tagBDSMMay/December Romance Ch. 01

May/December Romance Ch. 01


The following story is fictitious. However, the people and the events are based in real experiences. This story is something of a labor of love for me. I have worked on it, on and off for several years. As it grew longer, I finally decided to post it in segments as a multi-chapter story. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your feedback. Please take the time to vote.

Chapter 1

I heard a knock on the door as I stepped out of the shower. Tossing the towel across the shower curtain rod and throwing on a robe as I went to the door. There I found Karen, my stepdaughter Kim's best friend, at the door. Kim and Karen had gone to high school together and were now freshmen at a local college.

"Hello Lori is Kim at home," she asked. Immediately I was suspicious. I knew that Karen was fully aware that Kim, her little brother, and her father had gone to visit my husband’s parents. I had decided not to join them, as I had a major project due at work and a test coming up in a class I was taking at night. Over the years, Karen had become a part of our extended family, frequently accompanying us on family outings or just hanging around the house. She had even gone with us to the nudist camp that our family belonged to, and had gone with us on vacation the previous summer to a nudist resort in Florida.

"Hello Karen, they all went to go visit Kim's grandparents. I thought you knew," I replied.

"OH that's right, I forgot. Well, as long as I'm here, do you mind if I come in and visit for a while?"

"No, not at all. Come on in and make yourself at home while I dry my hair. I just got out of the shower. Would you like a glass of wine? I just opened a bottle," I said. "Well, help yourself; you know where the glasses are. Please bring me a glass as well."

I went back to my bathroom, dispensing with the robe as I went. Karen had seen me nude on numerous occasions and I was not at all bashful about being nude in her presence. I was running the hair dryer when I noticed her sitting in a chair behind me. I noticed a particular interest in the way she watched me as I finished up. I kept noticing the way she was looking at me whenever I glanced at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Something I had never noticed before.

Turning off the dryer, I turned and she handed me the glass of wine she had poured for me. I asked if she'd like to move into the living room where we could chat for a while. She readily agreed and we made the move. I turned on the stereo to an easy listening rock station and we sat down, her on a love seat and me on the couch across from her.

We chatted for a while about school, her and Kim's social life, and their friends. I got the distinct impression something was up, some reason for her visit. Possibly something she wanted to say or ask me. Her eyes were dancing wildly about, sometimes blatantly staring at me, sometimes absently staring at the floor as if she was self-conscious about looking at me.

Finally, she said, "Can I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure go right ahead." We, my husband Greg and I, had always tried to have an open relationship with the kids. Their Mom was pretty much out of the picture and I had more or less assumed the role since we had first gotten together. Kim was 14 when we had met at the nudist camp, she having met me at the pool and later introducing me to her father. Kim and I had a great relationship, more like a little sister to me then a daughter. The openness I shared with Kim had been extended to Karen, in a more limited way. I knew a few details of her sexual history, mainly concerning previous boyfriends, gleaned from these few conversations and a few bits and pieces from Kim.

"This is kind of embarrassing," Karen said.

"Go ahead, ask me anything you like," I said, trying to reassure her and encourage her.

"OK, Kim said that you are bisexual. Is that true?" she asked.

Slightly stunned for a moment, I reflected on my answer and said, "Yes, that is true."

While we; Karen, Kim, and I; had spoken of sex on occasion, it was usually in general terms, nothing specific. At least not as specific as the track this conversation was beginning to take. I had made no secret of my sexual orientation to Kim when she had asked me. However, I made sure she understood that this knowledge was not for general distribution. Explaining to her that there were many in society that did not understand, or were too close minded to accept the fact, that many women chose to share their intimacy with other women. I had compared my bisexuality to the nudist lifestyle in which she was raised. Children from nudist families accept nudism for what it is, a non-threatening, non-sexual lifestyle devoted to "natural living." She and her brother had come to look forward to their trips to the camp and the chance to see their friends there, mainly children of other nudist families. Kim understood that society in general does not accept nudism, equating nudity to sexual behavior. Nudists are very careful to make the point that sexuality is not part of the lifestyle.

