tagIncest/TabooMature Secrets: Three Drunk Aunts

Mature Secrets: Three Drunk Aunts

byGeorge VI©

This is part of a series of unrelated yet similarly themed fictional short stories entitled MATURE SECRETS. They can be read in any order. All characters are fictional, and all are over 18.


You could tell at a glance that my three aunts are sisters. My dad's three sisters share many similar facial features. They have the same color strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. But what is different is that all three have slightly different shapes. Aunt Kathy, the oldest at forty-two, still has a very slender body. Aunt Kim, the youngest at 36, has a pretty average sized body, a little more meat on her but still trim. Aunt Valerie, at thirty-eight, is a little heaver. Not chunky, just a little more meat on her thighs. It was sort of like looking at the same woman in a carnival fun mirror. And their breast sizes were different, too. Having snuck into their dressers and suitcases before, I know that Kathy's bra size is 36A, Kim's is 36B and Valerie's is 38C. I was attracted to all three depending on my mood, but frankly Valerie's large breasts occupied more of my fantasies than the others.

I was asked by Aunt Valerie to baby-sit her and Kim's boys one Friday night when Valerie's husband was going to be out of town. Kim and Kathy were coming into town, and all three were going to go out to a bar with an old friend. Since they would be getting home late, Valerie said I should spend the night at her house. My two young boy cousins were no problem, and went to sleep without hassle, which gave me time to snoop around Aunt Valerie's house and check out her underwear drawers.

The three aunts came home after 1:00AM, dead drunk. They shouldn't have been driving. After Valerie and Kim checked on their sons, they retired to the family room for more beers. Since I was supposed to sleep on the sleeper sofa in the family room, I had nothing else to do but join them and watch them drink. They were so wired that they were still standing, or leaning against the adjoining kitchen's island, drinking and munching on snacks. They invited me to join their circle, and they continued their drunken conversation.

They were talking about men they noticed at the bar. As they spoke, Kim drunkenly leaned into me. Her shoulder was rubbing against mine, and I enjoyed the physical connection. She put her arm around me, and I took the opportunity to put my left arm around her small waist. Valerie moved closer and pressed her large breast into my right shoulder. Kathy stood across from me, giving me a sexy smile.

Valerie, loud and boisterous, asked the others, "Wasn't that guy in the red shirt a hunk?" The others loudly agreed with her. It was strange hearing my aunts discuss a man's sex appeal.

"How old do you think he was?" asked Kathy.

"Barely twenty-one," replied Kim. So they were horny, and like their men young. This conversation was turning me on. But I was also feeling a little self-conscious being in the middle of it.

"Brandon, how old are you now?" asked Kathy. Considering the discussion, the question made the other two laugh, and me blush.

"Eighteen," I replied.

"That's right, you just had a birthday! And I forgot about it!" exclaimed Valerie, her face just inches from mine. "Happy birthday!"

Valerie gave me a bug hug. I took the opportunity to hold on tight so I could feel her big breasts press into me.

Kim said, "Eighteen! You're legal now, you're not jail bait." The others giggled at that. I just gave an embarrassed grin.

Valerie offered me a beer, even though I was still too young to drink. I declined. I really wanted a beer, but I was still afraid they would tell my parents.

Kathy said, "It's ok, we won't tell your parents," but I still declined.

"Yeah, it's after midnight," said Valerie. "We have an agreement. Anything that happens after midnight stays here."

"That's right," affirmed Kathy. Kathy walked around the island and gave me a birthday hug also. As we hugged, she kissed me on the cheek. I went to kiss her on the cheek, but as I did Kathy turned her head and kissed me full on the lips. I was startled at first, but when she kept right on kissing me, I kissed right back. Kathy slid her tongue into my mouth, and we French-kissed in front of my other aunts. It was strange kissing my forty-two year old aunt, but I really enjoyed it.

When Kathy finally came up for breath, her young sister Kim said, "My turn," and also slid her tongue into my mouth. She also slid her hands down my back and subtly squeezed my ass. My hands were on her sides under her arms, and as I lowered them to break free, my right hand accidentally brushed her left breast over her blouse and bra. It really was an accident, but she must have thought it was deliberate, because she dropped a hand down and brushed it over my crotch. When I offered no resistance, she placed her hand squarely on my cock and squeezed it. "It's OK, it's after midnight," she slurred.

Kathy and Valerie were having a drunken conversation, but when I glanced over they were watching Kim and me. I was still sober and self-conscious, but when Kim took my hand from her waist and slid it up over her breasts, I couldn't resist fondling it over her blouse. When I'd inspected Kim's bras in the past, I noticed that they had no extra padding at all. And now I was feeling just the thin fabric of her bra cup, and her squishy tit underneath it. My heart was pounding as I wondered how many times I had fantasized about doing this - feeling any of my aunts' tits, and now it was a joyous reality.

