tagInterracial LoveMatch Met Ch. 07

Match Met Ch. 07


Hey everyone,

So this is the next installment but I have a quick poll for my lovely readers:

I've been writing on Lit for awhile, and some of you know I have two other series posted and completed. The 1 year since my first installment of Unexpected Interest is approaching and I feel like I should do something out of the ordinary haha! I was considering starting another short series (or story) of Natasha and Bobby or maybe even Kat and Alejandro, who knows? I'm leaning more toward Natasha and Bobby since they were the first installment, but still, I'm not sure.

But I don't know which of the couples to do, what the conflict would be, etc. etc. I have a few more months to think on it and I'm hoping to be done Match Met by then too. So I'm just asking for some feedback, ideas, suggestions-- anything really.

Thanks so much, enjoy and let me know what you think about everything.

A knock on the front door had Kiana out of her seat on the couch in a hurry. She threw her light fleece blanket over the back of the chair and stepped around the coffee table. Once she reached the door, she opened it to reveal Janelle. She held two small Christmas gift bags in one hand. The unfathomably cold chill had Kiana ushering Janelle inside.

"Where's your dad?" Janelle asked, putting the two bags under the Christmas tree nestled in the corner of the room. Kiana had decorated it by herself, with her father's eyes overlooking it all. It was nice; 6ft tall and full in width. Her childhood ornaments were splayed evenly over the branches.

"He fell asleep on me so I just came out here." Kiana said, taking her seat on the couch again and curling her legs under herself. Janelle took off her shoes and coat which unveiled a nicely matching pair of pajamas. Kiana gave her a sly smile before outright chuckling. Janelle followed Kiana's lead with bundling into herself on the opposite end of the couch. Kiana evenly spread the blanket over their cold feet.

"Happy Christmas eve!" Janelle told her, smiling. She was always big on holidays; she really saw the value in all of them. Kiana on the other hand was always less enthusiastic.

"Thanks, you too." She said, averting her eyes to the TV. Something abnormally cold came in contact with her ankles and she jumped instinctively.

"Cheer up, it's Christmas." Janelle told her sternly, silently threatening her with another freezing touch with her feet. Kiana sighed and settled a little further into her seat. She couldn't stop thinking about Sawyer and she was sure it was showing in how she acted. After sleeping on it, she realized their argument was undoubtedly stupid. It wasn't worth the silent treatment and avoidance they'd be giving each other until one of them backed down.

"I actually wanted to catch up with you." Janelle started. Kiana didn't say anything for a few more seconds and then Janelle spoke again. "Kiana, I didn't come over to watch you pout. Are you going to tell me what's bothering you or am I free to leave?" Janelle pointed to the front door for emphasis.

"Don't leave, I'm sorry." Kiana sighed, pivoting to face her. She leaned her back against the arm of the chair and brought her knees to her chest.

"Sawyer and I had a fight last night about his dad. He made him leave my show because he didn't want me associating with him. I told him I would chose who I wanted to befriend and that he should forgive his father. Then he just left." Kiana ran a hand over her face in exasperation.

"It was so stupid, because I actually told his dad I didn't want to see him anymore anyway, so we really fought for nothing." Janelle watched with a smile while Kiana battled her own inner thoughts.

"You two are so alike." Janelle said on a laugh. Kiana wound her eyebrows together.

"Both stubborn, 'superior' know it alls. The fit is so wrong, yet so right." She laughed a little harder and Kiana tried to understand what she meant.

"What do you mean by superior?" Kiana questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"I mean, you think you're better than everyone else, morally. Nobody has their shit together but you."

"Nuh uh, that's not true at all! I don't treat anyone like that."

"I feel an argument coming on so I won't answer that question. But I think, as his woman you should've stuck by your man then and found out why he hated his dad later. You were kind of out of line for meddling in his life, I know you'd spit fire if he did that to you." Janelle said truthfully.

I sure as hell would. Kiana said to herself. Her stomach ached out of regret and she rubbed a hand over her eyes. She knew Sawyer was making a special effort to make sure he stayed out of her life's choices, but here she was crossing his boundaries and throwing her own opinion around the room. She couldn't believe she'd expected him to actually listen to her while hypocrisy flowed through her teeth.

"Shit." She said aloud.

