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Susan couldn't get back home soon enough. She had a dinner date with Harry and wanted to be there on time. She had met him online some days back while she was on an adult's personal website and they had exchanged IM ids and had begun chatting. Susan had been a member on the website for sometime now and had still to meet someone that she could relate to. Most guys were way too young for her liking. She liked her men to mature, something about aged wine tasting better. She always found herself getting wet at the thought of a mature man lusting after her. Now she found Harry. Well it was quite interesting to read his first mail. Unlike the other mails she usually receives, Harry had enquired after her and praised her pictures and mentioned that he'd like to meet her if she was ok with it. He didn't write anything sexual but Susan found herself wanting to know more about Harry.

His profile said that he was 54 years old and married. He was a businessman and owned a restaurant in a posh area in the city. He looked good from what pictures he had uploaded. All of them were with him fully clothed and he looked very elegant. He had a head full of graying hair and sported a French beard. Susan always liked a man with a French beard. She read about his likes and dislikes and he had mentioned that while he still enjoyed sex with his wife he wanted to experiment some and he particularly found young women very attractive. "Oh well, who doesn't" thought Susan. But she nevertheless found herself getting wet just by looking at his pictures. And while he wasn't looking for a long term relationship he did not want a one night stand either.

Susan had sent him an email and they started corresponding. After the first few emails they decided to chat online and then also exchanged phone numbers. They had had phone sex on numerous occasions and Susan always found herself climaxing with him every time. Today she was to meet him for dinner, they hadn't made any other plans, but Susan hoped there would be more to the evening.

Susan reached home and quickly undressed. She looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. She was 20 years old, 5'4" in height and fair skinned. She had a light tan that made her glow especially with all the perspiration. Her hair was long and straight. She had been to the parlor earlier that day for her hair to be washed and set. They looked great hanging low on her back the tips reaching the curve of her well rounded buttocks. Her breasts were average sized with large dark nipples, a 34C. She had learned very early that her nipples were extra sensitive. She could be brought to an orgasm just by stimulating her nipples. But that was never enough for her. She pinched her nipples now and they immediately became hard and pointed out. She caressed her breasts for sometime. She had a flat abdomen and great legs. She looked down at her clean shaven pussy and could see the few drops of nectar that had leaked out while she was playing with her nipples. She brought her fingers down to her clit and stimulated herself. After some minutes of this she put one and then 2 fingers in the pussy and was finger fucking herself while her other hand was pinching her nipples. She was getting close to an orgasm when her cell phone started ringing. "Damn", she thought and answered the phone. It was her mother. She spoke to her mother for sometime and hung up. She hurried to the bathroom and quickly showered and got dressed. She left her house a little later than she expected, she knew she was going to be late for her dinner date. She called Harry to inform him. He was ok with it.

30 minutes later, Susan found herself seated opposite Harry. If she found Harry sexy in his pictures in real life, she found him to be even sexier (if it was possible). He had aged well she thought and quite hoped that he would not just want to have dinner with her. They ordered their food and kept talking. She asked him where his wife was and he mentioned that she was out of town visiting some family. His children were abroad studying, so he had his house to himself. He said the last bit with a wink. Susan blushed. She excused herself and went to the washroom. She needed to do something about her aching pussy. The fact that she was interrupted earlier along with his intoxicating presence had her feeling very aroused. She locked herself in a stall and began fingering herself furiously. Within minutes she came. She brought herself back to order and at the last minute decided to do away with her panty. She removed her panty and put it in her purse.

When she stepped out, Harry order some more wine and they drank and chatted for sometime time. They were soon talking about sex and he was telling her how attractive and sexy he found her. She blurted out that she also found him very sexy and had actually gone to the washroom to finger herself. Harry raised an eyebrow and asked if she'd like to leave now. She agreed. While he settled the bill, Susan couldn't help but wonder whether she had said anything wrong, after all they had discussed sex many a time and even had phone sex.

When they were seated in his car, Harry drove out of the hotel and after driving for 5 minutes, with each lost in their own thoughts, he asked Susan whether she'd like to come see his house. Susan was delighted. Finally something was turning out the way she wanted it to. She agreed and he steered the car in the direction of his house. When they reached his apartment, he told her that he hadn't taken her to his house because people would raise question and also the paparazzi were always waiting for a chance to pound him. This was his home away from home and as such was tastefully decorated. He brought her some wine and put some light music on. Soon they found themselves kissing. Susan liked the way Harry kissed and told him so. After sometime Harry told her that he always wanted to watch a young girl strip tease for him, a private show so to say.

