tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaria's Life Goes Bad

Maria's Life Goes Bad


Maria lowered her head down, pulling the firm cock in to her mouth. She sucked hard, and her boyfriend groaned with pleasure. Her long, black hair cascaded over his thighs, increasing the erotic sensation for him.

Be careful, she thought to herself, I don't want him to be coming too soon. She ran her tongue up and down the stiff shaft, flicking the tip of her tongue over Pedro's balls, while she gently masturbated him with her hand.

"Oh fuck," groaned Pedro. "I'm coming!"

"Not yet, baby, not yet," whispered Maria, and she quickly rose up and straddled her naked boyfriend. She reached between her legs and guided the stiff cock into her wet pussy. She sank back, impaling herself on him, hissing with pleasure as he slid deep into her. Maria loved the sensation of a hard cock filling her pussy, stretching her lips apart.

"Fuck me Pedro, fuck me now," she groaned.

Pedro reached around and grasped the cheeks of her ass in both hands and pushed his thighs up hard, shoving his cock into the young woman. Maria responded by sliding up and down, riding her man's hardness. She only needed a minute or two more to achieve her orgasm, but that was too long for Pedro, and he came into her, growling as he shoved his cock as deep as he could manage.

Maria used her pussy muscles to grip his hardness, milking him of his cum, as she rode up and down, rubbing her clit furiously with her fingers, hoping to match his orgasm with one of her own. At last his frantic thrusting slowed down, so Maria slowed down too, holding his wilting cock inside her as long as possible.

She lay on top of him for a few minutes, weak from exertion. Eventually his limp cock slipped out of her dripping hole, and she lay down on the bed beside him. His cum oozed out of her open hole, trickled down the crack of her ass, and made a small damp spot on the bed sheets.

"Was that good, Pedro?" she asked quietly.

"You're the best, Maria. Every time we fuck it seems even better than the time before."

"Yes, I think so too. But you'll have to learn how to last longer. I was still a minute or so from an orgasm when you came."

"I can't help it. You're such a beautiful woman, and such a great fuck that I always come fast. So, it's your own fault," he laughed.

Maria laughed too. "Fine, I won't suck your cock so hard in future."

They hugged and kissed for a few minutes, but finally the tired lovers drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Maria Santos was very happy with her life. The small border town where she lived, Neuvo Laredo in Mexico, was not much of a place to look at, but she was happy there. She had a good job as an executive assistant in a medium-sized company, and she was learning the business world well. She knew that she could be really successful in business if she put her mind to it.

Maria was 21 years old, and a very pretty Latina. Dark flashing eyes, long, straight black hair, small perky breasts, and a superb body that drew admiring glances wherever she went. There are many pretty girls in Neuvo Laredo, but Maria stood out among them. Many of her friends suggested that she take up modeling, but Maria was much too shy for such a job. Her real interest was in teaching, and she was determined to go to teacher's college just as soon as she'd saved up enough money. She came from a poor family, and she was convinced that the best way to eliminate poverty was to get a good education. She wanted to help the poor kids of her town get a better education, which would lead to better jobs, and that would lead to a better life for many of them.

Maria was beautiful, smart, and compassionate, and she had a plan for her life. She was very happy.

Then, abruptly, everything in Maria's life changed for the worse.

She was walking home late one evening, after attending evening classes, when a police cruiser pulled up alongside her. There were two cops in the cruiser and they shone a bright flashlight in her face.

"Hey, you, get over here, NOW!" the nearest cop yelled at her.

Puzzled and concerned, Maria walked over to the cruiser. "What's the matter?" she asked.

The cop who had yelled at her got out of the cruiser. He grabbed her roughly by the arm and threw her against the hood of the car.

"Don't you know that prostitution is illegal, whore?" he snarled.

"What? I'm not a prostitute. I've been at school and I'm on my way home."

"Bullshit. There's no school at this time of night." He pulled one of Maria's arms behind her back and slipped a handcuff onto her wrist. "Get into the car," he ordered.

