tagBDSMMaster's New Student Ch. 02

Master's New Student Ch. 02


(Once again my thanks to g1dnshwrgr1 for editing both parts of this story and from me the author please enjoy your read.)


"Do you wish to be free of my commands, Beth?"

At first, I wasn't sure she had either heard me or understood what I had said to her. Beth's ass was slowly becoming accustomed to my intrusion now so my thrusts gathered pace.

"Please Master, I want to cum for you, but I would like to be free of your commands to do it justice."

A shallow groan escaped her lips as she said it; her willpower was being tested now. I knew from the picnic table she could be very vocal, I wanted to see where she would take this short spell of freedom.

"Very well, you are free until we have both cum. Do you understand?"

Her whole body relaxed now. "Thank you Master. Oh fuck, that feels so good. It's been so long, I've forgotten how good that feels. Please Master, I need it in me harder."

I smiled to myself. Even free, she would never move away from calling me Master and asking instead of demanding. I was mentally filing all of this for later. My thrust into her ass gathered pace now. Again, Beth adjusted her position, her legs were now further apart, a hand disappeared into the water and judging by the movement of her shoulder, I knew where her hand was and what her fingers were doing.

Suddenly her head went up and she groaned. "Please Master. I need it in me harder. I'm your whore. Fuck my whore ass."

Giving Beth her freedom may not have been a good idea, but I gave my word. I scooped my arm under the water and around her stomach. Beth swiftly moved her hand away from her clit and put it back when my arm held her tight. She moved her head around, her pupils where totally dilated now and her cheeks flush.

"Master, fuck my ass. I need you to make it bleed."

With that one sentence, all bets were off. I pulled out of her grabbed her by the hips and lifted her half over the hot tub. Beth instinctively moved her hands to stop herself falling. I held her in that position and swiped her ass.

"What? No, put it back. Fuck my whore ass. I need it."

Again, I swiped her ass only this time much harder. Beth turned her head, our eyes locked. Beth was too far gone now to realize caution.

"You said I could be free. You took it from me. Does you word count for nothing?"

As that last word escaped her lips, she realized what she had said. Her jaw fell open hurriedly she lowered her eyes to my chest and assumed a submissive posture. All too late. I climbed out of the hot tub and Beth followed.

As her feet touched the decking, I stopped and turned to look at her. "Get on your hands and knees and follow me into the cabin."

Beth followed me into the spare room on her hands and knees. I opened the case and told her to lay on her back on the floor at the foot of the bed and then took two sets of handcuffs from the case and cuffed her wrists to the legs of the bed. I then put a ball gag in her mouth and pushed a small vibrator up her ass and an egg vibrator in her pussy. The last thing I did was turning the vibrator on in her ass and strapped her legs together.

Wishing her a good night, I left the room in darkness. Sitting on the porch, watching the stars, and drinking my iced tea, I knew this was going to be a long night for both of us now. The vibrator in her ass was going to keep her on a high and every now and then, I would switch on the vibrator in her pussy with the remote I had in my hand. The length of time was random and dependent upon the mood I was in when I turned it on.

At sunrise, I went back to the cabin. When I opened the door to the spare room, Beth was a mess. She had been crying -- her whole body was swathed in sweat and there was a pool of cum on the floor around her ass. I undid the cuffs and then the ball gag came out. Beth screamed a scream so deeply imbedded in anguish, despair, and frustration. When her own lungs could no longer support her scream, she curled into the fetal position and cried as I unstrapped her legs and removed both vibrators from her.

"This room has a shower," I said. "Use it and come to the kitchen in thirty minutes."

Still crying, she nodded her head. As I went to leave, I watched as she desperately summoned the energy to get onto her hands and knees and crawl towards the shower room. Thirty minutes later, Beth walked into the kitchen where I had lined up six glasses of water.

"You're dehydrated. Drink all of these slowly and while you do that, I am going to tell you something."

Beth started sipping the water, but her body told her it needed the liquid replenishment and she started to drink faster. I then placed my phone on the table right next to the sixth glass of waster.

"This is what's going to happen. You're going to finish all these glasses of water and then you are going to phone Collette and tell her to bring your case from the spare room and to come here right now."

