tagIncest/TabooMature Secrets: Orthodontist Office

Mature Secrets: Orthodontist Office

byGeorge VI©

This is part of a series of unrelated yet similarly themed fictional short stories entitled MATURE SECRETS. They can be read in any order. All characters are fictional, and all are over 18.


Jason looked forward to visiting the orthodontist to have his braces worked on. It wasn't the orthodontist he wanted to see, but the assistants. He didn't know if they had professional titles or not, he just knew them by their first names, which were often embroidered on their uniform tops. Unlike the people who work at dentists' offices, the women at the orthodontist's office never wore masks, and having these women rubbing up against him as they worked, their pretty faces only a foot from his, was arousing.

There were three of them. Sally had short brown hair, was about forty-five, Jason guessed, and liked to press her thigh against Jason's arm as she worked on his teeth. Another assistant, Chris, looked just a couple of years younger, had a nice trim figure for her age, and also made contact with Jason as she worked on him. They were so old that they reminded Jason of some of his friends' moms, but he had fantasies about a lot of his friends' moms, too.

It was Kelly, the third assistant that Jason really had the hots for. Kelly was in her mid-to-late thirties, he guessed. At about 5' 9" tall she was several inches taller than the eighteen-year-old Jason, was very slender with legs that went on forever. She had short blonde hair; a very classy-looking lady.

When Kelly bent over with her back to Jason, Kelly's white panties were visible under the thin, almost see-through white uniform slacks, and Jason could spot the seam of her panty crotch shield. Jason was always trying to look down Kelly's multicolored uniform top when she leaned over to wrap the bib around him. Jason will never forget his best view, the time that he could see all the way down to Kelly's chest, to her white bra, and could see beyond the tan line of her small breasts, almost to her nipple. Each assistant had her own way of sitting as they worked on a patient. The other two preferred sitting with their legs together, rubbing their thighs against Jason. But Kelly always sat with her legs spread wide, her crotch up by the patient's head. Jason liked to lay back with his elbows out as far as he could stretch them, hoping to make contact with Kelly's thighs. Sometimes Kelly sat farther back, and there was no contact at all. But on occasion, Kelly's stool was closer, and Jason's elbow rubbed against her inner thigh. Jason had been in braces for over two years, and lately the contact was becoming more frequent. Jason didn't know if his technique had gotten better, if Kelly was just more comfortable around him, or if Kelly secretly enjoyed the contact too. Jason thought the last possibility highly unlikely. Why would this very pretty married woman make sexual contact with some geeky kid half her age?

This appointment was very late. Jason only needed a link change, something the assistants could do and did not require the orthodontist. Jason was in the dental chair, and Kelly was preparing to work on him. She pressed the button that lowered the chair down so Jason's torso was lying nearly flat. The orthodontist was already preparing to leave the office, and the other two assistants were cleaning and turning out lights, preparing to leave as soon as Jason was done. "You two can leave," Kelly told the other assistants, "I'll lock up when I'm done with Jason."

As soon as the other employees left, Jason detected a change in Kelly's demeanor. She glanced nervously at the door where the two assistants had just exited. There was an unusual quietness to the room. Perhaps Kelly was a little uncomfortable being alone with Jason.

Kelly wheeled her stool as close to Jason's right side as she could. He felt his elbow pressing hard into her thigh. This time, Kelly moved her chair to her right a little more, and pressed her crotch against the elbow. As she worked, she ground her crotch against the protruding limb.

Jason was aware that he was alone with Kelly, and that she was humping his elbow in an obvious fashion. Jason immediately got rock hard, creating a tent effect with his loose pants and boxers. Jason could feel Kelly's knee rubbing against the back of his hand. He could see her looking into his eyes, and down at his body.

Kelly leaned forward to grab an instrument from the table on the opposite side of Jason. Although her breasts were small, she had no trouble brushing her left breast against Jason's cheek. She kept it rubbing against him, almost obscuring his face from the light. She dropped a band onto Jason's stomach. As she picked it up off of him, she casually grazed her hand over his hard dick, sending waves of adrenaline and arousal through the teen. She worked with her face even closer to Jason's. He could feel her hot breath, with her lips just inches from his.

