tagErotic HorrorMark of the Incubus Ch. 12

Mark of the Incubus Ch. 12


Author's Note: I greatly apologize for the huge delay in finishing this series. I suffered from writer's block that eventually spread to ALL of my projects which caused my depression but one of my New Year's Resolutions is to only post COMPLETED stories. I'm half way done Chapter 13 which will be posted mid-March. After that only completed stories instead of making those who love my stories painfully wait.


Agnes had frightful dreams. She was being chased through the maze of her soul by some terrible beast. Her heart pounded, her lungs were on fire, her muscles cried out for relief, her skin glistening in a cold sweat.

Agnes turned a corner and saw a door with a silver serpent curled in the center. She heard the beast crying out to her. Without a second thought Agnes sprinted towards the door. The silver serpent hissed then coiled but she didn't care if she was bitten. She wanted to escape that nameless monster that chased her.

The door opened for Agnes and just as she saw the terrible shadow of the monster she shut it quickly. She was in a room of inky blackness. Cold and silent. Agnes covered her mouth to silence her loud panting. She held her breath as she listened to the outside over the rapid beating of her heart.

She didn't hear the beast. She didn't hear anything. Agnes uncovered her mouth allowing herself to catch her breath. But the minute her lungs began to relax with regular intake of oxygen she heard hissing. Was the floor moving?

Torch lights sparked to life to reveal that Agnes had stumbled her way into a snake pit. Hundreds of black snakes slithered on the floor through small snake holes in the walls. Agnes cried out inching along the wall until her wrists were caught, her body strapped to the wall by black tendrils that came to life from cold hard stone. Her legs spread apart, her ankles bound by the same black tendrils.

A coil wrapped itself around Agnes's neck to hold her head in place but she could still breathe. Then she saw a shadowy figure rise up from the writhing floor. The shadow demon with snake eyes from when Agnes had first summoned the Incubus.

"You...," Agnes breathed.

The demon didn't have a mouth that she could see but Agnes could feel his smile. While he frightened her Agnes found herself getting excited. The demon materialized in front of her. It's non-mouth hovering inches over hers. Agnes could feel the demon's hot breath on her sweat coated skin giving her shivers.

The demon growled in pleasure as he descended. He was going to devour her alive... Agnes felt a hot kiss on her thigh. Her pussy quivered feeling a bit damp. She felt a serpentine tongue on her wet slit causing her to tremble with a shuddering sigh. Then sharp teeth on her inner thigh. The pain mingled with pleasure only made her spill out a groan...


That bite became more intense bringing Agnes back to the surface from the deep sea of dreams. She felt a mouth on her sodding pussy and a familiar tongue dive between her folds, exploring her dirty nethers with accuracy.

She felt a body next to her but it wasn't the one between her legs. Agnes opened her eyes to see the ceiling of her living room. The white fan spinning slowly above her. The mystery tongue flicked her awakened clit. Agnes bit her lip to suppress a yelp of pleasure.

Nolan was beside her, the sun gleaming on his finely toned muscles. His sleeping face one of peace and contentment. Agnes touched his lips, heat creeping into her cheeks with the memory of where those fine lips had been. But those were not the lips eating her out right now.

A hand crawled up from beneath the red plaid throw blanket. Hot white fingers gripped Agnes's throat. She gasped for air but the hand only tightened. Her nerve endings were still electric with delight at the mystery tongue's strokes while the world blurred. Agnes could feel her body approach heaven in more ways than one...

Finally the hand released as a burst of heat spread through her limbs. Agnes gasped allowing the summer morning air to fill her air deprived lungs. She heard a sickening chuckle that made her turn red with rage as well as almost suffocation.

"Does that jerk any memories?" James's head popped into view, his whiskey brown eyes intoxicated by the thrill of violence and sex.

"God damn you, James," Agnes hissed.

"He already did a long time ago," James smirked as he licked her navel then bit her stomach, his dark stubbled rough against her soft skin giving her tingles. Agnes checked over to Nolan to see if this would wake him.

"I think you fucked him into a coma," James shrugged but Agnes could hear the dryness in his tone. Jealousy gleamed in his eyes.

"Stop it!" Agnes scrambled out of the make shift bed on the living room floor. She was naked, placing her hand on her hips glaring at the incubus with burning indigo eyes. Her black hair was messy from a long night of passionate love making. She looked so fetching James couldn't help but get hard.

