May to December Ch. 02


"Well, I was going to do some cooking myself," she began, but he interrupted her.

"Next time, I promise I'll come and we can enjoy your feast. But I wanted this to be my treat. Please?"

He sounded like a little boy just then, begging his mother for a treat. Dawn smiled. Somehow, she didn't think he would appreciate the comparison, especially as he obviously didn't see her as a Madonna figure.

"Okay. How did you know I like Thai food, anyway?" she asked.

"I think we have a lot more in common than you may realize, and my gut said you would," he replied. "I'm happy I was right! What time shall I come pick you up?"

"I've nothing planned, so it's up to you, really," she said, hoping he'd give her at least an hour.


"Six is fine, thank you!" She breathed a sigh of relief. She had a few of hours to figure out what to wear and take a long, hot bath.

After he rang off, she went to see about clothes, and finally, on the fourteenth outfit, decided this would set the right tone. It was a deep purple calf-length dress with a wide skirt and long sleeves that hugged her arms, and a cowl neckline that hinted at the treasures it hid. After luxuriating in a long bath, she dressed carefully, putting her hair up and setting silver earrings in her ears. The bangles Hunter had given her when they had first met, her talisman when she felt unsure, adorned her left arm, and the watch she always wore with silver her right. A pretty crystal pendant hung from the silver chain suspended from her neck, and it nestled comfortably in her cleavage.

A last spritz of Rumba, one of her favorite fragrances, a touch of lip gloss and eye shadow, and she was ready. Glancing at the clock, she saw she had fifteen minutes left, so she made sure the house was locked up, and was about to head into her office when the doorbell rang. Inhaling deeply, she opened it, and offered him a bright smile. He presented her with a bouquet of yellow roses, and followed her into the kitchen. Fetching the vase for her, he filled it with water, found the plant food and added a few drops, and watched her arrange the blooms in it.

"Where to?" he asked, and went with her into the living room, where he put it on the center table at her direction.

"Déjà vu!" he commented with a smile. "Ready?"

"Yes." Purse in hand, she followed him out the door, locked it, and walked with him to his car.

Scott handed her into the passenger seat and went around to the driver side, willing his hard-on to subside. She would notice it otherwise, and he didn't want their first date to be marred by her fears or suspicions about his motives. He knew he would take her to bed in a heartbeat, but he also knew he wouldn't do anything she didn't want. He wanted this evening to be perfect, and his lust had no place here...not yet. He struggled to remain cool as he drove off, avoiding looking at her, letting the music that filled the car calm him, letting her set the tone. If she preferred silence, he could be quiet.

"Nice car," she commented at last, her voice low and husky.

"Thanks," he replied. He waited a moment, and then added, "You look wonderful!"

Her whispered thanks was the last word between them until they were being seated in the dim restaurant. He asked her what she would like to drink, and placed the order while she scanned the menu for an appetizer that wouldn't fill her up. Scott watched her pore over the choices and wished he wasn't so busy all the time. This getting to know her part was taking altogether too long, and he was having to restrain himself more than he might otherwise have done. But she was the first woman he wanted to please completely, without thinking of his own pleasure, and he would not spoil his chances by being in too great a hurry.

When the waiter arrived they placed their appetizer order, deciding to share a kind of Thai Pu Pu Platter consisting of mini shrimp lettuce wraps, chicken satay sticks, fried wontons, and coconut shrimp, before he turned his attention to her fully.

"How was your week?" he wanted to know, sipping his drink, and chewing on a fried wonton.

"It was busy, and exhausting," she answered, "but most of the unpacking is done." She swallowed a mouthful of food, and added on a chuckle, "Except for the basement."

He laughed softly, and caught her eye. Warmth washed over him. She was relaxed, and she was radiant. The silver jewelry she wore shimmered in the dim light, and her eyes sparkled, capturing his own. He reached for a coconut shrimp at the same time as she did, and ended up feeding it to her. The intimate act brought a flush of color to her cheeks, but she did not withdraw from him.

"Any time you're ready," he offered, chuckling, holding her gaze. He watched her cheeks heat further as she got his double meaning.

"I'll bear that in mind," she answered, and smiled into his eyes.

