tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaryAnn Tries Submissive

MaryAnn Tries Submissive


On the day the policeman brought her news of her husband's fatal accident, MaryAnn's world changed. She had always had her hands full as a writer, editor, mother, and wife. It took a lot to fill the talented and ambitious woman's life, but her husband's death left a terrible void.

She missed her marriage. It had been fulfilling and exciting. Now extra time hung heavy. She was able to keep her pace as a journalist. That kept her from sinking completely into despondency. MaryAnn, the journalist was too busy to mope. MaryAnn. the widow and mother, cried herself to sleep for two weeks.

Then she discovered the arcane world of chat rooms. Many were devoted to sex, several to the type generally considered taboo. Safe behind a pseudonym and separated by thousands of miles from her correspondents, she found rooms devoted to acts she had hitherto mused over, then dismissed quickly. Now she read those same scenarios but found them fascinating and tempting.

Her interest in interracial sex was shared by many white women much like herself. She exchanged ideas from several of them and with an equal number of black men. Both whetted her interest. When she managed to wrangle a writing assignment in The Big Apple, she was able to satisfy her interest far from home where she felt she could let herself go wild.

But, back in San Diego, things were tamer. She was still alone. Dating any of the local guys just wouldn't do. Most of those who might be interested in a forty-something widow had been friends of both hers and Ron's. That presented a bit of awkwardness she wasn't prepared to tackle yet. It was less traumatic meeting a man named Big Mac in a place called Smitty's.

And interracial dating wasn't the only taboo subject freely discussed. in the chat rooms. The hitherto demeaning subject of submission attracted her interest. A few mouse clicks plus her sex and age posted in a chat room brought her all sorts of replies. Lots of things to fascinate her. A typical conversation went something like:

MaryAnn: But I'm independent and successful, why would I want to be dominated by someone else?

DomX: It's simply another means to an end. With me, you would keep your right to say no. You can also retain the terms under which you'll participate. After the boundaries, which you choose, I would make the decisions. Many women find it frees them to really enjoy sex.

Others in the D & S chat rooms were clearly men seeking a power trip. MaryAnn ignored the super macho guys and pursued those who seemed to give her enough leeway to keep her sense of self esteem.

DomX suggested she test herself to see if she might be able to follow orders. She would be on the honor system, but she would find out if she enjoyed doing something outrageous merely because it was part of a game. His instructions were simple. She should go to a busy mall, overdressed, but without panties or a slip. There she would flash at least one man, preferably a young, but not underage, one. She should make sure he saw her pussy. Absolutely sure. She would then look him in the eye and walk away.

Following that, she should expose herself as much as possible in the mall. Finally she should send DomX an e-mail telling how she, not those who saw her, reacted to such wanton behavior -- all this from a complete stranger in Chicago.

The hardheaded journalist in MaryAnn objected. This was utter nonsense. It wasn't the danger that bothered her because she was sure she could pull it off. But would she do something to simply please a man seventeen hundred miles away. Of course not!

But the challenge kept bugging her. Saturday morning, Mandy, her daughter, said, "Mom I'm going to visit Grandma and Grandpa today. I'll stay overnight.

MaryAnn would be alone all day.

That afternoon she found herself looking in the closet for appropriate clothing, not for shopping but for flashing. And she had one, a beige dress clearly designed to be worn with underwear. Also it was far too dressy for a mall in a casual town like San Diego. She would attract attention from that alone. A new, adventurous, MaryAnn dressed carefully, ensuring she'd look her best. She was satisfied that she would attract the attention necessary to pull off her quest. She left behind her slip and her panties.

"My god woman, are you crazy," she asked herself. "If I stand between a person and the light he can practically see through this thing. And for what? I don't intend to be picked up by some stranger in the mall. I'll simply give someone a cheap thrill." Little did she know that the thrill would be for her and it would be a huge one.

She found herself heading for one of San Diego's big suburban malls, one with all sorts of outdoor parking. She was extra picky in choosing a parking place.

She spotted a couple young Hispanic lads sitting in a low rider, plenty of empty spaces alongside. She parked one space away from the right side of their car, opened the door then closed it to attract attention. Then she opened it again. Both young men looked over. This time she opened the door wide, swung her left leg out letting her skirt slide up high on her thigh. Then the right leg followed slowly. Before standing, she was facing them, legs spread. She gave the guys a first class view of a neatly trimmed pussy.

