tagNonHumanMated Forever Ch. 01-04

Mated Forever Ch. 01-04


Chapter One

Ella's POV

The darkness settled across the town of Lakewood, PA. I was walking home from the bar, with the after taste of vodka and sunny d on my breath. I wasn't drunk nor was I sober, I understood everything that was going around me, just more slowly than usual. My foot steps echoed on the pavement as I directed my path towards the East end of town.

Suddenly I heard wind rushing past my ears, making them cold and bright red. Pulling my collar up to shield my delicate face from the harshness of the night, I had no idea that night would change my life forever. Nor did I know what forever meant till that night either. There without warning was a tall menacing figure in front of me.

I froze where I was, I had no idea what I should be doing. I have never been in this kind of situation before. I turned around, screaming and started running. I looked behind me, the guy still hadn't moved, but that didn't stop me from moving myself. I was comforted by the fact that my feet stomped across the tar like nothing, all those hours at the gym were paying off.

I was half a block away when I crashed into someone, I fell backwards onto my well worked on ass. Stumbling for an apology I looked into dark entrancing green eyes, I felt like I was being pulled into them. Felt like I was drowning in them, he was doing it just to torture me. I saw a flash of bright white teeth, no wait not teeth, fangs.

My mouth flew open, and my hands instinctively went to the side of my neck. The vampire,--Weird thought to think to ones self --is gonna kill me. I gulped, raising my chin higher, if I was gonna die I wanted to die with all the courage I could muster. His gloved hand reached down for me, surprising me, he raised me up onto my feet.

"If you want your pride intact, I want you to follow me, and quietly. If you don't I'll throw you over my shoulder, kicking, and screaming." I had no desire to be thrown over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, brushing myself off, I nodded my head forward.

His fangs were gone, but in placement were beautifully sculpted straight teeth. He held out his pale angelic hand for me, I sighed, and placed my hand in his. Instead of cold I felt heat shooting up my arm, and warmth evaporating my hand. I noticed what he was wearing finally, he had on dark jean pants, a warn brown leather coat over his unbutton white shirt.

His chest hair was peaking out of the folds of his shirt, and I shivered from the cold on my skin, and from the heat that ranged uncontrollable from my body. I wanted him. Now theres a shocker, I thought I was Ella Makyla, sweet, caring and innocent. Yes, innocent of anything sexually, I've never even kissed a guy, and here I am lusting, LUSTING after a who knows how old vampire. My life is awesome.

"Are you cold Princess?" I looked up into his eyes and felt not a trace of cold from him, not even from a vampire. Vampire still gotta get use to that word. Vampire, vampire, vamp---- "Are you okay?" The vampire interrupted my thoughts.

"Um yes, I am okay. Also, I am cold." Being a vampire, and obviously a gentlemen, he tugged off of his brown jacket, and placed it over my shoulders.

Why in the world is he being so friendly? Yet he is kidnapping me, or forcing me to go with him? Not sure which

"Come on---- Oh forgive my manners I forgot to ask you your name." Oh how sweet, how charming.

"It's Ella, Ella Makyla, and, who might you be. I'm tired of think you as the vampire."

"How... Unambiguous. I'm Trenton Vantenio." His bright red hair framing his face. So Godlike. I thought. Trenton chuckled.

"What in the world is so funny, Trenton?"

"Godlike? Far from it."

"How did you..."

"Ah my Ella that is easy I can read your mind. Well, somewhat, that was a very clear thought, so I received it very well, but, I do thank you for the compliment."

"Oh, duh vampire. Must have some sorta supernatural powers." I said out loud. "Why only sometimes?"

"I'm not connected to you emotionally, or physically, yet." Trenton said defiantly. I blew up.

"How in the world do you think I would want to be connected to you? Your so----- sure of yourself!"

"Yes, I know have been for five hundred years. So let the fun begin."

"What fun?"

"To get you to fall head in heels in love with me, or just horny enough so we can procreate. Either way one leads to the other."

Chapter Two

Ella's POV

I stutter because all my thoughts just rushed out of my head. Procreate? He wants to knock me up, I don't think so!

"Why you cocky bastard! I have no wish to be anywhere near you, and certainly not close enough to do ANYTHING with you."

Why what a disturbing thought, I haven't done anything sexual with anyone, and I'm not going to break my record with him!

I turned around intending to run off before I got even madder, when Trenton grabbed me from the waist, turning me to face him, and placed his amazingly soft lips on mine.

