tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMarie Gets an Eyeful

Marie Gets an Eyeful


Karen and I had been dating for about 2 or 3 months at this stage. Karen, a beautiful brunette with a flat stomach decorated by a pretty belly button piercing would end up being my first proper love and long term girlfriend.

She had deep brown eyes to compliment her hair. She was thin with an hour glass figure, with full perky 32 D breasts that could only belong to a 19 year old. Following her body further you were soon met with a nice round butt.

It was a normal run of the mill Saturday. I had spent the morning at my football game. I would love to tell you we won that match on that particular Saturday, but since it is almost 15 years ago I can't remember.

I left the pitch pretty much straight away, and went straight to Karen's house. Karen was still a college student and usually worked weekends. It was rare, but this weekend Karen had Saturday off. Doubly lucky, her parents would not be at home. Her father, Paul was in work at the hospital while her mother Marie had travelled down to Meath to visit family.

Too excited to even shower after the game I left the pitch and drove as fast as possible to her house. Only dating a short time I could probably count the times we had sex on two hands, and here we were with the opportunity to enjoy each other for at most of the day.

I reached Karen's house are around 2. Knocking on the door I couldn't wait to get inside. Karen answered looking beautiful despite the minimal effort made.

She was in a pair of sweat pants that hugged her round ass perfectly, before loosening. I can still remember the exact pink cropped top she wore. It showed her midriff perfectly and as your eyes moved higher you could see the top was strained trying to keep her breasts at bay. Standing at the door I was sure I could see her nipples through the top.

"Hey babe," I smiled, "how was your morning?"

Before she could answer I moved in to kiss her.

"Yuck, you smell, did you not shower?"

"Too excited to get here, sure I can use your shower!" I answered.

She eventually kissed me. My hands started at her waist as our lips met. My tongue probed her mouth, trying to get in to entangle her tongue.

"Behave Tom, we have plenty of time. Now go shower and I'll get lunch ready".

I slapped her round ass and made my way upstairs to the bathroom. Once in I stripped, admiring my cock as I removed my underwear. It was already in a semi state. I looked in the mirror at my bruises and dirty body. As a goalkeeper I was always marked, but my young body looked well. Not quite a six pack but I was proud of my body. Nestled at the bottom of tight stomach was a 6 to 7 inch long semi erect cock. Brown hair decorated the base that I hadn't started to trim yet. Fully erect I was almost 8 inches, but the best part of my cock? The exposed mushroom head of my circumcised dick. Circumcision is rare in Ireland and any girl who sees it is usually intrigued by it. I began thinking about the first time Karen saw it and it was no different.

That night she had put her hand down my trousers and pulled it out.

"Wow, that's different!"

She began to stroke it slowly, bending down to have a good look.

"Does it hurt?" She asked as her hand moved back and forward over my hardening shaft.

"Not at all, but what your doing feels great!"

Karen then opened her mouth and began to suck my cock. Her rhythm and technique were amazing as she took as much into her warm mouth as she could. Her head bobbed back and forward as she enjoyed my cock.

One hand carefully cupped my hairy balls while the other was used to compliment her mouth giving the illusion I was being deep throated. Her hand cupping my balls released and moved towards my ass. I tensed, not knowing what was happening when she slowly slid her index finger in my ass.

I can only imagine the look on my face as she did. Karen couldn't help but laugh at me as I got over the shock. To be honest it didn't last long, that shock was replaced by pure pleasure as Karen found my prostate. Mere seconds passed.

"I'm going to cum," I panted, waiting for Karen to pull away as all other girls had before. But she didn't, she sucked harder and faster. My balls were full, ready to explode as I grabbed her hair. I unloaded a huge load in her mouth as Karen milked my prostate for all it was worth. With my balls empty she stood to kiss me.

Surprise number two, her mouth was still full of my sperm as she pushed some into my mouth.

She pulled away, putting a finger to my mouth, as she opened hers. I could see my white sticky cum in her mouth, before she closed and swallowed.

