tagFetishMarie The Goth: High School Pt. 02

Marie The Goth: High School Pt. 02


Description: So recently, some moderator took down one of my stories in which I had to try to put it back up. Let me make it clear to everyone. I'm also a member of hentai foundry. The reason why I never posted chapter 2 of "Marie the goth" and why I had to move to a different site was because it takes a long fucking time to upload a story on. Seriously, it would take three days for it to pend, and moderators would just keep deleting my stories for no reason at all. It was such a pain in the ass, I had move somewhere else. YES. THIS IS ME. I AM NOT A PLAGIARIZER. DON'T TAKE DOWN MY STORIES LITEROTICA!!! THANK YOU. Other than that here's chapter 2. Enjoy:


Marie is in the bathroom stall. Her head hangs down in sadness and defeat, with Cindy on the other side of the stall, being a brat.

"Hey! I don't have all day! Stick your dick through that hole so I can suck it! Come on, I have class to attend to!"

Marie still has her head hanging down. Suddenly, Marie starts smirking.

"So, you want my dick huh?"

Marie raises her head up, still smirking.

"You reeeeally wanna see it? Ok fine, I'll show it to you," Marie's smirk suddenly turns into a creepy grin.

"Woo hoo! About time! Let's do this!" Cindy said excitedly.

Marie started unzipping her fly.

"Step back a bit sweetheart," said Marie, chuckling evilly.

"Um ok?" Cindy stepped back a few inches and immediately went from excited, to shocked when she noticed a lump of pale and veiny flesh trying to forcefully prod its way through the gloryhole. The force is so strong, tiny cracks are being formed around the hole. Finally, the huge flaccid dong makes its way through. The dick was awfully huge, with its eighteen inches hanging down like a python hanging from a tree branch. Cindy was up against the corner, scared, yet amazed.

"What's the matter Cindy? Afraid of my cock?" Asked Marie, mocking Cindy.

Cindy didn't know how to react to such a situation. "N-n-no."

"Well, then get your ass overhear and worship me dammit! And hurry up! My dick is getting cold."

Cindy crawled towards the massive beast that hung before her. She nervously lift one hand up and put her fingers underneath the dong, lifting it up to her face, it was quite heavy. Cindy started gently kissing the shaft, covering half of Marie's dick with kiss marks. Cindy works her way to the tip of the penis, wrapping her lips around the head and starts jerking the beast in her hands. It was still flaccid. Cindy started jerking faster. Still, the dong was flaccid. Cindy started losing her patience.

"Oh come on! Get hard!" said Cindy, grunting to herself, stroking the beast.

This goes on for a couple of minutes, and now Marie started losing her patience. She numerously banged her hand on the stall.

"Hey! C'mon, you fucking suck at this! I've seen a farmer milk a cow better and faster than you could!" yelled Mary, irritated as ever.

Cindy started yelling back. "Hey! My hands are pretty fucking tiny compared to this bahimith you call a cock! I'm having difficulty trying to jerk this fucking thing! It doesn't help that it's heavy as a damn tree log and big as a fucking elephant! Seriously! How do you walk around with this thing! How were you born with it! HOW?"

"Are you talking back to me?" Marie asked as her dick started hardening and pulsating, as if it was saying, "Yeah. You talking back?"

Cindy nervously responds "Uh, uh, no."

"Good. Get back to work. Do a better job or ELSE!" Marie said threatenly.

Cindy was now shaking in her shoes. She took a big gulp and was now ready to face the beast in front of her. She spat on both the palms of her hands and began furiously stroking the spit covered shaft. She grabbed the cock immensely and stroked it with anger and force, making all kinds of wet and squishy sounds as she was jerking that huge, thick mass. Marie was behind the stall rubbing her chest, grinning evilly. "Yeah, there you go baby. Oh yeah that feels great!"

"That's right. Get me hard you whore. Watch what happens." Marie thought to herself as she was getting ready to burst.

As Cindy was done stroking her shaft, she made her to the head of the cock, took both hands and enthusiastically stroked the glans like a pro. Wet, sloppy sounds filled the air as the cock got bigger and harder by the minute. Marie was behind the stall with her legs fidgeting and her eyes rolling in the back of her head. Marie bit her lip and was ready to unload.

"Ok bitch! This is what you want? This...is...what...you...GET!"

Marie's dick shot like a cannon, causing a huge explosion of white, sticky goop flying all over. Semen came spraying out like a firehose spraying out huge amounts of water with force. The cum was so strong that Cindy went flying through ten different stalls, causing her to crash right into an actual wall at the end of the row of bathroom stalls. The pressure was too much for Marie. She grinned her teeth really hard, grunted heavily, and moaned as loud as she could. Her back was bent forward, she tip-toed in her shoes, faced her head towards the ceiling, and sweated like a dog in the heat.

Marie was finally done spewing out cum. She laid her hands and face on the cold steel, breathing heavily. After moments of gaining her composure, Marie attempted to pull her dick out from the gloryhole, not realizing how massive it was. The second time, she forcefully yanked her dick out of the hole. The gloryhole now looked like a hole created by a sledge hammer. Marie did not care. The one thing on her mind was taking of the blonde bitch.

Marie walked out of the stall she was in and began walking all the way down to the very end of the bathroom to the very last bathroom stall. Marie had a serious, pissed off look on her face as she was walking down to the last stall, hands in her pocket and completely ignoring the huge pool of semen on the floor that she had created.

Marie makes it to the last stall. As Marie opens the door, a drenched up Cindy is laid out on the floor, unconscious. Maries bends down to the unconscious Cindy.

"That, was for blackmailing me, and calling me a freak."

Marie picks up the cellphone from the wet floor next to Cindy, breaks it into two with both hands and drops it right back on the floor.

"Later bitch." Marie smiles and does a salute style farewell to Cindy and walks out the bathroom whistling.

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Welcome back.

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