tagErotic HorrorMary and Her Benefactor

Mary and Her Benefactor


"The bottom line, Mary, is that you are now an extremely wealthy young woman," stated the elderly attorney who was seated across the conference room table from her.

Mary gave the attorney an incredulous stare as she struggled to get her mind around what she was hearing. "I don't understand, Mr. Tyrell. How? Why?"

"Please. Call me Benjamin, Mary. As I informed you, I am your Great Aunt Molly's attorney and trustee. You are the last remaining relative that Molly had, and, as such, you are the sole beneficiary to a trust that she had created quite some time ago. The trust includes, among other things, the large estate on Bayview Avenue that overlooks Northport Harbor, as well as a trust created to care for the property. Are you familiar with it?"

"I drive by it nearly every day. Of course I know the property. Everyone in town knows it. Honestly, I can't tell you the last time I visited the house. We weren't very close with Aunt Molly."

"Be that as it may, the property and everything else that belonged to Molly is now yours. Some of what was left to you in her will is going to have to clear probate, of course. Even with the bite Uncle Sam will take to satisfy his insatiable hunger for tax revenue, you will never have to work again."

"I...I don't know what to say. Can I really just move into the house?"

"Of course. It is there for your benefit," said Benjamin as he pulled a set of keys out of his pocket and slid them across the table to Mary. "There is a caretaker on staff that is an employee of the trust. She ensures the property and grounds are properly maintained. She is aware of the situation and is looking forward to meeting you."

Mary took a deep breath and rose from the table, reaching a hand out to Benjamin. He took her hand in his, and she nearly recoiled. His hand was cold and gave her the creeps. She hid her feelings as best she could behind a smile.

"Thank you for everything, Mr. Tyrell...I mean...Benjamin."

"Feel free to call me should you need anything, Mary."

"Thank you. I will."

Mary nodded and left his office. She walked outside into the bright sunshine and got into her car. She sat there for a few moments feeling dumbfounded. In the space of a few hours, she had gone from being a poor waitress at The Shipwreck to being a rich woman. The Shipwreck was a local diner located on Main Street, and she enjoyed her job and was not inclined to quit it just yet. It was a place where all of the locals went, and Mary enjoyed chatting and joking with the many characters that lived in the town. She decided that she would change little about her life, at least initially. The only exception was that she would move into the house that Molly had left her.

After driving home in a daze, Mary dropped onto the couch in her small living room and started to giggle. She tried to shake the feeling that she was the victim of some television show like Punk'd, picturing Ashton Kutcher bursting through the door with a smile. Instead, she booted up her laptop and searched the web for Aunt Molly and the house that she now owned.

There was little information about her Aunt, but there was quite a lot of information about the house. She discovered that it had been built in the late seventeen hundreds and had carried through the family from generation to generation. She supposed she could sell the place, but she really had little need for the money at this point. It was a far cry from her small apartment here on the south end of Main Street in Northport. In truth, the building she lived in was somewhat neglected by the landlord, and Mary looked forward to leaving it behind.

She spent a good portion of the evening reading whatever information she could find about the property. It was quite late when she finally felt tired enough to sleep. She was off from work the next day, and decided that she'd go check out what would become her new home when she awoke in the morning.

* * * * *

She pulled into the long driveway of the old house and felt a chill run up her spine. She passed it off as nothing other than a touch of childish superstition. The house, if you could call it that, was very well maintained. It was really more of a mansion than a house, comprised of fourteen rooms, not including the seven baths. The rooms were all large and well appointed; the gardens were extraordinary and expansive.

The house overlooked Northport harbor, providing spectacular views from the large, wraparound porch that faced the water. The gardens were behind the house, and provided a natural buffer from the noise and traffic of the street beyond. Entrance to the property was controlled by a large wrought iron fence and gate, requiring a person to enter a six digit code in order to gain access.

She maneuvered her car in front of the three car detached garage and turned off the engine. Stepping out of the vehicle, she looked up at the magnificent building that would be her new home. Feeling excitement building inside her, Mary forgot the momentary unease she had felt earlier and walked up to the door and entered the house. Once inside, she was greeted by the caretaker of the house, a pale, grim faced woman dressed in black. She extended her hand to Mary, who shook it and nodded.

