tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMarie's Webcam Ch. 02

Marie's Webcam Ch. 02


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In the days that followed, none of her coworkers said anything. My wife Marie had knowingly walked completely naked in front of her webcam and pretended to be unaware that her three fellow programmers were watching, and none of them said a word to her. I can't say that I was surprised. If it were me, I too would have kept my mouth shut in hopes of future shows. But Marie knew that she had to ease up. She couldn't give a repeat performance too often without it becoming obvious that she knew they were watching. Nevertheless, the desire for that thrill of exposure remained and continued to grow.

I didn't think anything of it when Marie said that she wanted to get a laptop so that she could work outside when the weather was nice. So we went down to that big box electronics store and got a laptop with a built-in camera. Marie was excited about the purchase, as anyone is when they get a new computer. After spending the couple of hours necessary to install and customize her usual software packages, Marie was ready to go.

Marie quickly settled into a new routine with her laptop. During the day she would set herself up either outside, in the living room, or even in the office with the poor, neglected desktop pushed to the side. At night she would sometimes be in the living room, but more often in the office or lying on the bed with the laptop. I know that being in bed while cam-chatting with your colleagues sounds a bit odd, but she would always be fully clothed while doing it, so it really didn't seem that abnormal. It was just a convenient place for her to stretch out and use her computer.

Embarrassingly, it took me a couple of days to realize that the laptop opened up some new opportunities as the camera was now mobile and no longer confined to the office. When Marie and I talked about it, it was clear that she realized the same thing and was eager to have more fun. As a couple of weeks had already passed since her last 'accidental' show, we agreed that we wouldn't have to wait too long.

A few days later it happened. I came upstairs one night and saw Marie sitting in bed chatting with a couple of the guys. I told her I was about ready to go to bed and asked her if she was nearly done. She said that she was, and then spent a few moments to say g'nite to the guys before turning and placing the laptop on her nightstand.

I suspected right away that she was planning something because she left the laptop open. We exchanged a look that removed any lingering doubt. The laptop and its camera were facing across the bedroom towards her dresser, and it was aimed parallel to the bed. With the bed out of the camera's view, I too remained out of sight as I stripped down, got in bed, and readied myself for whatever she had planned.

Marie walked out of the bedroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. When she returned she paused at the door, which was out of camera view, and gave me a sexy smile. Then the smile melted as she walked into the room, stood by the bed in front of the camera, and proceeded to act normally. She even made small talk about the weather and some yard work she wanted me to do. The microphone was off -- she assured me -- but she just wanted everything to look as normal as possible in case someone happened to be able to read her lips. She was only standing about four feet in front of the camera, but was not facing it and never seemed to look right at it.

Then as we talked half-heartedly Marie began unbuttoning her blouse. As the buttons were unfastened, I found myself marveling at her acting skills. Her face was relaxed. She appeared a bit tired but otherwise peaceful. I couldn't detect any bit of anxiety or excitement at all. And yet the shirt was slowly opening up.

When all the buttons were undone she pulled the shirt off without delay, revealing her plain white bra. She dropped the shirt on the bed as we maintained our conversation. She then put her hands behind her back and unhooked the bra.

I knew the bra was about to come off and I felt a wave of panic rush over me. It didn't last long, but for that brief moment I just couldn't believe that she was going to show her tits again. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but that just wasn't the case. I knew they had already seen her naked. But I also knew that they were there eagerly waiting for her to pull off that bra so that they could see her tits live again. And she was about to give them that very thrill.

We made eye contact and Marie almost lost her composure. Almost. She laughed as if she was laughing from something I said, and told me to "knock it off".

And then she slipped the bra straps off her shoulders and dropped the bra on the bed. I couldn't help but stare at her tits as I thought about these guys ogling them. They had seen them before but that just didn't seem to matter at that moment. These were my wife's tits and normally only seen by me. Or maybe a girlfriend. But not by guys that admire them sexually. And especially not guys she works with and sees nearly every day. It was just so abnormal for them to be able to see her tits. And so sexy and daring that she was letting it happen.