I'd like to take this opportunity to interject a bit of my own personal history and information. I had started going to the nudist camp that we now belong to several years ago, as a guest of a female lover and her husband. She and I usually stayed out by the pool whenever we went. There we had met a young girl, Kim. She sorta attached herself to us as girls sometimes do to older women, feeling the need to be a part of a more mature circle of women. Kim did not know about my relationship with my friend, Cindy, just that we came to the camp frequently together. Cindy and I adopted Kim, and she was part of our circle of friends at poolside.

Kim frequently mentioned her father; that he was divorced, and had pointed him out in the distance on a few occasions. He was usually off in another part of the camp, participating in athletic activities with his friends. Kim had mentioned that she would like me to meet him a few times, but I never really thought too much about it. I had recently gone through a divorce also, and wasn't really looking for a relationship.

Anyway, we did finally meet and I was somewhat taken by him. Kim was definitely playing the matchmaker and I could see her fingerprints all over the meeting. To make an increasingly long story short, he eventually called me and asked me out. The rest is history.

One of the things I found attractive about Greg was his attitude about my bisexuality. My previous relationships with men, including my marriage, had been with men that were either threatened by my sexuality or who were only interested in what was in it for them. Typical reactions were, "what can a woman do you for you that I can't" or focused on the possibility of sleeping with other women. While I had enjoyed an occasional 3-some, I found that many of these men only looked at me as a tool to help them live out their own fantasies with little regard for my own wishes. This lack of sensitivity and selfishness had definitely cast a shadow on my outlook concerning any long-term relationship with a man.

Greg, on the other hand, turned out to be a breath of fresh air. He was supportive and sensitive to my needs for female intimacy. As it turns out, he had been a member of a swinger group with his ex-wife. Their divorce was not connected to that, it had resulted from other problems in their relationship and she had moved out of state for a new job, leaving the kids with Greg. After dating for about a month, I finally broke the news to Greg about my being bisexual. He took it calmly, with a "no big deal" attitude. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I was expecting the worst, sure that his reaction would eventually lead to us breaking up.

He explained that female bisexuality is very common among his swinger friends and that his ex was bi. He went on to say, almost reading my mind, that he wasn't threatened by it and that if I wanted to spend time with my lovers it was no big deal to him. He would be pleased if I might consider including him occasionally, but it was not a prerequisite to a relationship with him if I did not. Man, was that a relief and I remember thinking that this guy is too good to be true.

For the record, I am 40 years old, actively bisexual since I was 20, have been employed at various times as a chemist and microbiologist, and am currently finishing up graduate school in environmental science. I am 5'0" tall, about 103 #, 32B-23-34, have blonde hair, green eyes, and usually keep my pussy at least partially shaved with just a thing strip of hair on top for decoration. While not a work out addict, I do exercise regularly and have managed to stay in pretty good shape with just a slight mound of a belly that I am perpetually working on.

Karen went on to ask me several other questions about my being bisexual, my personal history, and about bisexuality in general. I attempted to give her straightforward, honest answers, just as I had done with Kim when she had asked.

Finally, when she stopped to reflect on my answers for a moment I asked, "Karen, can I ask something now?"

"Ahh, sure Lori, go ahead."

"OK, can I ask why all the questions about me being bisexual?"

"Aaaahhhh," Karen stuttered for a moment, "well, you see, aaahhh, you know, well, I have been sorta attracted to some of the girls at school. And… you know.... well... I guess I get turned on by the idea of, you know, being with them sometimes."

"I see," I said in reply, then continuing, "You fantasize about being with another woman, maybe while you are masturbating?"

"Aaahhh, Uuuhhh, yea, I guess so," she said, blushing a bright shade of pink.

