tagIncest/TabooMarvin's Pride Ch. 01

Marvin's Pride Ch. 01

byDon Byron©

It was her ritual.

Sherry was standing in the doorway. Standing as she did nearly every night for a year now. Standing in the near dark, scarcely illuminated by the bed side lamp on the night stand in her Mother's and Step Father's bedroom. Standing radiant in a short tee shirt and panties. Every since the first day of her Mother re-marrying they had left their bedroom door a quarter to half open. On her first late, late evening visit to the bathroom she found that she could visually partake in what she had been hearing through the walls for the first few.

That first night was her awakening. In the sudden enlightenment her mind was granted it's wings which quickly led south to her very small, very young, yet so very fat and fleshy young vagina.

Since re-marrying, every night her Mother would lay down for Marvin, her relatively new step dad. Sherry was just beginning to comprehend that her mother enjoyed the subordinate roll. She had treated her real father the same; only the door stayed closed back then. Then one day he was gone. They had gone on for a while just the two of them. Then her Mother met Marvin at the Auto Shak. He was the manager over the mechanics. After seeing to her car he asked Florence, Sherry's mother, out for pizza; and then, the very night of the first date, it began.

Nearly every night since she would glide soundlessly across the carpet to bear witness to their couplings.

As she arrived at her spot this evening she beheld the initial overture of this nights activity. Her Mother was on her knees in submission, facing Marvin's manhood. Marvin's stalk. Marvin's freak of nature.

Sherry stared in awe. She always did. Once Marvin had become a fixture in the house, it was almost as if it were the four of them instead of three. Marvin, Florence, Sherry and Marvin's cock. Due to his acreage, it was not really his fault. It was always there, though; no matter how much or how little he wore about his waist. Marvin stood 6'1 and weighed around 230 pounds, but sometimes it seemed to Sherry that he was nothing but cock. Sherry and her Mother both were short. Florence stood 4'11 while Sherry had already outgrown her at 5'0 but it seemed as if whenever they were standing that Marvin's package loomed at nearly eye level.

It was always there. Large. Taking up space where normal men were not. He seemed to always be unaware of the effect that this 'third element' had on Sherry, but Sherry was aware. So was her Mother. She could tell.

Marvin had always treated her decently but never seemed to fully respond to her presence. Sherry didn't understand it, but didn't really mind as it was taking her some time to adjust to the changes in the family tree.

Sherry was suddenly jolted out of her reflection. By the sounds, and then the sight before her.

Florence on her knees. Having to stretch up to gain access to Marvin's cock. Her petite stature forcing her to do this in order to line her mouth up with Marvin's eleven inch tree trunk of a penis. She had both hands at different points of the shaft. Her fingers failed to meet at either placement. His scrotal sack hung down between her forearms, nearly the size of two oranges.

Sherry had a random thought of her driver's education teacher dictating the "hands at ten and two" philosophy.

She suppressed a chuckle. This was different, though. Her Mother's hands were at one third and two thirds. Not quite equitable to a steering wheel, but to Sherry's eyes his cock dwarfed any steering wheel she and had her hands wrapped around.

The fingers wrapped around his manhood, filling up her eyes. Saucer eyes set in on a face haloed in red, a gift from her Mother.

Like a cat Florence was licking Marvin's tomato sized cock head with flat broad strokes of her tongue. Long, languid strokes under the large helmet and up to his over size piss hole. Marvin becoming impatient now. Sherry continued to observe as he wrapped his large hand around the back of his wife's head pulling her mouth onto the head of his cock forcing her lips so wide to the point that it seemed as if they had disappeared.

Florence could never get more than the head into her mouth, but in spite of that she always tried to get as much as she could in order to do her best to please her husband and further display her complete subservience to his massive cock and balls.