I felt more than two hands on my body. Valerie was squeezing my ass also. Kim reached up and unbuttoned her own blouse a little, reached inside, and pulled her left breast out of her bra and rested it on top of her B-cup. I immediately fondled her bare breast.

"Kim, you have to share! Mom always said that we should share," said Valerie to her younger sister.

Kim stopped kissing me and said, "She didn't mean boys!" As she stepped back, I got a good look at her bare breast, white with nice pinkish-brown areola and hard nipple.

"Well," said Valerie, "If you can do that, I can do that." Valerie pulled her sweater up, past her midriff, and exposed her big white bra. She bunched the sweater under her arms, reached inside her bra C-cups, and plopped both of her breasts out. They rested on her cups, giving me full view of them. They were beauties. They were white, with same color areolas as Kim's, but bigger in proportion with her larger breasts. I stood still holding onto Kim's waist, gawking at Kim's one and Valerie's two bare breasts. Kim pulled her other breast out, and Kim and Valerie thrust their chests out like two preening peacocks.

Kathy said, "That's not fair, my boobs are little!"

Valerie replied, "Yea, but I was always jealous of your small butt. Show him your butt!"

Kathy unsnapped her jeans, and wiggled them down, exposing her multi-colored horizontally striped cotton panties. After kicking off her pants, she tugged down on her panties, and exposed her pussy, covered with a large thick triangle of pubic hair. The hair was essentially the same color of strawberry blonde as the hair on her head. Kathy turned around, arched her back, and posed like Betty Grable, pointing her bare white ass at me. Kathy's legs were pretty tan, but her butt was quite a bit whiter, making it appear to jut out more. I don't think it was the great pre-childbirth ass that Kim remembered from twenty years ago. But for her age it was a pretty impressive ass, and I loved looking at it, particularly with that sexy pose.

Valerie grabbed my hand and French-kissed me for the first time. I didn't have to be told to put both of my hands up over her beautiful tits - I wasn't going to miss this golden opportunity to touch them. I eagerly played with the globes, jiggling and lifting them.

All three girls took a hand in pulling my tee shirt off of me. Then Kim dropped to her knees and unsnapped my jeans, unzipped them, and tugged them off. She eagerly yanked down on my underpants, and my hard cock sprang straight out. All three women put their hands on me. I sometimes had a hard time telling who was doing what. Hands were on my cock, my balls, my ass, my chest, my shoulder, and my back. I was basically still in a daze, and let them do whatever they wanted with me.

When I felt a bare thigh press against mine, I knew it was Kathy. She pressed her pussy against mine, and I felt her pubic hair rubbing my leg. I reached down and squeezed her bare ass, feeling the smooth flesh mold to whatever shape I wanted it to, and then snap back into place when I released it. When I reached up and groped her tit over her t-shirt, she pulled off the shirt and her bra, and was now naked. Her tits were bigger than I expected, and still were firm and cone-shaped.

Kim and Valerie both removed their shirts and bras, and I was now able to admire and compare all three of my aunts' complexly naked breasts. They were all the same pale color, and all had the same pinkish-brown shade of areolas, but the areolas were all different sizes, in proportion to their breast sizes. Kim's B-cup sized breasts jutted out nicely, and in their own way may have been the nicest pair. But Valerie's were just so large and round, with a nice little slope to them, that they took the prize.

Kim, and then Valerie, unzipped their pants and pulled them down. Kim was wearing satin lavender panties. Valerie's were also satin, but white. "Do you like our underpants?" Slurred Valerie. She modeled her panties. As I said she was a tad heavy-hipped, but somehow seeing the buxom mature woman shake her butt at me with those silky white panties with the lacy waistband over her large butt made her even sexier. Kim then modeled her panties, spreading her legs in sort of a half-sexy, half-slutty pose.

They yanked off the panties, and I noticed that all three sisters had identical looking pubic hair. All three had big wild patches of strawberry-blonde pubic hair, completely untrimmed. They looked really good to me.

I was leaning on the kitchen island, with Kathy on my left, Kim on my right, and Valerie standing between them. Kathy and Kim were rubbing their pussies up and down on my thighs, like humping dogs. I could feel their coarse pubic hair against my leg. I grabbed their nice asses and pulled them close. Valerie kissed me, and I began roaming my hands over all three pairs of tits and hard nipples. The women took turns stroking my hard cock and balls.

Each moment realized another of my dreams coming true. Valerie dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around my dick head. She slowly sucked up and down on the shaft, her saliva lubricating it. Her long blonde hair tickled my groin area as her head bobbed on me. I worked my hands around to Kathy and Kim's pussies, and combed my hair through their thick pubes, then rubbed their mounds. I slid a middle finger into each of their warm slits, and fingered them in unison.

The drunken girls started switching places, taking turns sucking me. Aunt Kathy was good. She liked to lick the head, and lick down my shaft and even lick my balls.