I went on to assure her that her reaction was OK. Many women felt the same way and had similar fantasies. I explained her fantasies were very natural and nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. I told her she was going through a period in her life of sexual awakening and discovering a desire for some sexual exploration. This too was natural and as long as she was safe and used at least a little intelligence about it, it could be a wonderful part of her life. She seemed reassured by my reaction and comments and her bright blush began to fade.

I suggested we get a refill of wine and head out to the hot tub for a soak. She liked that idea and she made the move out to the patio, obtaining the refill as she did. Meanwhile, I grabbed some towels and joined her.

I stopped for a minute as I approached the sliding glass door leading to the patio, and watched Karen as she finished undressing. I looked at her as a sexual being, perhaps for the first time. I had seen her nude at the camp and in the hot tub many times. I scanned her tall, athletic frame. She has shoulder length auburn hair; brown eyes; smallish, very firm "cupcake" breasts with smallish, long nipples; a taut flat belly; sparse, silky pubic hair; prominent labia; a tight almost boyish ass; and long, well-muscled legs. She stands about 5'8" and I guessed her weight to be about 130 lbs, much of it lanky muscle. Kim and Karen had gotten to be friends through their participation on the soccer team. Both girls were quite good and had been picked to the all-state team. Karen's athletic prowess was clearly evident in her physique and figure. She was not "gorgeous" in the classical sense, but I still found her cute and very attractive.

I was jolted from my voyeuristic reverie when our eyes met and she saw me watching her. She smiled and I opened the door to join her. We soon were soaking up the heat of the water, bubbles softly caressing our bodies, a wine glass in our hands.

After getting comfortable, I resumed the previous conversation, asking Karen to tell me about her sexual experiences. She went on to briefly describe her few attempts at intercourse with her boyfriends, mostly disastrous or largely unsatisfying. I consoled her, telling her that my experiences at her age had been fairly similar. She did mention that she particularly enjoyed oral sex. She said that her only orgasm with a boy was the result of his mostly inept attempt to satisfy her with his mouth. She continued, telling me that she had found, to her surprise that she really liked, and apparently had a talent for sucking cock. She described the satisfaction and power she felt from taking a guy's cock into her mouth. I nodded my agreement and let her continue. I could see she was starting to open up to me, and the level of excitement in her voice escalated as she carried on with her narrative.

She seemed to be particularly interested in anal sex. After questioning her about it, she admitted she had done some masturbatory exploration of her own bottom and had found it quite pleasurable. Most of her exploration had been done with her fingers and small objects such as a candle.

A certain degree of shyness settled over her when she started to tell me of her few exploratory experiences with girls. Her tale started with a young friend when she was 13 or 14, "practicing" kissing during sleepovers. She then described her more recent adventures with a "friend." This was primarily limited to touching each others breasts, watching each other masturbate, followed by masturbating each other.

What Karen did not know was that I knew the "friend" was Kim. She keeps very few secrets from me and was very excited about telling me about it. It was, to a degree, a rite of passage into womanhood for her. Kim had told me about showing Karen the vibrator I had gotten her as a 16th birthday present. I had decided on it after repeatedly finding dead batteries in the vibe that I kept in my nightstand after Kim had "borrowed" it. I figured that if she was going to masturbate, as most girls her age do, she might as well have her own. Therefore, I got her a nice AC power, plug-in massager.

"Karen," I said, "I know the `friend' was Kim. You don't think she could keep that juicy of a piece of news from me did you?"

I found the look of shock and surprise on Karen's face amusing. The full impact of the closeness that Kim and I shared was suddenly becoming apparent to her. That look was quickly replaced by a smile as she came to recognize that she had been found out.

I think she also found it amusing that I knew about her and Kim yet had never mentioned it or made an issue of it.

"Kim said that you and she could talk about just about anything. I guess I just found out how true that is. She's lucky to have such a cool mom, even if you are only her step-mom," she replied.

"Well, more importantly, she's my friend as well as my stepdaughter Karen. Sometimes it’s hard to be both, but I try. We share a closeness that is impossible for most moms and daughters, but she was my friend before she was my stepdaughter.