She looked up, directly into one's eye one then the other's. Then she walked away as if nothing had happened. They were left gaping at the show. She chose the mall entrance that lay beyond the car so she would have to walk in front of it. She felt the material moving against her ass and knew they saw the wiggle of her cheeks. To enhance the effect, she gathered the material in front and pulled it tight across her ass.

God she felt wanton! God she felt good!

Heart still thumping she went inside. Soon she saw what her telephone dominant had told her to look for. The afternoon was shooting a ray through a skylight right down the escalator. MaryAnn picked her spot, a time when there was nobody ahead of her then made her ascent. She peeked back and saw a few others following. The look on one man's face told her he could see how the sun outlined her legs and her ass.

Finally the food court. This was rather easy. She bought a stuffed potato. It would suit her plan perfectly. MaryAnn chose a seat facing a couple of guys about her age. This time she dropped part of her potato slathered with melted cheese on her lap.

"Oh damn!" she said. Then she made a effort to wipe off the stain, finally pulling up the skirt to get it off. She pretended not to notice she was fully exposed.

She was getting the hang of this. She gathered up her paper dishes and what was left of the potato and headed for the trash can. The path she chose required her to turn sideways, her ass nearly in the face of the two men she'd just flashed.

About a half hour later she got home, took off her dress and logged on to the dom/sub chat room. DomX was online. She sent him an immediate message.

MaryAnn: Hi.

DomX: Hello. Did you do it.

Maryann: Yes.

DomX: Thrilling huh?

MaryAnn: OMG you have no idea.

DomX: What did you do when you home?

MaryAnn: I didn't wait until I got home.

DomX: No kidding. Tell me about it.

MaryAnn: I was so excited, so goddamned excited, I started on the freeway?

DomX: It isn't dark yet in San Diego is it?

MaryAnn: The guys in the other cars couldn't possibly see inside.

DomX; Did that disappoint you?

MaryAnn: No because a passenger in a truck could. He looked right down at me.

DomX: What did you do?

MaryAnn: I pulled my dress up to give him a good view. I was fingering myself as I drove.

DomX: Did you get off?

MaryAnn: No, but it was exciting knowing he was watching. I'm still shaking from it.

DomX: Want to get off now?

MaryAnn: Right now?

DomX: Yes I'll cum with you.

MaryAnn: I'm naked.

DomX: Me too and I have a hard-on.

MaryAnn: How big?

DomX: Eight inches.

MaryAnn mentally subtracted one inch for the Internet but was fascinated.

DomX: Play with your cunt. Do it now. Caress your clit and tell me how it feels.

MaryAnn: Oh god, my god, it feels good. It makes me wiggle in the chair.

DomX: I'm now in front of you. Spread your legs.

MaryAnn: Oh god. Yes, god yes. Do it right there.

DomX: It's much better if we do it on the phone. May I call you?

MaryAnn: (long pause) I've never done phone sex. I'm nervous.

DomX: MaryAnn do as I say and do it right now. Lock your door, go into the bedroom and lie by the speaker phone.

She typed in her phone number and did as he said. There was something liberating about not having to make a decision. The phone rang.

MaryAnn said, "Hello." Her voice was barely perceptible.

Her partner replied, "Look speak up. Act like this is thrilling and it will be. Are you naked and do you have a toy?"

In a louder and firmer voice she answered, "Yes I have an eight-inch dildo."

"What you going to do with it?"

"I'm going to shove it in me and pretend it's you."

"No, no, goddamnit, say 'I am going to shove it in my cunt and pretend it's you.'"

"Yes, DomX (she had drawn the line at calling him master). I will shove it in my cunt when you tell me to."

"That's good you wait until I tell you. Do you want to be fucked my me?"

"Yes, more than anything in the world."

The voice from Chicago said, "I am getting in bed with you. I hold you tight. you can feel my cock against you. Put it in your hand and squeeze it.

"Oh Christ it feels good. May I stroke it?"

"Yes, but gently. . . Ahhh that's nice. Now I'm on top. Rub it against your cunt, special attention to your clit."

"Oooh jesus," came the slightly muffled reply.

"Do you want it in your cunt MaryAnn?"

"Yes, yes, oh please yes."

"Okay raise your hips and I'll put it in you, all the way in one stroke."