"Good morning, Mary" said the woman with a thin smile. "My name is Janet. I've been the caretaker of the house for over thirty five years."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Mary lied. She took an immediate disliking to the woman for reasons she couldn't comprehend. "Would you care to show me around?"

"Of course, madam. I believe you'll find the house quite stunning," she said as she led Mary through the foyer and into a large living room. The room was furnished beautifully, and the focal point was a large stone fireplace on the far wall. Janet led Mary from room to room on the ground floor, and by the time they'd finished, Mary was astounded. There were seven rooms in all, not including the huge porch that ran along the back of the house. Each room was more impressive than the last. There was a massive kitchen, a formal dining room, a large, comfortable den, a library, a billiards room, and a fully appointed media room with theatre seating. There were two bathrooms that completed the lower level of the house.

"Did Aunt Molly entertain much?" Mary asked.

"No, madam. She was a bit of a loner."

"Please, Janet. Call me Mary. I'm not a madam," Mary joked.

Janet nodded without smiling. "Very well, Mary. Would you like to see the rest of the house?"

"Of course. How many bedrooms are there?"

"Seven, with an additional five baths."

"Oh, God. Do you actually have to keep all of this clean?"

"By myself? Hardly. I have a cleaning team that comes in once a week. You're aware that Molly left a trust fund to maintain the house and grounds?"

"The attorney mentioned that."

"I'll have the team work around your schedule, Mary."

"Thank you, Janet. That will be great."

Janet led Mary through each of the bedrooms, saving the master bedroom for last. The room was huge, featuring a king sized bed and expansive windows that looked out over the roof of the porch and Northport Harbor beyond the grounds. There was a portrait of Molly as a young woman on the wall across from the bed. It captivated Mary, who had only met her Great Aunt when she was much older. The Molly in the portrait was absolutely beautiful. Mary could barely keep herself from staring at the portrait as she wandered around the room. Janet caught her staring, and smiled at Mary, causing her to blush.

"She was quite a beautiful woman, wasn't she," she asked Mary.

Mary nodded, blushing more deeply. "I only met her a few times, and she was quite aged by then."

"Truth be told, the portrait doesn't do her justice. In person, she could stop traffic on the Expressway."

"I can see why. Did she ever marry, Janet?"

Janet smiled and shook her head with a sad smile. "Molly wasn't partial to men, and the world was not quite the enlightened place it is today. She entertained friends, but sadly, that's all she was able to do."

Mary nodded, realizing she had something else in common with her Great Aunt. Mary had engaged in sex with a man once in her life, and as far as she was concerned, once was more than enough. Nothing delighted her more than the feel, touch, and taste of a woman. For her, that was all she needed. She glanced once more at the portrait, and blushed again as she felt a throbbing sensation between her legs, catching her by surprise.

"I'll leave you to get acquainted with the house and grounds," Janet said. "If you need me, there is an intercom in each room. Press the button and speak, and I'll hear you no matter what room I'm in."

"Thank you Janet. I'll try not to bother you too much."

"No bother at all, Mary," replied Janet with a curt smile. "Enjoy your day."

Mary watched Janet go, then glanced up at the portrait once again. Her breath caught in her throat as she sat down on the edge of the bed. She wanted to explore the house, but at this moment, she had an uncontrollable desire to touch herself. She got up and peered down the hallway outside the room. Satisfied that Janet had returned to the ground floor, Mary pushed the door closed and climbed up onto the bed. She hurriedly opened her slacks and pushed them down, then pressed her hand over her throbbing pussy. Her lips were already swollen and wet, and Mary wasted no time slipping a finger inside herself as she drew circles on her clit with her thumb. Her eyes were drawn once again to the portrait, and Mary imagined the beautiful, young Molly lying atop her and kissing her as her fingers brought her to a powerful climax. She came twice more before she finally gained enough control to get off the bed and get on with her day.

* * * * *

Mary looked at the portrait as she left the room and giggled as she blew a kiss at the likeness of the young Molly on the wall. She encountered Janet in the kitchen, giving her a smile and getting a cold look in return. Mary blushed again, fearing that Janet knew what she'd been doing up in her room.

