tagLoving WivesMarie Ch. 03

Marie Ch. 03


This is the third part of our first attempt at erotica. It is recommended you read the first two parts before reading this. It is in the Loving Wives section and is a fantasy that involves sex outside wedlock. If this type of thing offends you, stop reading! If you choose to read this, we sincerely hope you enjoy it.


I woke the next morning to a softer sound than my usual alarm clock. I heard cooing and moaning coming from under the sheets. As I lifted them away, I was delighted to find my beautiful wife making out with my cock. Not giving me a blowjob, but actually making out with it.

She had my balls in one hand and my shaft in the other. She was lightly caressing both while planting soft kisses all over them. I could feel her warm breath on my shaft as she worked her way down to spend a minute worshipping my balls. The sight and sound, as much as the feeling, were incredibly erotic. Particularly because I hadn't cleaned up from our love-making the night before and she doesn't usually want to taste me afterwards. She enjoys the taste of her own juices on my dick, but she isn't a real fan of the taste of semen. This was definitely intended as a special occasion.

She continued her kissing for a couple more minutes with neither of us saying anything. Then she began to use her tongue as if French kissing me. By this point, I was hard as stone and am certain my breathing was becoming rapid. Finally, Marie turned her eyes up toward mine and again without saying a word engulfed my entire shaft. After holding it for a few seconds, she slowly rose. She continued to hold my gaze and was moaning softly. As she got to the tip, she let it come out of her mouth, but kept it in contact with her tongue until finally she pulled it away slowly. As she did, a string of saliva stretched between her tongue and my cock head. As it broke, she repeated the process.

Marie did this three times before starting to increase her pace. She also was stroking me with one hand while fondling my sack with the other. She would go up and down on my shaft with her mouth and hand and then while continuing to stroke; she would lick and suck my balls for a minute. She had alternated through this routine for about ten minutes when I reached my limit.

It is always obvious to Marie when I'm about to cum. She usually takes the first blast and then pulls off, stroking me until I'm done. Today was certainly special. As I grunted and released my first blast, she didn't pull off. She held her head around mine and kept stroking me until I had to stop her. She then eased my dick out of her mouth and opened her mouth just enough so I could see she'd caught everything. Then closed her mouth and swallowed my entire load.

I pulled her up to me and kissed her hard. After the kiss I let her know how special that was and how much I appreciated her giving me this treat. Although she'd rarely kept her mouth on me until completion, she had never been so "dirty" about it. We had talked about it, but never did I expect she'd do it for me. She was glad I liked it and then told me she wanted to do something special for me after our talk the night before.

After more kissing and caressing, we were jolted back to reality by the alarm going off.

We showered together, taking turned washing each other. We both took time to sneak in some nibbles and petting, but before anything more developed, we realized we were on the clock and falling behind. We rinsed the last of the soap, turned off the soothing water and took our last joy of the morning with toweling off each other.

We got dressed quickly and grabbed a juice and breakfast bar each as we scurried out the door to work. We did however; take a minute before getting into our respective vehicles to kiss deeply. It was like we were kids again and hated to be separated for even a moment.

The rest of my day was not near as enjoyable as it began. There were several time sensitive issues to deal with and my day flew by with little thought of the mornings activities or what tonight's activities might be. This was both a curse and a blessing.

I didn't arrive home until around 8pm and was so tired, I fell asleep in a chair without eating supper. I awoke to the sound of keys in the door and Conan's monologue.

As Marie came through the door, she looked much like last night, a bit disheveled. She set her purse and keys down and walked over to my chair. She bent down to kiss me and I again smelled the obvious scent of a man or men. Then without prompting, she kicked off her shoes and pulled off her tank tops and pants, leaving her in just panties. She lingered to allow my viewing pleasure for a moment, then strutted out to the kitchen and came back with a beer for me and a glass of wine for her. She then sat down at my feet and began telling me about her night.

She started by saying, "I have a couple new things to tell you tonight. I don't know which you'll want to hear more, so I'm going to tell you about the one that doesn't really involve me first. It's about my understudy Erin."

