tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMarry The Knight Ch. 20

Marry The Knight Ch. 20


"That's it, baby. That's it!" Dick whispered, watching Zinda go crazy. "Come on, you little finger-fucker. Let her rip! Let her go all the way, you cunt-sucking, little, blonde finger-fucker. Move that ass... yeah!"

His words drove her to a new spasm of motion. "Ohhhh," she moaned. "I'm going to come... I'm going to come."

Dick came as if for both of them, filling her cunt, whitewashing it as he had her face. Zinda's mouth fell open and his seed, running down her face, dripped into her mouth. For Zinda, it was like he was coming all over her, in her and all around her.

"Oh lord..." she said. "Lord... I need to wash my face off."

Dick reached past her to the tap of the sink she was bent over and turned the faucet. Cool water poured out and Zinda laughed as it doused her face. It wasn't quite fucking in the shower, but hell if she would go to another room.

"You hard again?" she asked.


"Wanna use it?"


"My ass, baby," she said in a soft, pleading voice. "Will you fuck me in the ass?"

"God, yes!" he gasped, unable to believe his good fortune.

Not wanting her man to change his mind, Zinda crammed herself forward into the sink, feeling the running water soak her tunic as she got her sweet ass as high in the air as possible.

Crazed with excitement, Dick spat in his hand and smeared it all over and around her puckered asshole. When her tight asshole was completely saturated with his slippery saliva, he applied more of it to his throbbing shaft.

When he felt they were both sufficiently lubricated, the man grasped her smooth, soft hips with his hands and nudged his hard knob up against the spit-soaked anus. Holding her firmly, he pressed the head of his cock gently against the opening. Failing to penetrate it at first, Dick reached down and spread the tight, elastic ring apart with his thumbs as he pushed his cockhead harder against Zinda's stubborn asshole.

"Oh, God!" she shuddered when his bloated tip finally slipped through her opening. With her hands clutching frantically at the faucet, she could feel his blistering cock sinking painfully into her passage.

Feeling the walls of her slippery ass squeezing against his throbbing prick, he continued forcing his prick deeper into the hot buttery darkness of her forbidden orifice. When he'd fully penetrated the girl's luscious ass, Dick reached down under her belly and found her open pussy with his hand.

"Oooooooohhh!" she excitedly sobbed when she felt his middle finger graze against her hard-standing clit.

Feeling the tense muscles around her asshole starting to relax, he began pumping his hard prick in and out of her tight, slippery ass.

The exciting feeling of his finger teasing her quivering clitoris seemed to dissipate the earlier pain of his prick entering her virginal asshole. The strange sensation of his slippery cock sliding in arid out of her unused asshole was beginning to feel good. Very, very good.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, feeling him driving faster and deeper into her ass. "That feels so fucking good!"

The heat and tightness of Zinda's asshole were driving Dick out of his mind as his swollen balls slapped up against her sex.

"Faster, faster!" she cried out, thrusting her ass back to better receive his pounding prick. "Oooooooh, yes!" she squealed, heaving her body to receive every lusty stroke of his feverishly pounding cock. "Fuck it harder, honey! Fuck my tail off!"

The feel of his finger on her clit and his hard cock ripping up into her tight asshole was driving Zinda wild.

"Oh, shit!" she suddenly shrieked. "Faster, honey, faster! I'm coming... oh, shit, I'm coming!"

Furiously Zinda bucked her hips off the counter, turning her head upward as she squealed with new pleasure, gurgling into the running tap and driving her ravaged asshole up into the hammering shaft of Dick's member.

Feeling his hot cum gushing up into her asshole, the climaxing girl collapsed beneath him. Smiling to herself as he pumped her writhing ass full of hot jizz, she thought about all the fucking she would enjoy as soon as she woke up.


Dick turned the water off and hoisted Zinda up on the counter to sleep it off. He probably should've found a bed for her, but he was far too horny to concentrate on that. If he tried, he probably would've fucked her again in that bed, an urge he was trying all too hard to resist.

The Birds of Prey. Kory. Donna. He had to find one of them. They all lived in the Clocktower, where were they?

He walked into the front room and saw Komand'r in the glass isolation cell where she was locked so that the team could keep an eye on her at all times. The lights were turned off except for one on the desk in her little jail, filling the room with a pale light.

