Maria occasional would blow into town like a storm. This time was no different. She had called when she had stopped for gas outside of town to ask if I could make time for her. It was New Year's eve and a bit unexpected, but I had no serious plans and welcomed her to ring in the new year together. About an hour later she knocked on the door.

"George, it's so good to see you," she exclaimed as she threw her arms around my neck.

"You're looking good Maria", I said leaning down into her grasp. As I straightened, her heels came off the ground with her arms around my neck and mine around her waist. We didn't kiss, but as we hugged my mind flashed back 10 years earlier to that summer when we first met. My mind was a sea of images and feelings as the memories swept over me.

When she pulled away from me, I was dragged back into the present. "So what brings you to town", I asked.

"Oh, I'm on my way to Florida to visit my crazy father," she said releasing me fully as she closed the door behind her to keep out the cold December air. Her father really was crazy. He wasn't institutionalized, but he kept spinning stories about how he worked with the CIA years past and was instrumental in the Kennedy assassination. Maria was sometimes a bit loopy herself, but no worse for the ware. "I'm supposed to meet him tomorrow and thought that I'd stop in Atlanta and visit you first. You don't mind, do you?"

"No, no not at all. As a matter of fact my plans for New Year's fell through. This is good timing. Say do you want to grab a bite to eat? It's lunch time."

"OK. Let's got out. You drive. I've been driving all day."

"How about a burrito?"

"OK, but not that place around the corner. The last time I went there I got food poising."

"Really? I hope it wasn't bad. There's a new place down the way. Let's go there."

As I drove, Maria started to unload. She complained about almost every aspect of her life. She didn't like her job. She wasn't getting paid enough. Her boy friend didn't understand her. It went on and on. I felt like a blanket was covering my body, suffocating me. Throughout the meal, she continued to complain. She liked the food where she got food poising better. Sure it made her sick, but it was better than this shit. I felt compelled to at least acknowledge her comments with the occasional "Uh huh," or the "Is that so?" It got really old. I was seriously regretting her visit.

On the drive back to my house I had reached my breaking point. I was fed up with her bellyaching and asked her what was wrong with her attitude. I don't remember my exact words. But I do remember that she got very quite and said that she was sorry.

We were not home 10 minutes when there was a knock on the door. "Mary!" I said as I opened the door and saw my old roommate. "Come on in."

"Hi George. I just thought that I'd stop by to see how things are at the old homestead".

It was such a contrast in mood. Mary was happy and bubbly while Maria was sullen and quiet. I tried to engage Maria in the conversation with Mary, but she took her first opportunity to make a getaway. When Maria saw her opening, her mood picked up as she collected her things and said her fair wells. I felt bad about her leaving in a bad mood, but I found myself distracted from the guilt of my previous comments to Maria by Mary's presence.

After Maria left, Mary and I sat on the sofa talking about her life in NYC. We were stretched out on either side of the sofa facing each other. We had taken our shoes off, but it had gotten cold so we pulled the afghan over our legs. Even though our stocking feet were nestled against one anther's legs, the contact did not have any overt sexual over tones. We were simply people who had shared a house for six months about 4 years ago. I had had lots of house-mates and Mary was just one that I hadn't seen in a while.

The conversation paused and Mary said, looking into my eyes. "You know George. While I was living here I sometimes wondered if you were a good kisser?"

Startled, I responded, "Really now?", not moving.


"Well, I've wondered about you too... but you know I'm still seeing Sharon."

"I didn't think that that was going very well," she said.

"It's not. But I,... you know,...," I trailed taking the easy way out. I wasn't sure that I wanted things to go very far with Mary. I knew she really was in town probably to visit an old lover. I also had some concern about her as an AIDS risk since I knew she once took an ex-felon and heron addict as a lover. Mary was not above living for the moment. I wondered if I was also.

She simply nodded knowingly. Somethings you just don't have to speak.

"Well, what about you? Aren't you here to see Jayson? I thought you two had a thing," I inquired.

"We don't really, but I'm afraid that he still thinks so. We had sex a few times, but it wasn't very good. He's too fat."

"You mean Woody Allen wasn't right? He said, 'Casual sex is a meaningless experience. But as far as meaningless experiences go it's one of the best.'"