I leaned onto the table. Beth stopped drinking her water.

"If you don't do as I have just told you to do, then we are going to do this again tonight and then tomorrow night and then the next night and the next until I break you and you leave."

Beth finally finished the last glass of water and then handed me my phone.

"I am yours to do with as you please, my Master."

Reluctantly, I had to admit that even in my severely pissed off mood, Beth was still ready to stand by her punishment. I stood up from the table.

"Go back to the spare room and clean it up. Leave the cuffs attached to the bed, change the batteries in both vibrators, and once you have cleaned them and returned them to the suitcase, you are to go to sleep in the bed."

I didn't wait for her to obey, I simply left her in the kitchen -- picking up my phone as I did and headed for the porch. The first phone call was easy. John hardly ever slept and was surprised to hear my voice; we almost never phone tending to be happier to use the Net. We talked for close to half an hour before I bid him a good day and closed the phone on him. The second call took much longer and was even more detailed. We discussed chosen scenarios and how each outcome could be achieved if needed.

Both of us knew we would have to be fluid in our actions and Beth's test depended upon being able to adjust at a moment's notice and without the other being prior warned. I was shocked when two hours later, I closed the phone on that call. My next call was to David, my second in command. We talked for a few minutes and I then told him I might need Collette with me before the end of the week. He surprised me when he told me that Collette had got to the office before he had on Monday and as far as he knew she had been camped out there all night.

Judging by the paperwork coming from her office, she would have all her work finished later this afternoon and some of the team fully briefed on everything else she had on her desk. As far as he was concerned, he was happy with Collette leaving then if it would help me. I thanked him and closed the phone. Finally, my last call.

"Hello Collette. I'm told you're expecting an overtime bonus this month."

Collette laughed, which made me smile -- it was that infectious.

"Hello Martin. I'm so happy that you called me. How may I please you?"

"You may require a pen and paper, Collette. I will wait."

There was a pause on the line and then Collette said, "Please continue Martin. I am ready."

I gave her a brief rundown on what had happened so far with Beth and my actions. Collette stayed quiet. Since I had not asked for her opinion, she would not give it. I then gave her a list of things she was to bring with her and what she was to pack for herself. My last words to her made her stop writing for a moment as I gave her instruction on what I wanted her to do first before she came to me.

"I know there are things you wish to say about this, Collette but I need you to trust me. Your punishment is now rescinded. Order in a good meal at the office and I will expect you no later than 6:30pm. We are all going for a meal at 7:30, so if you need to be late, call me, and I will adjust the booking."

"It will all be done, Martin and thank you for the meal. I will be there before 6:30. Is there anything else, Martin?"

"No Collette. Drive safely and I look forward to seeing you."

The sun was warm now and blue skies overhead meant it was going to be a fantastic day. I walked into the kitchen to make some coffee. A moment later, Beth came out of the spare room.

"What do you wish for breakfast, Martin?"

I told her and she made breakfast while I made coffee for the both of us. "After breakfast, you will move your clothes to the spare room. Once done, you will change into your bikini. We're going to have a relaxing day by the lake."

Beth flinched when I told her about her clothes, but said nothing other than "Yes Martin." We had breakfast and Beth set about her duties while I changed into swim shorts. Within the hour, Beth had moved her clothes and had re-emerged in her bikini. We walked to the lakeside, found a couple of sun chairs, and I rubbed sun block on Beth while she did the same to me.

"May I join you both?" came a voice from above us.

Both of us looked up. Neither of us had seen the blonde woman approach and it took us by surprise.

She was close to five-foot-seven, maybe eight; it was difficult to tell since I was sitting. She was a natural blonde with piercing blue eyes. Her high cheekbones and a fair complexion, though clear, seemed to hide something. She obviously exercised judging by her toned muscles. Her breasts complimented her frame and were quite obviously natural.

"Please sit," I offered. "I'm not sure if either of us will be much company though. We didn't get much sleep last night and I can see one, if not both, of us napping in the sun later."

"Yes, I heard you both. I'm the next cabin along. Newlyweds I assume? I found myself watching you both on the picnic table yesterday. All I can say is it's a good thing it's off-season or you would have had more than an audience of one."