But I think that Kim gave the best blowjob. I could hear the sounds of her lips sloshing up and down along my shaft. She was going down on me when I lost it. I didn't know what to say, I just sort of said, "Uh," right before I unloaded. But Kim didn't complain, she just took it all in her mouth and swallowed it. She stood up and wiped some of my jizm off of her lips and chin.

Someone suggested that we sit down, and I landed on the couch between Kim and Valerie. I continued fingering them and rubbing their thighs, and stroking their tits. Kathy sucked on me to get me hard again, not that I really ever got soft. I also leaned over and sucked on Kim and Valerie's tits, which certainly helped to get me aroused again. I hadn't had enough experience to know how women react to sex, but it seemed to me that I got similar reactions from the three sisters. The way they'd turn when I sucked their hard nipples, for example, or the soft moans and purring that they were emitting, were very similar. I wondered if it was from similar environment, or hereditary. But I didn't spend too much time wondering about it, just enjoying it.

Kathy straddled my lap and gave me a sort of lap dance, rubbing her crotch against mine. I could feel her pussy hair tickling my dick head as she slowly humped me. Her long smooth thighs were wrapped around me, and her tits were inches from my face. Without warning, my cock head simply slipped inside her pussy, and Kathy deliberately slid down onto me. Her pussy was lubricated and warm, as she slowly bucked her hips in and out. Just like that, I was fucking Aunt Kathy.

Kathy kept fucking me faster and faster, as I sucked her little tittes, and fingered my other two aunts. Kathy started whimpering in my ear and squeezing me. She bounced me all over the couch, but kept my cock in her pussy. She grunted loudly in my ear, shuddered, and came, just as I shot a load of cum into her pussy.

Kim said, "It's about time you finished,"

Kathy panted, "I thought that was pretty fast!" She sighed and gave me a big kiss before climbing off of me.

Valerie said, "Brandon, can you do two of us at a time?"

Kathy said, "Show him what you mean." Valerie got on her knees on the floor, resting her elbows on the couch. She directed me to kneel behind her, and I worked my still-hard dick into her pussy from behind. Then Kim stood in front of me, straddling her sister, and thrust her muff into my face. I took the hint, grabbing her ass and finding her slit with my tongue. I had to lean over a little, but I managed to eat Kim while fucking Valerie. My hands roamed from Valerie's hips to her hanging tits, up over Kim's tits. I humped quickly into Valerie, her ass cheeks shaking as I slapped into them. Valerie started whimpering, then squealing, and eventually had a loud orgasm.

Kim asked me to lie on the carpet, and when I had obeyed, she climbed on me and slid her pussy down over my cock. Kathy also straddled me, sitting on my face. I didn't mind tasting my own cum, I was just glad for the opportunity to have my face buried in her pubic hair, and having her nice thighs wrapped around my face. Kim and Kathy got into a rhythm, and I could hear them both panting and moaning.

Valerie knelt beside me to my right, and I squeezed her big tits. With my left hand I alternately squeezed Kathy's little tits and Kim's medium-sized tits. But I soon had competition. The girls were feeling each other's tits. Kim felt her sister Kathy's tits in front of her, and Valerie felt Kim's tits. So as I fucked Kim and ate Kathy and fondled Valerie, my aunts fondled each other. Valerie reached between Kim's legs as she fucked me, and apparently found her clit, just above where my cock was, and rubbed it. It sent loud squeals out of Kim's mouth, and she clamped her thighs around me hard. It was shortly after that that Kim came, and I came again, too.

I thought that I was finished now; my cock was starting to go limp, and my balls ached. But Valerie wanted to get fucked again. She had me sit on the couch, and she knelt between my legs. She arched her back, lifted her two big tits, wrapped them around my cock, and started moving her chest up and down. Watching my aunt tit fuck me got me around and hard again. Valerie lied down on the kitchen table, of all places, and had me stand between her legs and fuck her. I watched her big tits bobbling all over as she lied on the table, being thrown back with each of my hard thrusts. Kathy and Kim stood on either side of me, and I felt them all over and fingered them.

After Valerie came, Kathy laid down on the floor, and I climbed between her legs and gave her fuck in the missionary position. This was actually the most intimate position of the night for me. I felt more of a bond with Kathy, more romantically entwined, as she held me between her legs and arms, whimpering in my ear, getting in a rhythm with me. When she came, Kim also laid on her back, and I climbed on my aunt and fucked her until we both came.

Now we were all done, and the women gathered their clothes and slipped upstairs to crash. I didn't sleep much. The next morning my aunts looked a little hung-over and embarrassed, but nobody voiced any regrets. On the contrary, when Aunt Kathy left to drive home, I gave her a hug, and she gave me a kiss, and quietly said, "Thank you. We should get together again soon." And when their kids weren't around, Aunt Valerie and Aunt Kim suggested the same thing.


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