Almost as soon as the bra was off she began removing her jeans. As she bent over to slide them down her legs, her breasts hung down and rocked gently. It was such an erotic view. Not only did her breasts look just mouth-wateringly delectable, more and more skin was appearing as her jeans fell to the floor. Finally she straightened up again with jeans in hand and placed them on the bed.

She was standing perpendicular to the bed and to the camera's line of fire so the guys had a nice view of her bare legs but couldn't really see her panty-covered butt or pussy. Her panties were nothing extraordinary, just a standard white pair. But as Marie faced me I could see the faint outline of her pussy lips through them. Even though the guys couldn't see the same, it made me realize just how exposed she was. Just this thin pair of panties was all she had on while being watched by her fellow programmers.

Meanwhile, Marie was alternating between facing me and making small-talk and facing away from the camera and talking about the guys watching her. It was rather bizarre to listen to.

"Did I tell you? Kara (her sister) and Robert (the husband) are heading to St. Thomas next week? They're gonna be there the whole week. How do I look? Do you think they're still watching? They rented this little cottage right by the beach. I'm so jealous."

Without warning, Marie hooked her thumbs inside her waistband and pulled her panties down to mid-thigh. She then bent at the waist as she dragged the panties down her legs and stepped out of them. Marie stood up straight again and dropped the panties into her pile of clothes on the bed. And just like that she was completely naked, standing sideways in front of the camera.

I felt a rush of something. Perhaps it was anxiety or arousal. Whatever it was it caused a slight shiver as it passed through me. I was just lying there watching Marie and thinking about her standing nude in front of the camera. Standing sideways as she was, I knew the guys couldn't really see her pussy or her ass. All they could really see was her bare thigh, the curvature of her butt and a side view of her breast. But she was still naked. And these guys that she works with were staring right towards her.

Marie collected her clothes on the bed and picked them up. She then turned away from the camera, walked around the foot of the bed and finally out of camera view, giving the guys a fantastic view of her butt along the way. As soon as she was safely out of view, she turned towards me with a wicked smile. It was clear that she was thoroughly enjoying this game of flashing her body and teasing her coworkers.

Marie deposited her clothes in the laundry bin. As she turned around, she wore this proud grin on her face that told me she wasn't yet done. She walked back towards the camera and removed her facial expressions of enthusiasm just before she re-entered the camera's view.

As she turned the corner of the bed, she faced the camera naked for the first time this evening. She walked straight towards the camera, stopping just a couple of feet in front of it. As she turned her body slightly towards the bed and began to pull the sheets back it hit me again. Here is my wife standing completely naked right in front of a camera. Her coworkers are surely staring blinklessly at their monitors, taking in the sight. Her bare tits are right before them, allowing them to see their full shape and even their firmness as she moves around. They can see her semi-erect nipples too. And now they're getting a nice close-up shot of her pussy. I couldn't believe that they were seeing all of this. By now they had surely figured out how to record from the webcam and would have this video footage of my Marie. At work they'd pretend everything was normal. They'd pretend that they didn't know these intimate details of her body. They would pretend that they didn't recollect naked images of her body whenever they saw her in the office. They'd pretend that they didn't have video of her naked to watch over and over again at home. And Marie would pretend that everything was normal too.

Marie told me that she was going to turn off the light. She turned away from the camera, once again showing them her butt before walking out of camera view. She flicked the light off, but the bedroom was not pitch black as a hallway light that we always keep on leaves the bedroom in a faint glow. Marie couldn't shut the laptop now; that would look suspicious. So she left it on as she walked back over to her side of the bed, right in front of the laptop, and got under the sheet.

