Marla and Me


Marla was always shy from the day I met her. But that didn't mean she wasn't prone to her wild streaks. She was. But 99% of the time she was a "good girl" who cringed at foul language and other disgusting habits. Yet, in bed after a little wine or a few cocktails, she could be an animal, mouthing the dirtiest sexual talk you've ever heard on late-night cable. Or the Internet. Which always intrigued me about her. Where did it come from? It couldn't just be the "booze" talking. I always felt deep down she was a sexual animal who fought to repress it and did a good job at it.

My only hope was to be there when those animal urges did emerge. I wasn't. But she told me about it later and spared no detail as I believe the telling of it got her excited again and it was a feeling from which she didn't want to let go.

Greg and Katherine, our neighbors across the street, were nice enough, about ten years older than us which put them in their late 40's. But they had a knack of letting you know you didn't make as much money as they did. The cars were nicer. The Christmas decorations were nicer. And they were always coming over to ask us to get their mail when they went on vacation to some exotic location. Why not call the post office? Katherine always intrigued me, though. She wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, but had a sexiness about her that made you want to watch her, whatever she was doing. She was blonde, tan and a bit overweight but with a great set of tits and a plump ass. She seemed to always be coming and going in workout clothes but never dropped a pound as far as I could tell. Greg was tan and fit and, I must admit, looked pretty good for a guy in his late 40's.

Secretly, I think Marla was jealous of Katherine and the life of privilege she led. She and her husband Greg seemed not to have a care in the world. So when Katherine dropped by one day to invite Marla to a party they were throwing that weekend, Marla was extremely excited. She talked about it over the next few days and how she thought this might be her "in" with Katherine and her rich, snobby friends. Why she wanted to get into that, I couldn't fathom, maybe it was a woman thing? "So the invite wasn't for me also?" I teasingly asked. "No. She didn't say, so I think it's just a girls' night," Marla casually replied. I suspected she really didn't know, either. I didn't care myself and had no inclination to press for an invite for myself.

The night before the party Marla modeled her outfit for me. Marla is one sexy woman: about 5'7" with beautiful creamy skin and long, cascading ringlets of dark hair that reach just below her shoulders. Her deep brown eyes sparkle. She was wearing a cute black dress with a plunging neckline that showed off her stunning chest: 36DD breasts with the tightest nipples you ever saw. Her ass had just enough curve on it to make it interesting. She had on black high heels and no nylons. "Baby, I could eat you up right now," I told her. "No, no, no," she said. "You'll wrinkle the dress."

"Then take it off."


With that she lifted the dress over her head revealing her bare chest and black thong panties. I wasted no time, jumped out of my own clothes and wrestled her to the bed. We made our usual love. By that I mean we kissed, I sucked her nipples, she sucked my cock and then we fucked in a couple different positions before we both came in close proximity to each other's orgasms. That's what we do more often than not. Maybe someday it would change.

Party Night

Marla didn't stop talking all day about the party at Katherine's that night. I was kind of glad when the time finally arrived for her to start dressing and head across the street.

"What are you going to do with yourself tonight?" she asked me.

"Drink beer and watch football. Sure you don't want to stay?" She gave me a look and went on primping.

The phone rang and Marla answered it. I sensed it must be Katherine from the side of the conversation I was able to hear. Marla just nodded and didn't say much before hanging up and turning to me with a surprised look on her face. "Katherine wants me to come over a bit early and help set up."


"Well, I wanted more time to get ready. Oh, well."

Marla was pretty much dressed and made-up so I don't know what the issue was, other than it was a "woman" thing. She grabbed a coat and purse and headed downstairs.

She called back to me. "See you soon!"

"Have fun and don't drink too much!" I yelled back.

That was the last I saw of Marla until she stumbled in at 4 A.M. wearing part of an outfit I had never seen before. She looked incredibly used. I recognized the high heels but she had on fishnet stockings and some kind of silky outfit, a short revealing black and white dress of some sort that was pretty torn up. I couldn't believe it but she seemed covered in cum. Her hair, chest, legs, the dress all had some. As I looked closer the dress was wet and kind of reeked, frankly.

"Can I lie down?" she slurred.