"Since when are you so modest?" James frowned as he lay on his side revealing his Greek God muscle, firm and taut with want. Agnes could see the bulge of his erection under the throw blanket.

"I'm not modest I just have a sense of decency," Agnes sputtered. Hot liquid dripped down her thigh to her chagrin. She was trying to be serious but her body was trembling with desire. "I'm not fucking you with Nolan in the same bed!"

"Technically this isn't a bed," James corrected as he played with a frayed end of the plaid blanket.

Nolan stirred again. Agnes motioned towards the upstairs. James sighed but materialized at the top step still naked. Agnes quickly but quietly rushed up the steps fearing every creak was a loud bang that could wake Nolan.

Agnes brushed past James who followed her into the hall way with a cross and family photos of some crappy family vacation to New Orleans and baby photos of Louis, Agnes and Charlie.

"What is your problem?" Agnes rounded on James. She tried to keep her eyes on his face and not the stiff erection he was sporting that could impale her in a minute.

"My problem?" James's stare burned into Agnes's face. "You're the one being shifty."


"You're pretending to be something you are not," James fired. "You're pretending to be this helpless innocent lost lamb for this Deputy Do-Good. I'm all for sexual role-play but you're starting to believe your own lies."

"What lies?" Agnes stepped closer looking the demon in the eye without fear. She could feel the magic pull of his hard cock as if it were being drawn by some magnet in her pussy. Her nipples hardened into points, her round breasts firm with arousal.

"All your life you've been a victim of your mother, your brother, your jock boyfriend and those mean girls. But with me you're a goddess," James whispered darkly. "You haven't told Nolan a true single thing and I know why."

"Why?" Agnes's chest tightened, heat crept into her abdomen.

"You're afraid. Afraid that he'll see what you've become, what you always were and shrink back in horror or worse... He'll make you give it all up but you don't want to."

"So... you know everything about me do you?" Agnes could feel tears beginning to well up as James's words stabbed her with their harsh truths. Her mask of toughness was beginning to fracture.

James stepped closer. Agnes backed up until her back was against the wall, James's strong arms on either side of her, trapping her in his web of words and sinful flesh. His hot breath on her skin made her pussy clench and drizzle. He wiped the concealer away from his mark other heaving chest.

"I've been inside you," James whispered intensely, his voice husky with lust. "I've seen your darkest desires and wildest dreams. I've explored every inch of your body and soul. I am the only man who can give you what you truly desire: absolute freedom to be and do whatever you want. You're a damned soul just like me..."

James crushed his mouth onto Agnes's in a fit of brutal passion. A huge part of her wanted to surrender. His tongue speared it's way into her mouth as his body pressed against her. She could feel James's cock hard and pulsating against her stomach.

Suddenly Agnes pushed James away with a force of will she didn't know she possessed.

"Get out," she whispered. When James wouldn't move either dumbfounded by her resistance or pure stubbornness Agnes spoke more firmly, "Leave. Now."

Agnes saw a look on the demon's face that she never saw before: hurt? Anger? Whatever it was James vanished leaving her alone in the hallway. She sank down to the floor, sticky from arousal, throat sore with quiet sobbing, nose runny and eyes watery. Agnes was filled with self loathing and disgust because everything James had said was true...


Golden summer sunlight streamed into the bridal shop illuminating the ivory glittering gowns. Vesta wore a mermaid gown with a sheer diamond encrusted bust. Her golden hair loose about her shoulders making her look like royalty.

Vesta looked at herself in the mirror, frowning at her lithe figure. She wasn't filling out the bust. All the bridal magazines she had seen had more voluptuous models or at least more cleavage. Vesta was... flat.

"That dress looks beautiful on you, Miss Gerard," the sales woman Evelyn had long fiery red hair and wore a tight navy blue sun dress that hugged her curves and luscious breasts. Vesta felt heat creep into her cheeks as well as her pussy at the sight of the young woman.

"You think so?" Vesta sighed biting her lip nervously. Ever since her sexual awakening with James and Agnes, Vesta felt horny all the time. She found that she could do things like read minds now and sense physical desire as if it were a scent or a breeze on her flesh.

Evelyn stood behind Vesta, smiling wide in the mirror, hands resting on Vesta's lithe shoulders making her heart skip a beat.

"I've seen a lot of happy brides-to-be come through here and their faces always light up when they find that perfect dress," Evelyn beamed.

