tagInterracial LoveMary Cassidy Does the Reverend

Mary Cassidy Does the Reverend


Mary Cassidy was forty when she met the Reverend Joseph Drummond. He was a fine African male tall, well muscled, and with an obviously fat package buried inside his custom trousers. He was also unmarried and since his newest church did not supply him a rectory, he was looking for a home.

Mary was the best white real estate agent in town. There was a time when a white real estate agent wouldn't have showed anything to a black man. That was especially true for a white woman. Times were hard, civil rights were the talk of the land, and so Mary immediately signed him to a Buyer Broker contract making him hers exclusively. She spent days showing him different neighborhoods and learning about him. He was single, his mother who was sixty and a widow had promised to come and take care of his home until he remarried. Theresa his wife had died in childbirth the son she left behind was dependent on his grandmama.

Reverend Drummond thought because of his son he should buy in the all black area. Mary convinced him that this was changing. She introduced him to several professional couples two all black, and one a mixed couple and so he made an offer on a good sized ranch home on two acres with its own pool n a mixed area. Too well did Martin Drummond remember the embarrassment of hot days and no pool because of his color, the pool that was the determining factor in his offer. Mary also took him to several of the local schools introducing him to the principal and getting the information on class size and teacher ratio and mixture of races at the school. Information he required even if he hadn't known it.

Martin was still young only forty-five and in the full flush of his manhood. He had been alone since Theresa died and Mary was a very attractive woman. One night as she left him off to pick up his car she leaned over and kissed his check. Loan approval had arrived today and the closing was set for only weeks away. He turned his head at her contact and soon they were kissing deeply and with a mutual longing. He moved back and looked deep into her eyes,

"My hotel or your home?" He asked

She started the car, and soon they had pulled into the privacy of her garage and he was inside her large condominium. She closed the door. Removed his tie, he took off her jacket, she started in on his shirt buttons just as he nestling into her neck for a lick and a small bite, he slowly opened hers.

Soon their clothes were puddled together on the floor. They kicked them out of the way as they looked at each other in wonder and deep desire. He reached out for her and drew her into his arms. Looking deep into her eyes he almost growled "Are you sure about this thing we are about to do?"

She grinned, bit his lip softly, and licked it better. "I have wanted to do this since I first laid eyes on you."

He swept her into his arms and carried her down the hallway. She pointed and he pushed the door open. The bedroom was large with a king- size bed centering the room. He pushed the comforter to the floor and laid her in the middle of the bed. She looked up and he smiled "Working room baby, I need working room" with that he reached for her foot sucked a toe into his mouth as his hands worked up her legs and tickled softly at her feminine center.

He could smell the beginning of her passion and he reached up and captured a drop on his fingers. Bringing it back to his mouth he looked up and sucked them dry. "Delicious," was all he said as he left her toes now all wet and kissed his way up her leg. Soft moans from her told him all he needed to know as his tongue licked out and captured more of her juices. He felt her hands curl into his hair and heard her say, "There oh yes, there please and harder." He was a good listener and so in the course of the next hour he found all the sexy spots on her body.

Every woman is different and it is worth the time to discover those things that make her giddy with passion. The Reverend Drummond was a talented lover. She benefited from that talent until she cried out and asked him to stop from an overload of emotion.

"Please Joe; let me give you some pleasure now. I need to have you in my mouth to taste you like you have done me."

He stood and moving to the side of the bed laid his long rangy body down and smiled. "It's all yours, do your worst, or is that best?"

She took a minute to light several candles around the room and turn on some deep old sad sexy blues before coming back to bed. Straddling his chest she bent over and started by kissing his eyes and then fluttering her long lashes she went over every inch of his body stopping only to suck and nibble on his nipples until they were hard and standing out from his body. He thought he would go insane when reaching his cock, she fluttered her lashes across the head and then up and down the shaft before following it with her tongue. It was the most erotic thing he had ever felt. He was hard as nails and pulsing with need when her wet warm mouth engulfed his head and slowly worked its way down the shaft of his member.