Sherry's left hand started it's usual gradual journey toward her quickly moistening pussy as she watched her Mother's mouth. Marvin was not cut and she had the skin all the way back as she tried to keep the huge cock head in her mouth. Sherry thought about all that she had done soon after she started witnessing these nightly trysts. Over the last several months she had let nearly every boy in her neighborhood fuck her. She soon realized that she was on a quest to find what she thought would be unimaginable. She was looking for someone with Marvin's horse dick. The longest and thickest she had taken so far had been Dave. He lived a few houses down, and although he was actually taller than her Stepfather, he was nearly four inches shorter and not even half as thick as Marvin nor did he possess foreskin. None of the boys that she had laid down for during her quest either. They were all circumcised. Sherry was severely disappointed. All the boys were not though. They had all wanted to get into Sherry's pants for as long as they had known what was what. Sherry was the shortest girl in their neighborhood; and with her shoulder length red hair, doe brown eyes and pixie-ish features she was the prize that they all lusted after.

Sherry was not overtly aware of her adulation. She only knew that she wanted to feel a horse cock for herself. She had let every single boy come inside her. She wasn't concerned with birth control, her reputation or anything else but finding that one cock that could equal Marvin. Her Mother had Marvin. She needed hers.

Sherry continued with these random thoughts as she watched Florence pull Marvin's cock out of her mouth to admire her own handy work. The cock head, large, red and angry reflected with saliva. A small river of precum was clearly visible spouting from Marvin's huge piss slit. Sherry's little pussy gushed with new moisture at the sight.

"Why can't I find one of those?" She thought.

It stood out, bridging the distance between Marvin and her Mother nearly the full eleven and a half inches.

"So big" she thought. So thick. So dark with it's heavily pronounced ridges and veins. Sherry watched as it grew in her Mother's hand till it was twice as thick as her forearm.

She had enjoyed letting the other boys fill her with sperm. What would it feel like with something like that? Something so big, so dominating, something that she thought could fill her to the point that she would really be a woman once and for all.

Sherry's reverie was broken as she regained her focus and saw that Marvin was laying her Mother out on the bed. Sherry had two angles to choose from. One from the mirror built into the headboard of the bed giving her a front angle, and the natural angle she had from a three quarter angle at the rear.

Marvin had laid Florence down on her back and had grasped her ankles, taking them back all the way to either side of her chest. This left her cunt obscenely displayed. Sherry stared in fascination at the near carbon copy of her own, yet slightly more petite womanhood. And just like her own at this point in time, her Mother's pussy was glistening with moisture.

It was all too obvious due to it's overly fleshy nature, in conjunction with the fact that after so many months of intercourse with Marvin it seemed to always gape open just slightly when in this position; the inner and outer labia swollen and appearing to jut out to the point that it seemed as if it should sag just a bit from gravity, but did not. Her pussy looked so much like a flower just now.

A flower shape, yet so much thicker. A flower in wait. In need of something sufficient with which to complete it.

Marvin spread his legs, keeping Florence's ass at the edge of their bed and lowered his incredible cock slowly down toward it's ultimate mark. Sherry could see that he had lost a few degrees of tumescence, and although still un-godly large it was swaying nearly at a forty five degree angle as the head was making it's way down to her Mother's wide open and huge lipped fuck hole.

And then the contact. The just over baseball sized head coming to rest at the entrance of her Mothers needy pussy. Sherry could see Marvin's leg and butt muscles start moving as he applied the pressure necessary to gain initial entry.

Sherry could see the head disappear as Florence's' labia gave way to the familiar intruder. At that point Marvin pulled back out of her cunt with the reverse suction creating an audible squelch. Marvin reared back just slightly whilst looking down to admire the effect rendered by his super human cock head. And what he beheld was there for Sherry to see as well.

Her mother's pussy. The meaty, puffy vulva spread open. Her inner labia lay out as if pleading for the return of the intruder that had originally wrought its exaggerated state of distension.

Sherry beheld a moist cunt waiting for what it was built for. Sherry found herself wishing that it was her pussy laying there, gaping, soon to be stretched asunder yet again.

Apparently satisfied by the visual inspection of the damages wrought by his most primal of weapons, Marvin leaned back in.

This time the giant helmet sunk straight into her gaping, welcoming cunt and as he exerted his strength forward the rest of his thick veiny stalk run up toward it's goal. Sherry could hear her Mother's breath escape in a drawn out wheezy exhale almost as if her Step Father's prick was replacing with his cock the place where the air should go.

