tagNovels and NovellasMarrying for Money Ch. 09

Marrying for Money Ch. 09


Note to readers: If you are enjoying this story, you'll be happy to know there are 3 or 4 more chapters to come. Thanks for your kind comments. Now where were we?...oh yeah, Trevor and Leanna were getting laid...


The next morning, Trevor slept later than usual. He was exhausted from weeks of travel and worry, not to mention his amorous activities during the night. He woke to the exquisite feeling of Leanna's warm lips kissing his neck beneath his ear, and he rolled onto his back. He kept his eyes closed, but he couldn't suppress a smile and a groan of pleasure as she kissed her way down to his nipple. She lingered there, using her tongue to toy with the flat disc as her fingers threaded through crisp hairs to find its mate. Leanna smiled when Trevor groaned again.

She continued her journey, licking and kissing her way over his ridged abdomen and around his naval. Leanna knew Trevor was ticklish, and she plunged her tongue into his naval just to see him flinch. Trevor relaxed again when she chuckled and moved even lower. He opened his eyes and looked down to watch his wife as she straddled his knees.

Leanna cradled his rigid erection between her dangling breasts. She pressed the luscious mounds together with her hands and began to slide them up and down over his throbbing cock as she grinned up at him.

"Good morning, my love," she said in a sultry whisper.

"Good morning." Trevor raised a brow and his smile was full of masculine smugness. "You still want more? Aren't you tired from last night, my sweet little whore?"

"Never," she breathed.

She let the broad head of his penis caress her neck and the underside of her chin before it disappeared again between her breasts. Leanna continued to tease him thusly until Trevor gave an impatient growl and clenched his hands in her hair. He guided himself to her mouth and with a groan of satisfaction, he pressed inside. Leanna secretly smiled as she pleasured him with her lips and tongue. She loved being able to arouse him.

Leanna worshipped his penis, licking and sucking, tasting and tormenting until they were both mindless with need. She felt Trevor tense, and she braced herself as waves of hot seed shot into her mouth in a series of spurts. Leanna swallowed it down, licking her lips as she sat upright once more.

Trevor didn't give her any time to gloat. He grabbed her wrists and hauled her up until she was straddling his head. Her pussy was splayed enticingly just over his face, and he grinned up at her.

"My turn," he stated simply.

Leanna could only gasp as he settled in to feast. He knew every possible way to please her, and he explored each crevice and hollow of her womanhood. She had no secrets left by the time she climaxed, and she watched from beneath passion heavy lids as Trevor drank in her juices. When he was finally satisfied that he had gotten everything, he gave her another wicked grin.

"Ah, breakfast in bed," he sighed.

Leanna giggled and felt his hands around her waist as he lifted her and repositioned her to hover over his hips. She impaled herself on his cock with a grateful sigh, and her breasts bounced delightfully as she began to move on him. Trevor enjoyed the view for several minutes before speaking again.

"I thought we might stay here for a day or two before heading home. We never did have a real honeymoon. Would you like that, my little whore?" He raised one eyebrow inquiringly.

Leanna moaned again and began to ride him faster. "I think that's a lovely idea," she murmured breathlessly. "I'd love to have you all to myself before we get back to The Meadows."

Trevor's boyish grin widened. "Good," he said, pulling her down so he could taste her breasts.

They devoted themselves to satisfying each other's passion, and it was sometime later before Trevor rose to cross to the wash basin. The fact that his wife's eyes followed his every movement made him smile. He splashed water on his face, preparing to shave.

"I'm going to send word to Steven letting him know that I found you and we will be returning on the coach in a few days." He looked at her askance, "Steven and Amanda have been worried sick about you since you disappeared."

Leanna bit her lip beneath his reproachful stare. "I'm truly sorry. I never meant to cause trouble for anybody."

She started to rise from the bed, but Trevor motioned her back down. "Not on your life Mrs. Grayson. You're going to stay right where you are and allow me to treat my pregnant wife to breakfast in bed." Seeing her naughty grin, he laughed. "No, I mean some real food. Now that I know you're carrying my child, I want to pamper you as much as possible." His eyes met Leanna's in the mirror, and he smiled. "Then," he continued, "you can have a relaxing bath while I post a message to Steven, and we can go out and discover the city."