This was too much to be an accident, thought Jason. As soon as we're alone she presses her crotch into my elbow, then she rubs her tit on my face, then she touches my dick. All of this had happened before, but not so obviously, in quick succession. She must be doing this on purpose. Jason couldn't help himself. He moved his hand over to her knee, and placed his palm on it.

Kelly was breathing heavier, it seemed. Jason could see her look down at the hand on her knee. She stopped working on his braces for a minute, looked directly in his eyes with a stern expression, and said, "Now, Jason."

Jason felt his face get flush, thinking he was being busted for touching her knee. He was preparing to blurt a groveling apology to the classy lady.

"You can never tell anyone I let you touch me. Ever. Not your friends, not your family, no one. Is that clear?"

With both relief and shock at Kelly's demands, Jason mumbled an affirmative. Kelly smiled at him, and clamped her thighs tightly around his arm. Then she rotated her chair, spread her legs wide, took Jason's hand off of her knee, and placed squarely on her crotch.

Jason heard her sigh as he cupped his hand over her crotch and rubbed her mound. The angle wasn't perfect, but he wasn't complaining. Kelly leaned forward a little, and Jason saw her lips moving toward his. As she kissed him, she slid her tongue into his mouth and snaked it around his tongue. Jason reached up with his right hand and put it around the slender woman. He moved his hand up and down her slim waist and back, over her thin uniform top, feeling the back of her bra.

Kelly reached down and placed her right hand on Jason's hard dick, now sticking almost straight up, and stroked it through his pants. Jason moved his right hand to Kelly's chest and squeezed her breast over her bra.

Kelly stopped kissing Jason, unzipped his pants, and pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees. She briefly admired his engorged cock before standing up, and pulling down her white uniform pants and white panties. As Jason suspected she wasn't a natural blonde. Her triangle of pubic hair was medium brown and straight, and appeared to be untrimmed. She sat on the stool again, bottomless except for her white socks. She placed Jason's hand back over her mound, and after rubbing her pussy briefly, combing his fingers through her hair, he worked his middle finger into her slippery, warm twat.

Kelly slowly stroked Jason's cock, and petted his balls with her long, slender fingers. Jason reached up with his free hand, and began undoing the buttons on Kelly's uniform top. Kelly reached up and completed this task, and when her blouse was completely open, she grabbed the bottom of both bra cups, pulled up, and freed her breasts, resting the still-hooked bra on her chest.

Jason stared at her small pale cone-shaped breasts, capped with pinkish-brown areolas and hard nipples. Jason fondled her right breast, gently tugging and kneading it with his fingers, as the hard nipple pressed into his palm.

Kelly pulled up Jason's tee shirt and helped him pull it over his head. Then she leaned way over and placed her lips around Jason's cock head, and after giving it a few licks, began sucking up and down on his shaft. As she leaned over, Jason placed his right hand on Kelly's bare ass and squeezed it. Kelly lifted her butt off of the stool, and Jason fingered her pussy from behind.

Kelly lifted her right leg, swung it over Jason, and straddled her young patient on the dental chair. She wrapped her long slender legs around his torso tightly on the narrow chair, and lowered her pussy down over his cock. Jason had never felt anything like the feeling of the lubricated pussy wrapped around his tender cock. Kelly squeezed her cunt muscles around the shaft, and began to slowly thrust her hips in and out.

Kelly was doing most of the work as Jason laid back and put his hands on Kelly's hips. As she started thrusting harder and faster, Jason moved both of his palms over her thrusting ass cheeks and squeezed them. Then Jason ran his hands up and down Kelly's long, smooth thighs. Then under her shirt, over her back. Jason looked up at the older woman's face. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open as she panted. With some work, he unhooked her bra, and Kelly slid off her blouse and bra, and was now naked except for her socks. The tall woman leaned forward as she fucked her patient, and her tits were hanging in Jason's face. As he fondled them, he reached up and caught a hard nipple with his mouth and sucked on her breasts.

Kelly's panting turned to whimpers, then moans. Only the shock and surprise of the situation kept Jason from cumming immediately. Kelly was thrusting hard, and Jason was thrusting up into her. Her eyes were still closed, and her nose was scrunched up, revealing some age lines around the eyes of the otherwise still-beautiful face.

Kelly's whimpers and moans were now capped with little grunts, a noise Jason had never heard a woman make before. "Oh, Jason, JASON!" she panted. She began to gyrate her hips in all directions. She clamped her thighs harder around the boy, shuddered, and let out one long moan. Jason had been holding out as long as he could, but could stand it no longer, and shot a load of jism up into his partner's pussy.


