Maverick Cattle Company Ch. 04


"Josh? Is it ok if I come in?"

"Yeah, I guess," said Josh sitting up as Darrin walked through the door.

"Here's something for the pain," said Darrin as he handed Josh an aspirin and water to take it with.

Josh took the pill and quickly downed it with a gulp of water. He handed the glass back to Darrin and watched as he sat beside the tub.

"It sounds like he might of tore you. You're probably going to be sore for a week or so. I'd advise you to lay off anything involving your butt until you're completely healed."

"It's going to hurt like this for weeks? How do you stand it?" blurted out Josh.

Darrin smiled slightly at Josh's inexperience. "No, it won't hurt like this every time you have sex. But I can guarantee that for the next week or so every time you take a crap, you'll be reminded."

With a severe look on his face Darrin continued, "It isn't always like this. He didn't get you ready. It can feel amazing with someone who takes care of you."

Josh's eyes filled with tears and he furiously scrubbed them away. "It wasn't anything like I thought. It was my first time, I thought it was going be amazing."

Darrin rubbed his back and smiled softly, "It can be Josh, it can be. Don't let tonight define your life."

Josh nodded and sank back into the tub. Darrin put a towel beside the tub, picked up Josh's clothes and left him to soak. A little later he returned with a cup of hot chocolate, full of marshmallows, just how Josh liked, and handed it to him with no other comments. Josh relaxed and slowly drank the steaming cup. Eventually the water began to cool and he crawled carefully out. As he dried with the towel Darrin had left, he still felt a slight ache. But it was bearable. Wishing there was some other way to get back to his bedroom, he wrapped the towel around himself, slowly opened the door and crossed the dark bedroom. Once he was through their doorway he breathed a sigh of relief. But then he heard,

"Night, Josh," in Mitch's soft voice.


Josh finally left his room in late morning, knowing Darrin would be gone. He was braced for Mitch to ask him to leave and tell him that Josh just made their lives too complicated. He walked into the kitchen and froze in place when he saw Mitch sitting at the counter reading the paper. Mitch looked up and met his eyes.

"Come sit down, Josh. How are you feeling?" said Mitch.

Josh's eyes fluttered as he tried to keep his emotions in check. Determined to take his expulsion like a man he walked to Mitch and sat down. Not surprised, Josh felt Mitch pat his hand in a consolatory gesture. Unable to stand the silence any longer Josh started talking.

"I'm sorry about last night. I don't blame you and Darrin. I know I'm not your responsibility. I'll leave the pickup too. It's only fair. I really appreciate everything you and Darrin have done, really. I'm just a mess sometimes. But I'm sure—"

Mitch stopped the babble by clamping his hand over Josh's mouth. Seeing the look of panic he immediately dropped it but he kept his eyes locked on Josh's.

"I'm not sure what the hell you're talking about, Josh. I just wanted to see if you were ok after last night. What happened, well I thought we needed to talk," said Mitch.

"You're not asking me to leave?"

"No. Why the hell would we do that?" said Mitch with a look of confusion.

"Cause I'm so much trouble. And I'm in the way."

"That's bullshit. We want you to stay as long as you'd like. Actually Darrin was checking to see if he could arrange for you to use his faculty tuition allowance so you could take classes here. You're fine Josh, everyone has baggage, including the two of us. Besides, we both think of you as family. The good kind of family that you get to pick instead of being stuck with because of birth.

And as for useless, well I doubt I could run the ranch without you. You work your ass off and don't ask for anything other than room and board. Actually we probably should talk about getting you a salary too. But hell no, we don't want you to leave, ok?"

Josh nodded, a sigh of relief escaping from between his lips. But he also really didn't want to talk about last night. He'd replayed it in his head over and over and was tired of thinking about it. Besides, he knew that Mitch had no problem asking extremely personal questions. This was not going to be fun.

"Ok, now tell me what happened last night," said Mitch.

Josh quickly sketched over the evening, not really wanting to reveal too many details. But as he sat in the chair talking with Mitch his pain started to return. It reminded him of what should have been obvious; he didn't know what he was doing, at least so far as intimacy with another guy. It strengthened his resolve to get what advice he could from Mitch, even if he found it humiliating. Once Josh finished, Mitch sat for a long while sipping coffee and staring into space. Looking at Josh he started,

"Josh, I know this is really uncomfortable to you. And I know I'm too blunt sometimes, but we just want to help and we need to know some details. Ok?"

