tagGroup SexMarian and Ryan Ch. 04

Marian and Ryan Ch. 04


Marian woke up late on Saturday morning feeling unusually horny. She had used her favorite dildo the previous night, and it had helped, but she needed more than that. What she needed were Ryan's tongue and his dick in her pussy and maybe in her ass. Ever since the first time she seduced him in the shower, he had been coming over on Saturday to mow her lawn and do other, extremely welcome things to those pleasure holes, as well as having her suck him off. Marian wondered if she would be able to persuade him to start coming to her house to do more of those marvelous things during the week. Expecting him to be over later, she performed her usual Saturday ablutions, including shaving her pussy. When she was through with that and had fortified herself with breakfast, she dialed his family's telephone number, as she did every Saturday morning.

"Hello, Ryan? This is Marian Robinson next door. Can you come over and mow my lawn today? In about a half an hour? Okay, that's fine. See you then."

It seemed rather out of character that Ryan would want to wait that long before starting. Usually, he was just as anxious to get together as she was, and would drop whatever he was doing. They had an understanding that the lawn came first, followed by a shower together, with their sessions culminating in sex on her bed. So far, it had been a win-win arrangement for both of them, and she didn't want it to change. Marian got her lawn mowed on the cheap, and had some extremely enjoyable sex with the studly young man, as well as having the pleasure associated with teaching him how to please a woman. Ryan made a few dollars, had a great time in the shower and in bed with her, and was learning sexual techniques that would benefit him for the rest of his life.

The only thing Marian would have liked to change would have been having Ryan come over during the middle of the week too, if she could think of a pretense. He was an adult, at least 18 years old, but his parents were rather straight-laced, and would probably object to their son's cavorting with a woman old enough to be his mother. Marian liked the idea of staying on good terms with her neighbors, and didn't want them thinking she was debauching their child.

It was actually about 35 minutes later when Marian heard a lawn mower running in her front yard. She smiled in anticipation and looked out the window. As expected, Ryan had removed his shirt, as was his habit, and was mowing the lawn. However, she also noticed another young man, about the same age as Ryan, sitting on her front porch. They must be together, she deduced. Nobody else would just come along and plunk himself down on her porch. But, what was Ryan doing, bringing a stranger to her house. She hoped he hadn't told anybody else about their arrangement. Some blabbermouth might spoil everything.

While still pondering that question, Marian made her usual preparations. She had made the bed earlier, using just a clean bottom sheet, and she got out two fluffy towels and put them in the warmer in her personal bathroom. She also changed her clothing so she was barefoot and wearing a pair of shorts and a thin T-shirt that was several sizes too small for her. Marian was wearing nothing under either of the garments. "There was no point having to fumble with a lot of clothing", was her reasoning.

The mower was operating in the back yard when Marian finished her preparations, and she went to the kitchen to look out that window. Ryan was there, of course, but the other young man was there also, sitting on her back porch. After thinking about how horny she was that day, and how two young men could do twice as much for her as one, she went back and added another towel to the warmer.

"Best to be prepared," she told herself. Intellectually, Marian was not at all sure she wanted another man joining her and Ryan, but her mouth and her pussy and her ass all voted in favor of expanding the arrangement. The final vote would be tallied after she spoke to the two young men, especially to the stranger.

A few minutes after she returned to the kitchen, the lawn mower stopped, and a few minutes after that, there was a knock on the door. Marian answered it but, instead of immediately inviting Ryan in, she stood in the doorway. She would remain there until she knew more about the other man, who either would or would not be joining her, or even if anybody would.

"Hello, Ryan," she greeted the man she knew. "Are you done already?"

"All done, Marian." When she remained standing in the doorway, smiling, with her dark nipples protruding through her tight, thin T-shirt, but not inviting him in, Ryan realized he was forgetting something. Finally, he remembered.

"Er, ah, Marian, this is my friend, Aaron. Aaron, this is Marian, the lady I told you about."

Marian reached out her right hands with the young man who might or might not have been an interloper. "I'm glad to meet you, Aaron. What has Ryan told you about me?"

"Well, he said you were very nice."

