Marla and Me


"Get to it, honey. I'm expected back at the party eventually."

Marla moved in behind him, crouching on her knees, spreading his ass cheeks with her hands, his musky smell rising to her nostrils. Just do it, she thought to herself. And she did. She buried her face in his paunchy flesh and reached her tongue forward, feeling and tasting his soft bung hole.

"Oh, Marla -- you do have skills." He moaned and made more derogatory comments about her. Marla pulled away and used just the tip of her tongue to tickle his hole, then plunged it inside, she could feel the rim and her tongue disappear inside. Then she started fucking his hole with her tongue.

"That is marvelous!" It was a woman's voice -- Katherine's voice. Marla was startled and stopped for a moment. "No, don't stop. Finish what you started."

Fordham looked over at Katherine. "I'm glad you're here. I was just about to shoot on her face."

Katherine walked to where Marla was still working on Fordham's ass and put her hand on Marla's head, pushing her deeper into his crack. "Get all the way in, sweetie. You missed a spot." She laughed, further humiliating Marla.

Frank moved away from Marla's tongue and pushed her back onto the bed. Then he kneeled over her and began jacking his own cock. "Open up, my slut." Marla obeyed and opened her mouth, wide, and left it open. It didn't take long for Fordham to shoot his sticky cum all over her face and in her mouth. For an older man, he could still perform. "Lick it up, slut. Don't waste any."

Katherine watched intently as Marla moved her tongue around her mouth, gathering in his cum from her lips. She looked at Frank. "Nice work, babe. Do you think it's time for the leash?"

"Are the guests suitably ready?"

"Oh, I think I prepped them for what's to come," Katherine said mischievously. Marla didn't like the sound of her voice at all. Katherine walked over to a drawer and pulled out a studded dog collar and a long leather leash. She turned around and walked back to Marla.

"Put this on, slut." She tossed the collar on the bed next to Marla. Marla sat up, felt the wetness of Fordham's cum still on her face, and fastened the collar around her neck. "That's good. Fits nicely." Katherine then attached the leash to the collar as Fordham got himself dressed again.

Katherine yanked on the leash and Marla stood up straight, balancing on her high heels. She had a slight rip in her fishnets. Katherine ran her hand up the leash until she gripped it several inches from Marla's face, then tugged hard, pulling Marla closer to her.

"Now listen, slut. Mr. Fordham is going to take you downstairs. You do as you're told, whatever you're told, and the video of you licking Mr. Fordham's ass won't show up anywhere. Understand? Ready, Frank?"

Fordham tightened his belt and took hold of the leash. "You bet. Come, my slut. The guests are waiting."

With that, Marla was led downstairs.

At this point, Marla struggled to remember the details of the rest of the party. She knows that the 30 or so guests all had sex with her, both the men and the women. She ended up in the bathtub of one of the bathrooms and several of the men used it as a urinal while she was in it, which explained the pee smell.

"I'm so sorry, honey. I know you wanted this to be your big chance to get into that world," I said softly to her.

She looked at me, her eyes still red from the experience and the telling of it. "I am in that world now. Mr. Fordham is having a party at his house Friday night, I'm invited."

"Well you aren't going! Are you nuts?!" I was getting furious, and confused, not knowing if she really wanted to go or not. Then she reminded me of something.

"The video, honey. They have the video."

Just then the doorbell rang. I told Marla to wait there and went to answer it. It was Greg. He had a DVD in his hand.

"Hi Mark -- sorry we kept Marla so long last night. The guests just wouldn't leave." He smiled at me. I wanted to punch him but refrained.

"Hey, that happens. What can I do for you?"

"I wanted to give you this." He held out the DVD. "A little souvenir from last night for Marla for being a good sport. You both should enjoy it. And please let Marla know that she should have the outfit dry-cleaned and ready to go before Friday." He paused, as if in deep thought. "You know, Mr. Fordham's bank is a big sponsor of the local college football team. There should be a few players there at his party. Let Marla know, eh?"

With that, he turned and left, walking back across the street to his house. I looked down at the DVD, wondering when Marla might take a nap so I could watch it alone.

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