Marian and Ryan Ch. 03


Before he could get started, Marian stopped him. "Just a minute," she said. "Stick your finger in my ass while you're eating my pussy. She reached under her body and spread her ass cheeks, producing a small hole. "Get your finger wet in your mouth, and slide it right in there, and fuck me with it."

Ryan didn't have any objection to putting his finger into Marian's ass. Sometimes she wanted him to do that while they were fucking, and he had done it earlier, while they were in the shower. Soap had been the lubricant then, but this time, he wetted his finger with saliva and pressed it against the tiny opening. Twisting his finger and pushing on it, he felt the tip pop through, and slide in all the way to his knuckles. Ryan fucked his finger in and out of Marian's ass a few times, before leaning forward again, ready to start what he really wanted to do.

"Mmmmm, that feels good," she murmured. Ryan heard her, but was more interested in getting his tongue against Marian's pussy than he was in answering her.

She shaves there for two reasons: to make her pussy more attractive to the young man who's head was between her legs then, and to make it more sensitive. When Ryan's tongue first made contact, it sent shivers of delight rippling through her body and, as he slowly licked upward, it got better and better. As she had instructed him, he started on an outer lip and licked slowly up to her mons, sending pleasure swirling through her body. All the while, his finger was slowly plunging in and out of her ass, a delightful counterpoint to what his tongue was doing.

"That feels great, Ryan. You're really making my pussy feel good. My ass too." Marian was aware of the benefits of flattery, especially to a young man, besides the fact that it was true. He was getting much better at eating her pussy, and would bring her to a great orgasm but, hopefully, not for a long time.

She felt his tongue stroking at her crotch, licking up her fresh juices, and she reflexively raised her pussy to give him better access. Later, when she drew closer to cumming, Marian knew she would be ramming her pussy against Ryan's face, increasing the pleasure of them both. She hoped that was still a long way off, because she knew the best climax is one that is slowly built up, and she had impressed this on Ryan. Her climax continued building slowly as the young man's tongue, taking its time, meandered up her other outer lip. The ripples of pleasure that issued from its path were even stronger than they had been from the other side. Those from her ass, where his finger was plunging in and out were stronger too, and she hoped it was a foretaste of what it be like when his cock was in there.

When he reached her mons again, Marian looked down the length of her body at his head between her legs. All she saw were the bridge of his nose, and his brown eyes above it, and his brown hair above them. She caught his eyes and smiled at him. He raised his head and smiled back, but quickly lowered his head to start licking between a pair of her inner and outer lips. As his tongue slowly licked upward, caressing both lips at once, and probing between them, she felt her pussy start thrusting into his face.

Ryan was immensely enjoying himself, and it got better when Marian's pussy started fucking into his face. He loved everything about what he was doing, the taste, the aroma, the beauty of her pussy, and her sounds of pleasure. What he loved the most, though, was the way her pussy felt to his tongue and lips. Her swollen labia had an exciting spongy feel, and her shaven pussy felt smooth and silky to his tongue, yet warm and vibrant. He wondered about the finger that he was shoving in and out of her beautiful ass. In some of the erotic daydreams he used to have about his sexy neighbor, before they started coming true, he had fantasized about fucking her there, and wondered if that one would come true like the others had.

Moving his tongue quickly but moving his face slowly, Ryan spent a long time before he reached the place where her inner lip ends by merging with the other inner lip. He was enjoying himself so much, and he knew Marian was deriving tremendous pleasure from what he was doing, that he decided against sucking on her clit just then. Briefly, he stroked his tongue across the covering, although her clit had largely pushed its way out anyhow. After the few strokes, he delicately curled his tongue under, and fondled the swollen little morsel. The movements of her pussy became wilder, and her moans were louder. Not wanting to do too much too soon, Ryan brought his tongue back down to below her pink love hole again, and feasted on her fresh nectar.

Once again, his tongue started slowly working its way upward, this time between the other pair of inner and outer lips. He licked them the same way and, this time, after his tongue stroked the top of her clit hood, her whole body was churning back and forth on the bed, while her head rolled from side to side on the pillow.

