tagFetishMaster! Master! Pt. 16

Master! Master! Pt. 16


I pushed open my bedroom door and a crowd of girls rushed me. "Master!" they all yelled in impatience.

"Sorry, girls, sorry, I had to get our last member."

Neija, clinging to my arm, gave a sheepish smile. "Sorry."

We stepped into the bedroom, to find that the entire floor was covered in beds. Lean a few on the walls and we'd have a giant padded cell. "Ok, girls, are you all ready to play tonight?"

"Yeah!" the cheered.

"Momo wants to go first!" my cat demanded.

"No, me!" shouted Amanda.

"Get in line, pipsqueaks!" Betty yelled.

"Actually, I've decided that Neija will get the first turn."

Her ears perked up. "Me? But I'm dirty and sweaty from being in the woods."

"What a coincidence, I have a shower."

I then scooped her up in my arms and carried her into the bathroom with an army of animal-eared girls following me. I sat her down on the counter and turned on the shower, then stripping off my clothes. When I looked at her, she had a sweet smile on her face, her heart free of all doubts and stresses. Once the bathroom began to fill with steam, I stepped through the glass sliding door and invited her in. Under the hot spray, lips and tongues melded, her arms around my neck and mine around her slender waist.

Without ending our kiss, I retrieved a bar of soap from a rack behind Neija and began to scrub her back. The regal feline purred from the caresses, always loving some good petting. She raised one leg and wrapped it around me, my soapy hand sliding down her bronze thigh. She gasped as grabbed her ass, toned and full like a volleyball player's. I massaged the soft muscle, while between her legs, her tail writhed like a snake. She stepped down and switched to the other leg. I broke our kiss, my lips unable to resist her breasts any longer. They were luscious and full, most similar to Sonja's of all people. She panted as she felt me lick the water off her breasts, having never felt such a sensual touch. Behind us, the bathroom was filled with over a dozen hybrids, all them watching us with flushed cheeks and slick inner thighs.

"Come on, let's put a show on for them," I whispered in Neija's ear. I then pulled away and got behind her, the two of us facing the girls. "Put your fingers on the ceiling. Let's see how long you can keep them there."

She didn't understand, but did as told, keeping her hands on the ceiling of the shower with the spray directly over her. She leaned her head from side to side, the hot water pouring on her face and riling her up. I stood behind her, soaping up my hands. The girls outside held their breaths, waiting to see what I would do. Despite her newfound compliance, the way that Neija growled and gasped told me that she was trying to brace herself. She was eager to play, but her pride as a lioness wouldn't simply let her act as the desperate nympho. She had to retain some kind of upper hand, maintain a dignity and reserve that no sensation could defeat. If anything, that excited me even more. It wouldn't be any fun if I didn't have to really work to make her orgasm.

I didn't go for the sudden grab. Instead, my fingertips found her flat belly. She shivered from my touch, every animal instinct telling her to defend her vulnerable spot. I dragged my fingers up and down her stomach, making her writhe and shift back and forth to try and stop the tickling sensation. But while her hips were swinging like a chandelier, her hands didn't leave the ceiling. My hands finally found her breasts and I began to massage them with the soap on my palms foaming up. Neija began to whimper, new to such a powerful sensation. She bit her lip, her cheeks turning red, trying to maintain her will and dignity.

The girls outside were almost pressed to the glass, their curiosity approaching ravenous levels. Several even started massaging their own breasts the way I was massaging Neija's, but they weren't feeling anything close to what they saw in the lioness. They realized that true pleasure would only come in having their Master touch them. I was pulling out all the stops, using every trick I had to turn her breasts against her, making them weapons to tear down her resolve. With the proper technique, I could even use her to make music. By tickling the underside of her breasts, I could trigger a low moan, and by focusing on her nipples, I could raise the pitch. I'll admit, I became a little arrogant, trying to make her sing the main theme to the first level of Super Mario.

"Master, I can't take it anymore! I'm... I'm... ROOOOOOWR!"

I grabbed both of her arms with one of mine, keeping her from dropping them as she climaxed. Unable to touch her slit, she began lowering her hips and rubbing her thighs together to try and address the pleasure rampaging through her womanhood.

"My, my, did you just cum from having your breasts played with?"