I was unprepared for this twist and I think she could see I was eager to hear more so she continued, "Around 9:30 Erin and I both had about thirty minutes downtime. We spent it back in the women's dressing room, not bothering to put on even a robe or towel. We were talking about this and that's when the subject of our respective auditions came up. I think I mentioned it without thinking and we both blushed immediately."

She explained, "Apparently, all the men had been selected prior to the women and they were all used in our auditions. I had Brad by luck of the draw and she had Tim, the man with the husband's part. Erin didn't have anyone to come with her to the audition, so Craig, the director, didn't leave the room for them to get acquainted. Instead he watched, which she said was very uncomfortable."

I honestly couldn't blame Craig, as I certainly would want to watch, but I chose not to tell Marie that. She continued, "They both took their clothes off and then Craig asked her to step over to him. As she got to him, he asked her if her breasts were real and she said they were. Without asking, he reached out and cupped both her breasts and kneaded them for about thirty seconds, tweaking the nipples just before releasing them."

"I know Erin has very nice breasts and they are bigger than mine, but it's obvious they're real." Marie stated emphatically. "I think Craig wanted a cheap feel and more."

The tail end of her statement caught my interest, so I had to ask, "What do you mean by more?"

She smiled up at me and said, "Just be quiet and I'll tell you." She took a sip of her wine and picked up where she'd left off. "Craig then stated to no one in particular that they were real. Then he put his hands on her shoulder and turned her back to Tim. As she started to walk away, she felt a hand on her ass give a firm grope and release, and no, that's not the "more" so don't ask."

I gave her a face like "I wasn't saying anything!" which elicited a smirk from her. With that she resumed. "As Erin approached Tim, she saw he was in good shape for forty. He was about her height, slender, tan except for his swim suit lines, his cock looked average length, but a little thicker than normal, based on her limited experience. For his age, he was a handsome man."

"As she got near him, he took her hand and pulled her close. He said nothing and began to lightly kiss her, then more passionately. As the kisses heated up, his hands began to roam over her breast and back, sliding down to feel her butt cheeks. She was more reserved, but he eventually moved her hands lower until she was touching his flaccid cock."

"After a couple minutes of heavy petting, Tim said she'd need to suck him to get him hard for the scene. She gave a questioning look to Craig and he said they had to know the actress could get the actor hard. If this couldn't be accomplished, they couldn't use the actress."

"Erin really wanted the part and more over, needed the job, so she reluctantly kneeled in front of Tim. She took his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. She caressed and stroked hoping this would do the trick, but after a minute she resigned herself to using her mouth. She slowly began licking him, swirling her tongue around the head and then running it up and down his shaft, finally taking it in her mouth. It didn't take long after that and he was hard. She continued stroking him with her mouth and hand until Tim stopped her and pulled her up. He then led her over to the sofa and laid her down. She thought they were going to start the "simulated sex", but after a short kiss; he began kissing and licking his way down her torso. He stopped for a couple minutes at her breasts, kneading them, while sucking and nibbling the nipples. Then he moved his mouth lower to her pussy and began to eat her."

Marie paused long enough for me to ask, "Is that in the script? Should I expect to see you being eaten?"

She took another sip of wine and said, "No, it's not in the script, but I don't know how to answer the second question."

Smiling profusely, she went on, "Erin said she was surprised, but not having a boyfriend for a couple months, she really didn't mind being pleasured. Apparently Tim was pretty good and it didn't take long for her to have a strong orgasm. As she relaxed, Tim moved back up her body and kissed her deeply. She got a very strong taste of her own juices and it further aroused her."

"As they were lying there, Erin could definitely feel that Tim was excited. He was slowly rubbing his now very hard cock across her pubic mound. Craig was speaking about how the simulated sex would go. Tim was to move higher up on her with his dick bent down, so it ran through her labia. This way the audience would think he had actually penetrated her, but they thought the angle would prevent it." Marie anxiously explained.