"Yeah, I know. It's just . . . I don't like sharing private stuff with someone else," replied Josh, "And this is very personal."

"I know," said Mitch, "But if it helps, remember we've been there too and we've both had sex that wasn't great at best, and was painful and humiliating at worst. Nothing you can tell me is any worse than what I've had happen. So just relax and remember I'm trying to help."

Mitch watched Josh nod and then took in a deep breath. "Ok, first. You were wearing condoms. Right?"

Josh paused for a second and then answered, "Yeah, both of us. We'd done . . . you know, BJ's, before."

Mitch let out a sigh of relief, "Good, that's good. At least he remembered to put on the condom."

Josh paused but then told Mitch, "Well he forgot at first, but then I got them and we put them on each other."

"Hmm, ok," said Mitch, "Then what did he do. To get you ready."

Josh turned bright red at sharing such intimate details, but decided he needed to know what was in store for him. Because after what happened last night, gay sex didn't seem very appealing. He gave Mitch the details, at least what he could remember.

When Josh could finally meet Mitch's eyes, he was shocked to see barely contained fury in them. They sat in silence for several minutes before Mitch began to talk.

"Josh, its no wonder you're sore. He didn't take care of you and get you ready. It pisses me off that he was so stupid. First off, one fucking finger?" Mitch held up his finger for Josh to see. "That's not even close to the size of an average dick. Next time you should be loose enough for two fingers at least, and more likely three. If it hurts, then you aren't loose enough. Sometimes it's fun to be a little rough with someone you trust, but for God's sake not the first time.

Second, you should've been on top. Then you can control how fast he goes in and stop if it hurts. He had you pinned. You couldn't get away so that's why he could rip you. And not stopping when you told him to . . . Josh, you just don't hurt people you love like that."

"No! No! It wasn't like that. I think I was too tense or something," Josh sputtered out.

Mitch's lips made a tight line as he resisted the urge to tell Josh what he thought of Tony's actions. Finally conquering the need to voice his opinion, Mitch talked again.

"You're going to be really sore for at least a few days. If the pain gets worse, or you see blood when you crap, tell one of us, it could be more than just a tear. It's going to hurt like hell when you take a dump for a while. No, I repeat, no sex until it's completely healed," said Mitch as he laid down the law to Josh. To Mitch's shock Josh launched himself and hugged him tight.

"Thank you, thank you for everything. Last night . . . Well it was bad, I felt like everything was my fault. I kept remembering all the bad things I had been told about being gay. It just seemed too much, I didn't know if I could live like that."

Mitch's head snapped back and he grabbed Josh's face in a vice-like grip and locked eyes. "Listen to me and listen good, Joshua. There is always hope, and there is always tomorrow. Don't ever give up! If you are depressed and don't know how to get through it, you talk to Darrin or me. We're glad to help if we can, or we can just sit with you so you know you're not alone. I know you got a lot of crap from your parents, and some other people around here. But they're fucking wrong! You're not broken, or defective or a mistake and last night was not your fault. Different isn't bad, do you understand me?"

Josh nodded vigorously, taken back by the intensity of Mitch's response. He was touched that Mitch's feelings were that strong about him. Finally he managed to squeak out, "I will, Mitch. I promise."

"You damn well better!" said Mitch with a scowl. His face slowly changed back to the impish Mitch he knew better. With a soft punch on the shoulder Mitch said, "Come on then and eat your breakfast. We need to clear the brush in the east pasture while they're empty."

Josh poured himself a huge bowl of cereal, drowned it with milk and quickly started devouring it all. Around a large spoonful he said, "Get goats."

Mitch looked up and laughed, "Why the hell would I want goats? What would we do with them?"

"They'd clear the brush. And you'd sell the kids. Lots of people like cabrito."

"Dumbest damn thing I've ever heard of. Why in the hell would I want . . ."

The two continued to argue through Josh's breakfast and as they walked out the door. The good-natured disagreement was just the tonic Josh needed for things to feel more normal.


Darrin was enjoying the abnormally warm March day as they drove down the highway. They'd been to several ranches over the past few weeks to look at breeding stock to start their cow herd. Mitch was obsessing about picking the right breed, and Darrin was along to act as a sounding board. Today they'd been to south Texas to see one of the foundation Texas Longhorn herds. But Darrin definitely didn't want animals with a built in set of six-foot long weapons. They were still discussing options when Mitch turned off the interstate and into the hotel parking lot.