"Swallow now babe," she instructed me.

I had out of curiosity tasted a small amount of my own cum before but never swallowed a mouthful. I obliged and honestly I liked the taste.

A bang downstairs brought me out of my day dream. I was back in Karen's bathroom absent mindedly wanking my now fully hard cock.

I stepped into the bath, pulled the curtain and turned on the shower. I washed myself and stood under the hot steaming water, relaxing and enjoying the feel of the water on my aching muscles.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and I pulled the curtain back to see who was there. Karen stood there, already stripped down to her underwear. Her brown hair fell down and rested on her full juicy tits. She had large areolas, topped with hard pink nipples. Her breasts were the biggest I had ever seen in person. Although only dating a short time I knew they were soft to the touch. The young supple breasts defied gravity as they stood proudly at her chest.

My eyes traced down her flat stomach and onto her knickers. She wore royal blue panties that, although not small, allowed some stray pubic hair peak from either side. Her legs were toned and smooth that led to beautiful feet. Her toes were exquisitely painted. I stood taking it all in, the first time since we started dating that I could really relax and drink this beautiful woman in.

Karen slowly removed her blue panties and stood for me to admire her hairy cunt. She had large lips they even in the unkempt bush hung low in full view.

"Wow," was all I could muster as she stepped into the bath bedside me.

Karen picked up the shower gel, pouring some into her hand before lathering it into a thick bubbly mixture. She took my rock hard cock in her hand, using the suds to clean and massage my cock. Her free hand reached to my ass and used the shower gel to was my ass as a sneaky finger slipped in.

"Like that big boy?"

"You know I do baby, "I answered before kissing her deeply, my hand exploring her mountainous breasts, reaching the summit and pinching those hard pink nipples.

My hand was soon heading south finding Karen's hairy muff. I rubbed her swollen clit. It was large and sensitive, as I ran two fingers from her clit between her lips down to the opening of her pussy. I teased her pussy with a finger before gliding back to her clit. Rubbing it in a circular motion before moving back slowly to the beautiful opening. Karen had stopped at my ass, relaxed enjoying the attention I was giving her.

My hand worked her pussy and clit letting the tips of two fingers enter. Time and again I teased her pussy before I slowly slid two fingers knuckle deep into her warm snatch. I slowly fucked Karen's vagina with two fingers, taking time to curl my fingers rubbing the inside wall of her pussy driving her wild. Soon her pussy was wet and relaxed enough to take three then four fingers.

Karen's own hand had made its way to her clit we worked her to climax. Kissing me deeply, Karen ground into my hand as I felt her body shudder as she came on my four fingers.

Careful not to slip, Karen turned away from me offering her wet pussy to my hard cock. My shaft slid in balls deep with ease. Her pussy was well lubricated and stretched as my cock went as deep as her pussy weighs allow. It felt amazing as I pumped her pussy slowly and the hot water washed over my pumped muscles.

I would love to say we had great sex in the shower, but the bath was too narrow and slippy to fuck her hard. We got out and Karen lay a towel on the ground for me to lie on. As I lay she took my large man meat in her hand as she licked the underside of my balls. Moving faster and harder, Karen jacked my cock as her tongue moved lower and lower until or found my hairy puckered ass hole. Her tongue traced the outer edge of my ass. All the while her hand stroked the full length of my cock, using the wetness from the shower and her pussy juice on my cock to move faster and harder.

Her tongue on my ass was unbelievable. About a month earlier Karen was the first girl to finger my prostate and now she was rimming my butt.

My breathing became shallower as my balls tightened.

"I'm gonna cum"

Karen probed my ass with her tongue as she masturbated my cock harder. Just as I was about to unload she brought those beautiful breasts up to my cock. Shot after shot, load after load covered her buxom breasts.

"Wow, where did you learn that?" I asked.

"You're nor the first older guy I dated Tom, and I like to experiment," Karen blushed.

She stepped back into the still running shower and started to wash my seed from her breasts.

