tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMaxie Reckless and the Kith #03

Maxie Reckless and the Kith #03


"Any recommendations?" Zin says, folding her arms and surveying the harem of the Eldest. They came in all varieties (at least, all varieties of Faoikith, with a few others that I suppose may be of a different sect), with some being taller or shorter, slimmer or curvier, and coming in different shades and styles. "I shouldn't need any more than two."

The girl Zin was talking to, a remarkably short but full-figured character in one of the trashiest dresses I've ever seen, taps a finger to her lips and gazes out among the masses. "Just two, hm? Well, the twins work quite well together if you're going for a quick decision. Hand-picking may take too long if the Eldest is in a rush...."

I suddenly hear a joyous squeak from the back of the harem, two Kith girls breaking away from idly making out to reveal a pair of identical Kith girls, both nude but for loincloths. They have rosy pink skin like that of a rose, and handlebars of a deep Pacific-blue coloration. They're also both very slim, almost waifish in appearance, with small breasts and tiny waists -- if it weren't for their exuberantly seductive postures I'd be getting a bit of a jailbait vibe from them.

"Yes, we'll do it!" One of the twins says excitedly.

"Wait, what are we supposed to be doing?" The other twin chirps, touching one fingertip to her lips in a comically curious expression.

"We have an outsider on our hands," Zin says solemnly, gesturing to me with a quick glance. "An outsider that claims some... anatomical differences to humans. She has to undergo an official interrogation and we have a deadline." I still have no idea why saying I have a dick got me into all of this. Am I supposed to be the chosen one or some shit?

"Why am I getting the feeling that this is going to be really weird?" I say, folding my arms.

"It will be," Zin admits, "I'll do my best to make the process... comfortable, though. Meet the twins, Elle and Ella -- they'll be assisting me." Elle and Ella, how imaginative. The twins wave excitedly to me with exuberant smiles and I exhale. Well, it's better than being executed, and honestly the twins are pretty hot in their own weird way.

"Alright, enough with the vagueness -- assisting you in what?"

Zin sighs softly and reaches out, taking my hand gently and leading me deeper into the harem room, past something I would attempt to describe as a door were I not certain that I'd fail. Inside the next room is a massive, oblong bed, with closets and and dressers on the sides, holding I know not what. "What you claimed is very rare for humans. As far as I know, it's unheard of," Zin tries to explain to me but she sounds a bit awkward. Either she's out of her depth or this is as weird for her as it's about to be for me. "However, it's common among the Kith. We need to run some... tests, some tests that you may find invasive."

As Zin does her best to tactfully explain, Elle and Ella have gotten close to each other, caressing one another's lithe figures and tracing slim figures across tone stomachs. I have no idea what the rules on intimacy or childbirth are, when it comes to the Kith, but considering Zin's lack of reaction I can only assume that incest isn't a particularly large concern. I start speaking but leave my eyes on the twins, oddly captivated as they start gently kissing each other. "I noticed that all of you seemed female, but are you saying that all of the Kith have di--" My question is answered before I finish asking it, as the twins pull away each other's loincloths, revealing long, firm rods that have already reached full stiffness, leaning in to each other to press the spongy tips together. "...Oh."

"Yes, we do," Zin says sheepishly, tugging at the bottom of her half-shirt a bit awkwardly. "And... in order to confirm some things, we'll have to get the exact details on your sexual anatomy." With a small shift of her hand, she lifts her shirt up, revealing a single full breast, slightly larger than mine (proportionately, of course). Folding my arms is now no longer enough, and I awkwardly squeeze them around my body.

"Um, so... that means what I think it does, doesn't it?"

"The twins and I are going to have sex with you, outsider."

"And if I do this, I get to live?"

Zin chews her bottom lip awkwardly. She isn't in charge of what happens to me and I can tell she doesn't want to make any promises she can't keep. "It will help your chances, yes, depending on the outcome."

I nod slowly, glancing over to the twins. They're really going at it now, and Elle is pinned against the wall while Ella nuzzles her adorably-small breasts -- though I notice that her eyes stay on me. They're occupying themselves while they wait for the real fun to start, and I suppose it's up to me to get this show on the road. With a deep breath I lift my Distillers tee over my head, tossing it aside and revealing my own modest chest, not quite so boyish as the twins' but not so womanly as Zin's either, a comfortable B cup. Zin allows herself a weak smile.