The intimacy of the moment held them in its grip, and for a minute neither moved nor spoke, but looked deeply into the other's eyes. Dawn saw Scott's desire for her clearly, and he saw hers. It startled him, and he reached for her hand, raising it to his lips.

"I'm glad you weren't too tired to come to dinner with me," he said, squeezing her fingers before releasing her.

"I decided I owed it to myself to have a handsome man with a decent job spend some of his money on me," she said with a teasing snicker. "Christmas in July, you know?"

Scott smiled at her, but remained silent for a moment, offering her a lettuce wrap, and watching her lips close around the cocktail fork. The enormity of what she had just said was not lost on him, and eating gave him the space to process it, and to suppress his desire to leap across the table and devour her. He had to clear his throat before answering her.

"Glad you think of me as a gift! I'll take that over "stalker" any day, thank you!" He smirked at her, and then asked, "What should I do for an encore?"

"You should make sure I enjoy this evening thoroughly." Dawn's smile was flirtatious, but Scott could see she was serious.

"I'll do my best," he said, and signaled the waiter. "What's your pleasure?" he asked her as the young man approached.

"What's yours?" she returned, holding his gaze. Scott knew what she was doing, his little bundle of contradictions. His. He liked the sound of that.

"What other seafood do you like?" he asked. He fed her the last chicken satay stick, and watched her lick her lips to get the spicy sauce he had dipped it in off it.

"Not lobster or that slimy stuff in shells."

"Okay, no lobster or oysters in shells." He chuckled. "Check! So, you trust me to order for you?"

She hadn't said it in so many words, and he found he wanted to hear it. He wouldn't think about what other pleasure she had meant, not now, when he had finally managed to get the hard-on under some measure of control.

"Yes," she replied immediately. "You seemed to know what I would like when you shopped for groceries for me."

Scott placed the order hurriedly, wanting to get back to sparring with her, wanting the electricity that was beginning to arc between them to remain.

"Does that bother you, Dawn? That I seem to know you so well?"

She laughed quietly. "I don't know about the so well part, Scott, but it does, and it doesn't. It could just mean you had been stalking me and saw what kinds of things I like to buy. Or it could be you were just lucky. My gut tells me you're not a stalker -- when would you have the time, anyway? So you must just have beginner's luck!"

He chuckled. "There's something to be said for luck. And I do feel like a lucky guy this evening."

"Why is that?" she wondered, watching his cheeks dimple.

"I've got the best looking woman in the place sitting at my table, for starters!"

"There's more?" She blinked once, a slow lowering and lifting of her lashes which he might have been forgiven for thinking was a wink, except that it was both eyes.

"Oh, lots," he answered nonchalantly, chewing on the last piece of shrimp.

She blinked again. "Oh come on! Don't be shy! Tell me!"

"I'm not shy," he said, serious as a judge suddenly. "I'm careful. And I'll tell you when the time is right. For now, it's time to eat!"

He was glad the food came just then. He wanted her to stay interested in him and what he was thinking. And he needed to keep his body under control. They ate in companionable silence. He had ordered gang pa, a spicy meat and vegetable dish, and pad thai for them to share, and he noticed she relished the extra heat in the meat dish. That confirmed another suspicion he had, and as he watched her sip the coconut juice that he had ordered with the meal, he wondered how many other things they had in common.

"This was great!" she enthused as she swallowed the last of her noodles and emptied her glass. "May I have another?" She indicated her glass, and he nodded and raised a hand for the waiter.

"Do you trust me for dessert, too?" he asked as the young man arrived. At her nod and smile, he ordered two more coconut juices, one sticky rice with mango and one bananas in coconut cream.

"I haven't enjoyed dinner this much in a very long time," Dawn remarked, avoiding Scott's eyes for the first time all evening. He reached across the table and tilted her chin up, forcing her to look at him.

"Why are you hiding now?" he demanded quietly. "What is it you don't want to admit, or want me to see?"

"What makes you think I'm hiding anything?" she hedged.

"Look me in the eye and tell me you're NOT hiding anything," he said, ignoring her question.

Dawn looked at him but could not speak the lie. He smiled. "That's how I know," he said in triumph, and leaned over to kiss her, suddenly unable to deny himself the prize he most wanted just then. She opened her mouth to him, and he stole a deeper kiss for a moment, before letting her go and sitting back. His hands trembled, and the erection he had been fighting returned full force.