We were immediately all over each other. It felt a bit weird making love with a camera just to the side of us. They couldn't see anything and yet I knew that they might still be watching their monitors or recording our darkened room. But any awkwardness was far exceeded by the excitement of seeing Marie standing completely naked in front of the camera. The vision of her nude body on display for her coworkers kept going through my mind. And with her warm body pressed against mine, I almost forgot about the live camera just a few feet away from us.

Over the next several days I kept asking Marie if the guys said anything to her about her webcam exposure. I was worried that someone might say something. I knew if they said anything it would be mighty awkward for Marie at the office. Even though she could deny knowing anything, it would still be awkward. Plus our games would have to end immediately if anyone said anything to her about her exposure. But thankfully, they said nothing.

It was another couple of weeks before anything else happened. I didn't know that Marie had anything planned. I just came into the bedroom one night, consumed by my own job stresses, and saw Marie on the bed with the laptop. What caught my attention was actually not Marie, but a piece of blue painting tape stuck to her nightstand. When I asked her about it, she just smiled teasingly and said, "Get undressed and in bed and then I'll show you."

I was still focused on my job stresses, but I played along and followed her instructions. I stripped down to my shorts and got under the covers. Then Marie turned and placed the open laptop on the nightstand at an angle, carefully aligning it with the piece of blue tape. Last time our bed was completely out of view of the camera. Not this time. Now the camera was pointed towards the center of the bed. It appeared that our pillows were out of view, and perhaps the top half of my chest too, but the camera was pointed right at the center of the bed so most of the bed was surely in view.

I scooted back as far as I could to ensure my head was out of view before asking with alarm, "Marie, uh, what are you doing?"

Marie stepped to the side of the camera and broke into a big smile. She appeared a bit embarrassed about whatever plan she had, but it was clear that she was also excited about it. "Just wait," she said.

I can safely say that at that moment my job stresses were gone. I didn't know what she had planned but it was obvious that it involved more stripping in front of the camera.

Before I could even start to imagine what she had on her mind, Marie stepped back into camera view and stood right next to the bed. And then she began undressing again. She peeled her shirt off quickly. As she stood there with her bra exposed she said, "Did I tell you that we hired a new developer?"

At first I thought she was just making small-talk again, so I ignored her question entirely. When it finally dawned on me that it was a real question, I answered without giving it much thought. "No. Some new college grad? When's he start?"

Marie answered as she started to slide her pants down her legs. "Nah, Stan graduated a couple of years ago and just came over from another company. Anyway, he just started this week."

As her bare legs were increasingly exposed, my brain was focused more on the image before me than on the conversation. When I saw a slight smile on her lips, it finally clicked for me.

"He's already started? Is he online now?"

"Uh-huh, they all are."

I couldn't believe that there were now four guys watching her undress. Marie was standing there in just her bra and panties while they were staring at her. And this new guy was seeing Marie in a way he never probably imagined. To him, she was probably some cute chick at his new work. And now she's standing before his eyes in bra and panties.

"So this Stan has been there less than a week and you're gonna let him see your tits?" I asked playfully.

"Uh-huh," she answered. "He keeps looking at me at work. He tries to be subtle about it, but he definitely keeps checking me out. So I think he'll enjoy seeing my boobs. "

As she said that, she reached her hands behind her back and unhooked her bra. And then she pulled it off.

Once again her bare breasts were exposed before the camera. As she was facing the bed the camera would only be able to capture a rear-profile view, but I'm sure they were enjoying the sight anyway.

"I'm sure he is enjoying the view, but I bet he can't wait for you to turn around."

Marie paused for a second and then turned and walked away from the camera. She walked to her dresser, which was probably just barely still in camera range, opened her top drawer, and looked inside for a moment. Then she closed the drawer, turned back towards the camera, and slowly walked to her previous position by the bed, giving the guys a great frontal view of her bare tits.

"So what do you think about Stan having just seen your tits?" I asked.

Marie turned her face away from the camera again and smiled without answering. I could tell she was turned on by the thought of this new guy seeing her breasts.