"Not bad," the Kith girl says, shrugging all the way out of her own shirt and tossing it aside before hopping onto the bed. She's nice enough to make a seductive show of things, crawling to the edge on all fours so that I can see a cute pair of white panties under her skirt. "We don't have much time, but I'll try to be gentle."

"What do you need the twins for?" I ask, unbuckling my tanker boots and sitting up on the edge of the bed, my eyes lingering on the rosy-skinned minxes who are now watching me more intently. "Do they monitor us, or something?"

"We need to test your full anatomy, outsider," Zin says. "That means more than just your genitals. Your breasts, nipples, anus; all of you must be inspected -- it will be faster with three of us."

So it was to be a gangbang then.

I can cope with a gangbang.

And honestly, the twins' performance is getting me a bit stiff which will make this fun, and I've never been with a girl like me before. If I look at this the right way it can actually be fun, so why the hell not? I allow myself a small smile and slowly slide my panties off before tossing them at the twins, turning back to Zin and giving her a sultry stare. "Well, then let's do this shit -- this may be my last fuck so the three of you had better keep up."

Zin offers a small smile and leans in to me, kissing me hard and pressing her chest against mine -- it's a little weird kissing a girl who's so much smaller than I am, but I acclimate quickly, lifting my skirt to expose my own full, pulsing shaft. While I realize that I'm a good bit bigger than the Kith overall, I still get a naughty thrill when I notice that my dick's a good bit heftier than Elle's or Ella's, and considering the bulge under Zin's own skirt, hers as well. I nibble gently at the lavender-skinned girl's throat, holding her against me for a moment to work myself up. They want to experiment on me, they have to warm up the oven first.

It's a mild, but pleasant, surprise when I feel Ella's (at least I think it's Ella) hands slide along my sides, slipping in front of me to take a gentle hold of my breasts, rubbing them in slow circles, her thumbs flicking along the steel bars lacing my stiff pink nipples. I exhale a little ragged breath as she teases my sensitive nubs with her fingertips, relaxing and embracing the pleasure she gives me as I hold and kiss Zin, who is actually really getting into this. Her skirt tents as her cock pushes past the waistband of her panties, and I carefully lift it all the way with my free hand, nibbling her lip as I glance down to examine it. Her cock, as I suspected, is a bit smaller than mine but good for her size, the same pale purple as the rest of her, and very nicely shaped. I smirk.

"Like it?" Zin coos, unclasping her skirt and tossing it aside before kissing me again gently.

"Mhm," I nod, nibbling at her jawline as Ella teases me, before shifting my hips forward to press my rod against hers the same way the twins just had, grinding into the gatekeeper who had ushered me into this strange new world.

I suddenly hear a giggle, a soft kissing sound, then a few more giggles coming from behind me, and Ella firmly twists both of my nipple piercings. I close my eyes, breaking the kiss with Zin and releasing a harsh gasp of pleasure, a little trickle of precum leaking from my cocktip and along Zin's. "H-hey, those are sensitive--!" I quickly exclaim.

"Her body reacts like a woman's," Elle says with slight shock. "Her breasts are so tender and sensitive, and they feel so real...." I decide not to break the news that there have been medical breakthroughs in transgender operations that allow large changes in the sensitivity of breasts -- they don't apply to me anyway, and if it's that little tidbit that's gonna save my life she can just hold onto it.

"That's because I am a woman," I retort awkwardly before glancing down at my dick squashed against Zin's and imagining how silly that would sound to most humans. Whatever.

"It's alright, outsider," Zin says with a little smile, pushing me back lightly so that I'm laying in Ella's lap. "It's a good thing."

Well, score one for Maxie I guess. But I wish she'd tell me the 'good things' before the results were already weighed so I can make up bullshit excuses if I really need to. Ella cranes her neck down, pulling me up a little bit so that she can kiss and lick at one of my nipples, which apparently still need testing. I release an intense, instinctive moan which only increases when Elle pounces me from the other side, closing her lips firmly around my free breast and beginning to suckle, her hands roaming over my stomach and arms. I could get used to this if I had to, to be honest.

"What are you testing for, again?" I groan out between gasps of enjoyment. I'm beginning to feel a tense sensation in both breasts and my nipples are sticking out like tiny impaled top hats.

