Maverick Cattle Company Ch. 04


Mitch leaned down and trapped Darrin's cock in his mouth, running his tongue around the head. Darrin moaned softly and relaxed against the couch. Soon Mitch had worked off all of Darrin's clothes and was kneeling between his legs, servicing Darrin while he moaned uncontrollably. Letting Darrin pop out of his lips, Mitch reached down, got a glob of pie on his fingers and smeared it down Darrin's cock. The cold caused Darrin to gasp, but he almost lost his load when he felt Mitch's hot tongue dancing over his taut cock. Mitch teased and tormented Darrin until his cock was glistening with spit, and completely clean.

Mitch stood, stripping quickly and then stepping onto the couch straddling Darrin. He grabbed Darrin's hair and rubbed his leaking cock over his rough face. Darrin smiled with contentment as his goatee became a network of translucent strands of precum. Mitch's breath was labored as he rubbed his dick over Darrin's sex reddened lips and watched as he slowly open for him. Darrin's tongue darted out, tasting the subtle flavors of Mitch's precum. Moving quickly he sucked Mitch's cock into his mouth and began twisting his head as he moved up and down it's length. His hands roamed down Mitch's back and found a home resting on the cheeks of Mitch's tight hairy ass. Soon they were moving with passion-influenced rhythm, moving in sync to pleasure each other. Mitch realized after long delicious minutes that he was starting to feel that wonderful tingle. Not wanting to finish their lovemaking, he grasped Darrin's head and slowly pulled out of his hot mouth. Darrin wiped his arm across his lips and looked at Mitch with lust-dulled eyes.

"Not yet, baby. Turn over and spread those hot ass cheeks," said Mitch through his heavy breathing.

Darrin smiled and obediently moved to his knees, spreading them wide as he pushed his ass over the couch, exposing his hole to Mitch. Mitch leaned down and spit on his hole and then used his thumb to push it deep into Darrin's ass. His butt responded wildly, flexing and sucking Mitch's thumb into its depths. Darrin laid his head on the back of the sofa and closed his eyes with a moan as Mitch started finger fucking him. Mitch spit again, coating Darrin's hole, and inserted a second thumb. Prying them apart he began loosening Darrin's pucker.

"How does that feel, babe? Do you think you could take a cock?" whispered Mitch.

"Oh god yes! Fuck me! Please, please fuck me. I'm begging!" said Darrin with a moan.

Mitch held his rigid cock and stroked it as he looked at Darrin's butt. Watching the muscular ass gyrate, he was tempted to plunge his pole into Darrin's convulsing pucker. But as he ran his hands over Darrin's back and down his ass cheeks, Mitch decided it wasn't the night for that kind of lovemaking. With a swat on Darrin's butt, he ran to the bedroom for the bottle of lube and quickly had both of them coated. Pressing his slick cock against Darrin's ass, Mitch met little resistance and soon bottomed out. He hesitated for a second, and then pulled out slowly. Thrusting his hips, he buried himself back in Darrin's hole. Slowly at first, but with increasing speed, Mitch fucked his man's hot ass. As his dick rammed into Darrin again and again, he reached around and started twisting his nipples, working them as he hammered against his prostate. Soon both of them were bucking like mustangs and Mitch felt his orgasm begin.

"Oh hell yes!" screamed Mitch.

With Darrin's hole clamped tight around his cock, Mitch pounded his husband until his body was engulfed in orgasmic convulsions. His balls drained themselves as he filled Darrin's gut with hot sperm. Mitch pulled out slowly, his softening cock swinging down and leaving a trail of cum across Darrin's thigh. Mitch watched as the white fluid slowly seeped out of Darrin's gaping butt. Taking his finger he rubbed it through the trail of sperm and then brought it to his mouth and sucked his finger dry.

"Damn! Your ass taste so fine," said Mitch.

Darrin groaned, his body afire with passion, which Mitch's gentle explorations were not lessening. "Eat it lover! Eat my ass!"

Mitch smiled and kneeled back behind Darrin. Prying his cheeks wider, his tongue traced a trail of cum from Darrin's nuts to his hole. Another few swipes of his tongue and Mitch had licked the rivulets from Darrin's body. Wanting more, he plunged his tongue into Darrin, sucking the mixture their bodies had created from Darrin. After one last plunge Mitch leaned back and looked at the panting body of his husband.

"Turn over," said Mitch with a look of devilry on his face.

