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Master's Pet


We were vacationing in Vegas when I won our little Pet in a poker game. I remember when I first took ownership of her. She was a tiny little thing obviously not been well care for. The first thing we did was getting her some food. When we got back to the room she ate like it was the first bit food she'd had all day. It would be a few hours before my wife returned back from shopping. I had plenty of time to clean her up.

After she finished her food I began to question her. I got the feeling she had never had a kind owner before me. She so was skittish and flinched any time I moved near her. I had her stand in front of me so I could take a good look at her there were bruises all over her body. Some small cuts and abrasions but I did not see anything that looked to concerning. "Is there anything that hurts too much?" I ask.

She says, "No Master thank you Master." In a little bit afraid tone.

I took her to the shower and started washing her off. "Are you afraid of me?" I ask.

"Yes Master." She answered. I place my finger to her chin lifting her face so I could see her eyes.

"You have no reason to be afraid of me I have no interested in hurting you." She seemed to calm down a bit after that I cleaned her up and dried I her off. She already looked better then when I first saw her.

I called my wife to tell the news not 100% sure how she would react. We had talked about getting a slave but never did more than talk. She was shocked but said we would talk when she came back. So I turned my attention to my new slave kneeling at my feet. I told her to stand and sit with me in one of the recliners I held her tiny frame in my arms grabbing a blanket and tossing it over her. I told her. "Life will be better from now on." She eventually relaxed and fell asleep curled up on my chest.

My darling wife walked in while I was watching TV with our new little one asleep on my chest. "She's cute." My wife comments as she takes a look at the sleeping form on top of me. "So what do you plan to do with her?" She asked.

"I thought we might keep her, all I think she needs is a little TLC and we can give her that." I respond.

I felt our slave stir on my chest she tensed as she saw my wife. "This is my wife Mia." I say.

"Hello Ma'am." She responded.

"Why don't you tell us a little about yourself?"

"What would you like to know Master?" She asks in a quiet voice.

"Let's start with what to call you." I ask.

"Whatever you wish Master." Comes her reply.

"I know that but what would you like to be called." I ask and watch her think for a moment.

"Pet." She answers unsure of herself.

"Ok Pet." I turn to my wife to see if she wants to ask anything. She asked

"How old are you? How many owners have you had? What are some of the things you enjoy?"

"I am 28 years old have had 6 owners 4 masters 2 mistresses. I like being bound and pleasing my owners.'" She said I think still trying to be a good slave for us. I asked my wife if she had other any questions. She just shook her head.

I decided to take a look in the bag that I won along with Pet. I had her lay everything out on the bed so we could take a look at everything. There were wrist and ankle restraints, vibes, a paddle, a gag, some nipple clamps, a blindfold and a leash. It was getting late so we decided to head to bed. "How do you normally sleep Pet?" I ask.

"Normally I sleep bound at the foot of the bed Master." She answered.

"Would you like to be bound tonight Pet?"

"Yes please Master."

"Ok go to the bathroom for the night." I say sending her away for a minute.

I ask my wife if she is willing to let Pet share our bed for the night. "I think that is a good start to the TLC." She responded with a smile. Pet came out of the bathroom I told her to get her wrist restraints. I locked them on her and the three of us got in to the bed. My wife on my left with her head on my chest, our Pet on my right in the same position a little lower with her hands bound in front of her. We all fell asleep like that. It had been an interesting day. Was one of my last thoughts of the evening.

I awoke to the feeling of a mouth on my cock. I look over to see my wife watching intently. I looked down to see Pet looking like she was enjoying herself as she sucked me. "Was this your idea?" I ask my Mia.

"No she asked for permission and I did not see any issues so I said yes." I laid back and enjoyed the sensation and relaxed. After a few minutes I lean over and start to stroke my Mia's clit. She begins to moan as she enjoys herself. I look down at Pet and say.

"I think Mia would like to feel your mouth as well."

"Yes Master." She responded as she shifts over. Mia and I start to kiss as she felt Pets tongue on her clit.

After a few minutes of Pets talented tongue she was cumming. She gentle pushes Pet's head back towards me Pet starts back on me with gusto. As she bobbed her head and deep throated me I warn her I am about to cum she only sucked harder at that warning. My wife and I were both satisfied. We lay there I call Pet from between my legs. She climbs back up between us I reach down and start to stoke her gently my wife begins to tease her nipples.

A few minutes later as I had two fingers inside her stroking her g-spot amongst her moans she begs. "Please master may I cum?"

"Cum for us." I respond as I pull on her g-spot as my wife pinches her nipples. I feel her muscles clamp on my fingers as she cums as her whole body shook. She relaxed a few moments later turning to me

"Thank you Master." She says so deeply. We all rested for a few minutes before I asked Pet when the last time she had pleasure was.

"I don't know Master it's been so long." She responds. My wife and I both shake our heads.

We all got up and started our day. I un-cuff Pet and we start to shower Mia caressed and explore Pets body as they cleaned each other. I finished up and let them have some time to their selves. I went out for some breakfast when I came back they were just out of the shower with a look that they both enjoyed themselves in my absence.

They dry off and come to eat Mia sits across from me and Pet kneeled next to the table. "What would you like to eat for breakfast Pet?' I ask as she looks up at me obviously she did not know how to answer. I don't think she ever had a choice in what to eat so I got a plate together with a little of everything for her to try. "Let me know what you like." I say to her as she takes the plate from me. We ate and chatted Pet seemed to like everything I ask Mia how the shower was.

"I enjoyed it a lot. I think we should keep her and take her back home." With a smile she reaches down caressing Pet next to us. I smile and agree Pet looks up at us smiling as big as she can. I lift her onto my lap and hug her as Mia comes over and hugs her with me.

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