I helped her off the floor and to the couch in the TV room, which was the nearest place of comfort. My mind was trying to sort through the range of possibilities this scene and these circumstances presented. I couldn't come up with anything that seemed remotely plausible.

"Marla? Marla, what happened?" Her eyes were closed but she was smiling. Up close I could see the dried cum caking her breasts and, if not mistaken, the dress was drenched in piss.

"Just let me be...for a...minute, moment..." Her voice trailed off and she was asleep. I grabbed a blanket and threw it over her and let her be. I thought of going across the street to see what was up but decided against it. I was at a loss with no idea how to handle the situation. Whenever I come up against a problem I don't have the first clue in solving I always figure the best thing is to do nothing -- for the moment. So I got comfortable in the recliner next to her and decided I would get the story in the morning and then take it from there.


Marla slept until noon before finally rousing up and wondering where she was and what she was wearing? And why it was damp?

I watched her as the lights started to come on in her mind and the details began to unfold for her. She started crying and saying how sorry she was. I just moved next to her on the couch and held her tightly and told her everything would be OK. She could tell me what happened when she was ready. She said she wanted to shower first and then she would tell me everything. So I waited downstairs for her to return.

When she did, and when she was done telling me, I couldn't believe the events that unfolded or how they would changes our lives forever.

Marla said she arrived at Greg and Katherine's door shortly after Katherine's call. Katherine answered wearing a dress that apparently put Marla's to shame: black and silky, low cut showing her ample cleavage, those tanned, freckled boobs I loved to ogle during the Summer months when she would work in the yard and we would have the chance to meet and talk. No stockings but high heels. Even Marla said she was taken aback at how stunning Katherine looked.

"Thanks for coming early, darling," Katherine said, turning and walking back into the house. Marla watched her a moment then walked in, closing the door behind her and followed Katherine, eventually into the kitchen. There, Katherine whirled and faced Marla ... and made a slight grimace.

"That outfit just won't work, Marla."

Marla looked at herself. "Why not? I thought I looked pretty good in it."

"Well, you do. But I don't want you to spill anything on it and besides," here Katherine paused for just a moment. "Well, you look like one of the guests and not the help." Katherine kept staring at Marla waiting for the recognition of why exactly she was invited to the party. It came quickly.

"You want me to ... serve?"

Katherine jumped in matter-of-factly. "Yes, of course. That was the plan all along. What? Did you think you were a guest? Darling, the people I invited are very powerful and very rich. I don't think you would get along with them ... even if you were an invited guest." She noticed the saddening look on Marla's face. "Well, now, don't be like that. It will be fun. I have a maid outfit all ready for you and you can still talk to the guests, just make sure you keep their glasses filled and the food trays stocked. It will be easy." At that, Katherine leaned forward and kissed her cheek while putting her hands on Marla's shoulders. "You'll do fine. Trust me. Now let's get you changed. Follow me."

Marla wasn't sure what to think at this point but all she could bring herself to do was follow Katherine upstairs to her bedroom. The shower was running and Marla assumed it must be Greg getting ready himself.

On the bed lay a maid outfit still wrapped in plastic from the dry cleaners. Katherine bounded in and grabbed it by the hanger and held it up. "Isn't it darling? You will be so cute. Especially with that hot little figure of yours. Put it on, let's see."

Marla took the outfit from Katherine. "Where can I change?"

"Right here, what's the problem? Let me help."

Katherine began helping Marla out of her dress, unzipping it and sliding it over her hips to the floor. Marla wore no bra with the dress and she felt a bit embarrassed showing her boobs to Katherine.

"Don't cover up," the older woman told her. "Let me see those firm, full tits." Katherine stepped back and let her gaze wander over Marla's body. "You know ... those panties won't work, either. Slide them off."

Marla told me at this point she was considering running out and back home. But she didn't. She wanted so bad to be a part of Katherine's inner circle she would even subject herself to this humiliation. I never knew she felt so inadequate, socially. I sat there staring at Marla, trying to keep my mind from jumping ahead to all the possibilities of last night.

Marla continued, saying she slid her panties off and Katherine never took her eyes off Marla's trimmed bush. "You do nice work," Katherine commented with a quick nod to Marla's pubic hair. "What do you think, honey?"