"Sounds like you have a phone call to make." Janelle giggled. Even if she wasn't too fond of Sawyer, he seemed to care about Kiana, albeit he wasn't open about it. He had a good reason for disliking Janelle; she'd left his girl outside a weed filled house at 2 am, although that wasn't exactly how things went down it was how it seemed. She was just glad he wasn't influencing Kiana to disown her as a friend even though she knew Kiana would never listen. Kiana grunted.

"I guess I do... but not right now." She replied. She'd let him sulk and think about her a little longer. Who knows, maybe he'd call her first.

"Tell me some more about him." Janelle purposed.

"He's 26 and a news director."

"26?" Janelle asked in disbelief. Kiana smirked and shrugged one shoulder indifferently. "What the hell are you going to do with a 26 year old man?" She whispered fiercely.

"It's fine." Kiana said calmly in response to her urgent whisper.

"Alright, whatever you say. Just don't call me when he wakes up one day and tells you he wants to get married and throw a baby in your ass." Janelle said, rolling her eyes. That would never happen. Sawyer was aware of their age differences and the stages they were at in their lives; he'd never put pressure on her like that.

"So have you heard from Brandon?" Kiana asked delicately. She didn't know if that was still a touchy topic for Janelle or not. But it seemed as if it wasn't; she waved her hand in disregard and pursed her lips sassily.

"Nope, and I hope I never do." Kiana chuckled.

"What triggered the needed epiphany?" Janelle groaned out of nuisance and shook her head minimally.

"Selling the weed started turning into perks, meth and cocaine. So of course because Brandon had all that shit in his reach, he'd start using it. He used more than half the drugs he bought, therefore losing his money. I couldn't do it anymore." She couldn't see him like that and she couldn't do it to herself.

"Well good for you, I'm glad you got away from all that." Kiana said.

"Yeah, me too... so what's for lunch honey?" Janelle asked, snuggling into the couch and making it clear a nap was on her to-do list. Kiana gave her a humoured look before snorting.

"Funny... when are you going to Boston?" Kiana asked, knowing Janelle's family was only a few hours away.

"Later tonight so open your gift now." Kiana glanced at the bag under the tree and the box for Janelle right beside it. She got off the chair to get them both and handed Janelle her gift.

"You first." Kiana said, Janelle tore at the wrapping paper surrounding the small box. She took out her two favorite MAC lip glosses, nail polish and mascara.

"You know all my faves." Janelle said with a smirk. Kiana shrugged her shoulder nonchalantly. "Thank you." Kiana opened her gift and removed the tissue paper. A Michael Kors wallet embellished in gold appeared in her hands.

"This is so cute." Kiana laughed. "Thanks Nelle." They sat in silence a few minutes longer before Janelle spoke again.

"So what's going on with this lunch?"

Kiana responded immediately on a laugh. "Shut up."


Kiana sat in the dining room for over 10 minutes before she finally decided to pick up the phone. She dialled Sawyer's cell and it rang a few times. Kiana fiddled with a string on the hem of her tee shirt. The slight click on the other end sent a jolt of energy through her.

"Yeah?" His tone was cold and groggy. Kiana's eyebrows rose instinctively and the hairs on the back of her neck twitched.

"What a rude way to answer your phone." She mumbled fairly light-heartedly but Sawyer knew better than to think she didn't mean it. Rustling was heard over his end and Kiana could only guess he was stretching.

"Is there something I can do for you?" He asked politely. Kiana grunted in amusement, she couldn't believe saw was about to apologize to this asshole.

"I actually have no idea why I called you. Goodnight." Kiana was in the midst of pulling the phone away from her ear when his smooth baritone voice kept her arm rigid by her face.

"I'll be there late tomorrow morning Kiana." He said seductively. Kiana smirked silently on the other end. Somehow Sawyer could read her mood as she sat silently soaking in his voice.

One thing she loved about their relationship was how easy everything seemed after the worst was over. An argument fit for being the basis of a break up would seem like nothing to them the next day when they both cooled down. They just couldn't stay mad at one another for too long.

"Whatever." She chortled. She couldn't help the laugh that escaped her lips. And as Sawyer listened to the symphony of sounds in his ears, his own smile began to surface. He could only imagine how sweet she looked trying to hide her pleasure. The two hung up soon after that and Kiana went to join her father in bed.


"Merry Christmas." Kiana greeted Sawyer with a genuine smile. He looked her over from the front door. She wore a pair of dark jeans, black boots, a long red cardigan with a thick, cable-knit scarf. Her curly hair was pretty on her shoulders and her almond skin glowed from a good night's sleep. Sawyer looked nice in a striped brown sweater over his jeans.