Marvin continued his penetration until all of his nearly foot long slab of virile man meat was stuffed into Florence. The thickness of his cock made her fleshy cunt lips all but disappear as he wrought forth toward the back of her cunt. Only when he began to pull back was Sherry able to see that they were indeed still there as they clung to each side of his huge cock as if in loving caress and admiration.

Pressing Florence's legs even more firmly back down Marvin began his formal assault. During this stage Sherry thought, and not for the first time, that she could see Marvin looking at her from the reflection of the headboard mirror. Sherry believed that it was unlikely that he could see her in this muted lighting, her standing in shadow. Yet as he drove his cock home up her Mother's pussy he continued to gaze in the same direction. Sherry, lost in the sensation brought upon her by viewing this coupling, believed that it was just a fluke, that he had to be too engrossed in the lewd act of stuffing his horse sized cock into her Mother to be able to focus on her dim reflection.

Now began the familiar sounds of her mother's onslaught. The initial grunts, and then the verbal confirmations.

"You fuck me like no one else you big dicked bastard!" her Mother nearly grunting the words, the syllables coming out within the rhythm of each full insertion and the subsequent smack of his huge balls upon the globes of her ass cheeks.

"I love your cock! I love it deep in my belly! It's in my Goddamn stomach, you beautiful fucker!" and so on the tirade went on until Marvin elected to double the strength of his thrusts. No longer able to speak coherently Florence was reduced to a sweating piece of meat. A staccato fuck whore coming on a cock like she had never had. Florence had never told anyone but she had experienced an orgasm as Sherry was pushed out of her cunt and she thought that there was no way that she would ever feel that way again, so full and in such a state of grace in submitting herself to something that had her pussy filled so.

Now she knew that this was not the case. Marvin's cock was growing thicker as she came again. As was the norm, she had given up on counting how many times.

Sherry could see clearly that Marvin was stretching her Mother's pussy out even more. She knew what this was leading to. She had borne witness enough nights to know he was gearing up to fill her pussy with his cum.

Marvin was taking even longer strokes now. Bringing the stalk back to the point to where it was just the cock head pulling the entire contents of her pussy out before thrusting the near twelve inches back into his little slave whore wife, his little victim. Few women had ever let him fuck them, and much fewer had been able to take three quarters of his manhood before capitulation. In Florence, he had the one woman he had always dreamed of. He had an extremely petite woman that would let him force all of it in.

He loved tiny women, always had. When he could manage to be with one, he lived to see their tiny hands try to wrap around his penis, their eyes when they would see it for the first time, and finally the challenge of tryin gto stuff it in them, in the end, if they dared.

And then there was her daughter, off in the shadow. The very thought of her presence alone inspired him to new heights of tumescence and compelled him to slam his cock home all the harder.

Marvin's cock pummeled his wife's sweetly abused pussy but his thoughts were firmly entrenched in the plans he had laid out for his step daughter.

Sherry continued to gaze upon them as Marvin's cock became a blur, reaming her mother's cunt out to the very limit of her tolerance. Every full insertion was accompanied by a very long, wet, squelching sound as the space in her Mother's cunt hole would was replaced and refilled.

Sherry was held in ultimate captivation by the sight of Marvin lunging in the one last time as his entire body stiffened as he began his wholesale insemination of her Mother, his giant balls drawing just slightly up and he began jetting his cum into her.

Marvin held station over his wife, tight as a guide wire as he launched the first giant globular salvos of cum straight into the depths of Florence's pussy. Then after the initial release he returned to thrusting, enjoying the sight of his wife's sweaty, slightly Rubenesque body in the throes of horse cock induced orgasm. Florence's vision gone, only white stars flashing behind squinched eyelids as she reveled in the sensation of her husband's ultra fat dick, bashing the end of her cunt tube; bottoming out at the peak of each thrust and filling her with his seed, making her submit once again to his power over her.