Marla hadn't noticed that Greg was done showering and had entered the bedroom naked, still toweling himself dry, and his manhood dangling before him. Greg walked around Marla and stood before her, his cock growing stiffer as his eyes went from her bare breasts to her pussy and back again. He put the towel around his neck and held it with both hands, his cock now fully erect. Marla stole a quick glance and couldn't believe the size, nine inches at least and thick.

"Katherine, I think you made a good choice," Greg said, still eyeing Marla's body. "The guests will be very happy with the service."

"Hey, it was your idea, darling. Marla, Greg has been telling me ever since you and hubby moved in how hot you were and - ."

"She's hotter," Greg interrupted.

Marla blushed at the remark and she felt her nipples harden even more. She had never been talked about in such a way, especially to her face, by virtual strangers, no less. Marla didn't know what to do at that point and she thought that maybe Greg expected her to do something sexual. He didn't move, didn't take his eyes off her.

Marla broke the awkward silence. "You want me to wear that now?"

Katherine must have been in her own fantasy land because she seemed to startle and bustled to get the dress. "Yes, yes, sweetie. Don't bother with panties, the high heels are good."

Marla lifted the flimsy French maid outfit off the bed and held it up. There wasn't much to it. She slipped it over her head and struggled to cover her boobs with the sheer material. Looking down, she could see her dark areola atop her creamy breasts. And so could Katherine.

"Oh, my, my, my. That is delicious on you, hon'." The outfit was a size or two too small. It felt tight all over and Marla's boobs were spilling over the top. She glanced over her shoulder at the full-length mirror behind her -- half her ass was showing.

"Are you sure this is appropriate for your guests?" Marla asked, hoping against hope that her host would declare this all a joke and tell her to get dressed for real. No such luck.

"My guests? Oh, believe it. They are the most outrageous group. You'll love them."

Greg added as he got dressed, "She will before the night's over."

"Shut up, honey," Katherine said playfully. "Now, Marla, let's go downstairs and I'll show you what your duties are."

Katherine headed out of the bedroom and downstairs. Marla followed, trying to keep herself covered as she walked. She couldn't and gave up, resigning herself to the fact that all these strangers would see her naked body, at least at some point throughout the night.

Once downstairs, Katherine explained to Marla all that was expected of her that night, at least the maid part of it. Marla was to carry around plates of finger foods, refresh drinks and generally see that people were taken care of.

"And Marla, these are very important people. People you will want to know. Don't disappoint me, OK?"

Marla forced a smile and popped her left nipple back in the outfit. "Yes, Katherine."

The Guests Arrive

The party started at 8 P.M. and that's when the first few guests arrived. Marla worked fast and got their drinks settled before working the room with the trays of food. Guests began to arrive fairly steady after that. There were old men, young men (one looked barely out of high school), and their dates: older women, some classy, some slutty. Some outfits rivaled Marla's. Young women as well. The music got loud as did the voices.

From a corner of the living room, Marla heard Katherine's voice. "Marla, darling, can you come here?" Marla made her way to where Katherine was, sidling past guests who stared down her cleavage.

"Marla, I want you to meet someone very special. This is Frank Fordham." Katherine turned to look at the man as she said this. He was an older man, about 65, with gray hair and clear blue eyes, medium height and a hard, barrel belly that showed he had lived a comfy life. He wore an expensive looking sport coat, French blue shirt, open at the collar, and black slacks.

"My pleasure, Marla."

Marla smiled and would have shaken his hand but she still held a tray of hors devours.

"Jesus, Katherine, where did you find her?" Fordham was looking mostly at Marla's tits as he said this.

"Wait until you see these. I saw them earlier." Katherine proceeded to pull Marla's top down, spilling her boobs out. Marla let out a short gasp as her creamy breasts jiggled slightly, her nipples hardening immediately.

Fordham reached up and began playing with them, kneading them fully and withdrawing his hands to let the fingers pinch her inch-long nipples. The smile never left his face. People nearby began watching and telling others to look.

Katherine began explaining to Marla. "Mr. Fordham owns First National Bank, Marla. That means a lot in our town." She winked at Fordham. "Why don't you show Mr. Fordham that lovely full-length mirror in my bedroom?"

