tagBDSMMaster Surprises Me

Master Surprises Me


I’m sitting at my computer looking at the pictures my master has sent me, his beautiful face begging for a kiss. His lips, so smooth and inviting, his eyes so deep and mysterious. My master has power, Just looking at him makes my pussy start to dampen. He’s also been kind enough to send me pictures of his lovely cock, so long and thick. I can imagine the way it would feel sliding down my throat or deep into my pussy maybe even into my tight virgin asshole. After all he is my master and I am his slut, his wish is my command. Just thinking about him makes my pussy wet.

He is the forbidden to me in a way, my master is so much older than me. I love the power his age gives him, I am just a little girl compared to him after all being only 22. He’s taught me to submit completely to him I am his whore, his slut, his cunt, his slave, and I love it. Hmmm....thinking about my master Chris has gotten me quite excited. I am home alone right now, the perfect time to fantasy about the next time my master will let me have the pleasure of servicing his lovely cock.

I strip off my shirt letting my 38D breasts free so I can caress them, pinching and pulling hard on my sensitive nipples as I imagine my master playing with me. I had no idea that he was coming into my house quietly to surprise me, fortunately I was about to find out. I stand up still playing with my large pink nipples, now rock hard, and remove my shorts. I leave my white thong on for now, even alone I like to tease. I let one hand wander down to my panties, stroking my pussy through the soft cloth. My cunt was already so wet my panties were damp. My master walked to my doorway and stopped as he watched me playing with my tits and pussy, he smiled knowing how I love surprises.

“As much as I love to see you act the whore my dear, you did not ask my permission to pleasure my cunt. You will be punished you little bitch!” he near shouted at me. Startled, I jumped and cried out.

Tears filling my eyes at disappointing my master I replied softly with my head down, “Master I did not know you were coming to see me, I was thinking of you and just got so excited I couldn’t help myself.”

“Shut up slut! Did I ask you to explain?” Chris asked me in his Daddy voice.

“No Sir” I replied meekly.

“Then why did you speak? You know you are not allowed to speak without permission when you misbehave you little whore.”

I nodded in response to my master’s anger. I hated making him angry but I so dearly loved my punishments. “Since you had to be a whore and play with yourself, before I can punish you I need to use your mouth for release.” he sneered as he walked over to my chair, unzipping his pants and pulling out his long thick cock for me to suck dry. I loved to suck my master’s cock, especially when he was “punishing” me. His big cock fucking my mouth like a pussy, his big strong hands pulling my hair to fuck my face hard was no punishment.“Goddamn you are a little cock slut aren’t you?” my master asked me, laughing as I licked my lips.

“Only for you sir. I love to suck your cock.” I replied, moaning as he held his cock right in front of my mouth but not letting me suck it.

”Then beg for it little girl. Be my little bitch and beg for me to fuck your slutty mouth with my cock” Chris ordered me, laughing, knowing how much his name calling gets my cunt sopping wet.

“Oh Master, please let me have your cock, use my mouth like a cunt. Fuck your cock into my throat, use me like the whore I am. Chris please let me have that big cock in my mouth. I want to taste your cock....sir please can I suck your cock?” I begged and whined as he slapped his big cock across my lips and face.

“Okay sweetie, since you begged you can have my cock. Suck it good and I’ll fuck your mouth like I’m going to fuck your cunt later slut.” he said bringing his cock to my lips at last.

I part my lips over his big cock-head, letting him slip slowly into my hot mouth. My lips enveloping the sensitive head of his hard cock, lightly applying suction as I reached up and began stroking his shaft. Just sucking on his cock-head harder as I stroked his big cock and played with his balls. I soon began slowly lowering my mouth on his cock moving down inch by inch, getting as much of his big cock into my throat as I could. I closed my eyes, moaning as I sucked on his cock, I loved pleasuring my master.

“Ahhh, that’s it you little slut, suck my cock” he groaned as my lips reached his groin. His cock was all the way in my throat, my moans vibrating around his hot hard prick. He reached up and grabbed my head, slowly moving me up and down on his cock fucking my mouth like a pussy.