The waiter's arrival gave him a much-needed reprieve.?

He stole a quick glance at her and saw she was holding herself stiffly, and once more avoiding his gaze, but somehow he also knew she was not withdrawing from him. He knew she was as aroused as he was, and struggling as he was to control it. He drank half his drink in two gulps, and then asked her which dessert she would like to try first.

"Whichever you prefer," she answered huskily, finally raising her eyes to his.

Scott made a decision. The teasing, the flirting, the desire were more than he could bear any longer. He wanted her under him, over him, around him. He wanted her...and he couldn't wait any more.

"Please tell me you've had enough," he asked, calling the waiter back and asking for their desserts to be packed to go. "Please say you're ready to leave." His eyes were blazing at her, his hunger plain for her to see.

"I'm ready to leave," she whispered obediently.

Scott had no idea how long it took for their dessert to be packed, for the bill to be paid, for them to get out to the car. He breathed a deep sigh of relief when he had settled her in her seat and got in himself. Inhaling deeply again, he put the car in gear and drove off, not sure where he was headed. He should take her back to her home, but he wanted their first time together to be on his turf...and he knew tonight would be their first time. He had seen the longing in her eyes when she had echoed his words at the restaurant, and he had made it his mission to give her everything she wanted.

"I've seen your pad. Would you mind seeing mine before I take you home?"

Dawn turned to look at him, and smiled. "As long as the intention is to take me home eventually."

Scott let out the breath he had been holding, and relaxed his fingers on the steering wheel. "Whenever you say, Dawn!"

When he parked in the spot in front of his home, a deeply indrawn breath told him Dawn had dozed off. He smiled. The evening just kept getting better. She had relaxed enough to fall asleep in his car on the way to a place she had never been before. He reached over and took her hands in his.

"We're here, Dawn!"

Her eyes snapped open, and he tried to spare her blushes, knowing she wouldn't like it that he had seen her sleeping, by getting out of the car and going round to help her out. The night was cool, and as he escorted her indoors, he thought of where he could take her for a moonlight picnic. As a second date, that would be grand, he decided.

"Go through," he invited her, indicating the door to his left. "Would you like coffee or wine with dessert?"

"Wine, please, or I'll be up all night!" She spoke carelessly, but Scott's cock jerked in his slacks as he walked away.

A sound made him turn his head as he was setting the desserts, the wine bottle and glasses on a tray. Dawn came to him and put her hands on his.

"Why don't we just eat here?" she suggested, removing her hands and sitting in the chair next to him. "Saves you having to carry a tray."

"Good idea," he agreed, and sat next to her, pouring her a glass of white wine. "Now, where were we?" A pause. "Ah, yes. Which would you like to try first?"

"Whichever you prefer," she said again, and smiled.

He chose the banana dessert and fed her spoonfuls between the mouthfuls he took. It was delicious, and decadent, and hit the spot.

"Is your sweet tooth happy now?" he asked chuckling, when the treat was done.

Dawn answered his amusement with her own. "She's halfway there," she said. "One more treat, and she'll be in heaven."

She took a spoon and dipped it into the rice mixture. Scooping a helping onto it, she pressed it to his lips. Scott opened for her, and she dragged the spoon on his bottom lip on the way out of his mouth. Then, as he watched her, she used the same spoon to feed herself a mouthful. Scott's mouth instantly watered for a taste...of her. He swallowed just as she offered him a second spoonful.

"Good?" she wondered, taking her own spoonful.

"Very," he answered hoarsely.

When she came to him a third time, he held her hand with the spoon in it, and fed himself, and then said, "Wine, please!" When she offered him the wine, he took a sip, and then took the glass so he could return the favor. Then, setting down the glass, he reached over to kiss her. It was a light kiss, or it was meant to be, until she touched his cheek. He turned fully in his chair and pulled her into his arms.

"Dawn, I'm going to kiss you properly now. I can't wait any longer. Fair won't be a friendly kiss."

He bent his head, but she put a hand to his mouth. "Sounds like I'll have to prepare myself. What kind will it be?"