Marie then grabbed the band of her panties and pulled them down and off her legs. As she dropped them on the bed, I stared at her naked body. It was just so amazing that she was standing there completely nude while her coworkers, now four of them, watched her every move.

Marie picked up her clothes and walked to the clothes bin, showing them all her great butt. As she returned, she faced the camera fully nude for the first time that evening, and for the first time in front of Stan. I could only imagine what was going through his head. He must be thinking he hit the fuckin' jackpot. Here is this cute girl from work who accidentally left her webcam on. And now she's stripped all of her clothes off and is walking around completely naked in front of the camera. Those tits that he's checked out at work are now bare before his eyes. That ass that he's watched whenever he could sneak a peek was bare too. And even her pussy was exposed right there in front of him. It must be a dream come true.

As Marie paced around a bit by the side of the bed, I continued to marvel at her sexiness and her guts. When she headed out of the room I thought that the show might be over. I had forgotten that she had deliberately changed the camera angle to have it pointing towards our bed.

When Marie returned she was carrying a bottle of body lotion. Marie walked back to the side of the bed and sat down, with the camera aimed almost straight at her naked body. And then she began applying the lotion. She started by carefully applying it to her face. She wasn't rushing at all. She slowly worked it into her cheeks, her chin, and around her nose and eyes, and across her forehead. She then rubbed some around her ears and then onto her neck. When she raised her arm up to apply some lotion to the back of her neck, one breast bounced deliciously. She moved onto her shoulders and down her arms.

And then she began rubbing the lotion onto her breasts. I could only stare at the sight with pure amazement. Watching her fingers and palms rub back and forth across the tops of her tits, rocking them side to side, was simply incredible. And then she massaged the lotion into the sides of her breasts, repeatedly pushing them inward and then letting them slide back to their natural position. But when she started to do the underside of her breasts, I thought I might just explode. It was so arousing to watch her gently lift her breasts and to watch them jiggle slightly when they returned. She spent a couple of minutes working the lotion all over her breasts and it was simply breathtaking to watch. And then her tits glistened wonderfully from all of the lotion.

Eventually she moved on from her tits and rubbed some lotion into her stomach. She then moved down to her legs. She spread her legs at about a 60 degree angle and proceeded to work one leg at a time. She started with her right leg. Using both hands she worked the lotion all over her thigh. Watching her hands move over the inside and outside of thigh and across the top was nearly as arousing as watching her work the lotion into her tits. She moved down to her knee and then her calf. She was still sitting on the bed, so she needed to lean forward to reach her calf, which induced some fantastic bobbing of her breasts. She then repeated the process on her left leg. Again working all over the thigh with her legs spread apart, and down to her calf.

I was so mesmerized watching her that I hadn't even thought about her coworkers in several minutes. But then I remembered that they were seeing all of this too. This wasn't a brief glimpse of her tits that she gave them before in our home office, or even comparable to her undressing in the bedroom last time. This was a prolonged exposure. I had lost track of time but I knew that she had been naked before them for many, many minutes by now. And they even got to watch her rub lotion all over her body. It was just unreal.

Marie stood up and quickly applied some lotion to her ass and down the back of her legs. It looked like she was rushing now, just trying to finish the job. She then briskly walked out of the room with lotion in hand.

As soon as she turned the corner and was safely out of viewing range she let out a "Whoo!"

"Are you okay out there?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay, but I nearly lost my composure in there. I can't believe I just did that!"

"You looked absolutely fantastic, honey" I said, with emphasis on the word 'fantastic'.

"That's good, I guess. I'm going to need to calm down a bit before I can come back in there."

And so I waited. At this point I was looking forward to the lights going off so that I could finally get my hands on her. But when she returned she didn't turn the lights off as I expected. Instead, she walked straight to the foot of the bed and looked up at me. Marie reached her hands underneath the covers and pulled them up exposing my feet. As she placed her hands on my ankles and started sliding them up my legs, I realized that the show wasn't over.

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