Leanna bobbed her head in agreement, but then her expression clouded with uncertainty and she chewed at her bottom lip.

Seeing her frown, Trevor quickly turned to face her. "What's the matter, Leanna?"

She blushed lightly before answering. "It's just that I don't have anything to wear. You ripped the bodice on the only gown I have with me."

After a few seconds, Trevor threw his head back and laughed until he was out of breath, while Leanna watched with one suspicious eyebrow raised. "What, may I ask, is so funny?"

He composed himself enough to answer her, although he kept bursting into tiny chuckles as he perched on the edge of the bed beside her. "Sorry, sweetheart. It's just the thought of you...naked...and completely at my mercy...for the rest of the day had me laughing, that's all."

Leanna stared at him for a few moments before launching herself at his chest. She screeched as she began to hit him with her small fists. "Why you cad!" she cried, without any real anger. "How dare you laugh at me when it was you who were so impatient in your lust that you ripped my gown."

Trevor captured both her wrists and their discussion quickly degenerated into a giggling, writhing, tickling wrestling match that ended with them tumbling off the bed in a breathless heap. Trevor took the brunt of the fall, his lovely wife landing on his chest. They lay there, laughing hysterically for several moments. He was the first to catch his breath, and he brushed a tangled swath of hair back from his wife's flushed face. His smile was devilish as he rolled once more, pinning Leanna beneath him.

"Well, I guess you had better send a note to your former employer and request that he send your other clothes to you. I'll just have to find some way to keep you occupied until they get here." As he said the last, he rocked his hips suggestively against Leanna's.

It was Leanna's turn to incite him. "Uh huh," she breathed, rubbing her breasts against Trevor's chest and using her wet pussy lips to tease his cock, "I'll get right on that."

It was much later when Trevor nuzzled his wife's neck and whispered in her ear, his voice heavy with humor. "Alright, since it's too late for breakfast, I will have to treat you to lunch in bed."


That afternoon, Trevor sent a messenger to Neville Woodsworth's house with a note from Leanna. Trevor had scowled and grumbled about Leanna writing a letter to the other man, but Leanna had insisted that she owed Neville an explanation. She penned a brief letter apologizing for having involved Neville and for anything she had done to hurt him. She explained that she was happily reunited with her husband, and she asked that Neville be glad for her and forgive her for having to leave so abruptly.

Trevor insisted on sending enough money enclosed with the note to cover the cost of the wages Leanna had received during her employment and the clothes Neville had purchased for her. Leanna inwardly smiled while her husband paced back and forth, growling about how he wasn't going to allow another man to support or dress his own wife! Leanna secretly liked the possessive jealousy her husband was showing. It was a wonderful feeling to know his affections were centered on her and no one else.

Trevor also sent a message to Steven, informing his brother that he had found Leanna and that he should expect them to return on the stagecoach in four days time. Having completed that bit of business, Trevor and Leanna were forced to spend the remainder of the day in their room at the inn, because her clothes didn't arrive until late in the evening. Luckily, the couple was creative enough, in the face of such adversity, not to be bored!

For the first time during their marriage, Trevor and Leanna openly shared their feelings with each other. Trevor was relieved to find that once he had taken the risk of letting his wife know how he felt, she was even more loving and devoted than ever before. Every touch, every exchanged glance was invested with love and tender affection. The last barriers of pride and uncertainty between the couple were torn down and replaced by a foundation of commitment that grew stronger with each day.

In the end, they were enjoying their time together so much, that the couple decided to stay even longer in Charlotte. It was almost as if they didn't want anything to interfere with the newly developing intimacy they had found. After three days of bliss, they boarded the coach and headed home to The Meadows.


The coach had traveled over halfway to Norfolk when Trevor and Leanna heard the coachman being hailed by an approaching rider. The coachman pulled the horses to a halt, and Trevor stuck his head out, surprised to see his brother, Steven dismounting.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Leanna asked anxiously.

Trevor placed a reassuring hand on her knee and smiled. "I'm not sure. It's Steven. Wait here while I go see what's happening." With that, he climbed down and quickly went to meet his brother.