"Yes," Fordham said, "I would love to see it." His hands were still on her breasts.

"And Marla, when you set the tray down, don't touch your outfit. I think it looks better like that."

"Yes, Katherine," Marla said.

Marla had never shown her tits to strangers before. Now she could feel every eye at the party on her chest. She had set the tray down on the dining room table and Fordham grabbed her by the hand and lead her through the party-goers to the stairs. She felt various fingers touching her nipples and heard the catcalls and slurs. Some older woman in very expensive clothes asked "who's the slut?" as she walked by. Marla felt the part. Will Mark ever forgive me? She thought as she ascended the stairs.

Once in the bedroom, Fordham wasted little time.

"Get out of that outfit, slut," he commanded. He closed the bedroom door as Marla did as she was told, slipping the outfit over her head and tossing it to the carpet. She stood before him naked except for her fishnet stockings and high heels. Fordham eyed her coolly. "What does your husband think of your slutty ways?"

Marla twisted her wedding ring and thought of what to say. How does she answer that?

"He doesn't know," she said.

"Too bad for him. He doesn't know what he's missing. Come over here and undress me."

Marla thought it a strange request but there was no other choice. She stepped over to Fordham and removed his sport coat. He never took his eyes off her tits as she undid each button on his shirt. He lifted each arm in turn to remove his gold cuff links.

"Don't lose those, Marla. They could buy you."

Marla ignored the comment and started to unbuckle his belt but he told her it would be easier if she were on her knees. Marla did as he said and went to work. His tremendous belly, hard, bulging and covered in white hair, stared her straight in the eye. She now unbuttoned his slacks and slipped them down to his ankles, followed by his bikini brief underwear. Fordham slipped out of his pants and loafers all in one movement. Now he was before her, naked.

Marla had glanced at his penis, semi-hard, surrounded by a patch of gray pubic hair. His balls were the largest she had ever seen.

"Now, Marla, let's have some fun. Ever had an old man's cock? It works just like your husband's, I'm sure."

He grabbed Marla's arm and led her to the bed. He got on first and positioned himself on his back. Marla climbed up and laid next to him.

"You are a gorgeous slut. How did Katherine talk you into this?" He played with her nipples as he spoke, stroking himself with his other hand.

"Well, she didn't really talk me into it. I thought I was getting an invitation to the party, but she just wanted me to be a maid, I guess. I feel really stupid."

Fordham squeezed and twisted her nipple, causing her to wince.

"Well you should. Don't you know who's at this party? These are important people in the community: CEOs, surgeons, bankers, like me. Who are you?"

"A nobody, I guess ... "

"That's right. But by tomorrow a lot of the people here will know you." With that comment he started laughing out loud. Marla felt horrible, yet she never made a move to leave. She just kept stroking the old man's stomach.

"Why don't go down there and get my dick hard, sweetie?"

Marla moved herself down to his crotch, positioning herself on her knees she grasped his semi-erect cock with her hand. It felt soft and velvety, uncut. She stroked it, but not in a sensual manner. He noticed.

"You are going to have to get into this if you want to make the right impression, sweetie." She glanced up at her master, his clear blue eyes piercing the last of her dignity, deflating it. "Now, get that cock hard."

Marla simply said, "Yes, sir." Now her strokes took on new meaning. Inside she felt a wave pass through her, she was no longer Marla the housewife -- she was now the slut maid. She leaned in and kissed his penis gently, tenderly. In her hand it grew to its full hardness -- about seven inches.

"See what you can do when you put your mind to it. Now take it all." Marla adjusted her position slightly and swallowed his manhood. She sucked him deep and stroked his cock with her lips. All the while Fordham whispered nasty comments to her, telling her what a slut and whore she truly was. She closed her eyes and bent to her work.

"You know, sweetie, as much as I like a good cock-sucking... there's something I love even more."

Marla looked up. "What, Mr. Fordham?"

"A good ass-licking."

Marla flinched a bit. She had never done that, never conceived of doing it. She asked herself if she should run now? But she didn't run. And because she didn't Fordham twisted himself around and laid on his big belly, his ass high in the air. Marla had moved back to facilitate this move and now was staring at a lumpy, hairy ass. She wasn't entirely sure what to do.

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