tagMind ControlMastering Mistress Suzie

Mastering Mistress Suzie



Mistress Suzie had felt different somehow ever since his last booking request. Now, as he knelt before her, assuming the slave position as he always did, she began to feel damp underneath her leather trousers. Attaching the leash to his collar, her hands began to tremble. Had he noticed?

"You're in for some real punishment today, slave!"

A slight quiver in her voice. What was wrong? Why was she trying to affect a confidence which she didn't feel? A confidence which she normally did feel.

A confidence, moreover, that she had every right to feel. Towering over him in her high heeled boots even when he wasn't grovelling on the floor, he was one of many loyal slaves who regularly begged to worship in her presence. Her rich, blonde hair framed a face with such cruel beauty that many men, submissive or not, found themselves captivated. Her harsh, blazing, green eyes represented a passion for dominating men. She was a Mistress, a Goddess, and all men were slaves. Her slaves if they were lucky.

Why then was she breathing so heavily? No, she was actually beginning to pant, she felt herself flush. She noticed a smirk on his face as he looked down to the ground.

How dare he!

"W-What are...are...you smirking at...s...slave?"

Her eyes burned with the same passion but as he looked up he noticed that their strength was waning.


Laughing he stood up. His dark eyes fixed hers.

She was furious. Normally, he wouldn't even dare to look up at her without permission! She moved to slap his face but nothing happened. He laughed again.

What was going on?

He undid the leash and collar she had placed on him just a few minutes ago. She didn't know what made her more angry. His complete absence of respect for his Mistress, or her total powerlessness to do anything about it.

In fact, there was a third factor that made her even more enraged. Stirring deep within her she felt herself beginning to enjoy it. This enjoyment was mixed with anger, fear, and increasing desperation but didn't make it any less powerful for that.

As if reading her mind he extended a hand to her increasingly damp trouser front. She was already too far under to resist let alone feel angry about this intrusion. Instead she had to invest every ounce of strength that was left within her to resist the helpless pleasure that was consuming her magnificent body.

He insisted and she failed.

Letting out a deep moan her legs buckled and she fell to her knees.

This was a view she wasn't used to. She was aware of his bulging front level with her eyes. He tilted her head up so that he could see them burn with impotent anger.

"You'd better stop whatever it is you're doing!" she seethed.

He placed a finger to her full, dark red lips. The mere touch of them sent shudders through her body. Despite her rage, she couldn't help but find him attractive. She'd never looked at him in that way before. He wore a sharp suit that made him look good. It seemed to make her feel weaker and weaker.

As her panting grew deeper, she forced out the words,

"You...bastard. What have you done to me?"

With a mixture of triumph and pitying affection he stroked her beautiful face. In her increasingly glazed eyes, the sight of her formidable inner strength slowly giving way to his power was the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen.

"Oh yes, Suzie. What have I done to you".

Three weeks earlier

She was lying there feeling relaxed...very relaxed. She'd mentioned to him at the end of their last session that she was trying to quit smoking. He'd mentioned that he was a therapist and that he could help her. Free of charge of course. After all, she was his Mistress and he was her slave. He had relaxed her as she lay on the couch making her body feel heavier and heavier as she drifted into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation. He'd opened up her mind little by little and made sure she wouldn't want a cigarette ever again.

Now, as she lay there, her beautiful face normally characterised by cruelly, confident sadism had changed to a relaxed, peaceful look. Her luxuriant, blonde hair covered the end of the couch like a splash of divine gold. Her full red lips were slightly parted while her chest gently heaved up and down like the surface of a tranquil ocean. Her shapely legs extended to the end of the couch and her feet were motionless inside her high heels. He was torn between a deep, aesthetic admiration for the sight of this hypnotized Goddess and with an incredible arousal at the thought of taking advantage of this entranced Amazon. To complete the process he'd suggested she open her eyes. A look into those beautiful, glazed eyes confirmed to him that as he'd hoped, her strength, fire and passion were now harnessed by his hypnotic power.

"Now, Suzie, before I wake you there is one more thing we need to address. Our relationship is going to change somewhat..."

Her mesmerised eyes continued their regular blinking movement.

"You are no longer Mistress, and I am no longer slave. Do you understand?"

A slight hesitation;


"In fact, I am now your Master, and you are my slave. Do you understand?"

Somewhere inside her, this didn't feel right. But it felt as if her resistance, her will power was observing this from outside her own body, outside her own mind, powerless to intervene.


"That's Yes, Master."

What!? Fight this!

"Y-Yes, Master"

"You will be powerless to resist my every command."

No way! No...way

"Yes, Master".

"And seeing me, hearing my commands, will arouse you Suzie. They will arouse you even more than when you dominate a man. They will arouse you more than anything you've ever experienced."

No...Yes. What has he done to me?

"Yes, Master".

"In fact, you're beginning to feel very aroused right now."

A moan, then a deeper one.

"Yes...Oh yes, Master"

"But the only thing that will truly satisfy you Suzzie is pleasing me. Pleasing your Master."

"Yes, Master."

"And you can please me in so many ways. I will allow you to continue as a professional dominatrix in your own time. But when I want you, you will please me."

"Yes, Master".

"Good girl. Now come here."

She sat up. He watched rapt as her perfect body approached him, the sound of her high heels echoing on the wooden floor.

"On your knees"

"Yes, Master".

He looked into her mesmerised green eyes. Deep within them, behind her look of submissive powerlessness he could still detect her reservoirs of female strength and power. But it was too late for her now. He fastened a collar around her neck and attached the leash. An ever distant glare could be sensed at the back of her beautiful eyes, but she bowed her head meekly. As he led the collared Mistress around the room on all fours his own arousal surged.

"Now, Suzie. You are to worship my cock. And nothing will arouse you so much ever again."

"Yes, Master."

His throbbing manhood transfixed her eyes as her lips and tongue began their work. He began to groan in pleasure. A dying ember of resistance in the back of her mind very dimly suggested that she had him vulnerable now and that she must act before it was too late. But as soon as the thought occurred her jaw tightened and her adoring lips found themselves desperately moving up and down his cock. Pleasing him was everything now. As he exploded in her mouth she felt deep down that from now on she would live only for moments like this.

He stood over her as she knelt before him, her lips still stained with the residue of his cum.

"Good girl, Suzie. Now as I said before you may continue your work as a dominatrix, as a Mistress. In fact, after I wake you, you will forget everything about how you have submitted to me, your Master today. But you will begin to feel incredibly aroused and submissive whenever you see me, or hear my voice. You won't know what's happening to you! But whenever I say the words, 'Suzie, what have I done to you' your new identity as my slave will come back to you and fill every pore of your being."

"Yes, Master."

"You are now my slave suzie."

"I am now your slave suzie".

Pulling her beautiful, captivated face up by her leash he looked into her eyes. Those eyes which were strong yet weak, resistant yet submissive, unquestioningly obedient yet critically keen, and yearning with adoration yet blazing with fury were a sight that he would live for.

The Mistress had been Mastered.

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