I loved getting my face fucked and moaned as he used me, “that’s it bitch moan on my cock, make me cum for you little girl. Suck my cock, slut.” My master cried out as he began fucking my mouth hard, ramming his cock in and out of my throat as he got close to cumming. As his cock swelled signaling his ensuing release my master stopped fucking my face and let me suck on just the head of his cock while stroking his shaft with my hands. I love the taste of my master’s cum and don’t want to just swallow it.

I let my tongue play all around his cock head, licking and sucking as I stroke his long, thick shaft and fondle his full balls. I moan in anticipation of the tasty treat I’m about to get, and my master shouts “here you go whore take my cum” as he spurts his hot cream in my waiting mouth. He spurts so much creamy white cum that it leaks out my mouth and I have to swallow a few times. My master leans back pulling his cock away from my mouth and I grin up at him so he can see my slutty, cum stained mouth and he smiles. “You are such a good little girl baby, and I love the way my girl sucks my cock. Now finish cleaning the cum off your face”

“Yes Master” I reply as I use my fingers to scrape the cum from my face and suck it off with my hungry mouth.

“God, I forget what a slut you are sometimes” he says as he watches me eat his cum, glad that he trained me so well. “Stand up Doll. Let me see you.” my master commands when I am done cleaning his cum from my face. I stand, wearing nothing but a white cotton thong, soaked dark from my cunts juices in the crotch.

“Come here, walk sexily over to me, dance for me sweetheart” my master purrs as he sits in a chair and turns on some sultry music. Hard, pulsating rock, grating and rough. I began to move in front of my master, swaying my hips and caressing my big tits as I danced for him. I spread my legs and crouched down so he could see how wet my little pussy was.

I danced over to my master and straddled his legs, he had put his cock away so I settled on grinding my wet panty-clad pussy on his muscular thigh. I leaned into his chest, resting my bare breasts on him as I slowly placed my lips on his. I rode his leg as I kissed him, first lightly running my tongue around his lips, then pulling pack as he tried to kiss me. I wanted to make him lose control, so I teased him. I sat back up and put my big tits in his face, wanting his mouth on my breasts. My master obliged, quickly sucking one nipple into his mouth while his hand went to the other breast and began roughly playing with it. He lightly bit my nipple as he squeezed my breasts, and pulled and pinched on the other nipple.

“Oh Chris” I moaned. My master knows what pleases me, I love to be taken roughly so my master lets me tease him until he loses control and fucks me like the slut I am. As my master suckles and bites and plays with my tits one of his big hands snakes its way down my belly to my wet and waiting cunt. He pulls my thong to the side to tease my cunt lips with his thick fingers, I moan and pull his head up to tease him with my lips. I lick his soft mouth and lightly kiss him, pulling my mouth and body away from him time and again until finally I get what I want.

“Ok slut, time to get fucked” my master growls as he pulls my face to his by the hair. His lips seize mine and he kisses me deep and hard, taking possession of my mouth. Fucking my mouth with his tongue, punishing me with this kiss for teasing him. As his tongue plunders my mouth his thick fingers slam hard into my wet pussy, fucking me hard with his fingers.

He releases my mouth and I hang my head back and moan deep in my throat, “you like my fingers in your cunt slut?” my master asks, laughing as he teases me.

“Yes sir, I love your fingers in my cunt” I moan out as I begin to ride his hand. I stroke my hands down his chest, unbuttoning his shirt so I can play with his nipples, I lower my mouth to his neck and begin to suck, kiss and bite his soft flesh as he plays in my slippery pussy. We both moan as we tease each other, beginning to lose control my master rips the thin cotton thong off of me so he can have full access to my cunt and ass. His fingers leave my cunt and I moan in disappointment.

He laughs at me and sneers “I’m just taking off my shirt bitch, you can wait that long right?”

I smile and reply in my little girl voice “yes sir” and look coyly down.

“Oh, I love that little girl act you slut.” my master grates out as he reaches around me and grabs my tight ass. He begins caressing my ass cheeks as I ride his thigh and roughly kiss him, I finally let my hands travel down his chest to his pants, I can’t wait to feel his big cock again. His strong hands grip my ass, pulling my cheeks slightly apart “I can’t wait to fuck your ass slut, after I spank it red I’m going to shove that cock you love so much deep in your ass and make you my anal slut too. You’re mine whore, I’ll make you my bitch any way I want. Understand?” he said as he began slapping my ass lightly.