I could tell my wife was getting more excited with each word, as was I. My excitement was driven not only by picturing the event she was talking about, although I'd never met any of the other people in the play, but also remembering her audition and how it had ended. I had opened my pants and could not help but begin to stroke my cock. Marie took note of this, but rather than help, she again sipped her wine and continued Erin's story.

"Tim slid his dick through Erin's labia a few times, before moving up. She could feel his cock head sliding across her very wet opening and up over her clit. She said he was looking down at her and even nudged it forward a little so the head just began to enter her. This startled Erin and she jumped just enough to dislodge him. He just continued a couple more times, before moving up her body, leaving his dick between her legs." declared Marie with bated breath.

"As Tim and Erin spoke the required lines, Tim had begun to slowly raise and lower his hips, sliding his cock through her pussy. The pressure from the position it was placed in created a strong sensation for Erin. Just as she was about to have another orgasm, he stopped moving and slid down a little, relieving the pressure against Erin, but positioning his cock at her vaginal opening.. Looking at Craig, Tim said this position wouldn't work due to the extreme angle and the uncomfortable feeling of practically breaking his cock off." These last words were dripping with sarcasm as Marie spoke them.

I gave her a quizzical look and explained, "Hey, when you have a rock hard cock, it wants to point up, not down. It can be very painful to try to bend it down the way she described it to you. I know I wouldn't want to do it, even to simulate sex with a gorgeous woman."

"Well, apparently Craig agreed with him because they changed the scene just a little to fix Tim's problem. Craig said they'd have to do it the revised way for the audition and come up with a permanent change later."

"So, what was the little change?"

Marie looked me in the eyes and then kind of shook her head, almost in disbelief that I had to ask after knowing what happened at her audition.

A light bulb went on and I started to say, "You mean they..."

"Of course they did!" Marie exclaimed, "Craig told Erin she'd need to let Tim actually penetrate her, so he could see how she moved and if she could still deliver her lines. Some kind of crap like that."

"Did she buy that?"

Marie started getting up, leaned into me, kissing me lightly and whispering in my ear, "She got the role didn't she?" As she pulled away, she gave my dick a squeeze and sashayed into the kitchen for more wine.

As she walked away, I noticed her entire back, right down to her panty line, had white residue, remnants of rehearsal I suspected. Picturing how it must have happened, I needed to get my hands on her, as well as beg for the remainder of Erin's account. With all the scenes running through my perverted mind, I was surprised I could stand and take my clothes off, but I did and then went into the kitchen to chase her down.

As I moved in behind her, pinning her against the countertop, I reached one hand around to massage her left breast and the other I slid into the front of her panties. She was as wet as I was hard. I simply put my middle finger just below her clit and gently massaged her, pressing on the pubic bone. In about ten seconds, she was at the onset of an orgasm and her legs were beginning to collapse. At that point, I moved to rub her clit and she went crazy, letting out a squeal and falling back against me. I continued to rub her clit and in about another fifteen seconds she went off again, just as strong.

As she came down from her climaxes, I whispered in her ear, "That was quick, even for you."

She leaned her head back to kiss me, while her hand wrapped around my shaft and gently stroked. She panted, "I need to tell you about the rest of my night, before we get too carried away. I want to tell you while it's still fresh." With that I helped her to our sofa and sat down beside her.

Once she had caught her breathe, she went on, "Remember, Erin was lying there and Tim had his cock ready to go in. She said it took a minute to decide and Craig was getting impatient. Finally he forced the decision and the second she said yes, Tim pressed forward and slid fully into her. This caught her by surprise and she let out a loud gasp. Craig reminded them of the lines and as Tim lay down on her, stroking his cock in and out, they said their lines. She was distracted, but did her role as well as she could."

"Erin really thought that would be the end of it, but boy was she wrong!" Marie exclaimed in a disgusted tone. "Tim continued thrusting into her, so Erin looked over at Craig with a puzzled look. Craig just told her they need to hear that she was enjoying the sex. She had to remember the scene was making up with her husband whom she is very much in love with him, so they needed to see that and hear it."