During her imprisonment, Komand'r had been allowed to borrow some of Kory's clothes. They were tall enough for her, but baggy. She had Kory's height, but not her voluptuous figure—clearly part of the sibling rivalry. Still, she was tall, statuesque, and had a kind of imperious dominatrix quality that he found fascinating, reminding him of his run-ins with Catwoman or Poison Ivy during his Robin days.

"I heard screaming," Komand'r said. "The fun kind—at least for the other person."

"Where are others?" Dick asked her. "You can't be the only one here."

"I heard you talking, too. You can barely control yourself. It must be taking all of your willpower not to grab hold of your manhood right now and satiate yourself to the sight of me."

"Not that much willpower," Dick replied, teeth clenched. He tried to make it look effortless, how he was resisting her, but he couldn't quite manage. She actually reminded him a little of Donna, with her narrow, classical good looks, almost Nordic, such a startling contrast to her sister. He wondered if the relationship between Kory and Donna had started out as a replacement for Kory's long-lost sisterhood before it became something far more romantic.

"Maybe we can help each other out," Komand'r suggested slinkily. "It's been a long time for me too. Do you like what you see?"

He nodded. She saw his hand reach down toward his crotch. She figured he was busy fumbling out his prick to begin beating off.

But she wouldn't let him get that far. She didn't want to waste a single precious drop of his pearly, hot jism. She wanted him to actually fuck her. The thought of getting her sister's husband hot by a strip tease appealed to her. She enjoyed her body, enjoyed moving to display it.

She made a slow turn for him so he could see her from every angle. Arms held even with her shoulders, she displayed her flaring ass and thrusting tits for his lustful gaze. Then she lifted one leg and straightened it in his direction.

Placing her heel on the desk, she gave him a clear view all the way up to her crotch. He could see the white haze of her stocking, the white cotton panties covering her bush, the blush of her skin so close to her cunt.

Spinning away, she began unbuttoning her blouse. One button came free, then another and another. She danced away and found the switch for the radio that Kory, in her generosity, had supplied her. Wouldn't it serve her right to use it to seduce her husband?

Komand'r turned the radio on and let the soft music fill the air while she slipped first one shoulder, then another free of her clothes.

"You're turning me on," he said in a low voice. It was getting husky with sex. He was anticipating the time she would be naked enough to allow him to fuck the hell out of her.

She was thinking about that, too. It took a lot of effort to keep from ripping off the uniform and standing boldly naked in front of the man, daring him to fuck her. She wanted to make this slow, sensual, irresistible for him.

She wanted his cock to be at the breaking point when he fucked hard and deep into her already juicy pussy. Nothing less would do for her. To have to suck him hard or wait for him to get an erection would take the edge off her own blazing desires and ruin everything. No, she wanted him to need her as he'd never, ever needed Kory.

She wanted cock, too, and it had to be steely and long and as hard as it could possibly be.

She gracefully unhooked her bra snaps in the back and let the elastic bands snap forward. With her shoulders hunched, she was able to hold the cups over her tits for a moment longer than Dick had thought she could.

He came forward. She saw his long, iron-hard boner. This was his fantasy but the sight of that cock all ready to fuck made it hers, too. She decided she liked getting another woman's man hot and bothered like this. It certainly made her cunt water.

"God, so pretty! I can see the shadows all over your lovely tits. I wish I could play with them, too. The way they jiggle and bounce around!"

"Want to play with my poor little titties? Come closer, closer!"

She moved like a snake. Wiggling closer and closer, she was almost within the man's reach. But when he tried to grab her boobs, he found she was still behind the separating glass. She laughed and jumped up and down, causing her teats to sway provocatively.

"Soon, very soon now," she told him. "It'll all be yours. My lips and mouth and tits and ass and cunt!"

She gave a huge wiggle and what was left of her clothes dropped away. She stood almost naked in front of the man. All she had on was her panties and the garter belt and stockings.

Stripping off the panties proved to be a problem for her. She found that they were already completely drenched with her honey. She was so eager to get naked for Dick's cock, she almost flung them to the floor.

But she didn't. She made it slow, teasing, tormenting in the extreme to the man watching her strip. It paid big dividends. The look on Dick's face as her bush slowly came into sight was worth a dozen fuckings by some random slave's prick. The sexual tensions building in her cunt were reaching levels so high, she felt the lightest touch might set her off.

"Christ, oh, Christ!" he said. "Such a beautiful pussy! I want to stuff my cock all the way up it!"

"What's stopping you, big boy?"