Finally Marvin lay still with his penis still impaling his tiny redheaded wife as the last strong jets of cum sprayed the interior of her pussy. Her cunt would always overflow with his sperm. She was simply too small inside to hold it all, or perhaps it was because Marvin's testicles were just too efficient. Florence was filled to the brim and then over it as viscous white overflow began to form around the seal between his manroot and her distended labia. Small rivers of it began to coat and then pour forth from her large brownish pussy lips. When the flow grew too great the rivers of cum made their way down across her ass as well coating Marvin's scrotum.

Both of them were bathed in sweat and their lower halves, ball and pussy juice, Marvin gazed down upon his violated and spent wife. He slowly began to withdraw his cock and as he did Florence groaned, but just slightly. Florence routinely would orgasm so hard that she would be limp afterward.

Marvin pulled himself back until his feet were on the floor, bringing himself to a standing position. He once again looked down at his wife. She seemed to be fucked out and falling into sleep or perhaps a mule dick induced trance.

Sherry watched as he began removing his near foot long appendage. In the small bedroom she could just make out the squishy, slurping sound as his softening yet still distended manhood began it's gradual journey back out of it's favorite dwelling.

The retreat of Marvin's cock continued on, and to Sherry's perception it was like watching one of those mini-series on television. It seemed as if it was never going to end. As more and more of it became visible Sherry's pussy became just a modicum wetter as she noticed the thick sheen of sperm that was clinging to his stalk. Every vein and ridge had thick running, syrupy deposits.

When the battleship that Marvin thought of has his fuck stick was finally emerged in all of it's Lysol can thick glory it also revealed the full extent of the damage it's course had incurred upon Florence's once tiny womanhood.

The entire area of her labia was a mess and it seemed that it would be a long time to come before what had been turned into a gaping maw would close again. Sperm oozed from the sides and bottom of her drastically reamed out birthing canal, although Florence herself seemed quite well oblivious to the events of the last few seconds. Sherry reckoned that she had been down this road enough times that the state of at once being so full and then abruptly not full at all was not as much of a shock.

Marvin at once pulled himself to a fully standing position and then turned to face Sherry. Sherry was set to panic. He had never ever faced her or in any way acknowledged her presence. She broke her gaze away from his eyes to take in his manly face, bathed in perspiration and then down past his dark chest hair and slight belly to light her gaze upon the other Marvin. The Marvin she thought of as Marvin Jr.

Sherry stood mesmerized as Marvin slowly began to walk toward her. His eyes never left her face as he began his advance but he could clearly see that Sherry's eyes were full of his manhood as it swung from gently from side to side, dripping cum off of the head as well as dripping copiously from his balls beneath it which were swaying side to side with his gate.

Sherry stood transfixed as Marvin walked all of the way up to her, but not stopping. As he came within arms length he reached out, taking her by her forearm and leading her out of the master bedroom out into the hall toward her own bedroom. Sherry allowed herself to be led along, sensing that things in her house were never going to be quite the same after this night.

Marvin led Sherry into her room pulling her around him and setting her down upon the edge of her bed. Sherry looked straight ahead as she now had the closest look and Marvin's cock. It appeared even larger up close seeming to encompass the entire field of her vision.

"What do you think you're doing, Daddy?" She asked nonchalantly, as if asking for the time of day.

Marvin just continued to gaze down upon her tiny little red haired face then uttered, "I'm going to give you what you have been really needing for the entire time I have known your Mother."

"But, I'm your daughter." Sherry said it as a question more than the statement of legal fact that it was.

"Yes, honey. That's true, now. But we are not blood and since today is your eighteenth birthday, it's high time."

Sherry said, "But am I not still too young?"

"No, Sherry. You haven't been "too young" for quite some time now."

Feeling she should continue with the act, just a wee bit longer, she said, "But you're so big and I'm so small. I don't think that this would work."

Marvin's hands began pulling her tee shirt up and off of her torso as he responded, "You're Mother is at least two inches shorter than you. You are not too small, and even if you are," Marvin paused to make sure that he had eye contact as he dropped her shirt to the floor. "Even if you are, you will not be for very much longer."

Deep inside, Sherry knew that this is what she had wanted all along. She wanted a real man with a real cock. She had been fucking every accessible young boy on her block and in her school to no avail. No one was like Marvin. No one.

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