"This kind," he growled, and pushed her fingers away, slanting his mouth over hers, pushing his tongue between the lips she had instinctively opened for him. He suckled her, making her moan and ratcheting up his lust. He ate at her, so hungry for her that he pulled her onto his lap so he could hold her as close to his heart as possible. And as their heartbeats quickened, he turned her again so that she straddled him on the chair, and pulled her body all the way into his, so that her heat cradled his iron-hard erection, scorching it and driving him wild. And still he kissed her, as though he could not get enough of her lips and tongue.

When he let her up for air, Scott slid his hands along her neck, stretching his thumbs up to her bottom lip and pulling it down so her teeth showed. Leaning in, he kissed her again, slowly and tenderly.

"Come and see round, now," he invited, and stood with her still straddling him. He let her body slide down his, and savored the feel of her against his legs, against his cock, against him. He groaned when she bit her lip, and stepped away from her.

"This is the kitchen, where I do most of my eating, unless I'm listening to music, in which case I'm in the living room, through here," he said, and drew her into the comfortably-sized room off the foyer. "The dining room rarely gets any use. I'm not a dinner party kind of guy!"

He smiled as he took her around the first floor, which also housed said dining room, an office and a powder room. Upstairs were two bedrooms, a den, and a surprisingly large bathroom, complete with separate tub and shower. The bedrooms were side by side, with the bathroom and den across from them.

He pulled her into the master bedroom, and watched her face as she took in the room where he slept each night, and where he spent so much of his time these days thinking of new ways to make her scream when she came for him.

"It's a nice room," she commented. "Very masculine. Your home doesn't look this big from the outside," she added.

"I also have a basement," he said, "but I'll save that experience for another time."

There was an awkward pause, which Dawn broke. "Well, I'd better be going now, hadn't I?"

Scott walked over to stand in front of her, his eyes intent. He cupped her face in his hands, and demanded, "Is that what you want, Dawn?" He pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Tell me honestly, please!"

Dawn shook her head, and kissed the cleft in his chin. "No, it's not what I want."

Scott's hands trembled on her face now, and he dropped them, not wanting to give away more than he should. "So tell me, then. I want to hear you say it. What do you want?"

She did not hesitate this time. "I believe I want you, Scott." A blush stained her cheeks, much to Scott's delight.

He swooped and kissed her mouth again, pulling her over to the bed, where he pushed her gently down, not letting her up for air as he stretched her arms above her head. He lavished her breasts with the same careful attention that he had given to her mouth, but found he couldn't stay away from the plump sweetness of her lips. Again and again he returned to ravish her mouth, sliding his free hand over her hard nipples, which he could feel poking his palm through the double protection of her dress and bra. He shook with the desire to squeeze them, but wanted to do that when they were bare for his touch.

Her moans raised his blood pressure, and he rolled over her, grinding his erection between her legs, which she opened for him. He let go of her hands, and she promptly threw them around his neck, sliding her fingers through his hair, kissing him back with equal hunger, almost desperate, it felt to him, for his touch, for his possession. Her hips rolled and heaved under his, meeting his thrusts eagerly; she was apparently ravenous for him there as well.

"I want you to concentrate on me, baby. Okay? Just me. Not how old I am, not how old you are, not where we are, nothing. Just me. Think about how I make you feel. Enjoy what I'm going to do to you. Let go, for me. I won't hurt you. I'll just love you to a little death as often as you want me to. I promise!"

As he spoke, Scott had been divesting her of her clothes until by the time he whispered his promise to bring her to multiple orgasms, she was naked. He drank her in with his eyes, from her hair, now loosed from its careful upsweep, down the long column of her neck to her heavy breasts, listing to the sides, over the swell of her belly to her round, long legs. She lay like a decadent feast before his eyes. He knew she was still very shy; he could see her body flushing with his perusal. But he also knew she was fiercely aroused, which was why she lay still and let him look his fill, and why her mound was crowned with a landing strip of wet hairs, a few gray, that turned him on even more.

His cock jerked hard in his slacks when she moved her legs apart at his urging, and let her knee relax when he pushed it up, so he could see the swollen lips of her pussy. Want and need assailed him, and he went to his knees before her, and dropped his face onto her mound, inhaling deeply, and groaning.

"You're so fucking beautiful, baby!" he whispered. "And you smell so good!" He slid a finger through her curls, between the lips of her sex, and smiled when she groaned and lifted her hips to him.

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