"You're a jerk, Master," she said with a pout.

"You should be thanking me. I just gave you what I bet is your first orgasm. Besides, I wouldn't feel the need to tease you if you'd just let go of your pride. You said you wanted to play, but you're still so uptight. Now, put your hands against the glass and lean forward with your legs spread. I'll help you loosen up."

She obeyed, assuming the position as if I was about to frisk her. She was facing the girls, all watching her with wide eyes. My fingers slipped between her legs, probing her flower. After her orgasm, she was sensitive beyond measure, so even the softest touching sent bolts of lightning up her spine. I soaped up her entrance, making sure it was as slippery as possible. My cock then replaced my fingers, but rather than entering her, I simply slid it back and forth across her labia. The anticipation magnified the sensations, causing her to let slip a moan before she could stop herself. I continued grinding my manhood against her, loving the look on the girls' faces as they stared at the purple head appearing from between Neija's smooth thighs and then receding like a wave.

"How long are you going to toy with me?" she panted. I hadn't even penetrated her and yet I had already drained her stamina.

"I'll put it in, just as soon as you say "Master, please fuck me"."

"What?! I agreed to play with you, but I'd never sink so low as to saying that!"

"Well then, I guess I might as well just invite the next girl in. After all, you've already had your orgasm, so there's no real point to continuing."

Finally, she smiled and even began to laugh. "To think you could be so cruel. Ok, here it goes. Master, please fuck me!"

I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Goddamn, I love you."

I didn't give her any warning. Instead, I simply drove into her in a single perfect shot. She moaned at the top of her lungs, as outside, all the girls held their breath. They had been told what it meant to play, but actually seeing it was something else altogether. I had fully penetrated her womanhood; her hot, wet interior smothering my cock, as if trying to both trap me inside and push me out. I grabbed her hips and rocketed up to stop speed, hammering her with all the strength I had and sending her voice bouncing off the bathroom walls.

"Yes, Master! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she shrieked in ecstasy.

I fucked her like a machine, loving the sight of the vibrations moving through her magnificent sun-kissed body. Her ass jiggled magnificently, the ripples moving up her shapely form and reaching her breasts, making them slosh like the sea during an earthquake. Her strength was fading, she could not maintain her position. Her outstretched arms, holding her off the glass door, began to shake, and soon, her forehead was pressed to the glass. She was unable to do anything more with me dominating her pussy. But I wasn't done yet.

I wrapped an arm around her chest and pulled her back against me, and with my other arm, I lifted up one of her legs. This granted me access to go deeper and at a different angle, and even better, it gave the girls outside a better view of my cock sliding in and out of Neija's sleeve.

"Master, kiss me," she begged.

I pulled out of her and spun her around. I picked her up and held her against the wall while she pressed her lips against mine. Her long, smooth legs were wrapped around my waist and I returned my sword to her sheath. I resumed fucking her, this time able to bob her up and down on my cock while she stuck her tongue down my throat. Soon enough, I could feel myself reaching my limit. I was about to blow, but of course, I couldn't deny Neija her big finish, and that meant cheating. I grasped the end of her tail and began rubbing the tip between my thumb and finger.

"Ah, Master, that's not fair!"

She made the mistake of ending our kiss, because now I was able to lean past her and begin nibbling on one of her ears. She never stood a chance. She growled in climax over and over again, her body fully submitting to me as I soaked her secret garden with my seed. Her body became limp and her legs released me, but she could not stand on them. I scooped her up in the princess hold and turned off the shower. All the girls backed off to make room as I got out of the shower.

"Grab her some towels," I said.

I carried her out into the bedroom and laid her out on one of the mattresses on the floor. I dried her off with the towels, causing her to purr like a Ferrari.

"Master, that was amazing," Neija hummed with her eyes half-open.

"Yeah, it was. You did great."

She grasped my hand and held it against her cheek, purring with eyes full of happiness. "I love you, Master."

"I love you too, you big silly cat. Now go ahead and get some rest."

I laid a blanket over her and stood up, my body trembling. After shooting my load, my stamina was greatly depleted, and I would have been happy to just go to sleep, but I couldn't do that to the girls. Luckily, I had a secret weapon.

"Betty, Leah, you know what to do."