Darrin moved to his butt, his chest heaving as he gasped for air. Mitch gave Darrin a look telling him there was more fun coming. Mitch slowly rubbed lube over his ass as Darrin watched. Once he finished, Mitch moved between Darrin's legs, running his hands down the inside of his thighs and then turned his back to Darrin. Grabbing Darrin's rock hard cock he positioned it against his hole and then sat down, sinking it deep inside him in one fast thrust. He felt Darrin's hands caress his back as he started to bob up and down. Soon Mitch's flagging cock was hardening a second time. Finding his stride he began sliding Darrin's cock over his prostrate with each downward trip. Quickly Mitch was gasping as he felt a second orgasm building.

"Oh god Mitch. I'm about to blow! Fuck!" yelled Darrin.

Mitch felt the hot semen jetting into his ass and his ears were assaulted with the increasingly wet sounds of dick sliding through cum. The sensations crested and he began shooting again. The waves of pleasure were intense as a second orgasm wracked his body. Mitch rode the cock in his ass until it finally slipped out with a wet pop. He felt Darrin's hands pulling him back until Mitch was reclined against him. Caressing Mitch's chest, they both enjoyed the post-orgasmic bless as they cuddled. Eventually Mitch lifted up and turned to look at Darrin's flaccid form.

"Damn, you look like a limp noodle," said Mitch with a laugh.

"I feel like one too. I'm a highly satisfied limp noodle," Darrin said with a sigh.

"Well come on, limpy. I sure don't want Josh to walk in on us like this."

Darrin chuckled and pushed himself off the couch, "God no, he'd be traumatized for months."

They quickly gathered their clothes, wiping off the couch with Darrin's shirt. Once all visible traces were gone, the pair moved to their bedroom for a leisurely shower together.


Josh was feeling very content as Tony drove him home. He'd been concerned about him and Tony lately, but tonight had been perfect. Josh had bought dinner for them at a quiet little restaurant with the money the guys paid him a few weeks before when they sold the steers. He had started feeling that he and Tony were really connecting again. Tonight Tony was charming and happy, making Josh feel much better about their relationship. He was hoping the guys would be asleep and he and Tony could make-out on the sofa for a little while before Tony went home. He smiled as they turned into the driveway, anxious to reconnect with his boyfriend.

"What're you grinning about?" asked Tony.

"Tonight's been really nice. That's all," Josh hesitated for a second, "You want to come in for a little while? It looks like the guys are asleep."

"Sure. That sounds great. I'd like some quality time with my little buddy," said Tony.

Josh started for a second, not sure how he felt about the 'little buddy' comment. But quickly decided he was reading far too much into the line. He lowered himself from the jacked-up pickup and then led the way to the door. They had barely gotten through the doorway when Josh felt Tony's hands on him. His body trembled at the touch and he turned, wrapping his arms around Tony as they kissed. After several long minutes Josh moved back, his breath coming in gasps as he looked at Tony.

"Come on," said Josh, "Let's get on the couch."

Tony grabbed Josh around the waist, pawing him incessantly and nibbling his neck as they moved the short distance to the couch. Finally making it, they almost fell onto the sofa as Josh lost himself in the amazing sensations consuming his body. They'd had numerous sessions of oral sex over the past few weeks as their hormone laden bodies sought release, but nothing so far compared to what Josh was feeling this time. Tony had been hinting more and more that he wanted to take the next step, but Josh had not been willing to take that final leap while things still felt so shaky between them. But tonight things seemed to be aligning. Josh had officially fallen head over heels for Tony, hoping they had what Darrin and Mitch had. His earlier nagging concerns had dissipated as their time together became more and more enjoyable. There had been a few times Tony had missed a date, but he'd had an excuse each time and Josh saw no reason to doubt him. Josh's attention snapped back to the present when Tony's teeth clamped down on his earlobe and he growled softly. Releasing Josh's ear he ran his tongue over the edge, which drove Josh insane with lust.

"Oh god! That feels to good, Tony. Damn, I'm hard," said Josh with a sigh.

"Good, I want you turned on for tonight," said Tony with a small grin.

With that they kissed. Softly at first, but then with more and more urgency as their bodies filled with desire. They explored each other with rapidly building animalist lust. They urgently tugged at clothing until their chests were exposed and Josh had Tony under him with their bare skin sliding over each other. Josh could feel each burning spot where Tony touched him. Both of them were lost in their passion, then they heard a noise that caused them to freeze, afraid Darrin or Mitch had woken up. After several long minutes they relaxed against each other.

"Lets go to your room. I don't want them walking in on us," said Tony.