"Oh? Anything else?"

Ryan answered for his friend, who seemed too shy to reply for himself. "I told him how I mow your lawn on Saturday morning, and we, er, get together afterwards. He asked if he could join us, and I said that was up to you."

"Oh? You did, did you?"

Marian looked at Aaron a bit more closely. He seemed to be the same age as Ryan, maybe even older. He had dark hair, fairly long, and brown eyes, contrasting with his friend, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. The two young men were about the same size, and both looked quite fit and muscular, as if they worked out regularly. She definitely liked the physical appearance of both young men, but she had to make sure of one more thing.

"How old are you, Aaron?" Some people might accuse her of robbing the cradle anyhow, but Marian wanted to avoid any problems with law.

"I'm 19, Ma'am."

That was what she wanted to hear, at least the age part, and she addressed Aaron again. "There are three rules. First, don't call me 'Ma'am.' I'm not your grandmother or your school teacher. Call me Marian. Second, take off your shoes and socks when you come into the house. Third, and most important, we do what I say. I've been around a long time, and I know how everybody can have the most fun. You can ask Ryan about that." The man she had referenced happily nodded his head.

"Okay, er, Marian," Aaron replied. "I have no problem with any of those things."

She smiled and stepped back, letting both of them enter, closed and locked the door behind them, and watched them bare their feet. Marian expected to get even more satisfaction than usual, with two men to please her. She also expected them both to have a lot of fun from what she would do to them and for them and with them, just as she had said, and as Ryan always did.

Her purse was sitting on the kitchen table, and Marian took the five dollar bill out and handed it to Ryan, who stuffed it in his pocket. "Business before pleasure," she announced. "Now, come this way." She led the two men to her bathroom, a familiar place to Ryan, but the first time there for Aaron.

After turning on the water in the shower to let it warm up, Marian started unbuttoning Aaron's shirt, while he stood and allowed it to happen. Ryan came up behind her, took hold of the hem of her T-shirt and started pulling up on it. She raised her arms, and he peeled it off, letting her breasts bounce free. Aaron stared as if mesmerized at the delightful twins. Marian smiled at his response and finished his shirt.

"You like what you see?" When Aaron dumbly nodded his head, she continued. "That's good. You'll be doing a lot more than looking at them. Now turn around." When he did so, Marian peeled off his shirt, and turned toward Ryan to unfasten his pants.

As she did that, she felt the other man fumbling with her shorts. "Just put your thumbs in the waistband and push down," she instructed him.

Aaron followed her directions, and was surprised when the hot, older woman's naked ass appeared. He pulled the shorts down the rest of the way, gazing hungrily at the creamy cheeks that flared out so erotically from her waist. She stepped out of the shorts, kicked them into the corner of the bathroom, and turned to face him. He could hardly believe what a stroke of luck he was getting, to be having sex with this incredibly gorgeous woman, who was standing, naked and smiling, in front of him.

Marian is truly beautiful, in the classic style. Besides her large, shapely breasts and curvaceous ass, she was blessed with a slightly plump waist, the kind most straight men much prefer, contrary to the current fashion in Hollywood. Her face is pretty also, until you looked at it for a while and realized it was actually beautiful. With dark brown hair, blue eyes, a clear complexion and regular features, there was no fault to find in either her face or her body. As he gazed on her nakedness, Aaron could certainly find no fault with her, although he did wonder why she had no hair on her pussy.

Ryan was already naked, and testing the water with his hand, when Marian unfastened his friend's pants. She pulled them down to his knees and, as she knelt to pull them off, smiled in appreciation of the dick that was putting the big bulge in his jockey shorts. It seemed to be a bit shorter than what Ryan had for her, but was thicker, which was more important anyhow. The two hunky men would definitely give her a good time that day, Marian decided, as she pulled his shorts down to the floor so he could step out of them. All three naked people crowded into the shower stall.