"I guess she figured in for a penny, in for a pound, so she started getting into it. I'd told you she hadn't had a boyfriend for a while, so once she relaxed and felt the sensation of the cock sliding in and out of her, she said her "acting" got better." With that statement, Marie gave me a firm squeeze and slid to the floor between my legs before proceeding.

"As Erin began to respond to the cock inside her, Tim got more aggressive. He started to really pound her. Erin wrapped her legs around him and held on, while she grew closer to a real orgasm. It only took a couple more minutes and Tim let out a primal yell as he shot his cum inside her. This set off her orgasm and she buried her face into Tim's shoulder to stifle her scream. Tim kept thrusting hard, but with intermittent pauses as he shot his seed with each down stroke. Finally, both their climaxes subsided and Tim slowly pulled out, followed by much of his cum."

"Erin said the moment was very awkward, but then it got down right bizarre. Craig almost immediately began talking as if what had just taken place was perfectly normal. He went on about other scenes and positions she would be put in. He kept saying most of the other cocks were very large and would need to be hidden in various ways. He needed to see if she could handle them," Marie explained as she looked up at me. "Then came the "more" I mentioned earlier."

"Craig asked Erin to get up and move over to the table." My wife again looked me in the eyes and asked rhetorically, "You remember the table, don't your dear?" "As she moved over to it, Craig got up from his desk. As Erin looked over at him, she saw he had nothing but a shirt on and a rather large and angry cock was poking through the shirt tail. As he made his way over to the table, he unbuttoned his shirt and discarded it. As you met him at my audition, you remember he's in his mid-50's, about 5'8" and at least 250 pounds. Well apparently he is extremely hairy everywhere. She told me he reminded her of an old Ron Jeremy, not just from the waist down."

I was impressed that Erin could make a reference to a porn star, but not wanting to break Marie's cadence, I filed that away and focused back on what she was saying.

"As Craig approached Erin, he told her about the simulated sex in the scene with Brad. He explained how to hold the dick against her, the basics of the scenes storyline and then how it was important for both actor and actress to be sufficiently wet. With that, he told her to suck his cock and get him wet. It was so matter of fact she never thought to say no and just kneeled down in front of him. She said she could put both hands around his dick like she was holding a bat and a couple inches still stuck out. The only different between his cock and a bat was she could get her fingers all the way around a bat."

While she was telling me this part, she had changed her grip on me to mimic what she was saying, although in all honesty, two hands more than covered my now weeping rock hard phallus. She began stroking me with more interest and using my now considerable pre-cum to moisten my shaft. With a strong grip, she twisted her hand as she moved up and down. She only did this for about a minute, not wanting me to prematurely lose interest in her report. She then leaned over and put her lips to my cockhead and ran her tongue over the pee hole. With that, she loosened her grip, stopped stroking and resumed her narrative.

"Erin stroked and licked Craig's cock quickly. She wanted to get it as wet as she could, as quick as she could. She even put it in her mouth, but due to its girth, she only got about 3" in. When she thought she'd done enough, she looked up and he told her to lick his balls. They were quite large, very hairy and smelled like he hadn't bathed in a while, but she did it. After sucking each ball into her mouth and spending about 30 seconds licking them and the shaft all over, he stopped her and helped her up. Then he turned her around and bent her over the table"

"At first she thought he was going to fuck her because as soon as she bent over, he slid a couple fingers in her pussy. Craig mentioned how wet she was and said that Tim's cum would help keep her slick. After he pulled out his fingers, he didn't put his dick in. Instead he just slid his cock along her labia and told her to bring a hand up to hold it against her. He continued to explain how the scene would go and what she had to do with the cock and her own body. As he instructed her, he was sliding back and forth along her slit until she started to respond. She remembered thinking this wasn't so bad and then he stopped."

Marie was getting more worked up with each word, partly because it was an erotic chronicle of events and partly because she was angry about what was done to Erin. I was both concerned and excited, and decided to be very careful how I responded to her when she was done.

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