She raised her hips and said, "Do it now."

She heard a grunt from the other end and simultaneously shoved her dildo all the way. Orders from afar or not, she couldn't help making a noise. "OOOOH GOD."

DomX asked, "Feel good MaryAnn?"

"Yes, oh god yes, fuck me hard DomX."

MaryAnn thought she'd tried everything possible but this was new and hot, hotter than she expected. She was having sex with a man who managed to take charge from seventeen hundred miles. She let herself go, closed her eyes and imagined a guy about six feet tall lying on top, holding her so tight he crushed her tits, slamming his cock into her.

It didn't hurt a bit that the noises from the other end were becoming almost incoherent. This was a turn-on like she'd never had before.

Soon she was immersed in the fantasy. Her hips were off the bed pushing back against an imaginary man. One hand held the dildo, the other played with her nipple. Now and then she would stroke her clit. She was afire with passion.

"Oh Christ yes, yes. oh god. now shove it in hard."

"Want to get on top MaryAnn?"

"No you're the dom. Cover me with your body and do it hard. awfully hard. Shove it to me."

"Feel it MaryAnn?"

She shoved the dildo in and replied, "Oh god yes. Oh Christ you're big. Do it. Do it to me. Fuck me."

MaryAnn raised her ass off the floor and was humping an imaginary man, but the dildo was real. And it was slamming deep inside her and stroking, covering her g-spot on each stroke.

"Oh MaryAnn, MaryAnn, I am going to cum in you."

She picked up the tempo. "Yes, yes, do it. Do it. Make me feel it."

The conversation soon became jumbled with groans, whimpering, and crying all mixed together. It had become as real as reality itself.

MaryAnn almost lost track of her distant lover as the convulsion came over and she felt herself shake with ecstasy. "OH GOD, OH MY FUCKING GOD. CUM IN ME."

Her whimpering excited her distant lover and she soon heard similar sounds coming from Chicago via her speaker phone.

Then nothing but heavy breathing.

Finally DomX said, "That was magnificent, absolutely magnificent."

"Yes, wasn't it?"

"When can you come to Chicago in person?"

"Not soon enough I'm afraid."

"We have to get together. I mean it."

MaryAnn said, "We have to do some talking about it first. It's easy to visualize things, as you just saw, but we really have to make some plans and set up some guidelines."

Two months later MaryAnn was at the airport waiting for a flight to Chicago. She recognized this was madness, but she felt compelled to do it. She and her Chicago lover had worked out the limits and most of the details. They agreed that he would make the decisions and she would obey unless she just couldn't handle it. As if in a secret ritual she had a word to use as an escape.

She had been having a recurring dream that she forgot the word. Now, on the verge of flying to her tryst she rehearsed: "Marlie, Marlie, Marlie." He had told her it was his nickname for a woman he'd been in love with. Now what should she make of that?

She wondered about a lot of things. Suppose he turned out to be a vicious sadist and followed his own desires, not hers? Suppose some of the others who would be involved went overboard? Could he stop them? The practical woman in her tried to shrug it off. After all fear and apprehension were a lot of what this was about.

In any case, she was soon on her way. She boarded with the other first class passengers, took her seat. and refused the offer of a cocktail. She was a moderate drinker but now she wanted to keep complete control. She figured in about four hours she'd be walking through the door of a house not far from Northwestern University. The hoped being in a classy neighborhood would ensure she was dealing with a rational guy.

She tried reading a magazine but gave that up after three tries to remember what it was she just read in the first paragraph. The solution was as it almost always was. She opened her laptop and worked on an article she was trying to firm up for publication. Writing was her refuge every time.

Soon, the screech of the plane's tires announced her arrival at O'Hare Airport. It wouldn't be long now. She deplaned, picked up the keys to a car, retrieved her luggage, and finally treated herself to one stiff Martini. She smiled to herself as she reflected that any other stiff things would have to wait a while. She was on the last leg of her journey. Within a last few minutes she would voluntarily shed the luxury of self determination.

She pushed his number, already entered in her cell phone. "Hello," came DomX's voice."

"I'm here in front of your house."

"Leave your luggage in the car, lock it, and just open the door and walk in."

That would be the last verbal conversation they would have until the wild threshing on the bed subsided.