The Reverend Drummond was well built and Mary a quite a bit smaller then he was, but she managed finally to take all of him into her mouth and then swirling her tongue over his head and around his shaft she began to worship his cock. Her hands weren't quite large enough to meet around his cock but she moved them in time with her mouth taking time once in every three or four strokes to tickle his balls and the soft smooth erotic spot between the end of his sack and his anal area.

Mary loved men and she loved sex. She didn't often partake in sex to her there had to be more then lust to make it work. She had felt that connection with Joe from the first time she laid eyes on him. That he was her first black man didn't matter. He was a man, she admired. He was an intelligent, caring, beautiful man, a man who obviously had a very sensual nature. It was enough to turn her motor to high. She gave him as good as she had received. He had come once then she had sucked him hard again before finally getting up on her knees and standing over him she slowly settled her pussy over his cock.

She felt herself opening up wider then ever in her life and felt him go deeper then any other man had been. The pleasure circuits in her pussy walls were working overtime and she could feel his hands caressing her and hear him growling his pleasure at her fine tight pussy and her well developed muscles.

Slowly they let the feeling build slowing down and resting when either got to close to coming denying the ending until it was impossible to deny it any longer. She cried out, he slammed her down hard on his cock, and screaming she came and he filled her with his essence. They rode it out until finally he softened and she pulled free and tumbled to his side.

"That was wonderful Joe." He softly caressed her side and bending licked gently at her nipple. "I agree. I want you to know that's the first time I have made love since my wife died. I had forgotten what I was missing."

Mary's eyes misted with tears. The man had just given her the best compliment of her life. She pulled him closer and reached up to kiss his eyes closed. "Hush now and rest" and he did.

He woke up to sunshine and the smell of coffee.

He hurried into his trousers. "My God, Mary you should have chased me out of here before now how will you explain me to your neighbors?"

She laughed, "I will tell them the only way I could get you to buy a house was to fuck you".

He had to look to be sure she was teasing him, she was she stood at the side of the bed laughing.

They had their coffee and fresh muffins, the woman could even bake. HE then went out into her garage and while he would have been more than happy to slide down far enough in her seat that the neighbors would not have seen him, she refused to allow it. They left as they had come in full view of anyone who cared to look.

Reverend Drummond never told Mary how much that meant to him. He was well aware how quickly a career could be ruined in a southern town. He knew it would be difficult but hoped they would be able to continue to see each other becoming close friends and he smiled, fuck buddies. He had heard the term but never realized before last night what it meant. Obviously in this town and given their professions they could never be anything else, but he reached and slide his hand up her leg and encountering no panties under her sundress into her wet and welcoming pussy.

"You're smiling, Joe and I am enjoying your hand a whole lot, what is on your mind?" Mary asked as she slowed the car to appreciate his attentions even more.

He laughed, "I was thinking I want to become your very good friend and one of my nephews has used the term fuck buddy before, I never knew what it meant before last night. He looked seriously into her eyes as she glanced at him instead of the road. We can't be anything else although my heart says in another time and place we might be, but I do want to be your fuck buddy."

HE watched her eyes soften, the sides of her mouth crinkle up in what he knew always happened before that delightful girlish giggle filled the air and reaching with one hand to caress his cock she giggled, "I should certainly hope so, that was just a taste of my abilities and you're way out of practice. It would be a pleasure to be fucked by you on a regular basis."

He pulled his hand loose from her dress as they reached the more traveled parts of town, she pulled up in the turn-around of the Atlanta Hilton, and the doorman opened the door.

"Thank you so much, Mrs. Cassidy for showing me that house so early this morning. Please call me as soon as you get any information on if the bid has been accepted or rejected."

Mary held out her hand, he shook it and palmed the piece of paper she had been holding. Waving good-bye she sped off to start her busy day. He waited until he was in his room to open the note.

It was an invitation to dinner. She would pick him up at the hotel at seven that night, she advised him to wear his suit and bring some swimming trunks they would try out the pool at the new house and picnic afterwards. There was her cell phone with a note that it was private not her business phone and a deliciously wicked note about what she expected him to do to her under the stars in his secluded backyard. He was grinning as he walked into the bathroom to run his shower.

(c) June 2005

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