tagBDSMMaster Jakob and Seth Ch. 04

Master Jakob and Seth Ch. 04


This is Chapter 4 - please comment.

Chapter 4 - Seth learns denial

I did as he said and nervously stepped onto the leg extensions and laid across the table on my back. He fixed the Velcro straps across my legs, arms and head. I heard him fumble around as he picked up the cross bar. He attached it to the table on both sides and secured the cage across my soft dick. He then plugged the unit in and set some control. I felt a slight vibration in the cage around my dick as he turned it on. It was very slight but consistent. With my head strapped to the table I could only look straight up. I noticed the ceilings were pretty high for a basement.

"Just relax," he said, "It will be more beneficial if you just let it happen and not fight or tighten up. This is for your benefit and will help you get used to denial." He pushed a few buttons as the device adjusted around my dick. In addition to the slight vibration there was a warm soothing sensation - like the device was heated. He walked away from the table and opened the smaller box and started putting items from the box on the table. I could not see what they were.

He came back over and looked at the device then said, "I set it for a longer period since this is your first time. I'll be back in a few minutes to see how you're doing." With that he walked upstairs. Other than being immobilized the table was relatively comfortable. For the first 20 minutes I did not really feel anything other than the warm sensation around my dick. After about 20 minutes, I started to feel aroused - like my dick wanted to get hard. It started slow - like a relaxed pre-horny feeling - but the heat and vibration slowly made that feeling get stronger. In a few minutes I felt myself start to get hard, but the device quickly prevented my erection from getting too far.

That feeling started to become frustrating. As much as I tried, I could not relax. It was constant and the more restraint I felt from the cage the more I wanted to get hard. I laid there struggling to deal with it as I heard Master come back down. Zach was with him carrying a laptop.

"How are you doing Seth," he said as he walked to the table? He looked at the bar and cage and felt around my dick. "It looks like it's starting to work."

I said, "It's very uncomfortable Sir, will you make it stop soon?" I was nervous and my voice reflected my concern.

"Just relax," he said again, this time there was a hint of laughter in his voice. "Trust me, this will help you in the long run." He then adjusted the table - lifting my upper body so I was in a semi- sitting up position. He turned the head restraint so that I was now looking slightly left. As he did that Zach placed the laptop on a table next to me and turned it on to show videos. It was a video of a guy strapped to a table getting slowly fucked by another guy.

"Now," Master said, "Just relax watch the screen and imagine this is me fucking you."

With all the commotion I was distracted so the pressure of my dick trying to get hard subsided. Master stood and watched for a few minutes and said, "I want you to also think about how I'm enjoying this and how much I will enjoy taking you for the first time." With that he turned and went back upstairs. Zach who had been smiling this whole time followed him up.

His words ran right through me. As I started to relax all that came to mind was being taken by him for the first time. The thought of feeling his hard dick inside me and the thought of him having an orgasm inside me. I started to feel the pressure on my dick increase. I wanted to get fully hard. The thought of being fucked by him was intense and without the cage restraint I probably would have been harder than ever before in my life.

I felt emotionally frustrated and started to feel physically sore around my dick. The pushing out against the cage became very uncomfortable with the pain concentrated on the head of my cock. This went on for about 20 minutes - I tried to think of something to stop my dick from wanting to get hard but Masters words, the sight and sound of porn and the warm vibration made it impossible. I decided to stop trying to lessen my wanting erection and instead learn to get used to the pain and discomfort. I lied there feeling the pain and talking it until Master came down again.

He walked around the table inspecting the situation and said, "Good, it's working well. I want you to know why i'm doing this. Now that I own you - you'll have to get used to denial. You are only going to be allowed to cum or experience an orgasm when it benefits me. This exercise will help you cope with that reality."

He paused for a few seconds and I realized he expected an expression of gratitude so I said, "Thank you, Sir."

"Good, you're welcome," he said as he nodded. "Do you have any questions about it?"

"No Sir, thank you," I replied.

He turned off the device removed the laptop with porn, and said, "OK I'm going to let you cool down before I remove the cage."

Almost instantly the cage stopped vibrating and started to feel cool. I felt my dick get soft as the cage became cool. He waited a few minutes then unlocked the cage and undid the Velcro restraining straps from my arms legs and head.

