tagIncest/TabooMaster PC Reboot Ch. 03

Master PC Reboot Ch. 03


To all those reading, please enjoy! If it's not your thing, that's ok! But if you're interested in the Master PC universe, check out JR Praz's page on asstr. It's where all the Master PC stories eventually find their home. Thanks, everyone for their comments! I hope you stick around for the next installment! My editors' survival depends on it!

Sorry it's been a while! I had to crush a revolt from my editors. Something about human working conditions.


It began with the silence of the night. The silence that was only deterred by the soft clicking of a keyboard. Jack was up once again, working on the Master PC program.

He had made some changes, then thought better about it. What was his endgame? It was awesome having Steph and Jess serve his every whim, but the fear of getting caught by his moms was creeping up on him. And did he want to expand outside the family? These were questions he couldn't completely answer.

He looked over his existing commands.

"The Subject will emit high powered pheromones that will attract females he desires. Subject will become the focal point of their desires, and will subconsciously enter their fantasies. Once the Subject has intercourse with females, they will desire to carry his seed. Once Subject's seed has entered them, then they will submit themselves to him, body and soul. He will become the ultimate man to them, and only he will be able to satisfy them. They will do whatever he desires, and to please him will be their greatest joy. Once they submit to Subject, women will develop an attraction to their own gender, in hope that they can seduce more women to serve their master. They will get horny by watching women fuck their master, and will desire to have sex with them as well. This new sexuality will develop over time, so it seems natural to the enslaved girl." Was all that was written.

Jack sighed. There was room to improve. But where to improve?

As he brainstormed, Jack decided to use the reality altering aspects of Master PC to help with his home. His Mom and Kelly had made a modest living from their restaurant, and so they could get a modest house. It had four bedrooms, which became important when Jack and his sisters became teenagers, and two bathrooms and a master bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom. That was all the second story of the house. Below that was just a simple living room, a kitchen, a small office where Kelly did her finances, and the garage.

But now Jack had the Master PC, and he could spice it up a bit. The next hour of Jack's time was used to home decorate. Fiddling with something like this helped him think more about what he wanted out of his slave sisters, and where to go from there.

When Jack was done editing his house, he had a gym, a hot tub grotto, and a good sized indoor pool all in the basement. Master PC made the additions seamless and connected them perfectly with the house. Also, they needed little maintenance. Jack also improved the showers in his house, and made them all decent spa showers with a nice bath. He decided to put a bathroom in the basement as well.

After his turn at being an interior designer, Jack realized what he wanted from his sisters. What he wanted from the Master PC. His last conquest with Steph was hot, but almost too easy. Also, it was getting too easy to edit things each night when he was finished. This program was too powerful and worked too well.

There was also the matter of how quick Jess was into helping him seduce Steph. Jack looked at her profile. She already had a bit of bi-sexuality interests before the program worked her over. Jack then looked at Steph's profile. Although she made out with her sister, that was mainly for Jack's benefit. However, the rudiments of attraction were there.

Jack started editing there. "Steph will fantasize about Jess more and more. The more that she watches Jess fuck her brother, the more Steph will want to fuck her."

Jack hoped that would work. He would just need them together a lot. Which was no problem.

Then Jack realized what he was missing from his previous code. He typed, "All of Jack's slaves will desire to serve him and help him fuck women he finds attractive. They love helping him seduce hot young women. They will use their own ingenuity, with caution to not get caught and use secrecy, to make their master's will possible."

What Jack didn't was mindless slaves. While they were fun, Jack wanted to have, willing partners helping him at every turn. Especially since once he forgot about Master PC, he needed all the help he could get.

Jack continued typing. "Also, once a subject is filled with Jack's cum, their bodies will begin to transform into more attractive versions of themselves." Jack then continued to add how the transformation would make things like acne and blemishes disappear. Or in case of an older target, make their body more taught and supple like they might have had in their youth.

Jack sat back and read over his code. This seemed to fix a few problems here and there. He remembered Jess saying something about an imminent zit breakout a few weeks ago. Well no more!

Jack thought about his sister and realized that both she and Steph would be playing pivotal roles in whatever life his less aware self was building. Using the body editor, Jack made their breasts expand larger and firmer.