Maria's protests fell on deaf ears as the cop opened the rear door of the car and pushed her roughly onto the back seat. Making no attempt to be gentle, he grabbed the handcuffs and passed them over a steel bar welded into the roof of the car. Then he slipped the other end of the handcuffs onto her free wrist. She was now securely restrained with her hands held over her head.

"Please, you're making a dreadful mistake," wailed Maria. "I'm not what you think I am. I'm an office worker and I'm on my way home."

The cop got out of the rear seat and slammed the door shut. "Shut your mouth you little slut," snarled the cop who was driving. "You'll have lots of time to explain at the police station."

The other cop got into the front seat with his partner, and the cruiser sped off down the street. Mara started to cry. How could there be such a terrible misunderstanding, she wondered. It would all be cleared up at the police station, she reassured herself.

The two cops were silent as the car drove through the night. They made a series of turns and Maria, through her tears, realized that they were heading into the suburbs.

"Where are we going?" she asked, fear growing in her heart.

There was no answer from the front seat.

"Please, where are we going?" she asked again plaintively. Again there was silence, but the car suddenly turned into a vacant lot, far away from any street lights. The driver switched off the engine, and there was silence.

The cop in the front got out the car again and came into the back seat. He slid right up beside her.

"I'll make this simple, you little slut. You cooperate with us and give us what we want, or we'll beat you into a bloody pulp and leave you in this dump for the rats to feed on. Those are your choices. Understand?"

Maria was terrified. "No," she shook her head, her voice trembling. "I don't understand. What is it you want?"

The driver turned around and leered at her. "We just want a little bit of loving', that's all, slut."

"Please, let me go. There's been a terrible mistake. I'm not what you think I am." Maria started to cry again.

The cop sitting beside her drew out his night-stick and held it a few inches from her face. Even in the darkness, it looked ominous and deadly.

"Does that mean you won't cooperate? You're choosing a beating and the rats?"

Maria closed her eyes in despair. "Please don't beat me. I want to go home."

"Good decision," replied the cop, putting his stick on the floor. "You make it nice for us and you'll be on your way home very soon."

He began to unbuckle the belt on her blue jeans. Instinctively, Maria kicked out at him, kicking him in the chest. He responded by slapping her very hard across the face, once, twice, and the heavy blows stunned her. She slumped back into the corner, her hands still secured above her head, and lay still. The cop finished unbuckling her belt, and pulled down the zipper on her jeans. He hauled off her sneakers and tugged the jeans down her legs and over her feet. He tossed the jeans to the floor of the car. He looked down at her shapely legs, and her white panties gleamed pale in the darkness.

The cop gazed down at the helpless woman and felt the lust rising in his loins. "My god, she's fucking magnificent, amigo," he whispered hoarsely to his partner. "She's going to be a great fuck."

"Well hurry up, for fuck's sake. I'm getting a hard-on just watching you strip her." The driver had turned around to watch what was happening in the back seat and was getting more aroused by the second. "Get her panties off."

The cop looped his fingers into the elastic waistband of Maria's panties and, with two swift movements of his arms, the panties were swept down her legs, over her feet and tossed to the floor. Maria was now naked below the waist. She could feel the cool night air on her flesh, and panic swelled up in her again.

"Please, please, let me go," and she squeezed her knees together in a final attempt to protect herself.

The cop had unfastened his own pants and had pushed them down around his ankles. His cock, stiffened by the excitement of beating and stripping the helpless young woman, jutted out obscenely through his shirt tails. He didn't answer Maria's final plea, but simply placed his hands on the inside of her knees and forced her legs wide apart. He lay down between her legs, grabbed her by the hips and pulled her body towards him, until she was almost lying flat on the seat, still with her arms held high.

Then he guided his stiff cock into the entrance of the helpless, wide-open pussy, and pushed forward hard. Marie's voice was barely audible as she whimpered "No, no" feeling his hardness penetrating her body. But the cop ignored her cries and pushed himself all the way in. He hesitated for a second, enjoying the sensation of tightness that gripped his cock. Then the hard thrusting began and Maria felt like she was being driven into the seat with the power of her attacker's thighs.

