tagRomanceMaster & Slave Meet

Master & Slave Meet


It has been almost a year now and still we haven’t had opportunity to meet, but all is changing now. I have arranged for business meeting in same town you are visiting on a weekend for sales work. Arriving first arrange suite in hotel and have desk prepared for your arrival.

When you arrive and sign in they take you to our room. You look surprised and comment to porter “Are you sure this is right room” he replies “Oh yes Ma’am”

Accepting it you start to look around the three large rooms. Spying a large basket of fruits and candies you go to see if note there to explain it all. Then you see roses spread across the bed in the other room. You dismiss the bellboy and run in to them and let out soft cry of delight of what else is there.

You bend down to feel the sheer material of the dress it is a simple one but quite elegant. It as a deep maroon color made to sit just off the shoulders and has a tight bodice to hold you in. It also flows softly down to floor length with a slit up the left side almost to hips.

You open the rest of the packages and fill the room gleeful shouts as your treasures are revealed. Still not quite sure who all this elegance is from you come to the final package a small jewelers box with a small note attached. You open the note and read it

“I hope I got all the sizes correct if you need any alterations call the front desk they are prepared for anything. I expect to see you down stairs in the dinning room at precisely 7:00pm and I expect you to be properly attired complete with this.”

You look at the box inquisitively and hands shaking open it. A small gasp escapes your lips…You sit in silence looking at the gift then suddenly realize that hours have passed

You look at your watch realizing you only have 30 minutes now to get ready and need to shower the road off you from trip. Climbing into the shower you quickly soap up and rinse down then washing your hair knowing it will still be wet but not worrying now. You step out of the shower and toweling off quickly, taking time to powder yourself and add drops of scent here and there on yourself.

You scramble to bedroom and start to slip clothes on your new clothes and find the lace garterbelt and pure silk stockings a perfect fit. Now you pick up the dress and slowly step into it. It fits you and your curves perfectly and the tight bodice only helps to enhance your soft curves and gently push out your breasts. You sit and slip the 3-½ in. high heals on and now stand to preview yourself in the mirror.

The long length of the dress and tightness of the bodice gives you a sleek soft curve line that will cause any mans head to spin. Picking up the pearl stud earrings and gold bracelet you are amazed how they accent the dress perfectly. You then pick up the soft fur wrap that is with it. You are finally ready to leave wen you spy the box.

Opening it you slip outs it contents and put it on. One final glance in the mirror and you see how lovely it finishes things off. You look at the clock and gasp only minutes till 7:00. Grabbing your new purse and wrap to head to the elevator which is waiting for you.

You reach the Lobby and enter the dinning room precisely at 7:00 and are let down to see no one there waiting for you. Just as you turn to see if someone is coming the Maitre’d steps up and touching your arms say “ Ms Cara if you would follow me please your table is waiting for you on the terrace.”

Leading you through the dinning room all heads turn to admire your beauty and hushed voices can be heard wondering who you are. This causes you to blush and as you are seated you look around and still see no one. The waiter come up and fill your long fluted crystal glass with champagne and then withdraws leaving you to you thoughts.

Finally you can feel a presence and as you go to turn you feel my large soft but firm hands on your shoulder. “Cara my precious one I whisper you look even better then I could imagine.” Leaning over I gently kiss your neck and cheek before stepping around table to sit opposite you. I lift my fluted glass which has suddenly appeared filled and smiling say, “A toast to my must favourite and precious one Cara, you are a vision for my eyes and heart.”

Dinner was then served but I did not do all the magnificent work done by the chefs’ justice, as I was totally transfixed by your beauty before me. The appetizer of kalamari and mushrooms stuffed with esgargo seemed to go by untouched followed by a soft delicate consume. Then the main course of Pacific Steelhead Trout served with fresh asparagus, and broccoli on a bed of true wild rice. There was a light cheese sauce to go with it. All this too seemed to pale on my palette as I watched you eat and taste the foods I so lovingly had prepared just for you. This was then followed by a small fresh green and flower salad and a desert of hot apple pie served with ice cream and hot cinnamon sauce completed with fresh strawberries dipped in Belgian chocolate and covered with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

As we sipped our wine after dinner holding hands across the table I suggested we go for a stroll around the grounds of the hotel. You stand moving closer to me and as I slip my arm around you can feel your heart as it beats hard and fast inside you. We float through the dinning room and out the front door where another surprise awaits you.