They raced over, my member immersed in Leah's mouth and my lips around one of Betty's nipples. It took only a few moments for the girls to finish their work. Thanks to Betty's nectar of the gods, I felt like I could run a marathon, and after some loving oral service from Leah, my penis stood firm with a fresh erection, as if I hadn't even ejaculated. Best pit crew ever.

"You two are my rock," I said before giving them each a loving kiss. I then turned to the rest of the girls. "Ok, who's up next?"


With Betty and Leah acting as my support, I fucked like my life depended on it. I had until sunrise to satisfy every girl, so unfortunately, I couldn't give them all the time I gave Neija, but I made up for it in intensity and by going straight for the sweet spots. As soon as one girl climaxed, I'd move on and deflower the next. I was always surrounded, a hundred eyes focused on me at all times. I had originally thought the girls might get bored waiting for their turns, but they were completely transfixed on the show in front of them. At several points, everything blurred together and I lost track of time, who I was with, and what I was doing.


"Master, we're ready," said Chloe and Lola.

Chloe was lying on top of Lola as if in the missionary position, the two of them naked with Chloe's butt pointed at me. Goddamn, it's not fair how cute they are. I got behind them, but instead of simply mounting them, I held up one of Lola's small white feet and covered it in kisses. She laughed and squirmed as my lips moved across her toes. I did the same to her other foot, then to Chloe's. I lowered my head and began slurping on Chloe's pussy, making her pink tail curl. Lola stared at Chloe, their faces just inches apart, each with rosy cheeks. Chloe's whimpering, her watery eyes, her wetting lips, it was obvious she was experiencing something incredible and she wanted to feel it herself.

I licked out Chloe for a couple more minutes, fully exploring her tight body with my tongue. I then went down on Lola, kissing her virgin labia, first gently, then with tongue. Lola began to whine from the alien probing, her skinny legs kicking the air as if she was being tickled. Lola and Chloe, they tasted so similar, so sweet. With my tongue, I could tell she was tight, just like Chloe had been her first time. I inserted my middle finger, causing her to arch her back and moan. I stirred her up while licking her clitoris to prime the pump and get her as wet as possible.

Once the job was done, I sat up and grabbed a pillow. "Hold on, girls, I want to try something."

I lifted the two of them up and put the pillow under Lola's hips so her womanhood was pointed up at an angle. With their bodies raised, I inserted my cock between their kissing pussies, causing both of them to begin to pant. Due to her diminutive size and fragile personality, I'd have to take it slow and gentle with Lola. I began my strokes, grinding between their wet lips, so plump and smooth, and wet with arousal.

As with Neija, just that simple touch was enough to drive her wild, Chloe as well, even though we had had sex countless times. Their eyes were swimming, their mouths open, their whimpers heard by everyone. I would have liked to stay like that a little longer, but I had a lot of girls to get to. I moved ahead, penetrating Chloe and filling her pussy with my muscle. After all the build-up I had done, it didn't take much to make her react. She moaned as I began my strokes, and below her, Lola watched with both nervousness and envy. I built up the speed of my strokes, soon slamming my full weight against Chloe's body with her pussy stuffed to the maximum. She was being pushed forward and pulled back with her nipples kissing Lola's.

She came after a few minutes and collapsed on Lola, panting in her ear. Semen was dripping from her slit, and without even me needing to say anything, Leah crawled over and restored my erection.

"Are you ready for this, Lola?" I asked.

She gave an anxious nod. Leah released my cock and I pushed it into Lola. She cried out as I deflowered her, her virgin blood being shed. She spread her legs as far as she could, trying to lessen the intense feeling of penetration. Remembering her own first time, Chloe hugged and nuzzled Lola, trying to comfort her. I began a slow rhythm, kissing the entrance to her womb with my cock. I held them both against me and showed them equal affection. Sandwiched between her Master and her friend, Chloe had a smile on her doll-like face, and Lola, feeling her Master's love for her, perked her ears as my penis infiltrated her flower and my tongue infiltrated her mouth.

After Lola achieved her orgasm, they both turned to me and I hugged them. They sat in my lap, the three of us sharing a triple kiss.