"Merry Christmas." He replied sexily, giving her a half smile. He extended his arm for her waist and pulled her chest onto his. She responded to his hold by resting her hands on his biceps and dazedly looking at his lips. Sawyer bent his head to hers and took her warm mouth. Kiana embraced his cold body and allowed his hands to massage her lower back.

He couldn't fathom how he was feeling as he kissed her. Something within him wanted to take her to bed and keep her all to himself. There was just an unexplainable sense of urgency in the air paired with extreme desire. Unexpectedly, Sawyer pulled his head away from Kiana's and ended their kiss with a loud smacking sound.

"Where's your dad?" He asked. He had almost forgot about Mr. Freeman, and hoped he wasn't anywhere around watching him suck all on his daughter. The fact that he couldn't fully express his feelings would only make him feel guiltier. As if he was taking advantage of his disabilities.

"He's in the den." Kiana replied, running a smooth, balmy hand over his stubbled jaw. Sawyer relaxed a little bit more and then attempted to return to Kiana's kisses. She moved away with a chastising sound.

"Come inside." She said, stepping aside to let him in. She hadn't noticed the Christmas bag in his hand, and suddenly her curiosity was piqued. She followed him to the closet where he hung up his jacket.

"What'd you get me?" She asked with a coy smile. Sawyer gave her a confused look before returning to the task of hanging up his coat.

"I didn't get you anything." He closed the closet door and faced her head on. He even took an extra step toward her. He used both hands to gather her into his arms and he matched his head up with her ears.

"You don't deserve anything more than a pounding from behind." He whispered, taking her entire bottom into his hands. He palmed up the flesh right before taking a nip out of the skin below her ear. He swatted her once on her ass and it resounded with a deep thump. Kiana was creaming in her panties and knew she'd be receiving her 'gift' later. Sawyer straightened his sweater over his chest and headed to the den to greet her father.


"Food's almost done so we can start opening the gifts now if you want?" Kiana said, wiping the water off her hands and onto her dark jeans. Sawyer and her dad were listening to an old James Brown record when she came in. She was surprised to hear Sawyer humming the tune and her expression let him know.

"I'm alright with that." He said, standing. Kiana headed for her dad's wheelchair and was caught off guard as Sawyer seemed to be in her line of distance.

"I'll get him, if you think that'd be alright?" He asked. Kiana knew her dad wouldn't mind.

"Yeah—go ahead." She said, throwing a hand back down the hallway. She turned off the record player as Sawyer wheeled her dad back into the living room. As he put the locks on the wheels, Kiana took a seat on the floor and shifted through the gifts. Sawyer decided he'd sit on the couch.

"You need to sit on the floor to open your gift." Kiana laughed, patting the biggest box under the tree. Sawyer gave her a sceptical look and sat beside her. He tore at the neatly wrapped box and exposed a sturdy, professional 6 foot tripod. Kiana looked at him with a smile as he sat, speechless.

"Oh Kiana..." Was all he mumbled, still staring down at the nice present. It had just the right amount of thoughtfulness and usefulness.

"Glad you like it." Kiana said. It had cost her a little over 200 dollars, but she decided to splurge because she did get an extra Christmas bonus. Sawyer couldn't help himself, and pecked her quickly on her cheek. Kiana snorted and proceeded to open her father's gift that she'd bought for him.

"I got you a heating blanket daddy. I'll set the temperature on it so you won't burn up while you sleep." Kiana said, tearing the wrapping paper away. Kiana had also bought him scented candles, a body length pillow and his favorite movie Shawshank Redemption.

"Th...thank you." He managed to get out. Kiana gathered all the wrapping paper in one hand.

"You're welcome daddy." She replied simply. Sawyer reached for the bag he had walked in with and took out a large, thin, wrapped gift. He sat it on Kiana's lap.

"For your dad." He mumbled. Kiana smirked and undid each horribly wrapped corner. The tape was bunched in some places while the paper was bulky in some areas. But he had tried, which was all that seemed to matter. It was a rare vinyl album of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. The album was still sealed and in mint condition.

"It's Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald." She told her dad, running a hand over the album's cover.

"Thank you." Kiana told him honestly. He grew modest and averted his eyes. Then he busied himself with rummaging through the bag again. Kiana tried to peer into a little more, but he was making a special effort to hide the contents from her. He pulled out a small box that didn't have the courtesy to be wrapped. Kiana's eyes widened at the signature green-blue box with a white bow surrounding the top. Then as if to further her excitement, he pulled out another that held a different shape.