He handed me a bottle of water and said, "take a little time to relax and collect yourself. When you feel ready, I want you to clean the machine and the parts. Your dick may feel a little sore tonight but it's worth it to learn accepting denial so no pain relievers. Take all the time you need but when you're done come back upstairs."

When he left I sat up on the table and drank the water. He was right about it hurting. The pain was centered more on the head of my dick where it tried to press against the restraint. I finished the bottle of water and stepped down off the table. It felt good to stand and cleaning up was pretty easy. There was a slop sink against the wall with a floor drain and a hose connected to a water supply. I picked up cross bar and rinsed out the part that had been attached to my dick.

I finished cleaning and slowly walked upstairs and saw him and Zach watching TV in the living room. Master motioned to me to come over and told me to massage his feet. I gingerly sat down on the floor right by his feet. I looked down at his beautiful bare feet on the floor. They were big, size 13, but perfectly proportioned. His toes were middle length and straight and his nails rightly sized and shaped. I slowly slid my hand across his ankles and feet tops. I felt the warmth of his feet in my clean hands. I moved my face down and closer in better position to see what I was doing.

I first started to gently rub my fingers around and between his toes and pick out any lint that may have accumulated there. It looked like he had just recently removed his socks and they must have been black - as that was the color of the lint I removed. Once his feet were cleaned I started to rub them while applying a bit more pressure to help relieve the fatigue of the day. I felt the muscles on the bottom of his feet as I worked my hands on the bottom arch. They felt so strong in my hands as I looked up and realized how lucky I was to be beneath this magnificent person. I thought about how I did not deserve to hold his great feet in my hands - I didn't even deserve to be walked on by these feet. The bottom of his feet were better than my face and rubbing his feet made me realize that and feel it up close.

I massaged them for about 40 minutes until he told me to prepare dinner. Other than serving it to him and Zach and cleaning up afterwards no other requests were made. He allowed me to again to sit on the floor by his feet as he watched TV and he started talking to me about the rules of the house.

We ran through the limits that were expressed in our contract and he started to talk about the house rules. I was to disrobe and put on my collar upon walking into the house. I could keep an emergency shirt and pants in the closet by the door for emergencies. I am responsible for all cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, and shopping for the whole household. I'm to ask questions when unsure but I should not expect to be told to do any of the duties. At all times of the day I am to be prepared to pick up after Master and provide whatever service is necessary.

He explained how he's left lists of preferred foods and recipes and how I should learn to make them to their liking.

I am expected to get enough rest to function properly at work and to be able to provide service to Master. Master will not deny any reasonable requests to go to sleep (especially on work days) and sleep deprivation will not be employed or used as a form or punishment. I should wake up before Master and get myself clean and ready for the day (coffee is ok to have in a cup as part of this routine. However all other meals are to be consumed off of a bowl on the floor.

I was allowed to use the toilet in the second bathroom or the one in the basement but when using the second bathroom I should always use it with the seat up. I am not to use the furniture when at home with people who know i'm a slave and am to avoid using it under any circumstances unless it would look odd to people who do not know of my slavehood. When awaiting orders I should stay on the floor by his feet.

Personal services are special and reserved only for Master - including taking care of his sexual needs or desires, acting as his urinal and providing personal hygiene or grooming. I am to help with brushing and flossing his teeth, bathing, Q-tip each ear, clipping and filing his nails and be ready when needed for blowing nose or a sneeze - preferably with a tissue but I should catch his sneeze with my face if need be. Bathing will be a night before bed, brushing teeth will be both morning and night and the other things as needed.

I am to address him the utmost respect using terms of respect (unless in presence of people who dont know i'm a slave) and treat all of his friends with the same level of respect I use for him - but without the same terms of respect. Anyone he considers a friend is an equal of him and by default above than me.

He explained his duties were to train me, help make me a better slave to serve him better and to care for me. He talked about how I was his property and anything I owned from now on would be his and about how he controlled any spending. We exchanged thoughts and questions and got to better understand where we each stood in the relationship. After we talked for hours he told me to go to bed. He followed me to the room as I got my mattress out of the closet and moved it to the foot of his bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

Chapter 5 to follow...

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Can't wait for more of this story it's really good!!!

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I love this story, please continue it soon! :)

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