Leanna watched from the window. The two men were standing too far away for her to hear what they were saying, but Steven was clearly upset, and Trevor didn't appear to be very happy with what he was hearing. She glanced over and saw that Steven hadn't arrived alone. There were six other men nearby on horseback. After only a couple of minutes Trevor saluted the men, returned to the coach, and they lurched into motion once again.

"What was that all about? What did Steven say?" Leanna asked.

Trevor frowned as he gave his head a puzzled shake, "Steven said the coach that was supposed to arrive yesterday never made it to Norfolk."

Leanna returned his puzzled frown, realizing with horror that they had originally planned to be on that coach. "Why not? What happened?"

"They were held up by highwaymen. There were two couples traveling together, and all the men on board, including the coachman, were killed. They left the women unharmed."

Leanna gasped and felt the blood draining out of her cheeks. Trevor placed a reassuring arm around her shoulders and hugged her tightly against his side as he stroked her face and rocked her almost like a child.

"It's alright, sweetheart. When Steven heard the news that the coach had been attacked, his first thought was that we had been on board. He raced into Norfolk to find out the details of what had happened. He spoke with the sheriff and the women who had been on the coach and discovered that you and I hadn't been among the passengers."

"Thank God we decided to stay an extra day," Leanna breathed, looking up at him with tear-filled eyes. "I don't know what I would do if I were to lose you."

Trevor hugged her tightly against his side, stroking her hair reassuringly. "I know, sweetheart. That's why Steven came to meet us. He and his men are well armed, and they came to escort us the rest of the way. Nothing like this has happened around these parts before, and he wanted to make sure we got home safely."

Leanna clutched Trevor around the waist, trembling with shock. It was only a lucky change of plans that had kept them from being on that coach. She shuddered to think about the possibility of losing Trevor. "But why would highwaymen kill people? They usually just steal all the valuables . . . why would they commit cold blooded murder?"

Trevor shook his head. "I asked Steven the same question. He hasn't learned any details yet. The women who survived the attack weren't able to shed any light on what had happened. Apparently, the highwaymen made them wait inside the coach, while they took the men outside and shot them, so they weren't sure what happened to cause the killings. Maybe one of the passengers was armed and tried to thwart the robbery. Maybe the thieves were just plain mean. It's hard to say what happened. Steven says the sheriff has a posse of men out scouting the woods, looking for leads. With any luck, they'll catch the bastards."

Leanna shuddered lightly, thinking of the poor women whose men had been killed. "I won't feel safe until we get home."

Trevor's arms tightened around her. "It's alright, sweetheart. Most likely the thieves have high tailed it away from here. They will want to put some distance between themselves and the authorities. But just to be safe, Steven and his men came to escort us home, so there's nothing to worry about."

Leanna nodded her head, acknowledging that she understood him, but she was still trembling. Trevor tilted her chin back and gave her a thorough kiss. The last thing he wanted was his pregnant wife worried and agitated. Perhaps it was thoughts about the fragility of life that caused their lips and tongues to fuse with such fire as they clung to each other for reassurance. As his kisses became even more demanding, Trevor reached over to release the flaps that covered the windows, and soon the coach became a dim, private cocoon around them. When Trevor finally raised his head, Leanna's fear had disappeared to be replaced by aching need.

Passion burned in Trevor's eyes, but his voice still held some humor. "Since we have this big old coach all to ourselves," he whispered, running his hand over her hip, "what do you say we initiate it?"

Leanna pretended to be outraged, but her eyes had a seductive glint as she gave her husband's chest a small shove. "You lecher! Don't you ever think about anything besides getting underneath my skirt?" She was clinging to his shoulders, obviously not bothered by his suggestion in the least.

Trevor gave her an injured look, even as one of his hands stole under Leanna's hem. He untied her pantalets and pulled them down to her knees so he could fondle her womanly flesh. His fingers began to stroke her slick folds while he trailed hot, wet kisses down the side of her neck and suckled on the pulse point at the base of her throat. Her head fell back and she closed her eyes in rapture.

"Sure I think of other things, my sweet little whore," he finally murmured, when he had her panting with need. "I also think about getting into your bodice."

Leanna gasped and looked down to find he had done just that. Her bodice and chemise were unbuttoned to the waist and her breasts were bared to his hungry gaze. Before she could react, he took one of her impudent nipples into his mouth and suckled it sharply. He knew just what she liked. Whatever she had meant to say came out as a low, helpless moan instead.