"Wrap that towel around you and go down and serve up the lunch. I'll be down in a second," Karen said as she lathered her tits, cleaning my semen from them.

"Ok babe."

I headed down stairs and dished up the lasagne and salad Karen had made. Karen was soon down behind me wearing a white bra and white underwear. The panties were laced and you could see her brown pubic hair through them. We ate lunch, chatting away enjoying each other's company.

After we finished lunch we went up to Karen's bedroom, leaving my towel in the washroom on the way. Karen pulled the curtains in her room as we settled down to watch tv. We cuddled and kissed, lying on the bed as my hands explored Karen's body. I lightly ran my finger tips all over her body, teasing her, getting Karen excited. Spooning, I undid her bra and let her fab breasts fall loose. My hard cock pressed against her ass as I played with her tits, gently playing with her erect nipples.

My hands traced down her stomach finding her belly button piercing before moving on further down to her panties. While nibbling gently on her neck, my hand slid beneath the white lace material enjoying the warmth and soft feeling of her bush. Further down I went finding her large hairy lips. My fingers caressed and tickled her moist pussy. Feeling Karen's engorged clit, I gently massaged it, turning her on more. She began to moan gently.

"Tom, open the bottom drawer in my dresser and get me my toy."

I didn't know Karen owned a toy but when I opened the drawer I was shocked to see an 8 inch life like black dildo lying there in plain view. I took it out, and walked back to the bed, my hard cock bobbing as I did. Karen had taken her panties off at this stage and was busy fingering her pussy.

"Leave Tonto beside me, get your phone and record me."

I duly obliged. I opened up the flip phone, selected camera and hit record. Karen's right hand was gently rubbing her massive clit, while her index and middle finger of her left hand slowly fucked her hot cunt. I sat watching enjoying the show, my left hand dropping to stroke my cock as I held my phone in my other.

Karen's left hand began to pick up pace as her right moved up to her breasts. She began to pinch and gently twist her nipple, and squeezing her large right tit. She brought her tit to her mouth and sucked on the nipple. At this point I noticed she now had three fingers buried deep in her wet snatch. Her fingers pumped her twat relentlessly, her right hand returning to her clit. She used her pussy juices to lubricate her clit as she rubbed it faster, moving now inn a circular motion.

She soon had all four fingers in her pussy before she picked up Tonto, her black dildo.

Using her left hand she carefully slid the large member into her gaping pussy. In and out rhythmically she fucked her pussy.

I was pulling hard on my cock, making sure the camera got it all, including shots of me wanking. She took the black dildo in two hands and began to fuck herself hard. Her hips ground against the dildo as she pushed it into her. In and out the 8 inch dildo moved. Her body tensed as she let out a long moan. She moved the dildo slower now. Her right hand back to gently and lightly rubbing her clit.

Karen got on to all fours with as she pulled the dildo from her soaking wet cunt.

"Taste me babe, turn the camera off and taste my cum."

I got behind her, and buried my face in her ass and cunt. Her ass and pussy were covered in dark brown curly hair, which was matted by the sticky cum. My tongue moved from her clit up to her juicy opening. I loved the taste of her wet pussy, as I began to rub her clit with my right hand. My tongue moved into her gaping pussy slowly at first before I began moving it as fast as I could. I spent close to 10 minutes devouring her hairy cunt before she begged for my dick.

I was standing at the edge of the bed and Karen was on her knees on the bed. My cock was rock hard as i brought the tip to her opening. I easily slid my full length into her wide pussy.

"Oww not so deep!" Karen moaned pushing me back slightly.

I remember thinking at the time that this must be what sloppy seconds felt like which turned me on more.

I was soon in a rhythm, my cock going as deep as Karen would allow into her spread pussy. Her right hand was again furiously rubbing clit, while my left hand had a firm grip of her narrow waist. My right hand rubbed her ass cheek, moving closer to her puckered ass hole. Feeling the hair around her ass I moved my thumb closer, teasing her tight back door. I brought my thumb up to my mouth, sucked it, lubricating it before I brought it back to her tight ass. I pushed against her tight hole.

