner. There was a jazz band playing soft music, so they got up and danced closely together in a slow dance.

Then at the table, out of the blue, Bill turned very serious.

"Maria, I am having a great evening. I hope you are, too," he awkwardly said.

She nodded, smiling, and agreed, "Yes, Bill, the music is great, the food is great, and I like being with you. I liked worshiping with you tonight."

"I want to thank you for dressing up for me, wearing your feminine dress and the corset. I think they look very nice on you," Bill complimented her. "I need to tell you about how my marriage ended. I gave a corset to my wife as a honeymoon gift, and I asked her to let me put her into bondage, to bind her in submission and let me make love to her. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Maria, I love you, and what I want to know is.... If you would let me..." he faltered.

"Yes, Bill, I would submit to you and let you bind me with your love. You are a strong, caring man and I think any woman would want to submit to and obey you."

"Maria, I know this is sort of happening very fast. I do love you. When you put the virginal white dress on for me, I felt we were meant to be. I want you to wear this for me," he said, and handed Maria a ring box.

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