Marrying for Money Ch. 07


His eyes were probing as he looked at her. "And have you accepted that your future should be with me?"

She met his eyes for several moments, and she could see the earnest longing in the depths of his eyes. She nervously cleared her throat before whispering, "I think perhaps it does, if you truly want me. I admit that I'm becoming fonder of you with each passing day. If you are willing to take a chance that we can find happiness together, then I'm willing to try as well."

Eager anticipation lit his face as he smiled at her. "In that case, I'll consider us engaged."

She laughed nervously and shook her head at the suggestion. "It's usually customary for a woman to be unmarried before getting engaged to a man."

He chuckled lightly and placed an arm around her shoulders. "True, but you have to admit that our circumstances are far from customary. No one else has to know, but between us, shall we understand that we are engaged?"

Leanna hesitated for a long moment before nodding slightly. For some reason, she felt strange about making such a vow, but she pushed her uneasiness to the back of her mind.

Neville placed a finger beneath her chin and tilted her face up to his. "Shall we seal our agreement with a kiss?"

Before she could answer, he bent to claim her lips. When she responded, he deepened the kiss, slanting his mouth across hers as he held her against him. Reaching beneath her cloak, he explored her meagerly clad breasts. Her nipples were hard nubs from both the cold air and Neville's attention, and he rolled them between his fingers. Leanna moaned and let him press her back against the seat.

She watched his expression as he slipped her breasts free of their confinement and kneaded them in his palms. His hunger was obvious as he scanned her body in the dim light of the coach. Leanna didn't try to hide from his gaze, and she moaned in surrender when he slipped his hand beneath her skirt.

Neville stroked her, lubricating his fingers in her moisture before slipping them inside her. As he probed her depths, he suckled her nipples. His erection was painfully hard, and he unbuttoned his pants as he knelt between her thighs, pulling her skirt up to her waist. Leanna remained motionless with her thighs spread wide, allowing him to inspect her exposed flesh with both his eyes and fingers. Finally, his gaze returned to hers, and he leaned forward, nudging at her entrance just as they felt the coach coming to a stop.

"Damn!" he cursed viciously. They scrambled to adjust their clothes before the coachman came to the door. They barely managed before the door was pulled open.

Leanna's cheeks were flaming, and Neville sensed her embarrassment. He squeezed her hand in reassurance. "There is no need to worry, Leanna. You look absolutely beautiful. We have plenty of time to finish what we started later tonight. Let's just enjoy this evening in each other's company, shall we?"

Leanna nodded with gratitude and let him lead her inside.

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