Beth was crimson with embarrassment but continued to rub sun block on me.

"This is Beth and I'm Martin, and no, we're not newlyweds. I'm sorry if what we were up to offended you, but I was given to understand that it was all but deserted this side of the lake."

"I'm Paula and it's quite alright. My trip here was all last minute. Like you, I was told this side of the lake was empty as well, so I'm happy to have some company."

We talked for a while and then Paula took her shawl from around her waist and asked Beth if she would be so kind as to help out with the sun block. Beth looked at me and I nodded. Beth sat next to her and did her back. Then Paula unfastened her bikini straps to allow her access to all of her back. I noticed that throughout the day, Paula had eyes for Beth. It seemed that every time Beth and I went for a swim, Paula would stay on the lounger. When Beth went alone, Paula would accompany her.

I watched as Paula would keep Beth deep in conversation the whole time they were out of earshot of me. Late in the afternoon, when Paula came back from there swim, she was minus her bikini top.

"Humor me here, she began. "Beth tells me she will not remove her top without your permission."

"May I ask why you wish Beth to remove her top?"

"Well," Paula explained, "it started off as a girlie, 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' type of thing, but now I'm intrigued. Beth refused to talk about this so I'm asking you. Why does Beth need to ask you to remove her own top?"

Beth came and sat on the lounger next to me. "Well firstly," I began, "I would put it down to modesty. For example, did you ask Beth if it was ok for you to remove your top in front of her? And, since you asked to be in our company, wouldn't it be polite to ask me if I was ok with you walking around topless?"

"After what I saw you two get up to on the picnic table, all of a sudden you're being modest?"

"Had either of us known you were watching we would have been more discreet."

Paula tried another tack. "I noticed you swerved around the original question. Why does Beth have to come to you for permission to remove her top?"

"Because Beth and I have an understanding. She is my wife in all but marriage and as such, wishes to ask me before she does something like that."

Paula looked directly at Beth. "So he runs your life and tells you what to do."

Beth looked at me, I nodded. "Martin is the reason I breathe. I won't do anything to hurt him and the only way I can do that is to check with him first on any decision I may make."

It was like seeing a light come on. Paula's face lit up as she realized what Beth had not only said but meant and then she looked long and hard at me. I held her stare.

"So you're his slave?"

"I am Martin's submissive. He is my Master."

Paula's jaw fell open and her face flushed. "You fucking idiot! It's women like you that put womanhood back a hundred years. What the fuck are you doing this for? Stand up to him!"

Beth still sat next to me, totally unmoved by the now ranting Paula.

When Paula stopped for a breath, Beth interjected, "May I ask you a question?"

Paula nodded without comment.

"You're gay aren't you? You're a lesbian?"

Her face flushed as if Beth's words held heat, but this time Paula kept her composure and just nodded.

"Am I right in assuming that by your actions here that you take control in your relationships with other women?"

Beth had sprung her trap, but just then, Paula's phone rang. She hurriedly fumbled for the phone, seemingly thankful for the interruption, but missed the call after one ring. Nervously, Paula looked at me and then Beth; went to say something, then closed her mouth, grabbed her things, and stormed off towards her cabin.

"Please Martin," said Beth, "may I remove my top?"

We both giggled and I helped Beth out of her top. She turned to face me and I kissed her before she walked into the lake for a swim. I lay back and smiled to myself. We saw nothing of Paula for the last few hours of the day. As the sun started to set, Beth slipped her bikini top back on over her gorgeous, sun-reddened breasts -- a red which reminded me of the coloring I gave her ass during her punishment earlier in the week -- and I had to look away quickly to avoid becoming both excited and exasperated.

Walking back to the cabin, a car came up the lane and into our view. Collette at the wheel, her face beaming as she barely got the car stopped before getting out to greet us.

"Welcome, Collette," I said.

"Thank you, Martin. May I kiss you both?"

I nodded and held out my arms. Collette fitted snuggly inside them and then kissed me. Her attention now on Beth, she smiled and called her sister and they kissed each other on the cheek. She took a step back, looked at both of us and remarked that she was overdressed. I looked at Beth and asked her to start the hot tub and then meet us in the kitchen. Beth smiled, nodded, and then rushed off as Collette looked at me.