An unfamiliar heat scorched my lips as a shiver went up my spine, my arms seemed to be move all on their own as they circled his neck, and pulled his warmth closer. Trenton's chest pressed against my breasts, my nipples were sensitive, and hard. Putting them up to his chest eased the ache, and brought a moan of ecstasy to my lips.

Trenton slowly eased himself away from me, seeming reluctant, my eyes were huge, and glazed with desire fogging my brain. He looked down with tenderness, and understanding.

"Ella? Look at me." My gaze shot up to his, our body's wants pulsing through the air like a heat wave in the summer. "All right just seeing if your okay, why do you seem like you have never done this sorta thing. Never been with a guy before?" He ask sarcastically.

My chin tilted out, my eyes flashing intense grey color, and my cheeks burning.

"If you must know yes, I've never been with a guy before." Surprise flashed through Trenton's eyes, and he brush my flushed cheek.

"Sorry, Elly I didn't think about that being a possibility. Your just so beautiful, I just assumed you would have been with someone. I can tell your definitely not a lesbian." Lesbian, gosh never!

"Well, I have nothing to say to that." Trenton looked at me intently. "What?"

"Why have you never been with anyone?" Oh gosh, why did he have to ask that question?

"I don't like pain, nor did I want to give someone something special in the back of a car." Trenton smiled, pushing a piece of my hair out of my eyes.

"Whenever you decide that we can sleep together, I'll make it special." I raised an eyebrow at his assumption that I'd want to sleep with him, but I also melted at what he said. He would make it special, and he's not gonna force me!

"Your not gonna force me? Force me to sleep with you?" I asked timidly, Trenton's eyes widen, and his mouth frowned.

"I would never make someone be intimate with me, men who do that are horrible people with no idea how rape can affect a woman. I am offended that you think that I'd do that, even if you don't know me."

My mouth dropped open. Wow a gentleman, and gods he's seems hurt too. When I looked pass that angry inscribed on his face, and into his eyes, I saw pain too.

"I'm sorry Trent, I didn't mean to hurt you." Trent? Where did that come from?

The corner of Trent's mouth quirked as he placed his arm around my waist, and for some reason I let him. Perhaps because I felt bad that I hurt him. I tried to convince myself that was the only reason. It is. I insisted, for my own peace of mind.

"Come on Ella, lets get going." He pulled me along gently, and I followed beside him in silence. Then one thing that keep coming to my mind, and it wouldn't go away. What did Trent mean by procreate? Does he want a child, is that what he want? Why in the world would a vampire want a child, it's not like he'd need one to keep on his legacy he could do that by himself. The one thought that pushed through my mind more than the rest were, Why does he want a baby with me?

We were going back to the West side of Lakewood, were all the rich, and nice places were. I lived on the East side of town in the cheapest collage campus, I worked two jobs to get me through collage so that I could be a doctors internee, and assistant in surgery.

So I had to work hard in my homework so that I'd have some social life, I have to do it because I've always craved people, and interaction. So I haven't slept a full nights sleep in two years, but I have to soon live with it, I am gonna be a part time doctor.

"What are you thinking bout Elly?" I thought, should I tell him the before thought, or the now thoughts?

"Why do you want a child?" Trent's eyebrows creased, and he looked back at me.

"Why do you want one?" I gasped, I wasn't even thinking about that!

"Your changing the subject, and you didn't answer my question!"

"No, I'm not, I have the same reason that you want one. You just have a craving for a baby, and for a family. So do I."

"Oh, so you don't have any family members alive?"

"Besides my sister no." I looked down at my feet. At lest I have family alive even if they don't want to see me.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't feel bad for myself at lest my family is alive."

"It's fine, my sister is my family, but I want more. I have so much love to share just no one to share it with."

"All right that explains one of my questions, but I have one more, why do you want one with me?" He smiled then.

"That my dear Ella is something you will have to figure out. It wouldn't be any fun if you knew the answer to all life's questions." I frowned at him. He's so cryptic!

Chapter Three

Ella's POV

"Well, fine if you wont tell me lets get going I'm tired of being outside in the cold, I'm also sleepy." Trent looked me up and down, he placed the back of his fingers against my cold cheek.

"I don't want you to get sick, we have a good mile walk. Do you mind if I carry you, we can get there faster?"

"Do have like vampire speed?" Oooo he's gonna carry me, he has such sexy arms. I stopped myself. What kind of thoughts am I thinking!?

