tagGay MaleMatt and Brad: Gay Lovers Ch. 04

Matt and Brad: Gay Lovers Ch. 04


Chapter 4


Matt's on the job training was coming along nicely. David reported to Mark that he was comfortable with turning over complete control to Matt. "Your son is amazing with handing people. He never asks any worker to do any job that he will help with. He has developed a loyalty that you don't find often. He's a chip off the old block."

The renovation moved quickly. Matt seemed to be everywhere, He never gave orders he just politely asked. He helped with the dirty work and designed a sprinkler and drainage system that used 50% recycled water. He hired a long time professional golfer to lay out the course. Matt wanted it tough but fair. Water and sand hazards were placed to catch only badly hit balls.

He scheduled the grand opening for Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend and invited s host of distinguished guests and all the workers and their families. He was delighted to see his mom and dad, Tracy and Jack and Peggy, Cindy and Mary.

Several barbeque grills, tents, and chairs were laid out on the driving range. Guests were invited to join putting and chipping contests. A complete set of Nike clubs and bag was awarded to each winner. Second place each received 500 dollar gift card good in the pro shop. Third place received five rounds of free golf for their favorite foursome.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger cut the ribbon and the first tee. He gave the honor of hitting the first ball to the course owner his father.

Before the day was over players had booked reservations for all day Sunday. It suddenly dawned on Matt that there was no way he could handle the club house seven days a week up to 12 or more hours a day, 84 hours a week. The killer hours were out of the question. He needed an assistant manager, someone young and energetic, able to work with the players including the far too many temperamental players and the lollygaggers who held up play. The job required an exceptional people person.

After interviewing about 50 applicants he settled on Brad. He started work the next day. Matt worked with Brad until he was sure he could handle the job on his own. Brad was a quick learner and Matt set of their hours. Matt would work every other Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Brad would work every other Tuesday and Thursday. The both worked the busy weekend. They were each paid 500 dollars a day plus an equal share of the profits. It was more then generous and Brad vowed to earn every penny. Brad had come a long way in very short time.


Brad was an average kid. Both his parents worked pay check to pay check. One or the other drove him to and from school until he was 12. He had a lot of time on his hands and surfed porn sites for hours on end. His hormones were running wild and he had a constant hard on. He loved to see well hung studs pounding a girl's ass and releasing huge volumes of cum. When he stumbled on a gay site, it changed him forever. By the time he turned 18 he knew he was gay and actively trolled night spots for similarly interested men. He met a few for one night stands. He craved something better more permanent. He stayed in the closet until he met Matt.

His parents, Grace and Harry moved to California from Minnesota to find a decent job, the appliance company he had worked for 20 years shut down and moved to Mexico. Brad was 15 when they moved and he said goodbye to some good friends.

He loved and respected his parents. They were baby boomers, one of millions born to WW II veterans and Great Depression survivors. The so called best generation did all they could to insure their kids had it better then they did. Harry's father sent his so to a top credited mechanical trade school. When he graduated there wasn't an appliance he could not repair. His talent landed him a well paying job with health and retirements benefits, all lost with the move to Mexico.

His boss offered him a job with the Mexico operation. Less pay, but free housing for his family, Harry read the papers and felt afraid for his family's safety.

His boss, afraid of losing a worker like Harry applied all the pressure even visiting his wife alone. He did not know what his boss had told her make her cry and he did not care. He just beat the shit out of him in front of laid off workers who swore he had walked into a door.

Brad's mom was a gentle soul who loved Harry with all her heart. She new there was something different about Brad and expressed her concerns to Harry. Harry had noticed the same thing. They decided to talk it out when they cold find the right moment for a heart to heart. They decided the upcoming; Christmas holidays would afford the best opportunity.

The day Brad was hired he could not wait to tell his parents.

"Mom, I have great news. I just found an incredible job."

"Where homey?"

"I will be assistant manager at the new public golf course!"

"The one where Governor Schwarzenegger cut the ribbon? It was in all the papers and the evening new. This boss of yours must be a very influential person."

"Not Matt mom, his father. He is a very wealthy businessman. Hi wife was a Vegas show girl. Matt showed me her photo. She is very beautiful. Matt looks a lot like her."

'The best part is the pay. I work five days on alternate weeks and four in between. I make 500 a day which comes to 4500 dollars every two weeks. Mom, that's over 100.000 a year"

"My God Bradley That is remarkable." Only his mom used his given name, usually when she as upset. "You're pulling my leg. "Tell me this is some kind of joke. "

"Mom, have I ever lied to you?"

"No, you have not, but you have pulled your share of pranks."

"Mom, I swear this is no lie, no joke no prank."

When his father came home he could not believe it either.

"Dad I am dead serious, and no arguments. I intend to share this with you both. After the good life we had in Minnesota I felt terrible for you. With your talent you deserve so much better. I can never make up for all the love you have given to me and mom. The lobe I have for you both is immeasurable and worth more then all the money in the world."