Trevor lifted her across his lap, and Leanna inwardly grinned. As she stunned him with a ravenous kiss, she thought that two could play at that game. She reached under the cover of her skirts and opened the buttons of his trousers to release his aching erection. While meeting his stare, she boldly gripped him and guided him to her entrance. As she slid down onto his length, sitting sideways across his lap, Trevor's head fell back against the cushion and it was his turn to release a soft moan. Leanna's grin was positively wicked.

"Far be it from me to deny you," she whispered in a husky voice. She liked this position, with him so deep inside he was nudging against her core. "After all, you did say that as your whore, I was yours to enjoy anytime and anywhere you liked. Now is as good a time as any I suppose."

Trevor gave a satisfied growl as he squeezed her nipple, timing his deep thrusts with the rolling motion of the coach. "That's right Leanna, and don't you forget it."


When they reached Norfolk, Leanna climbed down from the coach with her husband's assistance only to be swept into Steven's hearty embrace. He swung her in a circle, causing her to squeal.

"Put me down," she scolded, although her laughter took any sting out of her words.

Steven finally consented to place her back beside Trevor. His grin was wide and genuine as he looked at his brother. "I knew you would find her." He turned back to Leanna, "He wasn't good for anything while you were gone! Kept moping around, mooning over his lost love." Steven gave her a wink before sobering. "And Amanda is very anxious for your return. She's been so worried. And with the new baby to tend to, she could really use another woman around the house."

Leanna felt tears welling in her eyes. Just when she had begun to be friends with her sister-in-law, she had fled because of Eliza. Leanna was looking forward to getting home. Home! The word had a whole different meaning to her now that she felt secure in her husband's love.

Steven hadn't exaggerated in the least. When Leanna and Trevor reached the front drive of The Meadows late that afternoon, Amanda was anxiously waiting for them. She ran down the front steps and hugged Leanna as soon as her feet touched the ground. When she finally released Leanna and held her at arm's length, there were tears of joy in Amanda's eyes.

"Oh Leanna, I'm so very glad you're back. I feel terrible about the way I treated you before."

Leanna put an arm around Amanda's waist, and the two women walked together into the parlor. "Thank you Amanda. You have no idea how much that means to me. I truly want for us to be friends."

"We already are," Amanda said, as she squeezed her around the waist. "I was a fool to take Eliza's side against yours. I was blinded by my childhood friend for a while, but even before you left, I had begun to see that you were a kind and wonderful person, and all the hateful things Eliza said about you were just spiteful lies. Any claim that Eliza may once have had on Trevor's affection is in the past. You are his wife, and I would very much like for you to think of me as your sister. Please forgive me."

Leanna clasped Amanda's hands in her own as they faced one another, "Thank you, Amanda. Let's forget any past mistakes and move forward, shall we?" They hugged briefly and both laughed a little nervously.

"Oh," gasped Amanda, "I almost forgot! As soon as I heard that Trevor had found you and you were coming home, I started planning a party, a ball really, for a week from this coming Saturday. I wanted to officially welcome you back home and introduce you to the folks in the area. I hope you don't mind . . . if it's alright with you, I should send the invitations out by tomorrow." Amanda looked at her hopefully, waiting for her reaction.

Leanna couldn't help but laugh, overwhelmed by the other woman's desire to make her feel welcomed. "Yes, that would be lovely. To tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind a party so I can officially stake my claim on Trevor. I don't want any other past loves thinking he's still available."

Amanda shook her head in exasperation. "I don't think you have to worry about that. The news of Trevor searching for you has spread all over the district, and folks are just itching to get a look at his wife to see what all the fuss was about. I'm sure they won't be disappointed once they meet you."

"Oh no," Leanna wailed, covering her face, "How will I ever face them?"

Amanda pulled Leanna's hands down and looked her in the eye. Amanda was grinning from ear to ear. "Are you kidding? There isn't a woman in Virginia who wouldn't give her right arm to have Trevor Grayson chasing after her. And all the men know that Trevor's taste in women is exquisite, so they're expecting his wife to be beautiful. You're going to have all of the women green with envy and all the men mooning over you."

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