Kiana didn't mean to snatch, but unfortunately that choice didn't feel like something she had control over. Her hands shook as she opened the first flat box and uncovered a lock shaped necklace with the words Tiffany & Co. on the face. The matching bracelet held the same theme. Kiana closed the gifts back up and climbed over the boxes and wrapping paper to drape her arms around his neck. She planted her lips over his forcefully and he returned it a little less passionately.

"Kiana, cut it out." He tried to whisper but her lips jumbled his words. He could feel Daniel's eyes on them. After the 2nd second of her still showering him in kisses, he had to pry her body away from his. He unhooked her arms and pressed his mouth into a tight line. Kiana chuckled and stood to full height.

"Let's eat." She sighed. She undid the wheelchair locks and led the way to the set dining room. Red and Green plates lined the oak table along with pots of steaming food. Kiana had made a ham, macaroni and cheese, sweet peas and yams. Sawyer sat next to Kiana and her dad sat beside her.

"I wish you could've gone to church with us this morning." Kiana said quietly, gently cutting up her dad's food beside her. Sawyer sighed.

"I had to work; I would've gone if I could." He said in a monotone voice. Kiana knew he would've, but still, she wished.

"I know." She mumbled. She fed her dad a piece of ham and Sawyer caught a glance of the act. She placed the fork between his lips and patiently waited for his mouth to close. Every once in awhile she'd wipe his chin and continue eating her own food as he chewed.


It was 9 o'clock when Kiana began getting her dad ready for bed. He was tucked under the heating blanket that was set for exactly 74 degrees. He already seemed to be dozing off, so Kiana just quietly snuck out of the room.

"Sawyer?" Kiana whispered down the hall. The bathroom door had a bar of light below it, and Kiana walked toward it. She gently opened the door to find Sawyer efficiently washing his hands, his blonde hair hanging in his downturned eyes.

"Hey." She said quietly, gazing at him through the mirror. He looked into her eyes in her reflection.

"Hey." He replied. Kiana took another step inside and closed the door behind herself. The hallway's bathroom was pretty small and only featured a toilet and sink. But the size didn't seem to matter to them. All day long there had been an unspoken tension between them. It wasn't one of ravenous lust; it was a tension of love and appreciation.

"I want to say I'm sorry. I had no right to interfere with your family problems." Kiana told him, not breaking eye contact for a minute. He had turned off the water now, and pivoted to face her. Kiana craned her neck to look into his dazed eyes.

"I just want to protect you." It seemed more like an admission than it did a statement.

Sawyer would never confess, but he'd always see her as a little girl. She was inexperienced in every aspect of the word yet she convinces herself she's capable of anything. His biggest fear was that she'd meet someone who would take advantage of her naïveté.

He avoided eye contact after he ended that sentence, and Kiana put a hand on his cheek to regain his attention.

"I know baby, and I appreciate it." She whispered, stroking the skin beside his ear with her thumb.

Sawyer's breath caught in his throat; she was gorgeous. Her big, deep brown eyes seemed to contort his feeling each second he looked into them. The wide bridge of her nose set her face and her defined lips were puckered below it. She wore her necklace and bracelet too.

"Where's your bedroom?" He whispered. Kiana smiled shyly and turned to the bathroom door. She led the way toward her childhood bedroom. She hadn't been in it in months. Her full size bed was bare but there were still photos on the nightstands. Kiana walked inside first, running a hand over her dresser.

"Is this your mom?" Sawyer asked. Kiana turned to him at the door and he had a hand in his pocket with the other holding a frame. Kiana knew which picture he was observing; it was her and her mother sleeping in the bedroom just a few feet away. Her mother had one arm elongated in front of her as Kiana snuggled into her breast. She wasn't much older than 3 years old.

"Yep." Kiana replied.

"She was stunning—you look like her." He said quietly. They had the same big eyes and filled lips. Her skin was a little lighter than Kiana's though.

"Thanks." Kiana watched him a little longer and couldn't believe how turned on she was getting. His strong chest was apparent through his sweater, and his long, thick fingers were somehow taunting her imagination. She envisioned the rough hands twisting and tugging at her pert nipples that she could feel tightening under her cami and then they'd travel down her stomach to cover her slippery clit.

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