Marine Mojo


Most people cannot realize how devastating it can be to your confidence as a woman, a sexual being to live for years in an unfulfilling marriage: coming down in bustier, stockings and heels so high that I should have fallen a broken my fucking neck on the stairs, I was most often greeted with a laugh or a chuckle. He swore it was not me, but damn...what was it then? Things got so bad that combined with a couple of life's other surprises, I ended up severely depressed and with anxiety so bad that I could barely leave the house.

Problem was that after almost a year and half since separating from my ex, I was horribly, terribly demoralized by my marriage. I still lacked the confidence in myself as a woman. I took me sixteen months to have my first real fling. Then my oldest son gets stuck in a dead end job and as a Mom I encourage him to think outside the box, telling him that he can do/have anything, if he wants it enough. Except that made Mommy realize that she was not listening to her own advice. I had let someone else's opinion undermine what I knew about myself. I was still one hot Mama and my mojo was mine for the taking.

Give you three guesses what I did. And the first two don't count. That is right I did an advert on a popular hook up site. I poured my heart and soul into it. Even though I specifically said I was not looking for a nasty pic with two lines, I got plenty of those. There are still some nice cocks out there, girls. But I also received some very nice and amazing responses.

One in particular sparked an interest. Mario was around my age, in his mid-forties and a retired Marine. Yes, United States Marine Corps...Hoorah, ladies. He was in London for a few weeks as part of the Olympics security detail. I immediately wrote back, being terribly homesick, I figured if nothing else it would be nice to chat to someone from home.

We never did get around to much chatting though. I could only manage to get my older sons to watch their little sister for a couple of hours. So we met at the biker pub that I can just about see out of my kitchen window. This is going to sound as pathetic as it is, I actually had my adult daughter giving me 'dating' tips on the phone. But even with her pep talk, I almost chickened out.

I am glad I did not. When I walked into the pub he had taken a table close to the door. Now like the old me, I figured might as well get that awkward first kiss out of the way to begin with. The boy knew how to use those lips and tongue. In fact, we only finished one drink each, sprinkled with enough deep kisses in between to make those stiff British upper lips around us curl upwards in disapproval. Damn, I had forgotten how fabulous PDA's (public displays of affection) could be.

That was not all that I had forgotten how amazing it could be. As we drained the last drops from our glasses and headed out the door less than half an hour later, I was about to find out. Now I knew that I was on a strict clock here; the most I had was another hour. His hotel was half an hour away and even though my house was right there, it was after nine and I had a grown son and young daughter at mine. The horrible thing about London is that everything closes early, even the public parks get locked up tight after dark. Damn it, what is a girl to do?

There is a dark parking lot just behind my apartment building. So we snuck over there, kissing every few feet like a couple of teens. I pulled him into the darkest corner I could find and we continued the kissing hot and heavy. It took his hands only moments to find their way inside the cup of my brand one bustier. My breasts have always been sensitive but after being neglected for years it took only seconds for me to start moaning into his mouth. My hips began that ancient dance against him. It did not take me long to remember the next step in this age old tango as my hands snuck between us and started to rub his hard cock through his jeans.

I knew I had found my mojo a few minutes later when I came up with the bright idea of checking on my phone that I had tossed to the ground. I was busy trying to work on his belt when he stopped me. Damn, but those Marines are great at re-con. He had found an even better location behind an SUV that was parked in the corner. It was a virtual oasis of privacy and we were going to need it.

I did not waste anytime with preliminary kisses as I picked up where I had left off. Within heart beats his cock was between my lips and I was staring up into his eyes as his strong fingers laced through my hair and guided my head in just the tempo that he wanted. It felt surprisingly liberating to just be a woman, to choose to submit to a strong, dominate male and at the same time know that I was in total control. He was after all a complete gentleman to the Corps.

Now I figured that was about as far as things would go, a quick blow job in the parking lot. Was this high school again? Except I had been one of those goody-good girls back then so I was making up for lost experiences. But my lover had other ideas as he tugged my hair and pulled me back to standing. He spun me around so fast I could not think and practically ripped my thong off as he pushed it aside.

Oh wait, that's right, I had been especially naughty and not worn one. A surprise for him. Of course, we all know how awkward sex is standing up and finding the right position so bits align up perfectly. I actually had to lift my leg onto the brick wall to get this one just right. Hell, at forty-not-telling, it was an amazing fete, let those little gymnasts he is guarding try getting into that position.

I was coming almost as soon as his cock was inside me. I'm not going to lie. I've had bigger, the ex asshole's included. But it really is the motion in the ocean and that Marine knew plenty about how to 'Be all he could be.'

Within minutes I was biting my lower lip to keep from moaning. His re-con skills might have found a secluded spot where no one could see, but there were plenty of people around that could hear...including my own children just about ten feet on the other side of that brick wall. So I tried real hard not to scream or moan as he slammed his cock inside of me and squeezed my bare tit.

Now I am one of those, you know them, squirters. But only for truly special occasions. What could be more special that re-discovering my mojo? I was getting seriously wet and more than a little worried about his jeans and how he was going to get back to his hotel on the Tube was my pussy juices staining the front of them.

But in a minute I was very glad for the lubrication as I felt his hard cock seeking out my back door. Now I suppose this might have been a bit much, anal sex in a parking lot and not even in a car but behind it. But damn it, I felt amazing. The glass of wine, the handsome Marine and just the thrill of doing it like this.

So I took one of those deep breaths and willed myself to relax. I was glad I did too. He was a perfect fit. Actually, he is only the third guy that I have ever really enjoyed anal sex with him. But it was like he was hitting my magic sweet spot from the other side and I was going through the roof. It got harder not to moan.

But standing up just was not doing it in terms of finishing off this spectacular fireworks display. I had a jacket and he has two (smart boy had already learned about the London weather). So we threw those on the ground. Being the true gentleman that he was, he took bottom and bore the brunt of the hard, cold rocks in his back.

Oh, I forgot one thing...he had the most fucking glorious chest. Firm pectorals that felt like warm steel under my fingers as I straddled him and took his cock inside my dripping wet cunt once more.

Of course, five inch heels make it hard to ride cock like a good cow girl. Besides my favorite finishing off position is always doggy. There is something so primal and ferocious about being taken like a bitch in heat by your masterful lover. And Mario was not about to disappoint me as he slammed his hard cock into my squishy pussy. I was scratching at the rocks as he pounded into me.

When he switched back to my ass, I thought I would lose it for sure. One of his hands on my ass, his fingers digging into its soft flesh, while his other fingers were laced through my hair pulling me back to meet each of those waves of the pounding surf. I was definitely hanging ten.

But he did not want to finish in my tight ass (it did not get much use for the past seven years after all). He wanted back inside that soggy pussy. I was in no mood to argue, either way he was taking me places that I had forgot existed. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the tsunami as I rode those mega-waves that were raking through my trembling body.

There was no doubt as we straightened our clothes mojo was back. Thanks to the good old United States Marine Corps. He joked that he had not done something that wild since high school and I told him that according to my daughter's long list of rules I could not be the first to text him...after this. We parted with a kiss, but not for long. That's another story though.

I did though get to feeling bad about my older daughter's stupid British rules of dating. So I texted Mario saying...I know what my daughter said. But I'm a good Southern girl and we always say thank you for an amazing fuck. Obviously, I got a quick text back. By the end of the night, we were discussing something more comfortable and longer.

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