Vesta's neck prickled with goose bumps feeling Evelyn's breath on her skin. Evelyn's breasts pressed into Vesta's back making her pussy tingle. She imagined how it would feel to have those breasts naked and pressed against her bare flesh.

"I'm worried that I'm not... big enough," Vesta flushed. "Beau likes girls more filled out. He's only marrying me because my family is loaded."

Vesta knew it since high school. She saw how Beau would watch Agnes when they were together. His hungry wolf eyes devouring Agnes's newly developed breasts and curved ass. Vesta would watch Agnes too but then jealousy mixed with desire turning Vesta into a mean girl that tormented Agnes even after graduation.

"I don't believe that," Evelyn pouted. "Any guy would be lucky to have you."

Evelyn turned to leave but without thinking Vesta turned and caught the sales' woman's wrist. Evelyn looked surprised but then a feeling of warmth washed over her. Evelyn's mind filled with sinful images as lust ignited in her loins.

Vesta was transferring her desires onto Evelyn; a new trick she was learning fast and using often.

"Do you really mean that?" Vesta asked hopefully, her blue eyes becoming tiny blue flames of desire that seduced her victim. "Anyone would be lucky to have a skinny bitchy girl like me?"

Evelyn was at a loss for words. A small voice of reason inside her was crying out but it was quickly being muffled by a feeling of fiery lust that Evelyn had never felt for any woman before.

"God didn't gift me like He did you," Vesta pulled Evelyn closer, daringly touching Evelyn's flushed heaving bosom. She could feel Evelyn's erect nipples poking through her bra and dress. Evelyn sighed as she felt Vesta's fingers brush over her sensitive crests.

Vesta felt her own nipples stiffen so much they ached. As she touched Evelyn's breasts she could feel her own beginning to grow... The women leaned in about to kiss not caring who saw until Vesta heard a condescending tone from a familiar voice, "And here I thought you'd use your powers to at least get a bigger rack instead of seducing the quote unquote help."

Vesta turned to see Michelle sitting there with her shapely mocha legs crossed, green eyes judging.

"When did you come in?" Vesta snapped.

"Doesn't really matter," Michelle spoke cryptically.

"What do you want?" Vesta pouted. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

"Seducing saleswomen to get a better price on a dress? Why? Aren't your parents loaded? They made their bank off the broken backs of slaves," Michelle cocked an elegantly groomed eyebrow.

Vesta turned back to the woman and in a soft, seductive voice said, "Wait for me in the changing room."

Evelyn nodded dumbly and obeyed.

"I was hoping to use her breasts to suit my needs," Vesta explained haughtily.

"Yes...," Michelle chuckled with suggestion. "You were always obsessed with body image though I never understood why you never just got a boob job."

"You know my parents," Vesta checked herself in the mirror seeing Michelle walk up behind her. "They're God fearing people. If the Lord gave you a small chest then that's the way it is and if you were born a man then you're meant to be a man."

"I guess that's why we never fucked at your house," Michelle pretended to admire a gown on the rack. "Also are you sure you should be wearing white? You're not technically a virgin."

"What do you want?" Vesta asked again, her tone strained.

"I came to tell you to be careful with this new power you've been given," Michelle warned.

"Why? Agnes seems fine," Vesta shrugged. "And I'm doing well too."

"Agnes is way out of your league and James is a sex demon," Michelle said. "Demons aren't known for their trustworthiness or altruism."

"Oh I see," Vesta turned around, eyes haughty and smirking. "Jealousy makes you so ugly, Michelle. Just because Agnes and I have a special bond now you think you're being left out."

Michelle scoffed, "I could never be jealous of a spoiled cheerleader bitch with a flat chest."

Vesta's anger filled the room, making the long mirror crack.

"That's seven years bad luck," Michelle pointed out.

"I'm surprised since in high school you couldn't get enough of all of this," Vesta twirled around and unzipped, stepping out to reveal that she was wearing nothing but a sheer white bra and panties.

Michelle froze as memories of stolen moments in back seats and on plaid blankets at midnight came flooding back.

Homecoming night Michelle and Vesta were in the locker room. Vesta sucking on Michelle's tongue while Michelle sank her fingers into Vesta's tender satin flesh slick with her love juices.

"You remember...," Vesta walked towards Michelle, her small hips swaying. They were inches apart. Vesta's lips tantalizingly close to Michelle's contemptuous mouth.

"Why don't you come into the dressing room with me and Evelyn?" Vesta took a piece of Michelle's tank top and playfully tugged at it to reveal her round cinnamon breast cupped inside a lacy red bra. "I know you've always fantasized about it..."