"Yes, Elly, so do you mind?"

"No, I guess that's fine, but where are we going?"

"The vampire club, or as we call it TVC. Your not afraid are you, butterfly?"

"Not at all."

"All right so come here." I came closer to him, and placed my arms around his neck as he picked me up like nothing. Putting his arm under my knees, and his other around my back, cradling my side. I grabbed my hand around his neck and held on, snuggling my cold face onto his neck. "Hold on tight." I nodded.

He then shot off without another warning, it wasn't scary it was sorta relaxing, feeling the wind rush by, and his body moving swiftly like butter. It was about thirty-seconds, when he slowed down to a walk. I still had my face on his neck when he entered the warm club.

I looked up, and he smiled down at me. I let go of his neck, and he set me down gently. I looked around the place with curiosity, there was a few humans mixed with the vampires. Two vampire approached us, one was female, and the other male. They walked with authority, the female was very attractive she had light brown hair, and purple eyes, and the male was just as handsome his dark brown hair covered his deep silver eyes.

"Hello Trenton it's good to see your back so soon, guess you knew where to find her. I'm Drake." He held out his hand, I stood up straighter, and grasped his hand, and shook it. The attractive female placed her hand on Drake arm, he looked back at her, and brushed a piece of hair out of her face. They must be together. The female elbowed Drake in the rib, he coughed.

"This is my mate, and Wife, Carla."

"It's good to met you..." I smiled, and held my hand out.

"Ella Makyla. I'm not positive what's going on, but at lest it's interesting." Carla giggled.

"That's what I thought when I first came here, it's all very odd even though I knew about vampires before hand."

"Were you a human, in this century?" Carla pretended to be offended.

"I don't look that old, do I?" I laughed.

"Not at all." Then two adorable twins, a boy, and a girl, ran to Carla.

"MOMMY!" The little girl screamed. Carla turned around, and crouched down.

"Whats wrong Catalan?"

"Davie ripped my blankie up when I beat

him in a race." Carla turned to Davie.

"David, that was a very mean thing to do. Say sorry to your sister now, or your in big trouble."

"No, she cheated, Catty deserved it."

"So what if she cheated, you do it all the time, she never destroyed anything of yours." Davie looked down at his feet, and back at Catalan.

"I'm sorry Catty, that wasn't nice." He held his arms out, and Catty flew into them.

"It's okay bubba." Davie let go of Catalan, and Drake ruffled his son's hair. Carla looked back at my shocked, and longing expression.

"I know I'm young for a couple of three year olds, and hopefully another one soon, but I'm mature. How old are you?"

"Twenty-one." I said. Carla looked at Drake, and smiled knowingly.

"Same age as you when I summoned you to

TVC, such a brave little girl, and spunky too." Carla laughed.

"I'm still spunky, and you know it." Drake smiled tenderly at Carla, and kissed her on the head. I looked up at Trenton he was smiling, and looking at me from the corner of his eye, like he knew that might be us, soon. So cocky, can't wait to crush it, and his spirt to. When I get mad, I get pretty mean, but its not my fault I have a short temper.

"So Ella how did this--oh so breath taking--vamp get you to come with him?" Carla asked, Drake rolled his eyes, and poked her above the hip, she squeaked, and covered her mouth. She glared at him, and he just smiled an innocent smile.

"Not his cockiness thats for sure, he threatened my pride to carry me over his shoulder, not a fine moment that would have been, it'd be disastrous." Trent chuckled, looking me over with his sure fire green eyes. Gosh so sparkly, and beautiful. "Oh shut the goodness up Trent." I corrected my language for the little ones in the room.

" 'Goodness'?"

"I didn't feel comfortable saying swears with little ears in the room, I'm not corrupting them, unlike you." I said a bit nastily, my little daggers pieced threw his eyes, I wanted that to happen. Didn't I? It made me feel like I was bleeding his soul out, it made me feel cruel. I cleared my throat.

"Sorry Trenton, that was not fair I don't really know you. When I get mad, and get pretty mean." I shuffled my feet, and looked back at Trent. He blinked his eyes a bit, trying to wipe the pain from them. He smiled slightly at me.

"It's all right butterfly, no foul." I nodded, and I felt a small hand wrap around my pant leg pulling on it. It was Catalan, she was looking at me.

I got down to her level, and looked at her seriously.

"Looks like you have something important

to say." She nodded. "It's Catty right?"

