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The firm my husband works for was having a party, it was to be a fancy dress masked ball. He wanted me to go as a French Tart, he had brought home the outfit and at first I had protested but he persuaded me to 'at least try it on'.

Well I did and I have never felt so wicked in all my life. Black high heeled shoes and black fishnet stockings, red suspenders and panties and matching bra, the bra was that 'cut away' that it only just covered my nipples. A mini skirt that was level with my stocking tops and had splits up to the waistband on both sides. A red & black striped top that had a deep neckline but the bottom only just covered my breasts, and of course, a black beret.

"I can't go out in this!" I said to my husband Tom.

"Of course you can. Doesn't it make you feel good?"

"Well.... Yes... But..."

"Doesn't it make you feel sexy?"

"...and wicked... and slutty... but I can't... I just can't...."

"You'll be the Belle of the Ball; you'd like that wouldn't you."

Well, to cut a long story short, he talked me into it, truth be told I wanted him to 'talk me into it' so I wouldn't feel that I was to blame. But one thing he talked me into, that I wasn't very happy about, was to leave off my bra & panties. Persuasive as ever, he convinced me that only being 19, I was firm enough not to need the bra and without panties, he could have a discrete play with my pussy whilst we danced. So that is how I was to go to the ball.

He was going as an Arab, his outfit looked just like an ordinary one, except the front was like a wrap over skirt. From the waist on down was completely open, only the fact that it was wrapped over slightly, stopped anyone from noticing. When I asked why the opening, he said in case we felt frisky, he could lift up my little skirt and 'take me' without anyone noticing. With this in mind and the way I was dressed, I was feeling quite 'horny'.

An hour before we where to leave for the party, my husband phoned me and said that he would be delayed at work and that I was take a taxi to the party and he would follow me on there as soon as he could. I did as instructed and went to the party alone, I didn't really know anyone anyway, but the fact that they where all wearing masks just made me feel more alone. A few men asked me to dance and probably because of the way hat I was dressed, they took liberties and tried to grope me but I soon put them in their place.

I'd had a few drinks and just wandered around. Then I came upon the library, there where no lights on, except for the lights over the snooker table. I went in and was quite amused to see Napoleon play snooker against Julius Caesar. There was a Grand Piano and I went and stood at the end of it, leaning on it as I watched the men playing snooker. Just then I saw my husband, in his Arab outfit, come in to the library. He walked around the back of the piano and came up behind me. He slid his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. He walked me backwards until we where behind the piano, lent me forward so that both my arms where resting on top of it. He raised my mini skirt and then I felt his hard cock slide along the crack of my bottom, under me and push it's way into my pussy. I felt really excited that he was doing this in the same room as the 2 men playing snooker. Admittedly they where so engrossed in their game that they didn't notice what we where doing but the fact that they where there, made me feel decadent and slutty.

My husband reached around with one hand and started to play with my clit, with his other hand he caressed my breasts and played with my nipples. He soon had me squirming and panting. I could feel his cock going faster and faster in and out of my pussy, I knew he would soon be coming and I was almost there myself. I heard him moan and could feel his cock squirt his hot spunk into me. This took me over the top and I started to cum as well.

Conscious that there where other people in the room, I tried as best I could to stifle my moans. But not good enough, I caught the attention of Napoleon & Julius Caesar. They came over to us just as my husband was taking his cock out of me. I went to straighten up but my husband gripped the back of my neck and held me down leaning on the piano. Napoleon got behind me and I felt his cock slide into me, it went in very easy with all my husbands spunk inside my pussy. Julius Caesar started to play with my breasts and the sexual feelings started to glow inside me again. What with the drinks and the lovely fucking I'd had with my husband and the fact that he was letting these strange men 'have me', well why not. What the hell, I'd always been a faithful wife, I'd had offers, been chatted up but had always refused. Well tonight, to hell with being a 'good girl', I wanted to be a slut.

It didn't take Napoleon long to cum, I felt him thrusting into me violently as his spunk filled my insides. I looked around and noticed that my husband had left the room. Just then I felt Julius Caesar taking over, he soon had his cock into my overflowing pussy. It didn't take him long to ad his spunk to my pussy full, in fact I was so full I could feel it running down my thighs. When he had finished, Julius Caesar said that there was a small bathroom at the back of the library if I wanted to clean myself up.

After I'd freshened up I came out of the library and into the main hall, just then the front door opened and in walked...... my husband Tom, wearing his Arab outfit but with an overcoat on top. I rushed up to him to ask where he'd been to, but he was full of apologies for being late, he'd been held up at the office.

"But... but I saw you here before...." I blurted.

"Oh that will have been young Jeff, you know Jeff, works in my office. That's a funny thing, Jeff, Andy & Tony weren't going to come to the party. I was trying to persuade them, telling them what a lovely time they would have but it wasn't until I described our outfits that they took any notice."

"You told them what I would be wearing? That I'd be dressed like a tart?" I asked.

"Yes, That seemed to do the trick. That's when they decided to come. Jeff asked me where I was getting my Arab outfit from as he said he liked the idea of dressing like that."

"I'll bet he did."

"There they are now, over at the bar." said Tom pointing.

"I'll go over and say hello to them." I said and started to rush over to them.

"I'll just hang up my coat and follow you over." shouted Tom.

I walked up to them and seeing the silly grins on their faces I almost screamed at them "You bastards, you slimy no good bastards!"

They all laughed and Jeff said "But you have got to admit that you enjoyed it."

That's what made me so mad at them, I had enjoyed it. I had enjoyed being used by them. Jeff winked at me and said "Before your husband gets here, can we make arrangements for next Wednesday. He's out of town on business trip and will be away overnight, maybe even two nights?"

"You bastards!" I said through clenched teeth. "OK. But phone Tuesday daytime." Just then Tom joined us. The rest of the evening the 3 guys took turns dancing with me and feeling me up. They introduced me to a few other guys from their office who also danced with me and groped me. And ever since then, every time Tom is away on business, several guys visit me but they still insist on wearing the Masquerade masks. It does make it more exciting as I am never sure who is fucking me.

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