It was a tight fit, not designed to accommodate three people. Even two was crowded, and the three of them kept rubbing against each other, which was part of the idea. The only one who really needed a shower was Ryan, with his sweat from working on the lawn, and the bits of grass clinging to his skin. Marian was there, and she had brought Aaron in because she liked the idea of everybody being naked when they headed for the bed, in order to avoid any fumbling with clothing. It was also nice to be able to fondle the big, erect cocks of the two young men, and to have their hands all over her. The only regret was that there was insufficient room for her to drop to her knees and take one of those cocks into her mouth for a few quick strokes between her lips.

There was, however, enough for either of the men to each lick and suck one of her breasts, and that was what they were doing when she turned off the water. It was so much fun for all three of them that she was reluctant to lead then out of the shower but, knowing much more fun was ahead of them, she did eventually. After everybody had been toweled off, the three horny people headed enthusiastically for Marian's bed. They were all happy about what they had already done and said, and knew things would get much better, and continue at that level for hours.

"Sit down on the bed and lean against the headboard," Marian told Aaron.

When he had done so, she knelt in front of him, in a position to take his cock into her mouth, and with her legs spread apart. "Ryan," she instructed the other young man. "Suppose you slide your head between my thighs and do what seems like fun."

Although this was a new position for him, Ryan did so with great alacrity. Ever since his second time in this same bed, he loved everything about eating Marian's pussy. With his head inches from the source of the delightful aroma that filled his nostrils, he reached around her hips and cupped her succulent ass cheeks.

"While you're at it, why don't you put your finger some place nice?" Marian sighed happily when her suggestion was also taken and she felt his finger sliding into her ass. She was even happier when his tongue started lapping at the lower end of one of her very eager pussy lips.

With that part of her body being taken care of, Marian concentrated on the big dick that was waiting for her. She smiled up at Aaron in case he was nervous, and leaned forward to fondle its head with her tongue. Marian loved the velvety texture of that part of a dick, and licked in concentric circles around the tip and under the ridge. As always, she paid special attention to the slit in the end of the big, hard cock, probing it with the tip of her tongue. Holding the head between her lips, she kept licking it, while she very slowly enveloped Aaron's shaft, her tongue stroking the hard cylinder as it entered her mouth.

When the tip pressed against the back of her throat, Marian adjusted the angle of her head, and took it inside even farther, until her lips and nose were being tickled by his pubic hair. She stayed in that position, massaging the cock head with the educated muscles in her throat and laving the shaft with her tongue. After a minute of intense pleasure for her and Aaron, she slowly pulled her face back, keeping her lips wrapped around the head, so her tongue could relish the texture and the moist feel of the slit.

Ryan was putting his tongue to work too. Under Marian's patient tutelage, he was getting better and better at eating her pussy, and the better he got at it, the more he enjoyed it. Her pussy was excellent for eating, especially when it was newly shaven as it was that day. His tongue started up one outer lip and slowly meandered up to her mons, reveling in the soft, smooth skin and the way she started twitching above his face. He brought his tongue back down from her mons, licked up the delicious juices that she had produced and started licking her other outer lip, using the same slow, patient strokes of his tongue.

Marian was slowly and patiently stroking Aaron's cock with her mouth, taking it all the way inside and down her throat every time. She relished the way it pushed apart her lips as she engulfed it, and the way the smooth skin was stretched over its hard roundness. Her tongue caressed the shaft as it entered her warm, wet pleasure chamber, and the muscles in her throat massaged the head as it glided all the way to the back of her mouth and farther. Even the pubic hair of the young man felt good against her lips. Really enjoying herself and happy Ryan had brought his friend along, Marian looked up admiringly at him as she sucked his cock.

Aaron was having the greatest time of his life. Because of his shyness and his general lack of any particular attractive qualities, all the girls he knew thought of him as a dork, and he had never had a sexual experience until then. When griping about this sad state of affairs, his buddy, Ryan, had been unable to resist the chance to brag about what a great time he was having with the beautiful neighbor woman. Aaron hadn't believed him, but it was certainly being proven to him in her bed. Marian seemed to him to be the most fascinating woman in the world when she moved her head and enveloped his cock all the way into her mouth, especially with the way her warm blue eyes were looking up at him. He had never imagined anything this good ever happening to him.