It was less than a minute later, with the panting Kelly still impaled on Jason's cock, that they heard the door open. Kelly jumped off of Jason and scampered for her clothes, but it was too late. Sally and Chris both entered the room and gawked open-mouthed at their naked co-worker and their teen patient.

Neither of the older women said anything. They just stared slack-jawed at the naked couple. Jason reached down and started fumbling with his shorts and pants.

Kelly was frozen, holding her clothes in front of her. She tried to speak, "I, uh, I uh, I, what are you doing here?"

Sally and Chris turned and looked at each other, and both burst out laughing. "I forgot my purse," laughed Sally. "We can see what you're doing."

Kelly still had a look of fear and embarrassment on her face, and stood frozen.

"Well, we've caught you, er, red-handed, so-to-speak," said Chris. "What should we do, Sally?"

"Blackmail!" laughed Sally.


After a brief pause, Sally explained. "Now you're going to have to share your young man!" Chris looked at Sally with some surprise, but then smiled at the notion.

"Shhh, share?" Kelly stammered.

Sally and Chris shed their coats, and walked over to the naked couple. Sally stood to the right of Jason, whose loose pants were up over his cock. She tugged his pants down with one yank of her right hand, re-exposing his sticky, semi-hard cock. "Share," she repeated. She ran her hand up Jason's thighs, and took hold of his teenhood. "I'm guessing you only had time to do it once, and I'll bet a randy young teen like yourself is capable of a couple more rounds. Right Jason?"

The thought of the other two women, whom Jason so often masturbated about, wanting to "do" him, a greasy little teen, along with Sally now stroking his cock, got him completely stiff again. Sally took that physical reaction, along with his smile, as an affirmative answer. She wiped her sticky hand off on her uniform top, and then started to unbutton it.

Jason glanced over at the other two women. Chris now stood on Jason's left, and placed her left hand on Jason's stiff sticky cock. "Mmmm, nice, Jason!" she cooed. The naked Kelly's expression had changed from fear to confusion. Like Jason she was probably beginning to realize that she was not going to get in trouble, but was bemused and bewildered by the two women, who were even older than Kelly, so brazenly touching the teen patient that she had just finished having sex with.

Jason looked over at Sally, who had completely unbuttoned her uniform top, and now dropping it off of her shoulders. Jason stared at her white bra. Of the three professional women, Sally was his least favorite, not being quite as pretty as the other two, and showing a little more age, with the start of a double chin and some bags under her eyes. But she was the only one of the trio with decent-sized tits, so Jason had masturbated while thinking of her many times after an appointment with her. And those tits were about to be exposed as Sally dropped her bra straps and reached behind her to unhook her bra.

The bra was dropped, and Jason stared at Sally's pale round tits, with a slight slope to them, capped with darker areolas. Sally then leaned over and aggressively kissed her teen patient, sliding her tongue in Jason's mouth. Jason kissed back, but Sally just as quickly pulled away. She arched her back, and thrust her tits into Jason's face, sliding both of the warm naked mounds over him, in effect tit-slapping him. "Ummm," she moaned.

Jason felt Chris's hand exit his cock, and looked to his left to see that Chris had stepped out of her shoes and lowered her white uniform slacks. Jason could just barely see her white panty crotch peeking out from her printed uniform top. Her legs weren't as long as Kelly's, but they were awfully nice looking, smooth and tan. Chris lowered her pretty face down over Jason's and kissed him more gently than Sally had. Jason heard her emitting a moan as her soft lips gently pressed his, and her tongue slid around his own.

Jason heard the rustling of clothes on his right, and glanced over to see that Sally had pulled down her slacks and panties, and her tits were hanging down and jiggling as she took the garments off her feet. Sally then took Jason's right hand, and placed it on her bare chest. Jason instinctively squeezed her soft left tit, while getting his first glimpse of Sally's thick triangle of bushy dark brown pubic hair.

Chris stood up and unbuttoned her top. She dropped it elegantly off her shoulders, revealing her small white bra. With a few smooth moves, the bra was off of her chest, revealing her tiny tits. They were as small as Kelly's but they looked sexy on the mature woman's trim body. Her light brown areolas were puckered, and her nipples were long and hard. She lowered her panties, to reveal light brown pubic hair, similar in color and fullness to Kelly's, not as coarse and bushy and curly as Sally's.