Zin shakes her head, then kisses my stomach. "Don't worry about it," she coos, before getting on all fours and lifting my skirt again, folding the top back and stroking her long, slightly forked(?!) tongue over the underside of my shaft.

"F-fuck!" I cry out, my body getting tense. "Hnn-n... I..." I babble, but it doesn't go much of anywhere.

"Relax," Zin says again, kissing my tip before closing her lips around it, suckling at it like the first tastes of a popsicle, where you're still afraid it might freeze to your lips. I close my eyes and lean back, trembling very slightly -- between the twins outright nursing from each breast, and now the gatekeeper proceeding to go down on a dick that I'm pretty confident is too big for her to handle, death is starting to seem like it'll be worth it.

"Look at how much she likes it!" the twins look up and utter in unison, before turning to each other and glaring briefly. "Don't copy me!" they both squawked, again simultaneously, before pouting. I'd laugh if Zin's lips weren't now closed around one of my balls, tenderly suckling at it. Hell, I let out a muffled giggle anyway, especially when Elle and Ella share a tiny make-up kiss before returning their attention to my nipples.

"Oh look, the tip of this one is getting wet!" Ella says happily.

"That's because you're sucking on it, you goof," Elle reprimands her sister. "Your mouth is wet."

Ella shakes her head, flicking my nipple with her tongue and then rubbing it dry with her thumb. "Nuh uh, check yours. They're moist."

I blush hotly, trying to ignore them. It had always been a 'fun' little thing -- while I can't honestly say I lactate I do get a little bit of moist discharge from my nipples from time to time, and I guess that's what the twins are noticing now. They redouble their licking and suckling and (occasionally) even biting, and I stop trying to contain my blissful spasms.

"She's sooo sensitive," Elle remarks.

"Girls, calm down," Zin says playfully, dragging her tongue back up along the length of my tool. "You're distracting her. We want the test to go well, don't we?"

"Well technically we haven't tested everything yet, even if she does seem to be passing so far," Ella remarks, looking down at Zin with a thoughtful expression. She then shifts her weight (along with me, still in her lap) and wriggles beneath me a bit more, and a notice something sliding between my asscheeks before popping out. I furrow my brow and lean up, looking down -- Ella's dick has popped out from between my thighs, now resting along the underside of my own shaft and in front of Zin. "Can you be a dear and get me wet, Zinny? I'm in the best position to give the outsider her..." she giggles, "...invasive examination."

Zin tilts her head to the side with an accepting expression. "True," she murmurs, before getting a naughty look. She wraps her lips firmly around the crown of my shaft and slides down a few times, getting the entire thing moist before grabbing Ella's cock with one hand and forcing it against mine and, with a great deal of effort, into her mouth.

My eyes widen at the impressive display but I try to stay composed, despite the pretty fucking intense sensation. Ella's distracted from suckling at me but the feeling of her rod pressed flush against mine, Zin's saliva dribbling over both of us as she attempts a very messy and challenging double-oral, is absolutely fucking amazing. My eyes roll into the back of my head and I flop backward, only for Elle to embrace me.

Breathing heavily, I glance up to the other twin with a questioning look as she gets close and kisses me firmly, giggling between sweet smooches. "I think we need to put this mouth to good use. It may not be part of the test, but Ella and I aren't always known for playing by the rules."

I actually get a little nervous. While I had a brief "straight" phase in college that didn't go well, I'd never had a dick in my mouth before. Played around with them, sure. Even had one in my ass once. But my trysts with males were always too fleeting to include something like a blowjob, especially since they were generally all terrified of the fact that I had a dick too. I inhale uneasily but then nod, and Elle slides over to share a quick kiss with her twin sister before getting off the bed and standing up.

I close my eyes briefly when Zin goes deeper, Ella's and my cocks firmly joined within the cozy embrace of Zin's throat. She splutters and then gags, saliva streaming down both of us now, before she pulls up with a gasp. When I can open my eyes again without risk of sensory overload, I see Elle's shaft standing imposingly in front of my face, and I shyly lean in to flick my tongue across the tip. It tastes nice actually, fresh and flowery and very reminiscent of all of the Glade I've experienced so far.

"Elle, you know that's not part of the experiment," Zin chastises, kissing one of my balls. "You should be helping me down here."