"No bad sex is just bad sex."

When I get the chance, I really enjoy talking about sex with a woman so I thought I'd see where this line would go. "What is the difference between good sex and bad sex?" I asked.

"Ha, ha", she chuckled. "You're old enough to know the difference, George." Pausing momentarily while she collected her thoughts, she continued, "Sex is pretty gross when you really get to it. But if it is good sex, then you don't mind doing anything for pleasure's sake. But when the sex is bad, I'm just thinking, 'When is it going to end,' and 'Hey, get that thing out of my face! Ha Ha", she said as the laughter peeled.

"So it all depends on mood and perspective. That's fair. So when you're in the mood, what sort of things do you like to do?" I asked, hoping to get some details.

"Oh, you like dirty talk", she said looking at me with a sideways glance. "I like this and that," she coyly responded smirking. "If you want details you have to ask better questions."

Starting in safe territory, I asked "Well, do you like back rubs? I once met a woman who said that a good back rub was like good sex."

"I don't know about that, but I do like a good back rub."

"Do you like giving or receiving?"

"Receiving of course, silly. But to be fair I'll also give. Any other questions?"

Thinking that I wanted to approach it gently and prolong the talk I asked,"Do you ever fantasize?"

"Of course. Doesn't everyone? But I think that you're asking if I masturbate?"

"Yea, I guess that I am." I responded. Thinking that I should take more initiative I said, "I know that I like it very much. But some women don't."

"I know you do. You are a guy. But you've run across some women who don't masturbate?" she asked incredulously.

"Yea, Sharon. She thinks that it is perverted. We don't see eye to eye on all things," I said. Not wanting to dissect my relationship with Sharon, I asked "Do you like oral?", looking directly in her eyes.

"69 is my favorite position," she said tilting her head down not smiling. "What about you? Do you like giving head?"

My mouth went dry and a shiver went down my back. "Yes. I like giving head very much. But I also like receiving even better."

"Well who doesn't?" she chuckled. "I like a man who isn't afraid to go down on me," she added.

"I've learned from the best," I said smugly. "I dated this bi-sexual woman a little while ago while Sharon and I were on the outs-- before we got back together. She was a real oral connoisseur, but a harsh task master. When I was going down on her, if I wasn't doing it right, she'd thump me on my head with her fingernail."

"Really? I that is something that I could never do. I mean I like it when it's done to me, but I could never lick another woman." She paused, "So how were you not doing it right, George," she asked somewhat accusingly, but I could tell that she was flirting because of the way she liked her lips.

"Yea, she was very sensitive and couldn't take too much pressure on her clit."

"Some of my girl friends are like that. I only get sensitive after I come."

"Do you come easily?" I asked. I had to shift my weight because by cock was getting hard and was pulling at some of my pubic hair.

"If I jack off I do. But it takes me a while to get comfortable with a new man," she said matter of factually.

"I didn't know that it was called that when women did it," I said as I smirked again. I was starting to get concerned that I was going to have a visible wet spot on the front of my jeans. I could feel the pre-come leaking out.

"Sure why not," she shrugged. "Have you ever eaten a woman when it was bad?" she asked.

"Sometimes the fluid is white and that is bitter. But I don't really like going down when she is having her period. I've done it, but I did it mostly for her and I tried to stay around the outside, know what I mean? So do you deep throat"

"Only if the guy has a small dick," she said matter of factually.

"So how small is small," I asked.

"Oh, about 7 inches or so is pretty small," she said deadpan.

Not believing her I played along, "So you can take a 7 inch cock down your throat? I'm impressed." My mouth was getting dry and I noticeably paused. "Do you like to swallow?"

"No, I've never let a man come in my mouth That's just gross. What about you? Have you ever tasted your come?"

"Yea sure. But only a few times. You know, like when a woman kisses me after a blow job to completion."

"So, did you like it?"

"No, not really. But it wasn't too bad when I wend down on Elizabeth after we fucked."

"My, my. George, you ARE a dirty boy aren't you," she said as she sat back reevaluating her view of me.