Josh nodded his agreement as he pulled Tony from the couch and practically dragged him to the bedroom. Hitting the bed they were wrapped around each other before their bodies had rebounded from landing on the bed. This time Tony was on top as their bodies writhed over each other. Josh gasped for breath each time he felt Tony's hard cock slide over his. The pressure against his crotch was delicious and his horny teenaged body was responding. He could never remember this much passion from Tony. Each wave of passion served as evidence to Josh that he and Tony loved each other. He really wanted Tony to be his first, and tonight was going so perfectly. Wriggling around, he pressed his lips against Tony's ear and whispered.

"I'm ready. I want you to . . ."

Tony looked at him for a bit and then understanding dawned across his face. "Yeah? You think so?"

Josh bucked against Tony, driving their cocks together. "Yeah."

Tony jumped off the bed, his clothes flying with Josh enjoying the momentary strip show. When Tony jumped back onto the bed, Josh started to squirm out of his jeans. Tony's distractions of kissing across his chest didn't make the operation easy, but eventually his clothes were scattered on the floor.

As Tony caressed his body and nibbled on his shoulder, Josh whispered, "We have to be quiet though. Or they'll wake up."

Tony lay against Josh. "Quiet as a church mouse. They'll never hear a sound."

Tony moved lower, his hands and mouth leaving trails of passion brazened across Josh's skin. With each touch of his hot tongue, Josh's cock would flex, leaving a trail of glistening precum in its wake. When Tony continued to move lower, Josh realized that he'd forgotten about the condom. Gabbing a handful from his drawer he tossed one to Tony.

"Here. I'll put yours on too. God, it feels so good, baby," said Josh.

A look of distain flashed across Tony's face at the rubber, but it was quickly hidden as Josh started to unroll it over Tony's dick. Once Tony had covered the full length of Josh's cock, he sucked the head into his mouth and started lashing his tongue over it.

"Fuck!" gasped Josh, "That's so damn good. Shit!"

Looking at Josh with his mouth full of hard cock, Tony ran his fingernails down Josh's chest. Gripping the narrow trail of black hairs traveling from Josh's navel to disappear in his pants, Tony tugged, causing Josh to arch his back in response. Josh tugged on Tony's hip, finally getting him where he could reach his cock. Josh inhaled his boyfriend's thick cock, enjoying the feeling of velvet coated steel sliding between his lips. The feelings built until Josh wasn't sure how much more he could take, when suddenly Tony's let Josh's cock pop out of his mouth.

"Fuck! I'm about to jizz. I wanna fuck you. Move so I can get you ready," said Tony.

"Yeah, ok. But . . ."

Tony looked at Josh, a look that was a blend of wanton desire and frustration at the delay, "But, what? You want to show me how much you love me don't you?"

"Sure Tony, you know I love you. But—"


"I've never, you know, done anal with anyone," said Josh quickly.

Tony laughed, "You just have to lay there. I'll take good care of you." Tony slapped him on the side of the hip. "Get on your hands and knees, that's the best for the first time."

Josh looked a little dubious, but moved where he was told. He felt Tony's hand on the small of his back and heard him spit, and immediately felt the warm saliva hit his butthole. Tony slowly started rubbing his finger over his pucker and Josh was overcome with the wonderful sensations. He couldn't believe that his ass could feel that good. Josh was relaxing, enjoying the sensation of Tony's finger over his ass, when he felt Tony slowly slide his finger inside. As his ass was opened for the first time he felt a burn of pain from the intrusion.

"It hurts. Let me get the lube. That'll help, I bet."

Tony let out a snort but released Josh, who jumped off the bed and fished a bottle of lube from hiding. Handing the bottle to Tony he moved back to where he was, certain it would go better now.

He felt the cool lube coat his asshole, sighing as Tony easily slid his finger inside Josh's tight hole. He soon had Josh hard and horny, his finger slipping easily in and out. Tony finger fucked Josh, his thick finger spinning and turning as he loosened Josh for fucking. Soon Josh was submerged in the wonderful feelings coming from his ass. He sighed softly as Tony let his finger slide out.

"Oh god, Tony. Put it back."

"Oh I've got something you'll like much better," said Tony with a leer.

Josh watched as Tony coated the condom on his thick cock with lube and then moved closer to Josh. Running its greased head up and down Josh's butt crack, he soon had it covered with slick gel too. Josh was practically purring as he enjoyed the amazing sensations coming from his ass. He sighed softly as Tony's spongy cockhead started to dip inside his hole.

"Oh god. That feels amazing. Shit, I like this," said Josh with a sigh.

"Just wait. It gets better."

