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Masturbation Day


My name is Susan. I am 27 years old. This is my first post and I know some of you will think I’m pretty strange after you have read my story. My husband, John, has been after me to post some of our adventures. So here goes. We both love to masturbate; we do it all the time. We masturbate each other, we do ourselves and sometimes John will encourage me to jack off a stranger while he watches.

Occasionally we will designate a certain day as “Masturbation Day.” On Masturbation Day we both get off in public or semi-public places, usually several times for me. I just love it.

Monday of this week was our most recent Masturbation Day. John drives me to work every morning and on Monday we both wore clothing appropriate for the day. For me it was a long dress that buttons up the front with silky white panties and no bra. John wore loose fitting slacks with a baggy sweater that would hang loose over his crotch. We have about a twenty-five minutes drive to work. In the car, I started the fun by unbuttoning my skirt to just above my panties. John watched as I began to rub my cunt through my panties. I normally get wet quickly but in the car with others driving nearby I was soaked almost immediately.

As John watched me get myself ready to cum he said, “Give me your panties.”

He loves to stoke himself with my panties and it’s a good place for him to shoot his cum and not get himself too messy. I raised my bottom off the car seat and pulled them off.

John pulled up his sweater and unzipped himself. He pulled out his cock and draped my panties over his shaft.

I reclined my seat, spread my legs and began to work on my clit with my right hand. John’s eyes flashed between the sight of me rubbing myself and his lap were his hand was now pumping his cock at a good pace. Yes, he did also watch the road.

I spread my legs a little further so that I could insert two fingers of my left and finger myself as I rubbed my clit in little circles. I can always tell how excited John is my the amount of pre-come on his cock. He was obviously very excited because there was a spot of pre-come soaking through my panties where it stretched over the head of his cock. He was really stroking himself now and it was clear he was about to get off. I figured I’d help him over the edge.

“When I get to work I’m going to finger myself at my desk all day baby, how does that sound?”

John moaned and quickened the pace of his hand on his shaft. My panties were a blur as he used them to jack his cock off.

“Will you get yourself off in the lunch room too?”

“Yes, at least once and probably twice,” I replied knowing full well that I would.

“Will you use your fingers or your hairbrush,” he asked. I knew where John was headed. “Neither,” I replied, “I’’m going to use the small vibrator I carry in my purse.”

“Do you think anybody will see you baby?” John asked. He was very close to cumming now. “I’m going to let Mr. Adkins watch again, just like last week.”

That finished him off; he began to squirt his cum into my panties while letting out a loud moan. My own climax was not far behind as my two fingers made a wonderful wet squishy sound as I pumped them in and out of my cunt. He kept my panties, promising to fill them with his cum over the course of the day.

I had been at work about twenty minutes when John called from his office. He could tell by my breathing that I was distracted.

“Do you have your fingers up your cunt already?” “Oh God yes,” I replied softly, “Mr. Adkins just left my desk and I’m sure he could tell what I was doing. I’m so hot and wet baby - this feels so good.”

John told me to make sure Mr. Adkins saw my next climax. “John, would it be all right if I jack him off, he was so hard when he left my desk.”

“Only if you call me back and give me all the details so I can get myself off at my desk,” John said.

I came again as I promised him I would describe the jack off session in detail. I told him would call back with a report in an hour. I don’t know for sure but I’ll bet John had his cock out and had began to work on himself as we hung up.

I went to Mr. Adkins office and knocked on his door. I told him I needed to discuss a project with him. He said he was busy know but invited me to lunch where we could talk at length. I think Mr. Adkins knew what I had in mind and he wanted to get out of the office. Mr. Adkins took me to a very nice restaurant - white linen tablecloths and semi-circular booths. Both of which served our purposes.

When we were seated Mr. Adkins asked me directly, “Were you fingering yourself at your desk this morning when I stopped by?”

I was taken aback and could only look up into his eyes and nod yes.

“Did you cum?” Again, I nodded yes. “How many times have you cum so far today? He asked.

“You saw the second time when you were at my desk,” I answered.

“You’re really into masturbation, aren’t you?” he asked.

“I love to do myself. But I’m the hottest when I get off in with other people around, where I might get caught - pretty disgusting, huh?”

“Do you think you could cum here in the restaurant while I watch?”

I knew I could because I had done it dozens of times before with John but I wanted to be a little coy. “Would it turn you on to watch me finger myself in public?” I asked.

His answer was unspoken - he looked to his lap and removed his napkin. His cock was bulging against the crotch of his pants and a small spot of pre-come had leaked through. It was time to turn the tables a bit. “Could you take your cock out and cum with me?” I asked. He didn’t answer but slowly put his hand in his lap and slid his zipper down. I watched as he carefully reached in his pants and pulled out a very hard cock and covered it with his napkin. He watched as I unbuttoned my dress in preparation to finger myself for the third time that day.

“Could you also open the top of your dress so I can see your breasts and nipples?” I did as he asked. I adjusted the top of my dress and bent forward a little so he could see into my dress. I said, “Can you see how hard my nipples are?” He only sighed. “Will looking at my breasts partially exposed here in the restaurant help you cum,” I teased. Again he could only softly sigh. I looked around the darkened restaurant and realized we were seated in a prefect place for our mutual masturbation. I slouched down a bit on the seat and spread my legs. With my dress now half open it was easy for my hand to gain access to my cunt. Mr. Adkins watched closely as I inserted two fingers and began to slowly pump myself. “Do you like watching me masturbate?” I asked.