Good things were happing to Ryan too. After licking Marian's other outer pussy lip the same way as he had the first, and kissing her mons, he found an unusual plethora of her delicious pussy juices waiting for him. He feasted on them and started slowly licking upward between an inner and an outer lip. Her movements above his face became more strenuous, squirming, with her hips even starting to swivel, pushing her knees into the mattress. As on every Saturday morning, he felt proud of himself for the way he was giving such a good time to the beautiful older woman and, on this day, for the way he was able to help introduce his buddy to the joys of real sex.

Great things were happening to Marian. The tongue that was caressing her pussy was steadily bringing her closer to what she hoped would be the first of several orgasms she would enjoy that day. Besides that happy circumstance, the dick that she was taking in and out of her mouth was starting to throb, a sure sign that Aaron was about to cum and give her a mouthful of semen. Not wanting him to squirt it down her throat and deprive her of its delicious flavor, she shortened her strokes and tightened her lips on his cock.

Aaron knew he was getting closer to a climax also, and knew it would be the best one in his life. He had masturbated hundreds of times, and cumming from that had been fun, but Marian's soft, warm, wet mouth was a million times better than his sweaty hand had ever been. The young man moaned from the exquisite pleasure she was giving him, and he felt his cock jerking in her mouth.

Marian felt it too, and she clamped her mouth even more tightly on the throbbing shaft and sucked faster, with her tongue in position to catch what Aaron would be feeding her momentarily. He groaned as he climaxed, ejaculating heavily onto the tongue that had placed perfectly. Marian continued sucking until two more spurts of semen had joined the first one. She savored its taste, and swirled it around in her mouth, relishing the texture, before swallowing it. Marian even enjoyed the way the viscous fluid slid down her throat.

After sucking off Aaron and swallowing his cum, Marian knew she was ready for her own orgasm. With her mouth unoccupied, she smiled down between her legs at the young man who would soon be bringing about that happy event. "Ooo, I love that, Ryan. I love the way you're eating my pussy, and you're really going to make me cum. But let me get onto my back, and then you can suck my clit until I do."

He already knew Marian was ready to climax. From the times he had brought his neighbor to orgasm by eating her pussy, Ryan recognized the signs, even though their position was not the usual one. She was strongly fucking her pussy down against his mouth, and her hips swiveled over his face. Hoping to get his mouth right back where it belonged, he moved away and pulled his finger from her ass, while she quickly rolled over and raised her legs. Eagerly, he got into position between them and his mouth engulfed the soft pearl that was her clit. He sucked on it, and licked the engorged morsel, while Marian rocked from side to side under him, continuing to ram her pussy against his face, even harder than she had been doing before.

"Oh! Oh! AH!" she cried joyously as she started cumming.

Her thighs clamped tightly on the young man's temples and her hands went to the back of his head to keep Ryan's face where she wanted it. Marian's legs swung back and forth and her ass bounced up and down on the bed, as she reveled in her cumming. Ryan was enjoying everything about it too, the way her pussy was so active and the aroma of the juices that he knew would provide him a feast after Marian reached her orgasm. Until that happy occurrence, he clung tightly to her thighs and kept sucking and licking her clit, which he held firmly in his mouth.

When she climaxed, all the muscles in Marian's body clenched simultaneously, and her back arched, driving her pussy against the mouth that had just brought about her orgasm. Following that, she totally relaxed on the bed, her legs draped over Ryan's shoulders, and her arms sprawled out at her sides. A warm, pleasant glow washed over Marian's body from her climax, and it combined with the delightful sensation of the young man's tongue licking up all the juices that had just gushed from her. When he finished, and backed his mouth away, Marian was ready for the next event.

Ryan was also ready. She looked at Aaron, and saw that it would take no more than a few strokes on his cock with her hand or mouth and he would be ready. Marian smiled at that thought. She loved the way the young men were so horny and ready for action, and she was immensely happy that they could alleviate her horniness while satisfying their own. She smiled at the young man who had just eaten her pussy and, looking at his cock, noted he had already put on his condom. He was still kneeling between her legs, and was more than ready for what he expected her to want next.

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