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Master Bath


It had been a long day for my Master. He had been behind the wheel for more hours than I could count. I had had the afternoon off of my job. Plenty of time to prepare a surprise for the man I loved and adored above all.

After dinner, I suggested Master take a relaxing shower. I of course offered to assist. I went in to the bathroom and started the water, leaning over to test the temperature and adjust it. When I thought it was just right, I turned on the showerhead.

I heard Master step in the shower and felt the water pulsate down my backside. I started to rise, but Master held me still with his hands on my back. I reached forward and braced myself against the bathtub. Master's hands slid across my skin as his feet carefully pressed my legs apart.

I felt his hands slide along my ass with the water smoothing his way, trickling down between my ass cheeks to my pussy. His hands followed the trickling water and rubbed my pussy lightly teasing me. I moaned, clenching my fists on the tub edges, my head against the shower wall.

I felt his cock sliding along my ass cheeks and then with one full hard thrust he slid his cock deep inside my pussy. My pussy tingled, and stretched full around his stiff cock. Master pounded himself in and out and I felt my body shaking with pleasure under the pouring water. His cock would slide so deeply and send pulsing sensation through my whole being. I felt my pussy tensing and clenching his cock. Soon I didn't think I could take it anymore... I had to release...

I begged and cried to my Master to let me release. Instead of granting me permission, he pulled out and whispered, "No," While caressing my skin and my ass. I begged again, "Plleeeeeeease, Master let me come, please???" I felt Master spank me hard on my round wet ass three times. The sound was loud, echoing off the shower walls.

"What do you want, pet?" I cried out again, "Owwww... Ohhhh pleeeeeeease Master... I need to come..." I gasped, breathing heavily and then, "Pleeeeeeeease allow your subbie to climax..."

Master spanked me several times with one hand while his other slid into my tight asshole. I quivered and moaned. "Ohhhhhh Master..."

"Yes, sweet?" he responded casually, his finger fucking my ass, stroking deeper and deeper, harder and harder. I asked again, but differently this time, "Ohhh Master, please fuck my ass... please slide your large hard cock in your subbie's ass..." I moaned, and screamed, out-of control, Pleeease fuck your pet's ass... hard!"

Master smacked my ass again, but lightly, caressing with his hands as his hard cock rubbed up and down between my ass cheeks. I knew Master had made me so excited I would feel only pleasure when he... OHHHHH!!

Master slid into my ass slowly but persistently, easing back only to slide inside farther. I heard him gasp. "Is this what you wanted pet?" I moaned in pleasure. He smacked my ass, "IS this what you wanted?"

I answered, panting, "Yes Master, I want your cock in my ass." I moaned and quivered. "Please fuck your subbie's ass Masterrrrrrrr!!"

Master slid in and out, faster and deeper, as I opened to him,. Relaxing, tensing only in pleasure. My climax, hovering for so long, pressed on, causing my muscles to clench my Master's cock repeatedly in my tight ass. I heard his moans and felt his thrusts time faster, his hands clenching my waist.

I cried out, "Ohhhhh Master... may your subbie come with your cock in her ass??" I moaned and tried to hold back the waves pressing in so close. I felt Master moan louder, his hands slapping my ass.

"You want to come???" he asked hoarsely, pounding hard.

I whispered, panting and pleading, "Yes Master, please I want to come with you coming in my ass... In YOUR ass, Master."

Master grunted, pleased and thrust hard and fast. He commanded me, "Now... come now... with your Master..."

I cried out in relief, feeling the pleasure well up from my core through my stomach, down through my legs, even my arms grew weak. Master pushed and grunted and pushed, coming deep inside me.

Soon he stilled, his cock buried deep within, and he lifted me up to press my back against his chest. I leaned back into him, feeling the water flow over our bodies. Master kissed my neck and I wrapped my arms around his.

Slowly he slid out and turned me around. He handed me the soap and I lathered it up, smiling lovingly at my Master. I rubbed the warm suds over his chest, delighting in the feel of his skin, looking into his eyes. I rubbed my hands over his shoulders massaging gently. His eyes closed and I leaned up slowly to kiss him. His mouth opened to mine and we kissed deeply, tongues playing as my hands caressed down his arms to hold his hands for a moment.

I gently pulled back, smiling as I lowered to my knees, letting my hands slide down his stomach and around down his ass. I let my hands slide down his thighs. He felt so good. Finally I worked my hands back up his legs and slowly and gently washed his cock. I let my hands slide firmly up and down his shaft. My breasts brushed against his thighs when I kissed his stomach, lickign against hie skin. I pumped his cock with soapy hands a few times and then slid one hand down to caress his balls. I adjusted my body so some of the water cascaded down rinsing his body, leaving his cock clean and wet. I stayed on my knees and looking up into my Master's eyes I took his hands and guided him to sit on the edge of the tub. I smiled as I slid myself between his legs.

I whispered, trailing my fingers up the inside of his thighs, slowly licking my lips, "May I pleasure you Master?" I reached out to touch his cock, which had hardened again slightly. I held it up and rubbed it between my breasts. "Mmmmn... may I suck your cock Master?"

Master ran his hand along my cheek and silently pulled my head to his lap. Under his guiding hand I licked my way along his skin to the base of his now throbbing cock. I licked upwards, engulfing his cock in my mouth. Lovingly I licked and sucked. I felt Master's fingers tweaking my hard nipples. I moaned over his cock, sliding it deeper in my mouth, so it brushed the back of my throat. Master pinched and twisted my nipples as my own hands caressed and fondled his balls. They tightened in my hand as I sucked hard on his pulsing cock, feeling it stretch my lips as it grew.

Then suddenly Master, lifted me up and brought me down on his lap facing him. He held his stiff cock upright as my dripping wet pussy slid down covering him. I felt him deeply, filling me. I clenched his shoulders, rubbing my cheek against his. He lifted me again and I rode his cock as he took one of my nipples between his lips. I threw my head back, moaning in pleasure. I whispered, "Ohhhhhhhhh, my Massssterrrr..."

My fingers gripped my master hard for balance as I moaned and pleaded. "Ohhhh please... Master let me come..." Master thrust over and over again inside me, softly smiling as he pulled my face down to his. He whispered, "Come for me, come all over my cock," before he captured my lips in a deep thorough kiss. I rode his cock hard through my climax, body shaking, moaning into my Master's mouth.

"YesssssssssssSSSSSSS!!" I screamed as my pussy clenched his cock, drenching it in my juices. I barely heard Master whisper, "Ohhh yesss... that's it..." My body convulsed and pushed down and against his. I lost all sense of time, bucking and clenching his body.

Soon I fell forward and Master held me in his arms. His hands soothed my back, rubbing gently. Master silently helped me out of the shower and smiling at my glazed eyes, helped my dry off. His hands were so loving and gentle. Then he led me to bed.

We laid down close together. I arranged the pillows carefully and Master laid on his back. I moved up into the crook of his arm, resting my cheek at his shoulder. I rested my hand on his chest and looked up to him softly. "Master...?"

He grinned down to me and whispered, "Yes I did too," and chuckled softly. I giggled and blushed, knowing I was so far gone in my own climax... I wasn't sure. Master lifted my face to his and kissed my nose. "It was wonderful, go to sleep love." I smiled and obeyed, softly rubbing his chest as we drifted off.

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