"Don't say what it is you are thinking, Collette. The second it leaves your lips, I will punish you severely."

I pulled her case from the car's trunk and we went inside. Beth came in from the back and stood in the middle of the room. Collette stood next to her.

"Beth, Collette mentioned that she is overdressed. While I take this case to my room, I want you to undress her. When that is done, Collette will remove what little you have on."

By the time I returned, both were now naked with both sets of clothes folded and on the chair. I watched as Collette handed Beth her own choker. They both looked at me and I nodded. Collette helped put it on for her.

"For the time we are all here, your collars will remain on you. The only exceptions I will allow will be the shower, hot tub, or the lake."

Both girls smiled and went into the kitchen. Beth made some snacks while Collette made iced teas and then we all went into the hot tub. I told Beth to tell Collette what had happened so far. Beth's face went pale but she complied. As she did, I nodded to Collette to sit next to her. She would need Collette through the most difficult parts of her story.

Beth talked with joy of the walk around parts of the lake. She blushed when she talked about the tree and the picnic table dessert. Collette smiled, looked over to me, and winked. I smiled and then Beth's face darkened as she started to recount her freedom and the last words she spoke before I lifted her out of the tub and swiped her ass the first time. Collette, shocked at Beth's retelling, looked long and hard at Beth and then at me, as her eyes misted.

"Please Master, I need to give you a hug."

I nodded to her and she came to me sat on my lap and hugged me. Beth felt so out of her depth now as she then went on to tell the story of that night and the amount of times she came and cried in between coming, waiting for the next one; the vibrator in her ass making it impossible to even close her eyes for any length of time, even when the batteries died she could still feel it in there and all through the night the orgasms just kept coming. Beth had long since stopped deriving any pleasure from them and when I had come in and removed the gag, Beth hadn't meant to scream but her body could take no more.

"Stop there, Beth," I ordered. "I want to talk to you about some things you said. Firstly do you believe yourself to be my whore?"

I felt Collette stiffen as I used that word and I knew why. When Collette first came to me, we had sat down and talked about her submissiveness and I had asked her if she did indeed feel like she was a whore. A terrible sadness crossed her face then as she went on to explain to me what her new life meant to her and what she could give and receive from it. Whoring was not part of her lifestyle.

Beth looked directly at Collette as she spoke. "At college we were known as the whore twins. I'm trying so desperately hard with my new life, Martin. I know in my heart that Collette chose the right life for her and I came to see that it was my salvation as well. However, Collette has had a head start on me and Master John refused to finish my training. I will slip up and expect to be punished more than Collette because of it."

"In a way, I am jealous of Collette. She is the finished product and I'm still the novice. I just hope that your patience with me holds out until I achieve what Collette has."

"Beth you wanted me to make you bleed and that would make me a sadist. Do you look on this lifestyle in that way?"

She lowered her head, took a deep breath, and said, "No my Master. If I may ask one thing from you it would be that you never give me the choice of freedom to express myself again until you think I am capable of handling it."


Beth then went on to recount the morning and afternoon with Paula. Collette listened intently. I got the feeling Beth was leaving something out. Too much was said out of earshot for me to believe even the abridged version Beth had just recounted. By the time she had finished, Collette was smiling.

"Collette, I believe Beth needs a kiss and a hug."

An understanding crossed between us. In five years, so much has happened between us that I believe a part of our lives has become telepathic. She knew instantly what I meant. There was a husky "Yes, Martin" pass her lips as she stood in the tub, faced Beth and then held out her hand. Beth stood and met her in the middle of the tub. At first, it was slow, almost delicate, pecks on the lips and then Beth's dominance over Collette instinctively took hold.

Beth grabbed her, held her close, and the passion and need for each other took their kiss. I stayed quiet and just watched. I read so much from that one kiss, that eventually they realized I was there and their kiss ended. Both now red-cheeked and just a little emotionally distracted. I got up and left the tub reminding both the girls that we had dinner to go to and they should be ready in thirty minutes.

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