"Are you okay?" Mary asked.

"Of course. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well, you did work for Molly for a long time. Perhaps this adjustment is a difficult one for you."

"It will all work itself out in good time," Janet replied curtly.

"I hope so, Janet. I'm really not a demanding person. I'm quite comfortable doing things for myself, so don't worry about me taking up much of your time."

"I'm not worried. Besides, I was never a personal assistant to Molly. I really only ran the household."

"Okay. I'm going out to the gardens for a while. They look so beautiful, I'd like to get a closer look."

Janet nodded and smiled, and Mary felt a chill as she detected something sinister in that smile. She shook it off and headed out the door. It was a sunny day, but a little brisk. The calendar had recently changed over to October, and autumn was in the air.

Mary spent most of the day exploring the gardens and relaxing in a lounge chair near the edge of the property abutting the harbor. She loved being near the water, which is why she lived in the town to begin with. She was sure this would be one of her favorite spots to relax. She had plans to have dinner with two of her friends, but she stayed down near the water for quite some time. When she walked back to the house, she knew she'd have to hurry if she was going to be on time.

She rushed up the stairs and into her bedroom, peeling off clothes as she went. She paused for a moment to say hello to Molly, biting her lip and smiling before shaking her head and going into the bathroom to shower. She'd have to move that portrait if she didn't stop behaving like this, she thought to herself. She was completely enchanted by the painting in a way that she didn't understand and couldn't explain. Pushing the thoughts away, she quickly showered and dried her hair before applying her makeup. Ten minutes later, she was dressed and headed out the front door. She looked forward to seeing her friends, but she had an overwhelming feeling of wanting the night to end early so she could be alone in her room. Alone with Molly.

* * * * *

Mary walked into Skipper's Pub at a little after six, finding her friends Judy and Linda already perched atop stools at the bar. She walked over and gave each of them a hug and kiss on the cheek, then grabbed a stool next to them.

"I'd love to see the three of you doing a lot more than that," quipped the bartender as he placed a napkin on the bar in front of Mary. "The usual, Mare?" he asked her.

"The usual, Rod. The usual drink, and the usual bullshit you're spouting at us," she chided.

"You'd think just one time you'd appease me, Mary. Just once. I'm not greedy."

"I guess you'll just have to get by with your fantasies there Rod," Linda chimed in. "I'm sure they're a hell of a lot more interesting than whatever we'd do anyway."

"Yeah, well. Just remember I have a birthday coming up, ladies."

"Didn't you have a birthday last month, Rod?" asked Judy with a grin. "Do you celebrate every month or something?"

Rod shrugged and laughed as he placed a Manhattan in front of Mary. "You women are cold. I hope you'll at least give me a decent tip. Especially now, Mare, what with you being all rich and everything."

Mary rolled her eyes as Rod moved down to the other end of the bar. She took a sip of her drink, then turned to face her friends.

"How was the house?" asked Judy. "You went there today, didn't you?"

Mary nodded. "It was incredible. It's been so long since I've been there that I honestly didn't remember much at all. Of course, I was a little girl when I was there last. I probably didn't care about much beyond what my favorite toy was at that moment."

"Are you going to keep it?" Linda prodded. "Yesterday you weren't sure about that."

"It certainly is a hell of a lot more house than I'll ever need, but it costs me nothing and I don't have to take care of any of it. Still, it seems awfully wasteful for one person to have such a huge place to live."

"So you're going to sell it?"

"I don't really know yet. There's something about the place," she said, her voice trailing off as she saw the portrait of Molly in her mind's eye. "I'm in no rush to make any decisions right now. Time will tell."

"And you're still working at the 'wreck?" asked Judy. "Are you nuts?" she said with a giggle.

"I like it there, Judy. My customers are my friends, even though half of them are crazy. What the hell else am I going to do with myself?"

Rod was back, and he gave her a raised eyebrow.

"Don't even, Rod."

He waved her off, then went back to making drinks.