And so it began. For the next hour, the two cops took turns with Maria, raping her repeatedly, urging each other on to greater excesses with the beautiful body of their defenseless victim. To her horror, Maria felt her body begin to respond to what they were doing to her. She was young, virile, and sexually active. She loved the feeling of Pedro's cock inside her, and these strong cops were still filling her and thrusting into her long after Pedro would have been finished. . Her body betrayed her and, a few minutes after the attack began, she felt the unmistakable signs of an orgasm building up in her genitals.

"Oh god, please stop," she whispered desperately, but her hips had already started to move in time with the thrusts of her rapist.

"She's loving it, amigo," cried the cop. "I can feel her cunt getting tighter."

He fucked her furiously as the orgasm swept over her, and she cried aloud as she wrapped her legs around him. When he had unloaded his come into her, the other cop quickly took his place between her thighs and he fucked her hard as well, causing the hapless young woman to have another shattering orgasm.

After they had both filled her pussy with their cum, they unfastened her hands from the overhead bar, removed the handcuffs, and tore off the rest of her clothes so that they could move her body around into different positions to continue their assault on her. One of the cops lay down on his back, grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her face down toward his crotch. I may as well get this over with as soon as I can, Maria thought to herself, so she pretended that the cock was Pedro's and sucked on it hard. She was moved into a kneeling position by the second cop while she sucked. He inserted a finger into her pussy and drew out a thick wad of cum. He smeared the cum on her exposed butt-hole, working some of it inside her wit his fingertip. He crouched behind Maria as she sucked his partner, positioned the tip of his cock at the entrance to her ass, then pushed it into her. She had never been fucked in the ass before, and it felt uncomfortable, but she had realized that there was no escape for her, and no rescue, so it was best to get the ordeal over with as quickly as possible. She pushed her hips backward, and the entire length of the cock slipped into her lubricated virgin hole. Incredibly, having two cocks inside her simultaneously stirred her basic emotions and she had a third orgasm, swallowing the cum that spurted into her mouth as she felt the warm wetness filling her ass. After they had satisfied themselves once more, her firm, young breasts and dark nipples were mauled by their hands and their mouths. They were strong men and they were relentless, and the fact that she was young, beautiful, and completely under their control added to their sexual arousal, which kept their cocks stiff, and allowed them to go on an on, enjoying the soft young flesh spread out before them.

Eventually, when Maria was exhausted, beyond hope and beyond caring, their lust was spent. The two men rested for a few minutes to regain their breath, then they got dressed, straightened their uniforms, smoothing out any wrinkles. They looked down at their naked victim, slumped in the back seat, barely moving.

"Get dressed," one of them ordered her. "We'll take you back now. That was the deal we agreed to." The two got back into the front seat and watched the woman start to move.

Maria slowly gathered up her clothes and began to dress. "Hurry up, for fuck sake," snarled the driver. "If you take much longer I'll be ready to go again and I might throw another fuck into you."

He started the engine, and the car lurched into gear. Maria finished dressing as they drove back into town. When they got back to the exact place where she had been abducted, the car pulled over to the sidewalk.

"Get out," said the driver, "and if you ever breathe a word of this to anyone, we'll find you and we'll kill you. Understand?"

The back door couldn't be opened from the inside, so the other cop got out and opened the door for her. Silently and slowly Maria got out of the cruiser. "Pay attention to what he just said. We'll kill you for sure if you say a word about this to anyone."

Maria looked him in the eye for a second, then dropped her gaze downward.

He got back into the car, and it sped away, leaving Maria standing on the sidewalk, battered, bruised, humiliated, and in pain. Her pussy, nipples, and ass ached from the abuse she had taken.

In the speeding cruiser, the cop turned to the partner. "Holy fuck, that was the best one yet, amigo. She was a real beauty. And definitely the tightest pussy we've had so far."

"Oh yeah, she was the best fuck ever. But that little pussy is not as tight as it used to be. We gave it a good stretching, no?"

"We sure did, and we stretched her cute little asshole pretty good too."

"Yup, we did a good public service tonight. When the little slut gets married, things will go in much easier for her husband on their wedding night, thanks to us!"