She held out her hands as she lightly danced backwards, hips swaying, tits flopping around. The light from the desk lamp played all over the metal snaps on her garter belt. Light rays reflected and danced with her.

She was everything he could have wanted in a woman. She was beckoning him to come into her arms. Her tits were firm and wantonly naked. The garter belt holding up her stockings outlined her bush so that Dick had no trouble at all seeing exactly where he wanted to stuff his prick.

Komand'r dropped to her knees in front of him, her hands splayed on the glass as if she were trying to reach through and touch him, and she threw her head back and forth, her mane of hair slashing against the glass. Dick could see every inch of her body twist and curl with her gyrations. He was so close to touching her, his hands on the glass as well, his weight leaning into it. If only it weren't there, he would fall on Komand'r and fuck her as if to make up for all the times he'd done her sister instead of her.

"I'm on my knees," Komand'r said, "right between your legs. I could suck you down here. I'll bet you haven't been sucked in so long that your big prick is just begging for it."

Dick was so stunned by her words he felt frozen in place. The only thing that moved was his jaw as it slowly dropped to his chest, and his cock, which throbbed painfully upward, lodging under the waistband of his trousers.

"Komand'r... you... don't know what... you're doing," he said, feeling the room spin, grow even hotter.

"Mmmmmmm, I'll just bet your big dick tastes so good," Komand'r said softly, kneeling between his legs.

Komand'r was young, ripe, and seemed to be drenched with sexual appeal. He could almost feel the way those pert tits of hers would feel against his chest, almost taste the steam from that sweet pussy.

"Stop," he murmured again, feeling his fingers on his zipper.

"Do you really want me to stop?" Komand'r teased, watching him free the gigantic slab of cock from his trousers. She ran her tongue up and down the glass in front of it. "Hmmmm? Do you, brother-in-law? My big brother with a big dick."

Yes! God, yes! every cell in his body seemed to cry out.

"No," he heard himself say, feeling forever damned.

"That's good," Komand'r whispered. Now his rock-hard cock was pressing against the glass, one thin layer away from her lips. "Because after I suck you dry, I want you to fuck me."

"Fuck... you?" he spluttered.

"Just like you did Zinda," she grinned, looking through the dark bush of hair. "Only I'm Tamaranian. I can take you again... and again... and again."

"Oh... no!" Dick said, feeling his body shake violently. "No!" he gasped again, already feeling a quick jerk at the base of his cock. It was like Komand'r was touching him already and it was too good to deny.

He reached over, just able to reach the controls without leaving his place in front of Komand'r, and he ordered the glass walls to retract. It seemed to take an eternity for them to move out of the way, but finally they were gone.

When Komand'r gulped to the thick, meaty root of his prick, she felt his cockhead expand completely filling her throat. She licked back up to the massive bulb, then down again. The second her lips touched the wiry hairs, his shaft exploded with violent release. And if she thought Tamaranians had a powerful orgasm, it was nothing compared to what she experienced with her brother-in-law.

"Mmmmmmfff!" she choked, coughing thick, milky globs of cum into his pubic hairs.

"Suck it!" Dick cried out, grabbing her by the hair of the head. He banged her face savagely in and out of his crotch, pounding his cockhead between her tonsils. "Oh... God... suck me good, you little cocksucker!"

As more of his creamy fluid shot into the back of her throat, Komand'r felt her own pleasure heighten dramatically. She began bobbing her head up and down as rapidly as possible, taking quick gulps of the foaming cream while she fingered her boiling pussy at the same time. Within a matter of seconds, she felt a raw, aching release warm her between the thighs.

"Aaaaghhh!" she gurgled, closing her mouth on his prick, taking the full length into the back of her mouth.

"All... of... it, you little cum-sucking slut!" Dick winced, shoving the last of his orgasm deep into the back of her throat. As he felt the juices seep around his meat and bubble from her lips, he fell back, his chest heaving. "Oh... God... that was... was..."

As his voice trailed off to a sigh, Komand'r continued sucking and licking up and down his cock sure that she hadn't missed a single drop. Finally, she pulled her mouth away and cleaned him slowly, wallowing the warm drops of cum. "Now you can stick that big dick of yours inside me. We'll see who in my family is really the better fuck."

"Oh... Jesus!" Dick gasped, standing.

Slowly, he stumbled toward her bed, the throbbing in his cock matching the pounding of his heart.

"How was that, brother-in-law?" Komand'r asked, running her fingers up and down his thighs. "Did I suck you good? As good as Kory?"

