tagRomanceMassage Ch. 2 & Ch. 3

Massage Ch. 2 & Ch. 3


Massage Part I was a single story never intended to be anything more. A dear friend sent me this in response to reading the story (I call it Part II). Since then I have continued with what I call Part III. If you wish to add a fourth part please feel free to e-mail it to me. I would love to see it and you will know where to start from.

... as you turned to leave the room, you hear me call to you softly. you turn around to see that I am sitting up on my bed, where you have just left me, my body still tingling from the massage..I reach out my arms to you, not saying anything, beckoning, and wanting you to close the door and come back.... although puzzled, you do so and turn again to face me, my arms still out, you move towards me .. reaching for your hands,

I reach for your hands, and pull you closer towards me, I put my hands upon your face to feel your beard and smile at the touch.. you stand still and watch as I do this..I like the face I see, and the sparkle in your eyes..... my hands move done the back of your neck and draw you closer ... press my cheek on yours and inhale deeply... mmmmmmmmmmm.... sliding my hands down your back and up your chest...

I know I shouldn't be here, and touching you like this... but now it is beyond me to stop myself... you feel so good and your presence excites me... my hands slide down around you and onto your buttocks, pulling them towards me, I have spread my legs and draw you between them.... although you are clothed I can feel you there.... and now I stop. :-)

(and I wrote to continue...)

...the wind is blowing harder outside, wind chimes ringing madly as if they too feel the tension and passion building between us. You have pulled me close enough that I can feel my harness rubbing against you, your hips rocking up and down. I whisper to you "raise your arms up, there is more to massage, and I cannot resist you."

With your arms up I can see your heart beating, your breast moving with it. Your stomach is stretched taught and rippling as your hips continue their slow, sensuous dance against my hardness. I reach for the oil and warm it with my hands. My hands trace lightly across your forehead, your eyes, your lips grabbing and sucking at my finger when it passes by them.

I have to lean forward to reach your arms, increasing the contact against your now wet outer lips. You arch your back to try to make contact with my chest and your nipples as my hands work the muscles of your upper arms, then your shoulders. I am teasing you, I know, increasing the longing in you, touching yet not touching where you want me to. I smile at that thought.

Your arms move to take hold of my hands. I say "no" softly and move them back. You respond with a soft whimper and lock your legs around me trying to pull me in closer. I warm the oil in my hands, rubbing them slowly, watching your eyes as they follow the movement. When I start on your ribs you roll side to side desperately trying to bring your breasts to my hands. I smile and move to them, covering and stroking the nipples and you cry out in the pleasure it brings you.

It is hard to stand now, I am beginning to lose what little control I had when I walked back to you. As my hands reach to your sides you sit up, suddenly, wrapping your arms around my neck, bringing your lips to mine, kissing me hard. My hands move fast over your back, stroking the passion in you. I hear you call my name, telling me that you will not let me leave until I have finished what I have started tonight.

Your hands are fumbling with my buttons on my pants, finally undoing them, driving your hands down my back to remove them, my hardness and your softness touching now with nothing in between. My hips are matching your movements, your lips are on mine again and I can hear the almost animal groans through our kiss. And then it happens.

Still not inside of you, yet the contact is too much and you are moaning as the first waves of pleasure wash over you. The waves continue and your eyes open wide, looking deep into mine as you reach down and draw me inside. I enter slowly and it is as if we are becoming one person. Losing ourselves in each other as we draw closer together.

You kiss me again and ...

To Be Continued...?

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