But then he had an idea to experiment with. Using Jess's profile as the test, Jack typed, "Anyone, except for me that looks at Jess's breast will be drawn to stare at them. Jess can use her large breasts to hypnotize them, and then place suggestions in their ear. After discovering this ability, Jess will become fascinated with the subject of hypnosis, and will desire to learn as much as she can about the subject." And then deciding not to leave his other sister out, Jack wrote. "Anyone who catches Stephanie and Jack having sex will get so damn horny that they will do anything to have sex with them." Realizing however how quickly things could get out of hand, Jack fixed it so that his sisters were immune to the trancing effects of his ejaculation, and that all three were immune to his sister's new gifts.

Jack smiled. This is exactly the thing that would make tomorrow interesting. He looked at the time and decided it was getting late. It was time for him to let go of the Master PC.

He turned off the program, excited for the changes the next day. What will he do next? His mothers have been gone a lot lately. Maybe there's something that he could do about it? He lied down and drifted off to sleep, the memories of Master PC slowly disappearing.


Jack woke up to the feeling of something wonderful. He looked down to see his sister Stephanie sucking his cock. When she saw him open his eyes and look at her she let his cock go with a 'pop' and started to lick his balls.

"Hey there bro." She said between licks. "Jess is downstairs again making you a nice, hot," as she said the word hot she breathed on his cock, "breakfast and I decided the best way I could help is to wake you up. Of course," Steph moved away from his cock and began to stroke it as she climbed forward and straddled him. "I think Jess would be jealous of my methods."

Jack could only sit and stare as his sexy sandy haired sister sank down on his massive shaft. He noticed the jiggle in her breasts as she sank down to fuck him.

"Damn Master," Steph said, "You feel amazing. And I get an extra tingle whenever I call you Master. Did you know that Master?" Her lips curled into a sultry smile and she began to rock back and forth on her brother's cock.

"Damn sis." Jack said, "Did your breasts get bigger? They look fuller than yesterday." Jack was noticing the fantastic movements her breasts were making as she rode him.

"You like?" Steph made and effort to stick them out more as she rode his cock. "Yeah Jess and I woke up and they were so much bigger. I think I went a full two cup sizes." She leaned forward and had her breasts rub Jack's chest. "And if they please my Master then I especially happy with them." She started grinding back and forth harder on his cock so Jack could watch her breasts bounce. "Of damn this is the best cock I've ever had."

"Oh fuck Steph that pussy," Jack moaned as his sister gyrated on top of him.

"Fuck, that cock is huge bro." Steph was getting close to cumming Jack could sense it. "You're making me so so full."

"Yeah? You like fucking your brother's cock?" Jack said, then moved forward, throwing Steph on her back on the bed. He began pumping hard and fast inside her and he could feel not just her pussy, but her whole body convulse as he slammed into her.

"DAMN JACK!" Steph screamed. "UGH. YEAH FUCK THAT PUSSY! TAKE WHAT'S YOURS!" Steph was passionately humping back at him, making sure to maximize his pleasure. "OOH BRO, YOUR COCK LOVES MY PUSSY SO SO MUCH!"

Jack smiled as he pounded her. "Quiet bitch you're going to make your sister jealous!"

Steph smiled, "Oh Jack, don't worry about that. We're both your slaves. We want hot girls to please you. Our Master gets to fuck whoever whenever."

Jack smiled at that. Steph's legs wrapped around his back and held tight as he was getting closer.

"And speaking of hot girls, bro, oh fuck, I know you've been checking out my friends before. I can help you, oh yeah baby just like that, take them you know." Steph kissed his neck as she spoke. Her hot breath bathing his shoulder in her cries of lust. "Think about that Master, you can have your own cheerleading squad, ready to serve you. Ready to dance. Ready to take that cum deep inside them. Yes! Yes! Yes!" She cried as he pounded in her.

" Hot damn Steph." Jack was imagining some of her friends naked. Steph was on the cheerleading team, which had dozens of girls on the squad. Dozens of hot, sexy girls.

"I'll give my friends up to you Master," Steph cried louder. " oh fuck that's so good! I can be your cheerleading sister slave!"

Jack, wild with imagination and imagining his sister in her cheerleading uniform bringing friend after friend for him to fuck was losing his goddam mind. He could feel his balls tighten and getting so so close to cumming.