Awaiting us there is a beautiful horse drawn carriage and I quickly sweep you up into it and settle down beside you. As we are slowly drawn away from the hotel I finally having you alone lift your chin and kiss you. A soft deep passionate kiss that you respond to melting into my arms deeper.

As we part from our kiss I whisper “My precious one I have dreamed my entire life of this moment and now more then ever am so glad I found you to make it complete.”

Looking up at me you just smile and let yourself melt further into my arms. The soft clopping of the Horses hoofs along the road is all we hear as we hold each other and let the moment linger. We look up at the stars above the night sky full of them with the moons soft glow accenting not washing them away.

After some time we finally arrive back at the hotel. You step out of the carriage and offer your hands to help me down. Kneeling you touch my shoes with your forehead showing you devotion to me. I lift you up and slowly walk you into the hotel and we retire to our suite.

As we enter the suite I turn and giving you a kiss suggest you retire to change into the clothes I have had laid out for you. Something more appropriate to wear to relax in rather then such a formal dress while I prepared for our evening.

You look at me with slightly down cast eyes this is the first time together and yet already I send you off you wonder has this one offended her master. Upon opening the door to the adjoining room your eyes light up and you take a deep breath. No!!!! He hasn’t sent you off but has given you more gifts. More things for you to be pampered with.

You run to the bed and open the boxes not hiding the pleasure as you go through each one. A squeal of excitement as each box reveals more and more of the gifts I bring to you but also you can see how each of these gifts will bring pleasure to me.

You take your dress and everything else off and slip into the bath you find drawn for you, something you note to remember to do for the master one day. As the scented oils relax you, you feel the way they also make your skin soft and smooth. Softer then you’ve ever felt it you look at the other room in amazement again the Master has surprised you.

You finally slip out of the bath and pat yourself dry with the plush towels provided. The new silkiness of you skin makes even the touch of the towel seem sensual. Quickly you dress in the clothes now before you a silk and lace baby doll style gown coming just to the middle of your but barley covering your folds in front. Next is a long satin gown full length flowing right to the floor and trailing behind you. It is cut so as to be tied at waist accentuating your soft curves and is deep plunging leaving the front open and the baby doll top as your blouse. You reach down and slip the 4” heels on at first you wobble not used to the high thin heels but soon find your balance. You notice the gown was cut so that now at the front your feet just show under it making it very easy for you to walk.

You finish with the new jewelry placed before you, two small gold cord bracelets one for each wrist. A gold and diamond clip for your clit which you slip on carefully noticing the twinge of pleasure it brings you, two small earrings both with diamonds encircled buy small perfect rubies. Two special nipple rings, which you slip on noticing they are connected by a small gold cord, which in the middle is, set another cord and as you look you notice it is made to clip into something. You gasp as you realize it is your kolar the one thing I gave you earlier to wear around your neck and you quickly attach it knowing how you shall have pleased me.

Finally you come out of the room fully change a beauty in your clothes with a diamond and gold lame collar around your neck attached to a small cord leading into the top of your dress. You smile softly your eyes meeting mine and seeing the flash of pleasure in mine quickly lower them a bit of embarrassment at your feeling of joy. As I extend my hand you come forward to me into my arms and a soft kiss, as you now are ready to spend the night in my service.

We move to the master bedroom, which I have prepared for your final tests for my slave. You look at me and slip out of your of your gown untying it to let it fall to the ground and lie on the bed before me. I reach down and attach special rings to your bracelets and around your ankles. You are then lifted off the floor suspended only buy another large belt placed around your waist supporting your hips and lower back causing you to arch and as your legs are spread buy the ropes to open you completely to me. You do not struggle but give yourself calmly completely to me and a small sigh escapes your lips.

To Be Continued...

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