With a big smile on her face, Leah released my cock from her mouth, leaving it covered in a thick layer of saliva. I was sitting in a chair against the wall, and as Leah moved away, Momo and Jenny flanked me from the sides. They pressed their tits together with my cock between them, burying it in their combined softness. I groaned in happiness, having never experienced such joy like this. They had grins of satisfaction as they rubbed against each other and massaged my dick. They were both well-endowed, boasting womanly shelves that were great on their own, but when combined, achieved something that not even Betty's divine knockers could achieve. Along with the physical joys of the double titty-fuck, there is the feeling of sexual conquest.

"Girls, I'm going to cum!" I said.

They doubled their efforts, grinding me as hard as they could, trying to smother my cock like they wanted it dead. I soon ejaculated, shooting a stream of semen straight up and splashing it across their breasts.

"That was so cool!" they both cheered.



The one screaming so vulgarly was Betty. She was riding me in the cowgirl position, my cock buried deep in her asshole. The slutty cow milf was bouncing like her life depended on it, as if butt-fucking was the source of her life energy. Every time she dropped her fat ass on me, my body would shake and she'd scream in drunken lust. Were it not for the mattress beneath me, I'd be at risk of her crushing my pelvis. She seemed dead-set on turning her anus into my personal toy. As she rode me, she was squeezing her breasts. Every time she came, milk would spray out, so with her bobbing up and down, twin jets were shooting from her nipples and soaking everyone, even splashing the walls.

It would have been an amazing sight, and I definitely wished I could see it, but I was otherwise busy and my view was obstructed. Linda, the baboon, was riding my face, looking at Betty. The size of her ass was beyond enormous, it was obscene. It completely smothered my head, my only air coming from the gaps made when she shifted her position. I was tongue-punching both her pussy and asshole, causing her whole body to tremble and making her moan like an opera singer. With every movement she made, her ass cheeks would jiggle as if she was trying to twerk, and I could feel those vibrations through her. I reached around her and grabbed her ass cheeks, squeezing them, spanking them, mashing them together, and doing everything else I could to fully appreciate their presence.

Betty finally moved off me, though collapsed would be a better word. After all the orgasms she had experienced, she was barely conscious. Leah immediately lunged, sucking on my cock and gluttonously licking up the taste of Betty's back door. Once I was back to my prime, Linda saw an opportunity. She dismounted my face, leaving me gasping for air, and moved down to my lap. She must have mated before, because while this definitely was her first time as a hybrid, she didn't show any pain like she was losing her virginity. Like Betty, or should I say, even beyond Betty, her ass was simply too big for us to have regular perpendicular sex, so she had to lean forward and ride me that way. Watching her colossal ass bouncing and jiggling on my cock left me utterly speechless. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.


Jenny hummed as I embraced her, panted as I kissed her, and moaned as I fucked her. I had her against the wall, she was standing up on one leg while her other leg was extended straight up like she was an acrobat. Her raised leg was across my chest, her fuzzy bunny toes wiggling above my head as I drummed her cervix. It would have been a crime not to take advantage of her flexibility. With her legs so far spread, the depth and freedom of movement I got were amazing, and she was so wet and loose from arousal that I felt like my cock was almost swimming through her.

With her leaning against the wall, my hands were free to roam her body, from squeezing her breasts to tickling her belly. But what was really driving her wild was my middle finger stirring up her anus, turning the gentle bunny into a ravenous harlot. The faster I fingered her, the more aggressive she became, sucking on my lower lip when we kissed and even separating so she could nibble on my ear.

"Master! Please! Cum inside me!" she begged.

"You never need to ask."

I kept fucking her, ignoring her cries of climax until I had one of my own. I pulled out of her, leaving her pussy dripping with semen.


Talia couldn't help but shed tears when I tore her hymen, but she didn't stop lowering herself onto my cock. While I was sitting in an easy chair, she was suspended over my lap, her legs spread over the arms of the chair with her feet hanging down the sides. Only my P and her V were in contact. Using just the muscles in her thighs, she started bobbing on my cock, slow, gentle dips to allow herself to get used to it. While she became accustomed to the feeling of being penetrated, I ran my hands through her beautiful feathers and kissed her breasts. Due to her size when she was just a bird, her hybrid form was likewise small and she had flat breasts, but to me, she was stunning and sexy beyond words.

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