Michelle's pulse raced but then she heard a hissing sound not just from within herself but coming from within Vesta. Michelle took a big step back, breaking the sexual tension that had sparked between them.

"James gave you his snake?"

"In a matter of speaking," Vesta smiled at the innuendo. "And I heard yours too. Surprised that Agnes doesn't know yet. Maybe I should tell her you've been fucking her demon man..."

"Watch it," Michelle's powers resonated and set a floral center piece on fire making Vesta jump.

Michelle was suddenly up in Vesta's face again, grabbing her golden tresses almost tearing them out of her skull making the skinny white girl yelp.

Michelle's nostrils flared as she spat, "If you ever tell Agnes I will end you. Do you understand?"

Fractures crept into the walls making the lights flicker. Michelle's anger made the whole building unstable. Vesta nodded fearfully.

The quake eased then subsided. Michelle suddenly planted a fierce kiss on Vesta's frightened lips, spearing her tongue into the girl's mouth as she shoved her fingers into her panties.

Vesta was soaking wet. Michelle felt a wave of lust at the familiarity of the heat of Vesta's depths. She felt Vesta's muscles clamp around her fingers as she raked against her vaginal walls.

Vesta couldn't help but moan into Michelle's mouth as the woman worked her fingers inside of her. Just like old times. Michelle bit on Vesta's lower lip so hard however that she drew blood. Michelle stopped her fingering and biting taking out a glob of Vesta's sticky juices.

Michelle took out a vial in her pocket and spat some of the blood into it, "In case you decide to be chatty about me. I'll have everything I need to make your life a living hell."

Michelle's green eyes darkened with hellfire making Vesta tremble in terror.

Michelle released Vesta then took her juices and marked a changing room door with an arcane symbol. A light glowed underneath the doorway.

"Remember," Michelle called. "It's our dirty little secret. Just like in high school."

Michelle gave the frightened Vesta an evil wink then disappeared behind the door of light. Vesta tried to follow but as soon as the door closed the light disappeared and when Vesta opened the door it was a regular changing room again with Evelyn waiting for her...


Nolan rolled over expecting to feel Agnes beside him but instead felt an empty lukewarm space. His gray eyes fluttered open to see that empty space.

"Good morning," Agnes stood in the door frame of the kitchen wearing his shirt, holding two steaming cups of coffee with a small smile on her lovely face.

"I was hoping you didn't run out on me," Nolan smiled as Agnes offered him a cup.

"I live here," Agnes chuckled. Nolan leaned in, softly kissing her lips good morning. They drank their coffee in silence.

"You okay?" Nolan asked.


"You seem... a bit down," Nolan touched Agnes's face searching her face for any sign of what he might have done wrong.

"I'm just... afraid that I'm not the girl you think I am," Agnes set down her coffee then stared intently into Nolan's kind charcoal eyes. "I'm not really sure I deserve you."

"Not this again...," Nolan shook his head with a smile. He set down his coffee then pulled Agnes on top of him, wrapping his strong arms around her so that her breasts pressed against his chest and their private flesh rubbed against each other.

"I'm not some innocent victim, Nolan, I've done bad shit... some really bad shit."

"There's nothing you can do that can scare me off, Agnes Milton," Nolan affirmed. "It doesn't matter who we were... what matters is who we strive to be."

"When the fuck did you get so philosophical?" Agnes laughed.

"I get philosophical whenever I see a hot girl wearing my shirt," Nolan squeezed Agnes's round ass. "I love it when you wear my things."

Agnes snorted as Nolan buried his face in her neck, sniffing her long dark messy hair. The feeling of his lips and hands on her made Agnes tingle all over like she was being tickled by bunny rabbits. It wasn't all consuming passion or dirty lust but something much more pure...

Suddenly Nolan's cell phone buzzed. He groaned mournfully.

"Play time's over," Agnes giggled.

"Duty calls at the worst possible time," Nolan mourned. But when he looked at his phone his handsome face darkened.

"What is it?" Agnes asked concerned.

"My mom...," Nolan jumped out of the plaid bed on the floor quickly getting his pants on. "Her nurse took her to the hospital."


Agnes had thrown on a tight fitting black cotton dress and stylish brown booties. She had taken an hour to cover up the hand print with make up while Nolan drove to the hospital. When she got there Mrs. Colt looked drastically different than from the last time.

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