The women finished their cocktails and moved to the dining room for dinner. They ate and talked and laughed, and finally ended the night at about half past ten. When they left the restaurant, Rod was standing outside having a smoke. They made a big show of hugging and kissing each other as they said goodbye, teasing him unmercifully. Neither Judy nor Linda were lesbians, but Rod didn't care. He insisted that all women had the potential, and he took every opportunity he could get to bring it up.

They finally parted and Mary drove the short distance to her new home. She pulled into the driveway and parked her car. It was a warm evening, and she went around and sat out on the porch for a while. The house was quiet, as Janet left each day around four in the afternoon. She got up after a half hour and headed inside. She was working in the morning, and didn't want to stay up too late. She turned off lights downstairs as she moved toward the stairs that led up to the bedrooms.

Mary entered her room and stood by the bed taking her shoes off. She jumped when she heard...or thought she heard, her name being whispered. She looked around at the empty room, and her eye was drawn once again to the portrait. She stood there motionless for almost five minutes, transfixed by the beauty of Molly on the wall before her. She thought she was tired; now she only felt needy.

After brushing her teeth and removing her makeup, Molly found herself sprawled atop her bed. Her fingers roamed around her body, finding a nipple and pinching it hard enough to make her gasp. Her other hand made its way between her legs, petting and teasing her pussy and causing her to moan and squirm. She teased herself for a few minutes before getting down to business. She watched Molly as she touched herself, her focus on the full, soft looking lips Molly possessed. She imagined Molly kissing her, and she could almost feel the brush of lips against hers as she did. Mary came hard, causing her to call out Molly's name as she writhed around the bed.

Once Mary had caught her breath, she got up to pee. She caught a glimpse of herself in the bathroom mirror, and noticed for the first time her resemblance to Molly. No wonder why she was so taken by the portrait, she thought. There was such a feeling of familiarity, and now she understood why.

Mary moved back into the bedroom and climbed into bed, this time under the sheets. She reached over to turn out the light, and glanced up at Molly again.

"Goodnight, Molly," she said aloud. She blew the portrait a kiss, then turned out the light and rolled over to sleep.

* * * * *

Mary awoke the next morning in a state of intense arousal. She had a recollection of having a sexual dream in which Molly was in her room, on the bed with her face buried between Mary's legs. Mary recalled that Molly was relentless, lapping at Mary's dripping pussy and making her come again and again. It was all dissipating very quickly, except for the neediness that Mary felt. She reached down to touch herself, and found that her clit was hypersensitive. Mary pushed beyond the feeling, and was rewarded with a massive orgasm that caused her to scream out loud.

She lay there panting, trying to catch her breath and calm down. Finally, she sat up in bed and looked at the portrait of Molly on the wall. Surely I must be crazy, she thought to herself. I'd swear that there wasn't even a hint of a smile in that portrait yesterday, and now the corners of Molly's mouth were turned up in the beginnings of a smile.

That's ridiculous, she admonished herself as she threw back the covers and got out of bed. My mind is playing tricks on me. If anyone has a smile this morning, it's me, she thought with a giggle. She moved towards the bathroom and glanced once more at Molly.

"You...are a naughty young woman, Molly," Mary said aloud as she pointed to the picture. "And I like it."

Mary rushed through her morning routine, managing to get ready quickly enough to be on time for work. She rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen, making herself a cup of coffee in the Keurig machine. When it was ready, she opened the fridge and pulled out a carton of half and half. When she turned around, she jumped as Janet was suddenly in the kitchen.

"I didn't mean to startle you, Mary," Janet said with a smug smile. "Did you sleep well?"

Mary blushed at the question. "I slept fine, Janet. The bed was very comfortable."

"Molly did love being in that bed," said Janet with a knowing look. "Sometimes she'd stay in it all day long."

"Well, I have no such intentions," replied Mary as the crimson in her face deepened. "I'm going to work today."

"Very well. The cleaning crew is due this afternoon, if you're okay with that."

"Of course. I think I'll have my coffee on the porch, then get going."

Janet nodded and left the kitchen. Mary watched her go and once again felt a strong distaste for the woman. She headed out to the porch and sat on a wicker chair, sipping her coffee and watching the boats out in the harbor. When she was finished, she grabbed her purse and keys and got into her car, tuning the radio to a classic rock station. With music blaring, she headed off to work.

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