"That's it brother. Cum in me." Steph locked her legs behind him as he pounded in her. " CUM IN ME! I NEED IT! I NEED THAT HARD COCK'S CUM MASTER! PLEASE MASTER! GIVE IT TO ME." She locked her legs against him. "OHGODYES BRO keep fucking the shit out of me! You can even knock me up if you want! Anything!"

Jack, with the thought of knocking up his sister, thrust harder and harder.

"Yes! You like that idea bro?" Steph looked him in the eyes. "I'm not using birth control. You've been coming in me so much its possible. Would you like your cheerleading sister slut to show the world how much your alpha male cum owns her? Would you like me to serve you that way Master?"

After she spoke, Jack felt his orgasm rock through him all the way as he emptied his cum his cum in her like a fire hose.

"Damn bro that felt fucking awesome." Steph said, looking like she was starting to almost pass out from the pleasure. "Hmmm. I might need to have a slumber party or something here so you can have my friends."

"Wait you meant that?" Jack asked.

"Yeah. Whoever whenever. I'm your devoted slave Jack, and so is Jess. We love the idea of you taking hot women into bed with you. And if you want you can impregnate them, but that part was more just roleplay."

"Was it?" Jack teased.

"Well, no. But I think we both know we're not ready for that world." Steph said. "Hey, I feel a bit woozy. Let me rest her a bit okay?" She fell back onto the bed and seemed to doze off.

Jack got up and went downstairs to where his other sister was making breakfast again.

"Hey there Master. I heard Steph was giving you a good wake up call." Jess smiled as she spoke. She was once again naked except for an apron. This morning however, Jack could clearly see the bulging outline of her breasts on the apron. They looked like they were about to burst out at any minute. Jess took a spoon with a bit of batter on it and gave it a sensual lick while her brother watched her. Jack raised an eyebrow as he sat down at the breakfast table.

"Mom and Kelly are at the restaurant again?" Jack asked. Usually only one of Jack's two moms needed to go take care of the restaurant that they owned. But the past two days seemed to be abuzz with activity.

"Yeah, I think two of the servers quit." Jess said. She was adding the finishing touches on three plates for all three of them. "I think they're trading manager and serving duties until they get fully staffed. Mom mentioned us helping out tomorrow so Kelly can take a break." She carried over a plate for herself and Jack, then after serving Jack first, she went back to grab a plate for Stephanie.

"So big brother," Jess asked, "How did you like being woken up by your hot cheerleading sister?" Her eyes were ravenous for details as she sipped a cup of tea. "I know how hot she is."

"Well yeah," Jack said, "You had a fun time with her yesterday if I remember correctly."

"Oh bro, that was for your benefit. She's not ready for me yet." Jess looked off out of the window. Jack smiled as he began to eat his bacon and biscuit.

"You think you'd two would do that more often?" Jack asked, hiding the hopeful feeling at the pit of his stomach. Both his sisters were incredibly hot. Even before her bust growth, Jess's raven black hair and sultry eyes combined with her curvy body was dynamite. Steph's sandy brown hair and angelic face made her equally as hot.

"Oh yes." Jess said, "I'll do whatever, whoever, whenever you tell me too Master." She smirked at saying, 'Master'. "I know that I've done girls before, and I've been hiding a bit of bisexual nature, so would I be comfortable? Yes." She took another sip of tea before eating some eggs. "But I know that Steph hasn't ever been into girls, but now she's getting some feelings. She's not completely there, but she'll do it to make you happy."

"I don't want to force her to do anything she doesn't want to." Jack said, going up to get a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

"You said that last night too," Jess laughed. "And look how that turned out."

Jack sat down with hos plate of food and began to eat.

"Hmmm. Looks like she didn't do her job this morning." Jess said while staring at her brother's cock. She bent down to her knees with her apron on and started to remove Jack's pants. "Mhmm. Oh no this won't do at all." She dragged her breasts across Jack's legs. He could feel her hard nipples pointing out through the fabric, tracing their way up to the base of his cock.

Jack moaned loudly as he felt his sister swallow his cock. She had given him blowjobs before, and even blowjobs while he ate. But something was different this morning. Jack smiled as he realized that Jess had competition now.

"Oh fuck that's hot." Jack heard Steph say behind him. She had come downstairs after her short rest, but was obviously turned on by the sight of her sister blowing her brother. Steph walked up behind her brother and began to massage is shoulders, whispering in his ear while Jess worked.