She looked down at her watch and jumped up. "Oh, Shit! I'm supposed to meet Jason right now. He's got my cat." She jumped up grabbing her coat and dashed to the door. She thought the world of that damn cat. To her it was her best friend in the world. To me it was just a retched beast who tore up my speakers 4 years ago. Turning to me before she left, she said over her shoulder as she shrugged on her coat. "I'll call you in an hour." And then she was gone.

It was more like three hours before she called. It was hard to understand her very well because her cell phone kept fading, but I was able to discern that she had to take her cat somewhere and would stop by around 9:00 that night. Punctual as ever, Mary came back around 10:45. She walked in talking about her day without acknowledging that she was late. Since she was a recovering alcoholic, we couldn't go out to celebrate the New Year at a bar, so instead we went to a neighborhood coffee shop.

The coffee house was a bit noisy so it was difficult to talk privately. We filled the time till midnight making smalltalk about her experiences in NYC. Just after midnight, we extricated ourself from the crowd and headed back to the ranch.

For all of her hot talk earlier in the day, she seemed to be getting second thoughts. There was nothing else to do but prepare for bed. We separately went to the bathroom and brushed our teeth. It was cold so we both had on sweat shirts and pants. Before she came back I turned on a space heater in my bedroom to reduce the chill. It was acknowledged that we would share the bed, but it was still uncertain just what would happen.

She was shy as she came to bed and she was definitely having second thoughts. Things were not looking good from my point of view.

"Mary, do you want a back rub?" I asked hopeful that this would lead to bigger and better things.

"OK, but I don't want to take my shirt off," she said as she rolled onto her stomach.

I reluctantly agreed as I straddled her hips and sat on her firm butt. "Will you at least pull your sweat shirt up? OK." I said rather than asked.

I started to rub her back through her shirt. It was so frustrating because unless you contact skin, a back rub is just not the same. But I tried my best to make her relax and pressed on. I rubbed her shoulders through the shirt and on to her neck. I was able to get her to moan just a little as I rubbed her neck and moved to her head. As I rubbed her head I imagined that she felt the same tingling sensation that I do when my head is rubbed. She breathed deep and moaned, "That feels wonderful, George."

"I told you I gave good head," I laughed.

She simply turn her head a little and smiled at me before she rested it down again on the pillow. Feeling good about how things were progressing, I rubbed her lower back under the shirt and inched my way higher, hiking the shirt along the way as I went. This went on for about 10 to 15 minutes. This was hard work and my hands were getting tired. Besides, I didn't want her to get too comfortable and fall asleep, so I gently tickled her ribs. By this time her shirt was pulled up high exposing her naked back. "Mary, I really like your back," I said, admiring the contours of her dorsal area.

"Really? What do you like so?" she said.

"I like how lean it is. How I can see and feel your ribs and mussels. I like it when a woman is soft, but I also like it when she is firm too." I softly said.

She rolled onto her back and exposed her bare breast for the first time. "Oh, really?", she said looking into my eyes.

"But I also like your front too," I said leaning down to kiss her as my right hand stroked her left breast around the base working the way to the nipple. She kissed differently than any woman I'd been with. She opening her mouth wide while she gently sucked my breath as she gave me her tongue. Her lips were so soft, as if they were almost not there. It really was much softer that other women, but a littler harder at the same time because she was so passionate. I was starting to think that we would be having good sex, not just mediocre sex, but maybe even great sex. As we kissed, I could feel her nipple harden under my touch.

As we kissed she wrapped her arms around my neck and rubbed my back. By this time I was still straddling her, but I had positioned a knee so that I could rub her crotch as we kissed and stroked each other.

I felt her hips grind into my knee as I broke away long enough to look into her eyes and say, "I want to eat you."

Her eyes widened but then she got a sheepish look and said, "OK, but I'm just now finishing my period."

Having been down this road before and not liking it very much I said. "I may not eat you then, but we'll see. Sometimes it is OK, but sometimes the flavor is too strong," I said as I shifted my weight so that I could suckle her right breast as I rubbed her crotch trough her sweat pants with my right hand. She slowly ground her hips into my hand as she stroked my head while I shifted from one breast to the other. Both of her nipples were fully erect now. They were small, but large enough that I could gently rub them with my teeth as I sucked it into my mouth. Her breast were not large, but not small. Just the right size to fit in my hand. They were not very firm, and almost felt too soft, but I wasn't complaining.