"Why are we stopping? We'll be home in a couple of hours," said Darrin.

"I thought it would be nice to relax away from home for one night. Josh seems to be taking care of everything without any trouble," said Mitch.

Darrin exhaled slowly and then turned to smile at Mitch. "That sounds very nice. I love Josh, but he's hyper sometimes. And you encourage him with the non-stop gaming," said Darrin with a laugh.

"If you could ever win you'd play against him too," said Mitch, "Oh, we do need to talk about something about Josh."

"What? What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, my big paranoid husband. It's just that I told Josh we'd start paying him a salary."

"Oh," said Darrin, "Sure, if you think so."

"Of course it would be with room and board. I just thought it would help him if he were making some of this own money."

"No. Sure. That makes perfect sense," said Darrin.

Mitch punched Darrin on the arm. "Don't dwell on it too much, Darrin. I just wanted to talk about it. It won't take much to make him happy. Besides, we probably need to look into being incorporated, then we'd have everything done up nice and legal."

"I know, and you're right," said Darrin. With an ornery look on his face he opened his door and then turned back to Mitch. "And this is for that punch!" Darrin grabbed Mitch's nipple and twisted hard and then baled out of the pickup. Sprinting for the hotel, he was laughing as Mitch tried to catch up. A split second after Darrin plunged into the entry, Mitch raged in behind him. Darrin grinned at him and covered his chest with his arms.

"Not here! Jeez! Grow up, Mitch," teased Darrin.

"Grow up my ass! Just wait. You'll get yours," said Mitch with one eyebrow cocked.

Realizing they were standing in the glass entryway, they composed themselves and entered the hotel. Mitch quickly confirmed their reservation and got their key cards. They found the room and almost immediately collapsed across the bed. Realizing they didn't have a change of clothes, Darrin rolled to his side and looked at Mitch.

"We didn't bring any clothes. What did you intend for us to wear tomorrow?"

"What we have on," Mitch replied.

"Oh man! It'll be funky smelling by tomorrow!" Darrin said with a whine.

"No they won't," said Mitch. With that he got off the bed and started stripping. Continuing their good-natured teasing from outside, he was soon twirling his shirt over his head as Darrin clapped and wolf whistled. Gyrating his hips to the internal music, Mitch was quickly down to his bright white briefs, which highlighted his package in a way Darrin found very erotic. Mitch turned and started inching them lower, exposing more and more of his hot ass. Soon he had them at his ankles and he looked back to see Darrin licking his lips at the sight he was presenting. Mitch stepped out of his briefs and spread his legs wide as he bent forward, looking back at Darrin from between his legs.

"How's that? Now they won't smell funky. Your turn now, College. Strip for me."

Darrin looked hesitant, "You know I can't dance!"

"Sure you can, just let go of your inner stripper! Come on baby! Shake that money maker!" called Mitch.

Darrin laughed at his man and started. Soon he was into the role, stripping and teasing Mitch. His clothes quickly joined Mitch's on the floor. Once he was down to his jock strap, he stepped onto the bed and walked over to Mitch. Dancing again he lowered himself again and again, exposing his quivering hole to Mitch. Kneeling on either side of Mitch's chest he started rubbing his ass over Mitch while they kissed. Darrin was surprised at how erotic the dance had been for him. His passion was building with each of Mitch's touches. With a final probing kiss, Mitch collapsed against the bed, panting.

"Come on, babe. There's something I want to show you," said Mitch.

He crawled off the bed, grabbed Darrin's wrist and pulled him up the stairs that Darrin had only vaguely noticed when they arrived. Climbing to the top, Darrin was amazed at the huge bathroom, and it's enormous tub.

"Damn! That thing must be 12 feet across," said Darrin.

Mitch laughed and shook his head, "More like five or six, but it's still huge." Mitch turned on the water for the round tub and then waited a few minutes before climbing into it. Sitting down he motioned for Darrin to sit across from him. As the tub filled they both relaxed, floating in the steaming water as they gently touched each other's legs and feet. Eventually Mitch took a cloth and soap and began meticulously washing Darrin's feet. Soon Darrin was duplicating his actions and cleaning Mitch's feet. Once both of them had washed everything they could reach, Mitch slithered through the water and pulled himself up Darrin's legs. Ducking his head under the water, he slipped Darrin's rigid cock between his lips and started sliding his head up and down its length. Coming back up for air, he smiled at the look of rapture on Darrin's face as he continued to stroke it's length.