"Damn. She's even better at it than me." Jack could gear the almost attraction that Steph was letting seep out if her voice. "Oh damn. Jack, I want to watch you fuck her. Could you do that for me?"

Jack was almost done with his food. He looked at Jess bobbing up and down his shaft. Her eyes were fixed on him the whole time. She was doing this out of duty, for his pleasure, and because it turned her on so damn much. Jack could see the lust in her eyes burn to a smolder of raw sexual need and desire. His cock was getting so damn hard in her mouth it was hard to even think straight. And then there was Steph's cooing and encouraging him while using her athletic hands to rub his shoulders. She wanted a piece of it too. But she didn't want to be selfish.

Jack reached out and grabbed a fistful of Jess's raven black hair. He pulled her mouth on his cock and with his other hand he swiftly tore the apron from her body. He saw the firm; plump tissue of her breasts fall out and hang right above his cock. Her nipples were hard as stones as they faintly touched the tip of his cock.

"Mine." Was all that Jack could growl, and with a strong movement, laid Jess on her back against the table. She obediently spread her legs for him, all the while never dropping her burning, lusty gaze she held with her eyes.

"Yes Master." She said, "Yours."

Jack thrust his cock inside her and began pumping as fast and hard as he could. He could hear moans from Steph as she began to finger herself. But Jack didn't need to watch her. He was transfixed by the moment of pure lust that was shared between him and Jess. And as she felt the width of his shaft fill him up, she began to moan loudly.

"Fuck yes Master. Take your slave- Oh fuck! - I'm yours to command." Her brown and gold eyes never wavered. "Make Steph watch as you fuck your first- Damn so big! - slave." She began thrusting her pussy back into him, slamming her hips so he could fit more of his cock inside her. "I'm never fucking any other guy every again Master. Your cock is too good. It will never be like this. Never as perfect as the way you make me cum!"

Jack saw a change in her face. She was getting close. Her face hardened, but she kept the eye contact with him.

"You like my newly grown breasts Master? They're yours to play with. I'm all yours to play with. FuckYESTHAT'SGOOD!" She screamed as she came on Jack's cock. Jack himself was getting close to cumming.

"Do it." Jess said hoarsly, "Do it. Cum in your sister. Mark me as yours. Do it. Cum in your slave!"

Jack roared as he thrust one last time and then spilled cum like a firehose deep inside of her. Jess came again loudly as she felt his hot seed enter her.

Jack withdrew his cock from her. Immediately, Steph got on her knees and began cleaning his cock from all the cum.

"Damn." She said between licks, "You taste better than before." Jack smiled.

"It's because that's not just my cum mixed in there sis."

Steph turned around to look at Jess, who was streaking her pussy while pulling her breasts. She began sucking again, all the while staring at the sight of her sexy sister. "It's not that bad. Maybe, just maybe, I can get the full taste some other time." Steph and Jess suddenly began flashing mischievous grins at each other.

Right as the trio were enjoying the afterglow of their activities, the doorbell to the house rang. They all froze in place.

The doorbell rang again, echoing through the house. Neither of them moved. Jess looked at Jack, who looked at Steph, who looked back to Jess.

Then Jess's cellphone began to ring. She answered it.

"Hello?" she answered in the quietest tone that she could. "Oh Erin! Yes sorry I slept in! Give me a few minutes and I'll come downstairs!" Jess hung up the phone and looked at Jack and Steph.

"I am so sorry Master. I had invited Erin to hang out today before you took me as your slave. She thinks we're going to watch movies and read."

Jack remembered Jess's friend Erin. Erin had some assets that made her pretty attractive.

" We don't have much time so here's what we're going to do. Jack, go downstairs to the hot tub and turn on the jets. She won't be able to see you're naked. Steph go upstairs and shower. Then come down and join us."

"How long should I be in the hot tub?"

"We'll have you get out when we're changing to use it downstairs."

"Why don't I just go to my room?" Jack asked, "And if I'm the master why aren't I coming up with the plan?"

"Haha. I was just quicker than you. And it seems like everything is normal if we're avoiding each other while awake."

Jack didn't question it further. Time was running out. He needed to make sure that no one knew he was sleeping with his sisters.

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