"Suck my clit, Ryan! Make me cum," she urged him.

Her cute little love button had completely pushed its way out from under its protective hood, so he drew it into his mouth and started sucking. His tongue caressed the engorged sides and top of her clit as he sucked, and Marian's body pitched and tossed even more strenuously on the bed.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!," she whimpered, in time with her pussy fucking upward against his face "Yes!" she cried suddenly, as she started cumming.

Marian's thighs squeezed the temples of the man whose mouth was giving her so much pleasure, and her hands went to the back of his head. While she bounced up and down, jamming her pussy against his face, her body thrashed on the bed. Ryan clung tightly to her thighs and kept her clit firmly enveloped in his mouth, as Marian had taught him. His tongue caressed the luscious morsel, and he sucked for as long as Marian was cumming. Besides taking tremendous pleasure in every aspect of eating her beautiful pussy, he took great pride in giving this beautiful woman of the world so much pleasure.

Marian reached the apex of her ecstasy and exploded. All her muscles spasmed and she jammed her pussy one last time into Ryan's face. After her great climax, she completely relaxed, her arms flopping loosely at her sides and her legs releasing the young man's head and remaining draped loosely over his shoulders. She felt him pull his finger from her ass and raise his face from her clit. Seconds later, his tongue was licking her thighs, crotch, belly and every other place her juices had spattered while she was cumming. As she had taught him, Ryan left the oily fluid inside her pussy, expecting it to be needed for lubrication. Marian had other plans, but he couldn't have known of that yet.

After feasting on as much of the delicious juices as he was going to, Ryan backed off the bed and went to the night stand. There were condoms there, and he took the largest one, removed the wrapper and rolled it onto his cock which, thanks to his youth, was fully erect by then. He also noticed the damp towel that Marian had brought from the bathroom, and a bottle of something called Aqualube, and idly wondered what the last two things were for. Ryan didn't really care; he just knew he was going to get his cock into a place even more wonderful than the one it had been in earlier.

Marian was lying on her back, with her eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face. When she felt Ryan getting back on the bed, her eyes opened and, when they saw him approaching her with his cock so big and hard and ready to fuck, her smile grew wider and more lascivious. It was partly an expression of her own happiness and partly an invitation to Ryan.

"Ryan, that was wonderful. You're getting better all the time at eating my pussy, and that was one of the best orgasms I've ever had. I know your cock is going to give me an even better one, and I want to give it a special treat too. Did you see that bottle of Aqualube?" And the wet towel? When he nodded, she continued. "Okay, bring them here and I'll show you what I want you to do with them."

It occurred to Ryan that the fantasy he had been thinking about might be on the verge of being fulfilled, and he quickly went and got the towel and the bottle and handed the latter to Marian. He was still standing by the side of the bed when she thanked him, removed the cap and handed the lubricant back to him. Marian turned on her side facing him and moved the pillow that had been under her head and the one from the other side of the bed to a point where they would be piled under her waist.

"Okay, now get back on the bed between my legs." Marian turned to lie fully on her front, with her legs wide apart and reached back to spread her ass cheeks.

Elated, Ryan realized his most erotic dream was about to come true. He got onto the bed and knelt between Marian's legs as she had told him. Although he would wait until she spoke, he was sure he knew what her next instruction would be, and he was right.

"Stick the neck of the bottle in there and squeeze in a big glob of the stuff. Be sure to use enough. It's a lot better to use too much than not enough." She felt the neck of the bottle being inserted into her ass, followed by a big gush of the Aqualube.

"Ah, that's good. Okay, now stick one of your middle fingers into my ass and spread the lubricant around as well as you can. Mmmm, your finger feels good. Of course, I know your cock will feel a lot better."

Ryan finished spreading the lubricant inside Marian's ass and even added some to the puckered area, just to be thorough. Without being told, he covered his cock with the Aqualube and waited for his sexy neighbor to tell him to start fucking her. She didn't make him wait very long.