I moaned “oh yes Chris, I am your bitch. I want your big cock to possess all of me. I can’t wait to feel you filling up my tight cunt and virgin ass.” as I ground down on his leg, my pussy soaking his pants.

I unbutton and unzip his pants, feeling his hot hard length against my hands I reach in and free his beautiful tool. I pull his big cock from his pants and begin to stroke it slowly, playing with both his cock head and his hot shaft. He grabs my hair with one hand, pulling me in to ravage my mouth again as his other hand plays with my ass. He slowly slides his fingers over my ass cheeks to my tight little rosebud, letting his finger enter me just a little bit. I moan into his mouth and stroke his cock harder. My pussy is gushing on his leg and my master finally has had enough of playing. He pulls his mouth from mine and picks me up, slinging me over his broad shoulder, slapping my ass as he carries me to the bed. “You ready slut? Since you’re such a little whore and you made my cock so hard again I’m going to fuck your little cunt before I punish you. My naughty little girl is going to get fucked in every hole by her Master tonight” he whispered. I moaned as he threw me down on the bed.

I lay on my back and spread my legs so he could see my dripping cunt, “Oh God Chris, I can’t wait for your big thick cock to fuck me. I need your dick, my pussy is aching for you Master. I was a naughty little girl sir, playing with your pussy without permission. I deserve for you to punish me by spanking my ass.” I purred.

“And do you want my cock in your tight little ass darling? Does my bitch want to feel my cock in her virgin ass? That’s the only way you’ll ever really be my whore you know.” my master replied as he knelt on the bed between my spread thighs.

“Oh yes sir, I want to be your whore, I’ll do anything. I want your big cock in my tight ass Master. “I replied in my little girl voice.

“That’s my little girl” my master said fondly as he leaned down and started kissing and licking his way up my thighs. I moaned in anticipation, my master loved to eat pussy and I loved it when he ate me. I thrust my hips at him as his mouth came closer to my dripping snatch. He laughed. But gave me what I wanted and begin licking up and down my wet slit, letting his tongue dip into my slippery hole and teasing near my clit. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once as he played with my cunt, then he brought his hands up my thighs to my dripping hole and immediately slipped two fingers in my pussy. He began finger fucking my cunthole as he licked my lips. I moaned and thrust at his face, “what is it you little bitch? What do you want? A true slut knows she needs to beg for pleasure” Chris lifted his mouth from my pussy to say.

“Please master, suck on my clit as your fingers fuck my cunt I need to cum Master, Please sir?” I begged him as he teased me. Without a word he lowered his mouth back to my wet cunt and roughly scraped my clit with his teeth and sucked it into his hot mouth. I screamed and came all over his handsome face. My master continued eating my wet pussy, fingering my hole and soon started pushing his thumb against my tight asshole. I moaned and pushed against his hand until his thumb was as far in my ass as it could go.

“That’s my girl,” Chris said lifting his mouth from my clit, “I love the way you’re such a slut, you’re my whore and I can do anything to you can’t I?” he demanded as I came again on his fingers and thumb.

“Yes Master, you can do anything to me” I panted out as he withdrew his fingers and thumb from my holes.

Chris sat up on his knees and moved closer to me, matching his big, hard cock-head top my wet, open hole. I moaned, knowing his big cock would soon be filling my tight little hole. “That’s right slut, you finally get my cock” Chris grinned at me as he leaned in placing the head of his cock on my cuntlips. He slowly pushed his big dick into my wet pussy. I moaned as he entered me, then he grinned wolfishly and roughly shoved the rest of his big cock in my tight cunt. I cried out in surprise and pleasure as his cock filled my pussy and he began to pound in and out of me. My cunt was squishing as he fucked me I was so wet. Chris soon flipped me onto my stomach and pulled me to my hands and knees so he could fuck my pussy and play with my ass. I loved fucking him doggy-style, he fucked me so much harder that way and it really made me feel like his whore. He pulled his cock out of me until I was in the position he wanted, legs open and ass up. He put his cock against my slit and pulled my up by my hair to hiss in my ear; “you want more of my cock bitch?”