"What'd you think, cowboy?" said Mitch.

"Have'n a little trouble thinking right now," said Darrin as he breathed hard, "Just don't stop!"

Mitch floated closer to Darrin, running his free hand over his torso while continuing his careful stroking underwater. Floating to his side, he started nibbling on Darrin's ear while he caressed his back and neck with his free hand. Soon their lips were locked together as their tongues intertwined. Mitch released Darrin's cock and let his hands slide up the larger man's frame, touching him gently as they continued their passionate kissing. As they drifted through the steaming water their weightless bodies slid over each other in delightful ways. Eventually Mitch was straddling Darrin with their bodies gliding effortlessly over each other. Mitch pulled himself to Darrin's face and drove his tongue into his mouth and then moved back with a gasp.

"I want your ass!" said Mitch between clenched teeth.

Darrin answered by standing and turning his butt toward Mitch. Bracing himself against the wall with his legs spread, Darrin spread his dripping ass. He looked over his shoulder and sneered at Mitch.

"Then take it!"

Mitch moved close, rubbing his leaking cock over Darrin's exposed pucker. Soon his deep red cock head was dipping into Darrin's hole. As it dropped in, he could feel resistance and started to press forward. But remembering the pain that Josh had endured for the last several weeks, he was unwilling to force himself into Darrin. Moving back he searched for something to use as lube. Darrin moaned as Mitch's hot cock lost contact with his hole.

"Come on! Put it in!" said Darrin through a moan.

"Lube. Damn it! I forgot lube."

"Here!" said Darrin as he grabbed the tiny bottle of conditioner and handed it to Mitch. He upended the bottle on Darrin ass, immediately pushed in his finger and then smeared what was left over his cock. With a sigh Darrin relaxed as soon as Mitch again had his cock at his entrance and was pushing inward. This time he slid in easily and with a steady push was soon buried in Darrin's ass. Pausing, he leaned against Darrin's shuddering body and reached around, playing with his nipples. Mitch felt his ass convulse around his rock hard cock as he teased and rubbed Darrin's nipples. His hands lovingly wondered over Darrin's chest, playing with his nipples as he slowly started rotating his dick inside Darrin.

"You know, this would be a good time to get even over the titty twisting you gave me earlier," said Mitch as he tweaked Darrin's nipples a little harder.

"Ah fuck! Just keep fucking me. That can be my punishment," said Darrin through a moan.

"That doesn't really seem like getting even," said Mitch, "But I guess I'll let it go."

Mitch chuckled softly and then refocused on pleasuring Darrin. He pulled out with excruciating slowness, and then pushed back in with equal control. Teasing and pushing Darrin, his hands caressed every part of his body, except his dick. Soon the teasing was having the desired effect on Darrin as he writhed against Mitch, thrusting his hips back as he tried to fuck himself on Mitch's cock. Finally he let out a moan of frustration.

"Damnit! Fuck me already! Damn, I'm so horny. Shove your fucking cock into me!" said Darrin with a growl.

Mitch smirked at Darrin and pulled almost all the way out, and then snapped his hips hard and drove his cock into Darrin's well-worked ass. Riding hard he pummeled Darrin's butt, plunging in time and again as his orgasm built, nearing its crest. Releasing his hold on Darrin's hips he slapped Darrin's ass cheek with each forward stab of his cock. Feeling his orgasm begin he rammed himself into Darrin, wrapping his arms around his man as cum spewed from his cock. Reaching lower, he grabbed Darrin's cock and started pounding it as he filled Darrin's gut with cum. Almost immediately he felt Darrin's ass clamp down around his cock and the sensation of hot cum squirting over his hand.

"Shit! Oh hell yes! Shiitttttt!" yelled Darrin.

Mitch gently stroked Darrin's hard cock. Milking it slowly for the last drops of cum, he smeared the white cream over Darrin. Resting against his back, Mitch tried to catch his breath. Eventually they both slid back into the water, cuddling against each other. They gently touched and explored each other's bodies until the water became tepid.

"The water's getting cold. I think we better get out," said Darrin softly.

"Yeah, you're probably right. It just felt so good," replied Mitch.

Darrin turned his head and kissed Mitch softly on the lips. "Who says we have to stop after once?"

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