“Yes, very very much,” he said as he checked to make sure nobody was watching. He moved the napkin that has been covering his cock. His pe-come was now obvious and he used it to lubricate himself. I watched as he began to move his foreskin up and down his shaft. I was incredibly hot. There was something so exciting seeing this man I work with with his cock sticking out of his pants, dripping pre-come in a public place. I could feel my climax approaching. I knew it would be good and I also knew I had to concentrate on not moving or moaning too much. I began to finger myself in earnest. I was too hot to go slow. I needed to cum for this man.

“I’m almost there,” I said as I began to push my fingers in deeper and faster. “Cum for me, please,” he said. I spread my legs wide open and shoved my fingers in as far as they would go. As I looked down at my cunt I was excited by how lewd the scene was. Here I was slouched down in the booth, my legs spread, fingering myself as Mr. Adkins watched and encouraged me to cum for him. That pushed me over the edge and I began to cum - I was cumming for Mr. Adkins. God, it was so powerful and it seemed to last for minutes.

When I recovered I said, “Did you like watching me masturbate for you?”

“Yes, it was so sexy, I could even hear your juices as your fingers pumped in and out.”

“Your turn. Can you cum for me now, I want to watch you shoot,” I asked.

“I will, but will you talk to me as I pump myself?” he asked.

Again the coy one, I asked, “What do you want me to talk about?”

He said, “Just answer some questions for me.”

“What do you want to know?” I whispered.

“Do you finger yourself at work every day?”


“More than once each day?”

“Usually twice, sometimes more.”

“With your fingers?”

“Yes with my fingers, but I also use the handle of my hairbrush and sometimes a small vibrator I carry in my purse” I answered without hesitation.

“Do you masturbate at your desk?” he continued his questions.

“Yes, but also in the break room and the ladies room. Sometimes I don’t wear panties, other times I take them off in the ladies room. When I’m really hot and can’t wait, I just pull the crotch of my panties to one side and finger myself.”

I watched as he milked more pre-come from the head of his cock and used it to further lubricate the sensitive underside of his shaft. “Once I came seven times in the office.”

“That so sexy,” he whispered, “Does your husband know?”

“Yes, he encourages me to do it and then tell him about it at home at night as I jack him off.” He gave up any pretense of covering his cock which was now fully uncovered. Again he worked his pre-come from the head of his cock to his shaft as I watched.

“In fact, my husband told me to let you watch me today. As I remember he shoot his load just a I said I would.”

“Oh God, really?”

“Yes, he said I could jack you off if I wanted.” More soft moans from him. “Would you like me to finished you off, Mr. Adkins.”

He looked in my eyes. He didn’t need to answer - it was obvious he wanted me to stroke him. He turned slightly towards me to make his cock available for me to pump. I put my hand in his lap and circled his shaft with my fingers. I knew he had been leaking pre-come but I was surprised to find out just how much. I gave his cock a few stokes - it was dripping with his juices. I knew by the way he stiffened at my touch that I would have to carefully control my pace in order to prolong our adventure. I began to steadily masturbate him, being careful to control his excitement. I also took a quick look around the restaurant to make sure my public masturbation of this man was going unnoticed. With my other hand I adjusted my blouse and asked Mr. Adkins if he could see what he needed to enhance his excitement. “Oh yes, your nipples are so hard. I love the way your breasts bounce ever so slightly as you pump me!”

I stopped my stroking and repeated the milking of pre-come from the head of his cock. He was really flowing. I used my fingertips to rub his juice on the ridge on the underside of his shaft just as I had watched him do. I t was clear he wouldn’t last much longer. “Do you want me to make you cum now?” I asked.

“Yeees” he hissed. I looked around the restaurant and decided this was a good time to finish him off. There was nobody near our table. I began to masturbate his cock faster. “It’’s OK, nobody is watching, just let yourself go,” I whispered. The sound of my hand stroking his well lubricated shaft was obvious to both of us. As I looked into his eyes I pulled my blouse open fully exposing my left breast. His eyes alternated between my eyes which were urging him on and my exposed breast which was jiggling in time to my pumping. “Shoot your cum for me!” I begged. That set him off and his whole body stiffened and he began a soft moan. As I watched, his cock began to spurt. I was hoping to aim his cock and control where his load landed. The first long string of cum landed on my dress just below my exposed breast. He was spurting so hard and my hand was jacking him so fast that it was impossible to control the mess - so I just let it go and pumped him faster. His sperm was flying all over both of us. My husband cums a lot but Mr. Adkins was in another league. I was able to milk spurt after spurt of cum from his jerking cock. My hand was coated with his cum when he began to subside.

We spent a few minutes rearranging ourselves and doing the best we could to clean up his sperm. On the way back to the office I reclined the seat of his car, spread my legs and let Mr. Adkins finger me to another climax. John got all the details when I called him from the office. He had a nice cum while jacking himself at his desk - he shot off in my panties again. I showed John this story before I posted it. He printed a copy and plans to take it to work tomorrow. He said he will read it as he jacks off at his desk. If you like my story maybe you can print off a copy and take it to work as well and have your own “Masturbation Day.”

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