Dad, Mom, this job has given my life a new direction. You both know how aimless I have been lately. I intend to be the best damn assistant manger of all the gold curses in the world. Dad I want to be like you. I want to help our family. It is the very east I can do to repay for all you have given me.

Harry put his arms around him. There were tears in eyes that never cried. "I am so proud of you son." Grace was equally emotional. "It's the season of joy come true. Praise the lord for giving us such a good son."

The following Sunday, Matt and Brad were closing up after a very successful week. The armored truck service had picked up the cash proceeds.

"You were telling about your family, Brad, "Your dad lost a well paying job to Mexico? What kind of work did he do?"

"He ran a shift of about 100 men assembling appliances. Everything from stoves, refrigerators, dish washers. Nobody knew more about the assembly and workings that my dad."

"I imagine it was very hard on your family." Matt ventured.

"It was at first. He got a job here repairing and rebuilding appliances. They somehow managed to make ends meet. But it is pay check to pay check. You will never know how grateful I am to you for my job. I share it wit mom and dad. It will mean that he retire with dignity and the money he needs."

"You are worth every penny my friend. Good night."

Brad worked the course Monday, Matt worked the phones.

He called the managers of every US business his father owned to see if they needed an appliance repairman. He struck out and was feeling low because he fond nothing that could help Brad's family.

Word got around to his father and roused his curiosity. "What is he up to?" He called Matt for an explanation. Matt l laid out the whole story.

"Brad is out new assistant manager, a real hard worker and a good man. A large sum of way I pay him goes to support hi family. I just wanted to see if I could help them."

"You can't but I can. That company was on our acquisition list. Poorly managed. Unprofitable. It was ripe for take over. There was no doubt that we could turn it around. Tell your friend that you have heard that a major appliance factory is moving to LA and they need a new plant manager. "

Sure enough it happened as promised. Mark bought the factory in Mexico for a song. The Mexican government was about shut it down for abusing and paying there worked les than promised. In a shred maneuver Mark take it off their hands. All they had to do was shut it down and collect million dollars. For this all they had to do was facilitate quick border crossing of trucks hauling the plant's equipment to LA.

Harry met with Mark. They hit it off and would become life long friends. "From what my son tells me, you got a raw deal. The fact these jerks went to extremes to keep you speaks volumes. I want you to mange the LA operation. We will start you with 250.000. If you ant you can hire all the formers employees you desire. We will pay for their move and help with hosing etc. Do we have a deal?"

Harry was flabbergasted. "Yes sir. Thank you sir. Thank your son! Brad told me what a fine young man Matt is. Thank you both."

"You are most welcome. And please call me Mark, not sir." "Where do I sign Mark?"

"I don't need a contract. A handshake will suffice."

Grace and Brad were thrilled.

Although it was his day off he drove to the golf course to thank Matt for everything he had done form him and his family.

It was a slow morning and Matt was at his desk finishing some paperwork. He head the door open and got up thinking it was a golfer and was surprised to see Brad.

"Brad what are you doing here on your day off?"

"I could not wait to see you and thank you for everything. Your father just hired my dad to run his new appliance factory. He said you had a lot to do with the deal."

"Oh, I just put the ball in motion. My dad took it from there."

"There is no way to adequately express my gratitude." he said grabbing Matt in a big bear hug. Thank you so much. I love what you have done, for what you are. The kindest most generous man I have ever met."

Matt hugged Brad back. "I love what you have done for me as well Brad."

The hug lasted longer than usual and became passionate. Soon to hardening cocks were felt. "Brad I did not know you like guys." Matt whispered, "Nor I you Matt."

The hugs flowed rapidly into deep kisses. Matt put an OUT TO LUNCH sign and locked the door. They embraced. The kissing became frantic. Matt pulled of Brad's shirt. Brad returned then favor. Matt kissed Brad's ears, licked his arm pits and his hairy chest. He lowed to his knees and removed Brad's shorts, cocks and shoes. His 11 inch cock tented his briefs. Matt forced the briefs to Brad's thighs and marveled at the most beautiful cock he had ever seen.

He just stared at it for a long time. Brad gently pulled Matt to his feet and undressed him. They grabbed the other's cock and kissed again with renewed passion. They fell to the floor side by side and turned into a 69. Brad had considerably more experience that Matt and easily took all 9 inches into his throat. The last person to take him deep was Tracy. It was only a month back but seed like forever. This was different and totally unexpected.

Oh Brad that feels so good!, Matt said taking Brad's huge cock in his hands and gently stroking it up and down, finally taking it to his hot mouth.

The two lovers were soon sucking each other with abandon. Luxuriating in the feel and tastes of each other. It had been a long time since either had any mind of sex. Neither could believe it took tam so long to get together and were determined to make up for lost time.

They spent the day making love bringing each other to several orgasms.

Exhausted they snuggled in each other arms professing their lobe for each other over and over again.

To be continued...

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