Still keeping her legs wide apart, Marian moved her knees forward, while keeping the pillows under her waist, and presenting her ass as a better target. Her fingertips moved in closer together until they were on either side of the small opening where she wanted Ryan to cram his cock. She pulled the sides apart, making the hole larger.

"Okay. Have you got your cock oiled up yet? Oooo, yeah, right there," she responded when she felt the blunt tip pressing against the hole and against the fingers on either side. "Now, shove it in. But slowly"

He grunted softly, and Marian felt a burst of pleasure swirling out from where his cock wedged into her ass. Just the head was in, but it had been a long time since anybody had fucked her there, and she had almost forgotten how good it felt. She did remember quite well that, great as it felt already, it would be infinitely better after Ryan got his cock buried all the way in her ass and started plunging it in and out.

"Oh, Ryan, that feels wonderful. Now, give me all you've got, but take it slow, just a little at a time."

He smiled, because fucking Marian's beautiful ass felt good to him too. His cock wasn't in solidly yet, and he continued to guide it with one hand while the other rested on her shapely hip. He gave another thrust, and over an inch squeezed inside.

"Ooooo, yeah," Marian murmured. "That feels better and better. You're really doing great, but don't be in a hurry."

He wasn't. She was tight, but smooth, and his cock was being squeezed differently than the way her pussy did, but it felt every bit as good. One hand still rested on Marian's hip and the other guided his cock, and he drove it in a bit deeper. She was so tight that, if she hadn't been holding herself open, he wouldn't have been able to get his cock inside her. It was in far enough that he no longer needed to guide it, and he moved both his hands inside her ass cheeks, to better open the hole he had started fucking. Ryan was amazed at how smooth and soft the insides of Marian's ass cheeks felt, almost like her pussy lips. He had a fleeting thought about how it might feel good to lick her there, but the idea appalled him, and he put it out of his mind. With the enlarged opening, he was able to get most of his cock in with one more thrust.

Marian moaned from the exquisite pleasure generated by the latest surge of Ryan's cock into her ass. The farther the thick shaft penetrated, the better it felt, as it spread open her ass and burrowed into her rear channel. She could tell that enough of his cock was imbedded in her ass that there was a way to make it feel even better.

"Ryan? Do you still have that towel too? Okay, wipe off your hands and rest them on my hips. Yeah, like that," she continued when she felt his strong hands resting where she wanted them. "Now, when you stick your cock in farther, pull back on my hips for leverage." A few seconds later, "Oh! Oh! Oh, God, yeah, like that," she cried out joyfully as she felt his hands pulling against her hips and almost two more inches of his cock surging into her ass.

Ryan could see that most of his cock was inside Marian, enough that he could start to stroke back and forth. Slowly, he drew his cock out, paused, and plunged it back into her ass, almost an inch deeper than it had been. Over and over, he fucked into her the same way, while Marian sighed, moaned and whimpered from the excruciating pleasure, and implored him to continue.

She no longer needed to hold her ass open, so Marian let go of her cheeks, leaned forward, and placed her forearms on the mattress. This elevated her ass, so Ryan could drive his cock into her even harder, and she would be able to thrust back to meet his strokes, making it better for both of them. The next time she felt his cock plowing into her, she pushed back with her arms, fucking her ass back to meet him. Their bodies came together with a satisfying "smack" and Marian could feel his pubic hair tickling the smooth insides of her ass cheeks. She moaned blissfully from the wave after wave of intense pleasure that swept through her body.

Of all the times Ryan's cock has been caressed by Marian, either her mouth or pussy, that first full stroke into her ass might have been the very best. They repeated it again and again, and her soft ass cheeks pressed firmly against his muscular thighs every time his hands pulled on her hips and he thrust his cock into her. He could feel his climax starting to build, but being sucked off earlier had taken the edge off his horniness, and he could fuck for a long time before cumming.