And they both roared with coarse laughter.

* * * *

After the cops left, Maria stood still for several minutes, leaning against a nearby wall for support. Slowly, she regained some strength. A few people walked past and looked at her curiously, but none offered to help, thinking she was either drunk or on drugs. Eventually she pushed herself away from the wall and walked unsteadily onto the road. She waved down a passing taxi. She spoke one word quietly.


She eased her way painfully into the taxi and told the driver to take her to the nearest hospital. And it was at the hospital where she reported her rape, and the second part of her ordeal began.

The doctors treated her, taking semen samples from various parts of her body. They treated her for bruises and shock. The hospital staff called the police, who came along with a stack of forms to be completed. There was a stunned silence from everyone when Maria announced that her rapists had been two police officers, and she had the badge number of one of them. When she dropped her gaze as she left the rapists cruiser, she had taken note of the cop's badge number, and she had memorized it.

After several hours of treatment and questioning, she was allowed to go home.

But the nightmare was not yet over. The two cops were brought in for questioning by the Neuvo Laredo police department of Internal Affairs. They had their story ready.

They had certainly had sex with a young prostitute the previous evening, but it had been consensual and they had paid her for her services. They had been off-duty at the time. They had not beaten the woman, so if she had bruising it must have come from a later customer. They were sorry they had used a police vehicle for personal matters, and would avoid doing that in the future. They were sorry to hear that the prostitute had been later beaten, and offered to assist in the search for the customer who had done it.

The story made headline news in the local papers and TV. Maria's picture was everywhere, and people in the town were sharply divided about who was telling the truth.

In the end the cops won and Maria lost. The cops were deducted a week's pay each for consorting with a prostitute and for using a police vehicle for sex. Maria was simply telephoned and told that the case was closed.

Two weeks after the rape, Maria returned to her job as an executive assistant. She quickly sensed the change in atmosphere at work. Her few close friends supported her, but almost everywhere she went conversations suddenly stopped when she appeared. She could sense the hostility among certain members of the staff and management. People were openly referring to her as "The Whore" in whispered conversations. Maria adopted a dignified silence and assumed that it would all blow over in time.

She never learned whether Pedro believed her or not. He simply called one day to say that they needed to spend some time apart. He would call her soon, he said, but he never did.

Three weeks after returning to work, Maria was called to the office of the manager of Human Resources. It was on a Monday morning. There was to be a restructuring, she was told. Some of the work currently being done in Neuvo Laredo was being transferred to the main office in Monterrey, she was told. Unfortunately, her job was being eliminated. They had tried to find another position for her in the Company but, sadly, nothing was available. She was thanked for her work, and handed a final pay check equal to two months pay.

Thank you, and goodbye.

A stunned Maria was walked to the front door, handed a small box containing her personal belongings, given a quick handshake, and ushered onto the street.

As she walked down the street towards her bus stop, still in a daze at the rapid turn of events, she sensed a car slowing up alongside her, keeping pace with her as she walked. She looked over and her heart skipped a beat when she saw the police cruiser … and in the cruiser, smiling at her, were her two rapists.

The cop in the passenger seat rolled down his window.

"Hi Maria," he called cheerfully. "Can we give you a ride anywhere?"

She ignored him and began to walk a little faster, her heart hammering in her chest. The cruiser kept pace with her easily.

"Hey baby, how about if the three of us get together again? The last time was a lot of fun," he jeered.

"Go away and leave me alone, bastard," she hissed at him.

He laughed at her discomfort. "Well, let's put it this way," he chortled. "It will be either this … or this ..." When he said the first 'this' he made an obscene up-and-down licking gesture with his tongue, and when he said the second 'this', he drew his finger across his throat.

"You decide which way it's going to be, baby." The smile had disappeared from his face. "And don't take too long in deciding, because we're going to be in touch with you real soon. You should have taken our advice about not talking."

He looked around quickly to make sure no-one else was within earshot. "We're gonna fuck you so bad that the last time will seem like a picnic with grandma in comparison. After we're finished with you, we're gonna dump you in the river." Then he spat on the street in front of her.

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