"Don't feel like it," Elle says with an evil giggle before setting one knee up on the bed, giving me better access to her rod. Stll breathing heavily, I take her tip into my mouth and start slowly moving back and forth, hesitant but getting a naughty thrill out of sucking the Kith girl's dick. "Besides," she continues, "You don't wanna overload the poor thing, especially since Ella's itching to start fucking her."

Oh shit. I forgot about that. I cough slightly and lean back, nuzzling Elle's dick and looking down between my legs. Ella's cock isn't there anymore, and I suddenly feel that peculiar sensation between my asscheeks again... though this time it's a good deal wetter. "Whoa there..." I begin, but Zin shakes her head.

"This is part of the test, outsider," she warns, but then offers me a smile. "Here, why don't I try to make it up to you?"

I lazily slurp at the tip of Elle's crown as Zin lifts her weight up, kissing my smooth, pale stomach again before lifting her tits with both hands, gently sliding my slick cock between them and pressing the plush, silky globes together. I gasp quietly, starting to close my eyes and relax -- and then immediately opening them again and letting out an excited squeal when I feel Ella breach me. It happens all at once, honestly, or at least it feels like it. Her wet tip presses against the smooth pink rink of my asshole before sliding upward and inside, drilling in a good few inches on the first go and stretching my backdoor around her.

Now, while I mentioned that the Kith had smaller dicks than I did, and it was true -- mine is bigger than average, and so are theirs. Ella's seems to be around the seven inch mark and now about half of that monster is in my butt. While this isn't... entirely unwelcome, it also isn't something I was totally prepared for. I let out a few harsh squeaks, spluttering my saliva over Elle's prick and twitching spasmodically, my hands making fists in the sheets.

"Hmmm... interesting," Ella notes, letting her cock lay against my face as I continue my silent scream of pure feeling, still unable to decide if what I'm feeling is pain or pleasure. "Her reaction isn't entirely negative. Keep going, sister... I think she's coming around to it."

Tears form in my eyes and my breathing goes from heavy panting to spastic huffing, my entire body shaking like a leaf in the rain. It's Zin's tits that start bringing me around -- seeming concerned, she starts to move them up and down, slowly at first but quickly gaining speed. While her breasts aren't huge they're big enough for this, and at a quick glance I notice that she's toying and tugging at her own nipples with her fingers... Zin's enjoying this.

"Fuck, ffffuuuuuu-uuck," I mewl out pitifully as Ella increases her pace, now slowly sliding her dick in and out of my snug backside, causing a renewed spasm with each rotation. I tilt my head in an attempt to distract myself and shove Elle's cock into my mouth, sucking at it more deeply now, more desperately as the heat in my body builds. I'm being assaulted from three angles and honestly, my nipples are still buzzing from the attention they'd received earlier. Elle's warnings about overloading me may have been valid, as I'm starting to feel like I can't handle any more of this without exploding. Ella is increasing her pace even further, and with each thrust I pump my hips upward instinctively in a simultaneous effort to "escape" her cock drilling in my ass, and shove my own shaft between Zin's breasts again.

"She's pretty good at this when she tries, you know," Elle says with a little giggle, taking a fistful of my hair and sighing contently, working her hips in smooth tandem with the bobbing of my head. While I don't want to admit it, this is all starting to feel amazing -- whether it's individually or simply as a group effort, even Ella's increasingly ruthless sodomizing is starting to be a huge turn on. Zin leans down to flick her tongue over my crown, but then hesitates.

"She's not pulling away anymore," she notes idly.

"Hm?" Elle chirps.

"She used to pull away when Ella thrusted into her -- now she's backing into it." Zin leaned back, her face splitting into a huge smile. "She likes it."

"G-good sign...?" I whimper, drool leaking from the corner of my mouth.

"Very good sign," Zin doesn't drop her grin, flicking her tongue along my cock again and then sliding up beside me, pressing her shaft back against mine. "You're doing well so far, but we do have one more test, I think."

"Whas'that?" I groan, nibbling at Elle's foreskin idly. "You've already tested every part of me...."

"Individually, we did," Elle begins.

Zin finishes for her. "But not every combination. We need to see if you can get off from stimulation of your ass -- without simultaneous stimulation of your penis."

I manage to find enough lucidity to arch a brow. What the fuck? I'm starting to feel like I'm some kind of porno. How can my destiny really be dependent on whether or not I can experience an anal orgasm?

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