Marian was having a wonderful time, possibly the best fucking her ass had ever gotten. Ryan's big cock crammed her full with every stroke, and an explosion of pleasure flooded her body every time it did. The Aqualube had completely turned to a liquid and was working perfectly. There was no friction and, with every long, deep thrust, his cock spread her rear pleasure hole open and burrowed all the way inside, stretching the adjacent channel. As Marian fucked her ass back to meet him, she could feel herself approaching ecstasy.

As inexperienced as he was, Ryan could tell the hot woman in front of him was rapidly approaching her climax. Her body was writhing and her moans of bliss were pleasant music to his ears. He felt her hips start to swivel under his hands, driving her knees in and out of the mattress like pistons. The knowledge that he and his cock were giving the sexy, mature woman such a great time filled him with pride.

Knowing her orgasm was imminent, Marian turned her body and her head as well as she could to face Ryan. "That's wonderful, Ryan. Now, really give it to me! Fuck me harder and faster!"

He did what she wanted, thrusting forward and driving his cock in and out of her ass as fast as he could, while Marian matched his increased pace. She could no longer support herself on her hands, so she wrapped one arm around a pillow, while her other hand went to her pussy. She was dripping wet there, and Marian dipped her fingers into the wealth of juices and started playing with her clit. Her fingers held a fold of her swollen lips on either side of the engorged love button, and she massaged up and down in time with the thrusts of the cock that was driving in and out of her, seemingly harder with every stroke. The combination of the thick shaft that repeatedly stuffed her ass and her own fingers on her clit was enough.

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" she cried joyfully. "I'm cumming!"

The movements of her body became even wilder. Marian thrashed on the bed in front of Ryan, and he continued holding her hips, pounding his cock into her ass and keeping her from falling. He knew his own climax was no more than a few seconds away, and it would be one of his best ever.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Marian whimpered, every time Ryan's cock surged into her. Suddenly, with an incoherent shout of ecstasy, she climaxed. All her muscles clenched, followed by totally relaxing, and she started to sag forward.

As Marian slowly fell, Ryan continued pounding his cock into her ass. Even when she was once again lying flat on her belly, he held her shoulders and rammed his cock in and out. With two more hard thrusts, the volcano of joy that had been building within him exploded. He gasped and grunted and ejaculated into his condom. For a few more strokes he continued, with more semen spurting from his cock, until he had to stop, and sprawl on top of the lady whose ass had just given him such a great fucking.

Ryan lay on top of Marian while both of them recovered from their great climaxes. His weight was supported mostly on his knees and on the hands that were splayed out beside her. For a long time, they formed a small pile of sexual satisfaction, until his cock slipped out of the ass that had given and received so much pleasure. He got up then, and went to the bathroom to flush away the condom and, when he returned, he had a wet cloth that he used to clean off Marian's lovely ass, before lying down beside her.

They lay happily side by side for a long time, smiling at each other and regaining their strength. Finally, the got up and got dressed, Marian putting on her bathrobe. She walked Ryan to the door and, while still inside, they kissed goodbye for the time being. Next Saturday, her lawn would need mowing again, and they would both enjoy a shower and another hot session of sex afterward.

Marian Robinson was extremely happy with the time she had spent with Ryan that day. He was getting better at eating her pussy, and had given her ass a terrific fucking. It was the best in a long time, and she had reached a tremendous orgasm from it. If she had to find any fault, it would be that she had to play with her own clit to get off. George, for instance, would have licked her ass first, and fondled her perfectly, but his cock was not as big, nor was he as virile as the 18 year old Ryan. She could, and had, sucked the young man off and, less than an hour later, his cock was completely hard again, and plunging in and out of her ass. George had better technique, but he would not have been able to match that, and give her such a great climax the way Ryan had.

Marian decided she would definitely need to continue the young man's lessons, and teach him more about pleasuring her and the other women he would meet some day. Maybe the next time her ass needed to be fucked, they would use the missionary position, and he could play with her clit. She felt good about what she was doing with Ryan. They were both getting some great sex, and she was teaching him things he would need to know when he had a wife or girl friend, and would need to share sexual pleasures with her.

And, besides that, she was getting her lawn mowed cheap.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Marian and Ryan did. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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