“Yes Master” I pleaded. Before the words were out of my mouth he shoved his big cock hard into my wet pussy, forcing my face onto the mattress.

He pulled me back up by my hair and reached around to play with my tits as he fucked me. Pinching my hard nipples, rolling them around, and squeezing and groping my flesh as he slammed his cock into my cunt from behind.

“Oh yes Chris, fuck me. Fuck my cunt, Oh yessss. ...oh god fuck me fuck me” I screamed as I came on his cock. He pushed me back down on the bed and gripped my hips in his strong hands.

“You want me to fuck you bitch? I’ll fuck you. This is MY cunt, you are my slut” he growled as he began pounding his thick cock into my cunt, his balls slapping against my clit. And then all of a sudden his hands came down on my white ass hard, “You think you can play with yourself just because you get wet bitch? You are a whore, you’re always wet you slut! This is MINE, not yours. I decide when you get pleasure little girl!” he shouted as he began slapping my ass hard. I moaned as he slapped and fucked me, I loved when he combined my punishments with fucking me. My ass was burning, he had never slapped me this hard before, and his big cock was slamming in and out of my little pink cunt, I never stopped cumming as he fucked me.

“I’m sorry sir, I was naughty, please spank my ass, punish your naughty little girl” I moaned out.

One of his hands stopped spanking me and moved to caressing my ass, “guess what slut? It’s time to get your little virgin ass ready to be stretched by my cock. You ready girl? You want my big cock to tear into that ass of yours?” my master whispered to me.

“Ohhhhh, goooodddd...., yes master please..take me...make me your real slut” I cried out as I came yet again. His fingers began slowly stretching out my tight ass as he fucked my pussy, first he slipped one finger in my ass. Letting me adjust to that he just slowly fucked my tight hole with one finger, adding another as I loosened up a bit. I moaned as his second finger entered my virgin ass, the pain made it more pleasurable, I knew this was what a true slut would do for her master so I loved it. Chris began moving his two fingers in and out of my tight ass, mimicking his big dick in my pussy. I moaned and pushed back on his hand and his cock as he got me ready for my first ass fuck.

“You’re ready slut” my master laughed as he pulled his cock from my clenching pussy and his fingers from my ass.

I moaned in disappointment, “Master please hurry, I need your cock” I begged him as he moved from the bed.

“In a minute slut.” he snapped back at me. He soon came back to the bed and pulled me to the edge, he lubed both my ass and his cock, and placed his thick cock-head on my asshole “get ready bitch” he growled as he started to push his big cock in my ass.

I moaned as he entered me, it hurt a bit but his control over me made it feel heavenly. Soon my master got tired of being nice and easing me onto his cock. His big hand gripped my hips and he thrust his cock all the way into my ass in one hard thrust. I screamed and he pulled me up by my hair to bite and suck on my neck as he pounded my ass.

“Now you’re really my slut baby girl. You are finally my true whore. You like my cock in your ass bitch? You like me using you?” he asked me.

“Yes master I love being your nasty little girl, your big cock in my ass.” I stuttered out. His cock in my tight ass felt so good, he kept my body arched up and used one hand to abuse my big tits and the other to finger my wet pussy and pinch my clit.

My master soon pushed me face down on the bed and began fucking my ass hard, slamming his hard cock in and out of my ass while telling me what a whore I was, “look at you slut, just a young girl letting me fuck all your holes whenever I want, obeying my commands. You are such a fucking whore.” His words, his cock, and his fingers were making me cum so hard until finally he cried out “oh god, Baby girl your ass is milking my cum, fuck me back bitch. Oh sweetie...you fucking whore do you want my cum in your ass?”

“Yes Chris, fill my ass with your cum..oh god, I’m cumming again master, fill my ass, fuck me master!” I replied.

“Here it comes bitch” Chris cried out as his hot cum spurted into my tight ass, I came again with him and then we both collapsed next to each other.

My Master smiled and whispered roughly, “You’re such a good little pet. You pleased me very much today slut. Why don’t we rest and then you can have the other surprise I have for you”.

“Hmmm, yes sweetie, anything for you Master. Thank you sir for the pleasure and my punishment and I can’t wait for your next surprise.” I replied sleepily before laying my head on my masters shoulder and falling asleep wrapped securely in his arms.

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