Besides, her Dad did a pretty good job of raising her. You know her; she has her act pretty well put together. Usually she needs a friend, or big sister, or whatever, a hell of a lot more then a mom."

"Yea, I guess so," Karen said simply. She sat quietly for a few moments, reflecting on my words and my relationship with her best friend.


A personal note to my readers. I know that my relationship with Kim and the type of lifestyle that we live may be unusual and to some degree shocking to some of my readers. All I will say in defense is that it has produced a remarkably well adjusted, intelligent young woman. My relationship with Kim is unique, admittedly, no argument from me. However, when I look at the sexually and psychologically mal-adjusted people of my generation and Kim's, I think she has turned out pretty damn well. Her father and I have taken the attitude that kids are gonna be sexually active, and to a certain degree should be. Exploration of their sexuality is part of their maturation into adults and can result in a healthy attitude towards sexuality and a reasonable degree of self-confidence. We have not taken the approach of many parents, that is, to ignore an adolescent’s emerging sexuality and curiosity and hope it goes away, what we refer to as the "head in the sand" approach. Just say no to sex and chastity seems to run counter to our modern society where kids are surrounded by sex, explicit and implied, for most of their lives.

Please understand that Kim is in no way promiscuous. She has never been encouraged to be promiscuous, quite the opposite. Our emphasis, as parents, has been that if she is going to being sexually intimate, then be aware of the risks, and confident in her choice of partners. She has been fully informed of the dangers of sex, both medical and social.

Furthermore, we have never imposed on her the double standard attitude that "good girls" don't have sex. I took her for her first Ob-Gyn check up shortly after she became sexually active and she and I have taken our birth control pills together every morning since. She lost her virginity using a condom I gave her after getting the full safe sex lecture from me. She continues to use condoms and is a firm believer in safe sex. The loss of her virginity was planned, with my knowledge and after some pretty extensive

Q&A sessions. I met her "victim," a long time boyfriend, beforehand and told her if she was sure that this was the guy then I had no objections to her choice. She went into it with eyes wide open and made an informed decision. It was a wonderful, if not necessarily earth shattering, experience for her and she was happy with the way it turned out. It was certainly a much better outcome for her than my first experience. I can't think of a better result for a mother to wish her daughter.

Anyway, I digress from the story, but wanted to make my point before you, the reader, concluded I was some sort of sexual pervert or monster.


After Karen recovered from her shock, she launched into a series of increasingly specific questions about my previous female lovers and sexual interests. She seemed to be pretty well informed and her question demonstrated a certain degree of intelligence and sexual sophistication. When I brought this up, she said she had been doing her research, mainly on the internet and in chat rooms. I should have known. A thought flashed through my mind as I wondered if by some quirk of fate she might have talked to me in some of these chat rooms. When I asked about it, it turned out she was using another network than I was, so it was unlikely. Besides, the alias she used was unfamiliar.

Our conversation was fairly wide ranging. We talked about intercourse, oral sex, anal sex, sex toys, 3-somes, and even bondage and spanking. She did seem pretty well informed and her questions tended to be directed at specifics, rather than general concepts, more concerned with my likes and dislikes and what I liked about different activities. Again, I tried to be open and honest with her, even to the point that I sometimes found myself ever so slightly embarrassed.

I had noticed that her eyes kept traveling to my pierced nipples. Earlier, while we were in the living room I thought I saw her taking quick peeks at my latest addition, my clitoral hood piercing. She had asked about them earlier, during a trip to the nudist camp. Her previous questions were pretty much limited to the details of the piercing process itself, cost, pain involved, etc. Karen's questions now were more involved with the erotic effect of the piercings and what role they played in my sexuality and how they felt.

I was beginning to wrinkle and the heat was taking its toll so I suggested we go back inside. Besides, my wine glass was empty once again and all the talking had made my throat dry. We stepped out of the hot tub and I tossed Karen a towel. After we had both dried off, I noticed she made no move for her clothes. I simply chalked it up to her gradual conversion to our nudist lifestyle.

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