"Can't... can't remember," he muttered, his mind filled with a million disjointed thoughts.

"Been that long, huh? Kory doesn't know what she's missing," Komand'r said, feeling a new hunger surge inside her body. "If I had a big dick like this to fuck and suck, I think I'd do it twenty-four hours a day!"

She chewed back down on the monstrous shaft and sucked up and down for a few more minutes. Finally, she pulled away and backed toward the bed.

"You going to fuck me now?" she asked, sitting on the sheets and leaning back. She spread her legs and touched the warm, oozing patch of cunt. "Come on, Dick, fuck me," she whispered, lifting her chest so that her nipples almost touched her chin. "You can be good around Kory, but I want you to be bad when you're with me. Mmmmmm, really bad!"

"I... I can't do this," Dick groaned, his voice barely audible. He knew he would, however, even as he said the words. "You're... Kory's sister. Her flesh and blood!"

"All that matters right now is my flesh," Komand'r said, running the top of her tongue over her parted lips.


"I think I need a new costume," Kory was saying as she walked into the Clocktower with Donna. "My old one is too conservative."

"Too conservative? Kory, it's practically a bikini."

"But I've had it forever. And have you seen what the Titans are wearing now? Pasties and thongs, really."

"So what're you going to do, go into battle naked?"

"Do you know that on most civilized planets, I could? People wouldn't care if I was wearing clothes, so long as I stopped someone from robbing a bank."

"Kory, I'm in the fashion industry. You're going to put me out of business, talking like that."

Then they walked in on Dick and Komand'r. Donna gasped.

"Shhh," Kory admonished.

Donna had forgotten while he was away, but Dick's cock was incredible. It was even bigger than some gods Donna had known—but not known, natch—and Donna was so taken with it a flutter of excitement ran through her, even as she realized that Dick was cheating on Kory with her sister.

Komand'r, her long, black hair falling teasingly down her back, dipped to her knees and took his huge cock in her mouth and sucked it.

"That son of a..." Donna started, before Kory pulled her back.

"Shh!" she chided again. "You're telling me Komand'r couldn't use a good fuck?"

"But it... it's... it's Dick!" Donna said. She realized she was whispering, and knew then both what Kory was suggesting and that she would go along with it.

"A very good fuck," Kory agreed.

Donna saw her pull her miniskirt up around her waist, hold it there with one hand, while her other hand plunged into her yellow panties, knuckling them out at the crotch as she fingered her bare cunt.

"I get so hot," Kory whispered softly.

Donna was too. Her pussy was wet. She rubbed it through her skirt.

Komand'r sucked his huge prick, her head ducking up and down lewdly. Dick gripped the nearby table and held on. "Oh, Komand'r," he sighed.

Komand'r finally lifted off his cock and stood up. She smiled at Dick and they kissed again. As they did, the man worked her garters away. Then he fished his hand between her warm thighs and fondled her cunt.

It was a magnificent sight. Both his wives were turned on seeing him in such a hot embrace.

Kory was jerking off wildly as she watched, so Donna snapped the pin at the side of her own skirt. It unwrapped and floated to the floor. She quickly danced her hand inside her pink panties and screwed her finger in her juicy pussy.

Komand'r clutched Dick's prick, and he fingered her.

"Oh X'Hal, they're gonna fuck," Kory whispered lightly.

Komand'r climbed on top of the table. Dick crawled up on top of her. His unbelievable cock wiggled and wavered as he mounted her.

"I need that big prick," Komand'r gasped.

"I need to fuck you, Komand'r," Dick said.

He shoved his cock into her.

"X'Hal!" she yipped.

"Kory..." Dick sighed as he started a slow pumping, his naked ass thrusting up and down. His cock clobbered her cunt. "You're as tight as Kory..."

Kory gasped as she fingered her pussy. Donna couldn't believe Komand'r had all of Dick's big cock in her cunt.

But she did, and Komand'r wrapped her nyloned legs around Dick and bucked up and down to him as they slipped into a lurid fuck there on top of the table.

Kory pulled her panties down around her knees so she could have better access to her dripping, young cunt. She skewered her finger into her cunt with a jerky flutter.

Donna was so hot she knew she'd come at any moment.

Komand'r was giving Dick's big cock a wild ride. She was twisting, turning, wiggling, pumping her ass off the table and against his long cock as it bulldozed her cunt.

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