Chris, as Sally had done a moment before, took Jason's left hand, and placed it on her right breast. Jason fondled the small tit, rolling her hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Both women simultaneously moved Jason's hands down their torsos, over their rounded bellies, to their crotches. Jason combed his fingers through both of their pubic hair, and then rubbed their protruding pussy mounds. He slid his middle fingers into each of their pink slits. Both of their pussies were as lubricated as Kelly's was when he had entered it just a few minutes ago.

Kelly. Jason looked up at her. She was still naked, standing just below Sally on his right, her arms folded across her chest. Kelly just gave him an amused smile and a shrug.

Jason finger fucked both Chris and Sally, who were standing on either side of him with their knees apart, moaning, and slowly thrusting their pelvises in and out. Chris slowly stroked is cock up and down, while Sally gently massaged his balls.

All three of the older women were naked except for their short white socks. Chris's legs and arms were very tan, but her whole torso was white. Kelly's tits and butt where white, but her middle torso was nearly as tan as her legs. Apparently she had done some sunning in a two-piece bathing suit. Sally was pale all over, except for her chest above her tits.

Sally leaned over, and placed her lips on Jason's cock. She eagerly gobbled most of his shaft into her mouth, and rapidly bobbed up and down on it.

Chris lifted her right leg, and climbed onto Jason's chest. She scooted forward, until her pussy was right up to his face. With her right foot still on the floor, she wiggled her butt to get into better position, wrapping her tan thighs around his head. Jason took the hint and burrowed his face into her pussy, sticking his tongue out. He delightedly ate the pussy of a woman his mother's age, enjoying the sensations of her smooth thighs around his ears and her pubic hair tickling his nose.

Sally let Jason's cock slide out of his mouth, and straddled the teen on the dental chair, lowering her torso over his, sliding her hot pussy down over his cock. She wasted little time getting into position before she fucked him rapidly, grunting as she thrust on top of him.

While fucking Sally and eating Chris, Jason felt the presence of Kelly standing at his left. He reached out to her. She held his hand for a moment. Then the eager teen felt her bare ass. Then he worked his hand around to her front, and fingered her pussy. He was now simultaneously satisfying three mature pussies at once.

While fucking, eating, and fingering, Jason's left hand was all over the place; up to Sally's shaking tits, to Chris's thrusting butt, over both of their smooth thighs.

Some of the ladies' hands were roaming, too. Jason couldn't see too much with Chris sitting on his face, but he realized that Kelly's hand was on Sally's tit, and Sally's hand was on Kelly's tit. Kelly also fondled Chris's tit. Kelly was sort of leaning into the other two riding women, hugging them, and there seemed to be a little bit of smooching going on, too, between all three.

Chris and Kelly were panting and moaning, but Sally was loudly grunting with each of her fuck thrusts. Her thighs were clamping harder around Jason, and she was throwing her torso in all directions. Jason felt her shudder and spasm, almost throwing him off the dentist chair. Finally her orgasm subsided, and she half-fell off of Jason's cock and off the chair.

As soon as Sally vacated the chair, Chris slid her body all the way down Jason's, and impaled herself on his glistening cock. Now it was her turn to emit unladylike grunts as she pumped him.

Jason was nearing another orgasm, and now concentrated on the third women to fuck him. Jason didn't know a whole lot about sex, but he knew that he was supposed to wait for the woman to have an orgasm before he did. He was close to cumming, but he held off as Chris threw herself back on his lap. Unlike the other two women, who leaned forward while fucking him on top, Chris was leaning way back, her jiggling little titties thrust up in the air, her head back, as if riding a bronco. "UrrUrrUrrrrg!" She grunted with every thrust, her normally sultry voice getting huskier.

"Ride him, Chris!" Cheered the recovering Sally.

Chris chortled and grunted as she threw her torso from side to side. She shuddered and lurched.

Jason couldn't hold out any longer. He shot a load of jizm up into Chris's pussy.

Chris reciprocated, by clamping her thighs around him, and then collapsing on his chest, the way that Kelly had just done a few minutes before, lying chest-to-chest with her teen patient, panting in his ear.

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