Moving on to better things I kissed my way down her belly until I reached her pants. As I lingered around her belly button, I could feel her body tremble with anticipation. She raised her hips as I tugged her pants down to her thighs. There is something special about seeing a woman's pubic hair for the first time. You never know the exact color or texture. Occasionally there will be a special surprise and she will have shaved it bare. As her pants were pulled lower I could see the bulge in her pubic area just before I could see the first hairs being exposed to me. Mary was a true blond. Her pubic hair was just a few shades darker than the hair on her head.

She helped me pull her pants all of the way off and also removed the shirt so that now she was fully naked. I gently stroked her upper thigh, gently pushing her legs apart. I re-position myself so that I was lying on my stomach resting on my arms gazing into her opening.

Mary's pussy lips were a deep red, gently swollen and moist from her excitement. I reached out and gently stroked her around her opening, not yet touching her pussy. As I admired her I saw that her lips were nicely formed and large enough that I could easily suck them into my mouth like I like to do. I moved my fingers around her outer lips and gently touched her soft inner lips. I inhaled her scent-- there was a faint aroma of sweat mixed with her sexual odors.

I took a single finger and gently rubbed her opening in a slow circular motion, moving it deeper and deeper inside each time. Soon my finger was buried to the knuckle. As I moved it in and out, I could feel her contours. Some women are smooth, and some are not. The corrugated walls of Mary's pussy felt like they were ribbed. I anticipated what my cock would feel as I pumped in and out of her. I was afraid that the sensations would be too powerful and that I would not last long.

I pulled my finger out and I was pleasantly surprised to see the fluid run clear. I had already decided that I would eat her-- that I would soon put my mouth on her pussy and suck her fluid. I really enjoy the thought of it, for there is nothing more intimate that sucking a pussy and making a woman come with my mouth.

"How do you like it? Slow and gentle or fast and furious?" I asked?

"Surprise me," she softly said.

Having seen her, touched her, smelled her, I was about to taste her as I spread her thighs with my hands and lowered my mouth to her pussy. Making my tongue broad, I licked from the lower opening to the top with a single stoke, relishing her flavor. I was in heaven. She had a taste that was addictive-- not too strong at all-- it was very delicate flavor, very faint, but I loved it. I put my mouth on her opening pushing down hard to bury my tongue, fucking her with it like it was a cock. I pull my tongue out to suck one of her lips into my mouth, holding it firmly in my lips as I slowly rubbed my tongue against it. I then suckled it pulling in to my mouth and letting is slide out just to be sucked back in. I was still fully dressed and could feel my cock straining against my pants. I felt it leaking like a sieve. I knew I would have a puddle collecting around my cock. I wondered if Mary would enjoy my fluid as much as I did hers.

I still had on my glasses so I could see. The light form the small desk lamp was bright, shining on her body and casting a stark shadow across the bed. As I pushed my mouth into her bush, I looked past her pubic hair to see that she had her eyes closed and was biting her lip. To see a woman like this is a pleasure for me-- it is such a different perspective to have my mouth in a woman's pussy, looking at her body over her pubic hair.

I could see her stomach tighten as I touched her clit with my tongue. Her breasts, flattened out against her chest, would wiggle as a spasm rippled through her body.

Eating a woman like this is not comfortable for me and soon my neck was pinching with it stretched out so. I had to pull my mouth away so and rest a bit.

"Mary, scoot up a bit, please. My neck is getting sore," I said as I reached for a pillow. I folded it in half.

"OK," she said, not saying much as she lifted her ass of the bed so that I could prop her up to get a better angle.

Putting my mouth back into her crotch, I said "uuch ettter."

"What?" she asked quietly.

"Much better," I said pulling my mouth away from her pussy so that I could be understood.

"Didn't your mother tell you not to speak with your mouth full?" she giggled to herself as much to me.

I moved my hands so that I could squeeze her breast as I continued to lick and lap at her opening. She moaned and called out how good it felt. She was very wet, gushing fluid that I could lick and suck. I let my tongue stroke the entire length of her opening in long broad strokes, starting lower and lower until I occasionally would graze her anus. She loved this raised her hips off of the bed.

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