"Don't Tom!"

How disappointing. I wanted to explore her ass just as she had done with me. I grabbed her waist with my right hand and focused on filling her vagina with my sperm.

I pumped her harder and harder, my hands gripping her thin waist. I could feel Karen tense up. Another orgasm wasn't far away. Faster and faster I went, remembering that black dildo, imagining it was a real black cock fucking my girlfriend. I could feel my balls tightening, I was close to cumming.

'I'm gonna cum babe!" I moaned.

Shot after shot I unloaded into Karen's wet pussy. My balls were empty but I kept up the rhythm as I brought Karen to orgasm again. My deep strokes brought her to climax as I felt her pussy contract around my still hard cock. Karen slowly stopped rubbing her clit as I slowly slid my cock from her messy pussy. Her pubic hair was covered in my cum. My cock too was covered in both of our love juices.

"Let me clean that beautiful cock for you babe," Karen offered as she turned to face me.

"Mum! What, how long..." Karen's face was panicked as she looked towards the door. I turned to the door and Marie, Karen's mother, was standing there. I tried to cover my cock from view. But it was still hard slowly returning to its flaccid state. There was no hiding it, my girlfriend's mum was looking at my cock covered in my cum and her daughter's juices.

Karen was searching for something to cover her pussy, eventually holding a pillow in front of her hairy snatch.

"Mum! How long have you been there!" Anger and embarrassment clear in Karen's tone.

"Long enough, I'm sorry... I couldn't take my eyes off you... I'm so sorry... But wow... I know I shouldn't have but I couldn't leave."

I started to realise that she had enjoyed watching us. As embarrassed as she was about it, she had stayed and watched.

She must have purposely crept to the door so we wouldn't hear, watching quietly for who knows how long.

Being an exhibitionist I had started to enjoy her looking at me, and there was no hiding the fact her gaze barely left my cum covered cock.

"I better go. Sorry again," Marie apologised.

She left the door and we heard her going down the stairs and out of the house.

I turned back to Karen ready for her to suck my cock clean but the look on her face told me not to ask. She angrily went to the bathroom. I could hear the shower running as I lay back on the bed.

My cock was stiffening again as I thought about Marie looking at my cock. Using the juices as lubricant I set to masturbating my large hairy cock.

"Are you serious!" It was Karen. "How can you still be horny? My mother just caught us fucking! Get in the bathroom and get cleaned up!"

"Fuck," I thought to myself, "that's my day of sex ruined!"

It took a while for Karen to calm down and get over it. She was particularly hung up on the fact her mother saw her spread pussy covered in cum while she was on all fours!

I didn't tell her that I didn't think hey mother cared, that she seemed more interested in my member.

A day or two later Marie apologised to Karen again, but also told her to be careful not to let her father catch us. Karen told me that Marie had told her we could do what we liked when her father wasn't there and to enjoy me while she could, that not all men were as big as me.

Another good thing to come from the day was when looking back at the videos we made Karen realised just how hairy her pussy and ass hole were, so we both decided to remove all our pubic hair.

Karen's pussy looked amazing smooth. Her large clit was clearly visible as she stood facing you. Any parting of her legs and her large lips could easily be seem hanging below her pussy. That pussy was amazing too look at. Truly a beautiful pussy.

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by Anonymous

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by midnighteddie09/18/18


I love your story, sounds very real. Being hairless is daring and feels great, looks great too.

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by wankseveryday09/17/18

Sorry not sorry


Complaints about the shaving of the pubic hair. This story is true and that is exactly what happened, Karen and I looked back at the video and she decided to shave.

Sorry you don't agree and Imore...

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by Anonymous09/16/18

Marie gets an eyeful

This was going to be a good story, but you ruined it with the ending.
I understand the need to shave if a woman is wearing a bikini, but the rest of the time it's pointless. A woman should be a woman.more...

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by Anonymous09/16/18

Couldn’t you fuck her mother as well?

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