Susan agreed to do this for him. She went to the washroom and wore her panty back on as she wanted to tease him as much as possible. She returned to the room and increased the volume of the music a notch and stood before him with her back to him. She started gyrating to the music and made some sexy moves and postures. She then asked Harry to undress and sit on the couch; she wanted to see his monster grow to her sexy advances. Harry was only too eager to satisfy her. He undressed immediately and sat back on the couch. His cock lay limp between his legs. It was fairly large even in that state. Susan knew she was in for a fun evening after all.

She once again began her dance moves and facing him began to slowly undo the buttons on her blouse. When they were undone she took them off and began caressing her body while moving seductively to the music. She came closer to Harry and ran her ran across his chest and saw his cock stir; she left him and went back to dancing. She slowly undid the hooks on her denims and slid them off seductively. She could see that his cock was beginning to awaken now. It was semi-erect and beautiful.

She caressed her panty covered pussy and made some sexy pelvic moves and slowly undid her bra and threw them away; she let her panty follow the same course and was now gyrating nude to the music. She noticed that Harry's dick was now wide awake with its purple head shining with the precum that had flowed out. She moved towards him and began feeling him and let him feel him breasts and legs and body. Every time he got close to her pussy she moved away. She finally allowed to him to finger her pussy when she could hold back no more.

Harry immediately pushed 2 fingers into her warm pussy and began fingering her pussy while he licked and bit on her clit. His other hand was pinching her nipples. Susan was almost immediately close to cumming and yelled out in pleasure. She told him that she was going to cum; this only increased the tempo of his fingers and tongue. Soon Susan came and if Harry hadn't held her, her legs would have given away.

Harry continued to lick her pussy and soon Susan was wet all over again. When she was ready she placed both legs on either side of Harry and sat on his lap, taking his 7" dick to the hilt. Harry was in heaven. She began gyrating and rubbing her pelvic to his. Harry immediately took her breast in his mouth and while she rode him he sucked on her breasts. Soon she began riding him and the sounds of them fucking filled the room. Susan began moving faster and Harry began moving his hips to embed him deeper within her. Soon he was close to cumming and Susan began contracting her pussy around his cock. Harry could no longer hold on and began cumming inside her. After he was spent his cock was still semi erect. Susan got of him lap and began licking him clean. She licked his dick from the tip down to his balls. She took his balls in her mouth and slowly sucked on them. Harry was immediately hard again. She licked his dick and blew some air over the tip. She loved watching his dick jerk when she did this. She then took his dick in her mouth and began slowly sucking on it. She looked up at him and Harry couldn't believe his luck, here was this 20 year old beautiful girl sucking his cock like a lollipop. She continued sucking and then began deep throating him. He was in heaven. Harry just closed his eyes and submitted himself to the pleasures she was giving him. After sometime time he was ready to release his load once again and told her. Susan kept on sucking on his dick and very soon he erupted in her mouth. She drank every bit of his cum and then licked him clean. She then came up to him and they kissed for some time and lay on the couch spent.

After some rest, Harry began licking on her breasts and suggested they move to the bedroom. He carried her to the bedroom and put her on the bed. He then, spread her legs wide apart and began licking her pussy. He then brought out a small vibrator and put it in her pussy while he licked and chewed on her clit. Soon Susan was cumming over and over again. The sensation of the vibrator in her pussy and his tongue on her pussy began taking its effect. Susan began pinching her nipples and this brought her to new heights of passion. She began bucking and was cumming for the 6th time since he began his assault on her pussy. Finally Harry moved in between her leg and pushed his dick inside her, Susan began yelling and asking for more. She begged to be fucked harder and Harry obliged. After sometime of fucking her this way, he made her go on all fours and fucked her doggy style, Susan absolutely loved this and was cumming again. Harry was still far from cumming and continued to assault her pussy, slowly and then faster, every time now she came close to cumming he'd slow down again and work on her nipples. After sometime he could hold back no more and began fucking her hard and fast and soon shot his load inside her once again.

They both lay spent on the bed and soon drifted off to sleep in each others arms. When they woke up it was nearing dawn, they quickly dressed and decided to meet again in the evening.

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