MaryAnn was conscious that he was watching as she walked to the front door. She was also quite sure he would like how she looked. She had chosen her ensemble carefully: an expensive black, moderately low cut, sheath dress, an equally expensive black slip, black, sheer panties adorned with flowers, black half bra, tasteful makeup with just enough eye liner to give a sharp contrast to her blond hair. Nylons and moderate heels finished the outfit. She was dressed as if she were going to a cocktail party.

She usually attraction, when she dolled herself up her appearance demanded it.

MaryAnn wanted to exude confidence but her hand shook as she turned the handle and opened the door. It opened and she walked in and looked at the man with whom she'd been planning all this for two months. DomX was everything he'd promised so far as she could tell. He was naked except for a pair of boxer shorts.

Neither spoke. He took her hand and led her into the bedroom, dominated by a huge king-sized bed. She had confided that she loved both exhibitionism and voyeurism. A mirror alongside the bed suggested she could have both with herself.

DomX turned her toward him and slipped his shorts off. He wasn't quite hard but MaryAnn knew he hadn't exaggerated much when he claimed eight inches. Then he did something that wasn't in the scenario they had planned. He took her head in his hands and kissed her. It wasn't a passionate kiss but it was a real one. MaryAnn was about to open her mouth when he pulled away. She glanced down and his penis had grown considerably.

Then he reverted to the script. He slapped her face hard on the left cheek. God it stung! Tears came to her eyes but she moved forward almost imperceptibly. He slapped her right cheek. Again she didn't cry out but he knew it hurt by the look on her face.

Then he put his hand in the bodice of her dress, and pulled sharply. The dress gave way (possibly because she had snipped the hem) and ripped it completely down. The expensive dress hung in tatters.

Next he ripped off her slip. More tatters. The rag man would find some expensive dry goods in his next collection.

DomX reached out and caressed her breasts through her bra. She, looking him in the eye as always, unfastened the hook and they fell aside. They weren't gigantic but they were classic, and real. With nothing more than a middle-aged hint of a sag, they still stood out. MaryAnn was able to stop conversation when she entered a room wearing a low cut gown. Her current lover certainly seemed impressed. He fondled them, then reached over and licked one nipple while pinching the other.

Oh god! The licking felt good. Oh God! The pinching hurt. The combination was erotic beyond belief.

Then, still standing and bent over he took one in his mouth and sucked gently on it. MaryAnn's hands went to her crotch. She commenced moving her hands up and down her labia. As DomX's ministrations continued she increased the pace of her own stroking. Then she pulled her panties down a bit creating some slack. She pushed the material up inside her vagina and started fingering herself vigorously.

It may have looked strange but it was all part of the plan and it was exquisite. DomX looked satisfied. His cock was now fully erect. Things were moving along right on schedule. Still no talking but the non verbal communications were unmistakable. MaryAnn was moving her hips and making those girl noises that tell a guy things are going right.

When her breathing, moving, and noises almost reached the point of climax, DomX stopped, turned her around, forced her onto the bed. She landed on her hands and knees watching herself and her lover in the mirror. He pulled her panties back up tight then picked up a rolled up newspaper from the bed. MaryAnn tensed waiting for it to begin.

And begin it did. The first slap across her ass stung, and it made a very satisfactory sound. She was being beaten. Again no verbal communications and no accusations such as "you are a naughty girl." That bit of falderal had been eliminated from the script. This spanking was for its own sake. It was a bit of foreplay that brought out MaryAnn's secret of secrets. She couldn't tell someone else how it felt.

But her actions showed DomX how she felt. Looking in the mirror, she could see him whaling away and his cock swinging back and forth as he did so. As the blows rained down she managed to reach back with one hand and reach inside her panty leg. She was adding to the entire gamut of feelings with her finger.

The pain was real, and it was exquisite. Still no verbal communication between the two of them, she nevertheless let him know she was ready for the final act of the first part of the affair she'd just flown all the way from San Diego to experience. She was crying, not from pain but ecstasy.

He pulled her panties down, then managed to slide them off completely. The denouement was at hand. MaryAnn looked in the mirror, a witness to the whole thing. But she wasn't just a witness. She was a participant, and a noisy one.

He moved up and down her ass to her pussy. Barely pausing at the opening, he slammed it to her hard. She let loose with a loud moan. The moans continued as he kept on. One hard blow followed close behind the other. She had asked for the hardest fuck he could give her and he was obliging, big time.

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