Tony moved slightly, pushing his cock against Josh's hole. As he pushed in Josh gasped, the feeling of wonder instantly transforming into concern as the pain built. The pain crested as Tony's glans popped through his outer sphincter.

"Stop! Take it out! God, it hurts!" gasped Josh.

"Just relax. The pain will go away in a second," said Tony as he ran his hands over Josh's tense body. Slowly the pain did lessen and Josh's body started to relax. "Almost there. Then it will be amazing," said Tony. With a final snap of his hips he pushed himself through Josh's final gateway.

Josh gritted his teeth, any thought that this was going to be enjoyable fleeing. The waves of pain radiating from his butt were excruciating. This wasn't at all what Josh had dreamed about. He thought it was all going to be so easy, it was suppose to be wonderful.

"Oh shit, it hurts," said Josh with a gasp, "Take it out. Please take it out, Tony!"

"Hang on, it'll stop hurting in a minute. Just relax!" said Tony with a grumble. Josh bit his lip, hoping it would get better, but when Tony tried to push forward it felt like his gut was ripping.

"No! No! Please stop! Take it out," said Josh in a barely muffled scream.

"Come on, Josh. Just relax! It'll—"

Tony froze as an earth shattering pounding started on Josh's bedroom door.

"Josh! Josh you ok! Fuck! Josh, answer me!"

Tony yanked himself backwards, ripping his dick out of Josh's tender ass. Josh bit back a scream as the pain flared. Moving stiffly he retrieved his clothes while the pounding continued. Finally Josh realized he needed to answer or they were going to take the door off the hinges.

"I'm ok, guys! Hang on!" yelled Josh was he pulled on a pair of jeans. Looking over he almost laughed at the look of fear on Tony's face, but a ripple of pain that ran through his butt reminded him of what had just happened.

"You've got two fucking seconds or this door is being ripped off its damn hinges!" roared Mitch through the door.

Josh ran for the door, his shirt on but unbuttoned. He glanced over to see Tony shoving his foot into his boot and opened the door. Darrin and Mitch were both standing with arms folded, angrier than Josh had ever seen them. Darrin locked eyes with Josh.

"You ok?"

Josh nodded, unable to speak. Knowing he had truly screwed up this time, he was surprised when both of their eyes shifted behind him. Glancing over his shoulder he saw Tony with a look of sheer terror etched across his face. Tony started moving, obviously wanting to escape, but knowing he had to pass through the two of them to do so. They both glared at him as he stepped in front of Josh, but said nothing. Josh thought they were going to let Tony leave without a word, when at the last second Mitch's hand struck like a rattlesnake and yanked Tony close. Even though Tony was at least six inches taller than Mitch, Josh could see the horror on Tony's face. When Mitch started speaking it was with a growl and through gritted teeth.

"This happens again and I'll geld you. You understand, boy!"

"Yes Sir! I'm sorry Sir. Please Sir, don't hurt me," begged Tony as Mitch grip tightened around his collar.

"Maybe you should think about that before you hurt someone else. When someone says stop, you damn well better do it," said Mitch, "Get. Out. Now!"

Tony ran out of the house as if it were on fire. His pickup rumbled to life and he rapidly sped away. Josh's mind reeled at how quickly everything had went to shit tonight. This was not what he wanted. Feeling destitute and alone the tears started welling in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry. I thought— God, I'm so stupid. I'm so sorry I woke you up." Josh felt a hand on his shoulder and looked to see Darrin's face obviously filled with concern.

"Josh, are you hurt? We heard you scream," asked Mitch.

Josh nodded, unable to speak as his entire body turned crimson with embarrassment. He felt so dumb, he was always so needy and Mitch and Darrin had to bale him out of trouble or help him past a rough spot. They'd been great so far, but Josh always worried that one day he was going to need too much, and they'd ask him to leave. Josh came back to the present as Darrin asked again.

"How bad is it, Josh? We need to know if you need to go to the hospital."

"No!" said Josh, "I don't want to go to the hospital. Please!"

Darrin sighed, knowing Josh was mortified and didn't want anyone else to know what had happened. He motioned for Josh to follow him to their bathroom and started hot water flowing into their huge bath.

"Get in the tub. Sitting in the hot water will help. Mitch went to get you something for the pain. Get in and I'll be back in a second."

Josh waited for Darrin to leave, stripped and slid into the steaming water, his discomfort almost immediately diminishing. Soon the cascade of water had filled the tub and he turned it off, reclining against the cool porcelain. Then he heard a soft knock at the door.

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