"Yes, you should be careful of things that hides in the shadows, but shows no fear. If you don't fine the light, or the true soul bad shadows will find you."

Chapter Four

Ella's POV

I looked back up at Carla, confused. Carla grabbed Catalan and faced her to herself.

"Catty, did you have a vision?" She nodded. "Why do you always talk so cryptic when you have one?"

"I don't know mama, I'm sorry I should keep quite."

"No, you shouldn't, it's perfectly fine." Carla pulled Catty up to her hip rocking her, Carla looked back at my blank stare. "Ella, are you okay?" I bit my lip and slowly shook my head no. Trent, glanced at me worried, his arm shot out and pulled me to him, I buried my face in his chest.

"Trent was does that even mean?"

"You have to find whatever the true soul is or the bad vampires will find you instead. I'm sorry butterfly, if I knew this would have happened I wouldn't have brought you."

"It's alright, I didn't know children could have powers."

"Well yes, Davie can decrypt any kind of ancient writings, and put them into understanding for us lesser beings. Catty can see the future and sometimes the past as well, she always talks in riddles for the future but for some reason not for the past." I nodded and went back down to the little kids level.

"Your all very smart for three year olds, do you know why?" Catty spoke up first.

"Cause mommy's really smart, also cause we're mostly vampire." Carla laughed.

"Such a sweetie, she and Davie are 3/4 vampire and 1/4 human"

"How did that happen?" I asked. Drake interrupted, placing his arm around Carla pulling her closer and putting a finger to her lips.

"Her mom told me that Carla was finally old enough to ask her if she wanted to be my mate, she had just turned twenty one, and I had till sun up till she turned human, she was a halfling and she was the only thing in the world I wanted. I waited twenty one years for her, and I wasn't gonna let her go. At the time she didn't know that she was part vampire, she knew about vampires so she knew who I was. I told her if she became my mate, we'd be together forever, and we'd have to mate. I told her it was easy for vampire and humans to have children. She then asked very cutely if two vampires could have children, she obviously wanted my child so I told her yes."

Carla interrupted him by smacking his head.

"Your so cocky, I didn't want your child I wanted one, I didn't care who fathered it, you were just the only one around who would do it." Drake pulled her quickly against him, holding her waist to him.

"So you wouldn't care now who fathered your next child?" He asked with his eye brows raised. She sighed, sticking her tongue out at him.

"Well I care now that's not a fair example. Also it's a little to late, so there." Drake's mouth fell open, and she kissed his mouth closing it. He pulled back smiling.

"Why didn't you tell me before Carla!?"

"You said you wanted the next time we have a baby that you wanted it to be a surprise, and not to find out before me, like last time. So surprise." Drake rolled his eyes, and kissed her head. Then another vampire that looked just like Carla, holding a cute little three year old boy.

"Hi, mom." Carla said to the other vampire. "Where's dad?"

"He went out with some of his friends,

probably to go hunting, who is this?" She asked pointing to me. I blushed, and scooted to Trent, feeling uncomfortable.

"Mom this is Ella, Ella this is my mom Rain." I looked up to the tall light brown, she seemed nice.

"It's nice to met you." I said quietly and politely.

"Nice to met you as well." The little boy started squirming in her arms.

"Catty, hi."

"Hi Zane." Catty said, climbing out of Carla's hold.

"Mammy let Zane down, please."

"Mama!" Zane said impatiently. Rain sighed and let Zane down. Zane stuck his tongue out at Davie.

"Try to catch me, Davie." Davie's eyes sparkled and prepared to run after Zane.

"Davie please be careful." Carla said begging. Davie nodded and shot after Zane.

"Carla it's been three years if he hasn't come down sick by now don't you think he's fine?" Drake said.

"Well I'm so sorry, he almost died. It kinda puts pressure on me." Catty looked up at Carla confused.

"Mommy I don't remember that."

"Of course you wouldn't it was when you two were born, he wasn't breathing when he was born. But he's okay now, I just get worried." Catty nodded and followed her younger brother. I looked back at Trenton.

"So is this where you live?" He started chuckling.

"No, I live just down the road, I thought you'd want to met some of the other vampires." I heard giggling and a pretty redhead jumped into Trenton's arms. Unknown to me a jealous glint passed through my eyes. Trent looked my direction, and winked at me.

I had to use all of my self control not to slap his face, this had all be a joke. My hand curled into a fist, and I backed up a step trying not to pounded his face in. The others looked at me and smiled, the pretty redhead pulled back and looked at me.

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