Me & Dad – My 19th Christmas Ch. 01


"As you wish, my angel." He slowly pulled his fingers out of me and then positioned himself to mount me. After pushing me down between the wings on my back to force my chest lower, he grabbed me by the hips. I watched on the TV as he positioned the tip of his penis on my pussy lips and then asked me, "May I enter the gate of Heaven?"

His question electrified me as I felt his head resting at my opening. "Please, cum right in!" I laughingly responded.

No sooner did I get the words out when he plunged deep into me.

"Huuuuuuugh," I exhaled sharply, feeling him bear down on me right to my cervix. He held me firm by the hips as he attempted to force himself deeper. When I felt that he was as deep as he could go, I squeezed my vaginal muscles tight clamping down on him.

"Ahhhhhhh!" he moaned as we stayed motionless, attempting to absorb as much of the feeling as possible. Then he hunched over my back and grabbed me by my tits. Squeezing my nipples, he pulled them upwards toward my face, forcing me forward while pushing all of his weight into my cunt. As my mound pushed into the wet blanket I felt the head of his penis push against the cleft of my cervix.

"Ohhhhhhh," I moaned in amazement. "Did you feel that?" I turned and asked. "your sooo deep in me" I cooed and smiled at him.

"That feels so incredible!" he announced. "I've never been this deep into a woman before."

"Spread your knees apart, like you're doing a split," he commanded.

I obeyed quickly and as I did, I could feel my cunt stretching even wider as he continued to push his weight into me. When my knees were as far apart as I could move them, he pinched my nipples tight and firmly cupped my breasts. Then, he arched his back up straight while pulling me upright with him. This in turn shifted all of my weight on his pole. He then positioned his knees and feet so he could hold me.

"Smile and keep your legs spread for the camera," he playfully whispered into my ear as he shifted our combined weight to his center of gravity and lifted me right off the ground.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," I moaned as I felt him penetrate me even deeper.

As he stood up, I used the top of my feet behind his butt to hold myself against him and keep my knees spread. After turning around toward the camera he proceeded to bounce me up and down.

I watched in excitement as his dick slid in and out of my cunt on the TV. I was so turned on by this I started cumming almost immediately.

"Ahhhh, I'm cumming again!' I shouted as I convulsed.

Just then I felt him throb in me. "Oh God!" he roared as I felt a wave of warmth explode into me. I felt myself spray again as he continued to bounce me up and down.

As he released his load in me, he collapsed backwards onto the blanket with me now reverse straddling him on my knees. I slowly moved to his rhythm as I felt the last few waves of his semen inject into me.

While I sat there on him, exhausted, he zoomed the camera in on my pussy and we watched as his dick slowly became limp. After just a few more moments my pussy expelled his now palsied penis along with several globs of cum. I scooped the cum out of my opening with my fingers and smeared it all over my tits and belly. I then pushed my mound into him while sliding backwards, smearing more of our juices up his chest until my pussy was over his mouth. He immediately latched on to me and began sucking and tongue fucking me while I began orally cleaning his limp dick and balls.

After just a few moments he was hard again and I started deep throating him. As we continued to sixty-nine each other, I felt his shaft swell in my throat and knew he was about to release again. I pulled back, took a deep breath and plunged him deep into my mouth, taking in his whole length. As I struggled to fight off the gag reflex, he exploded into me, forcing his spunk directly down into my gullet. When his penis stop twitching, I clamped my lips tight around him and sucked hard while letting it slide out of my mouth.

We lay in the 69 position for several minutes before he turned off the camera and we sat up and passionately kissed.

"I love you," he said as he gazed into my eyes and delicately rubbed his finger across my lips.

"I love you too, Dad. Merry Christmas!" I softly spoke and then kissed him again.

"I got you a few things for Christmas," he stammered. "I hope you like them." He reached under the tree and grabbed a present and handed it to me.

It was a medium sized box like the kind you would put a sweater in, wrapped in festive green and red striped paper and sporting a big gold bow with ribbon. With the clean folds, I could tell it had been carefully wrapped with love. I smiled and proceeded to open it. Inside was an exquisite sensual black dress with parts of it made of sheer silk, the kind you would wear out to a formal gathering.

"I love it, it's beautiful!" I exclaimed as I held it to my face.

As I looked up at him, he handed me another, this one smaller and in yellow, red and gold. I quickly opened it, revealing a black sexy teddy also made of sheer silk.

"Wow," I said as I held it up to inspect its delicate features. "When did you... How did you know my size?" I enquired.

"I saw you go into the lingerie shop. So... I waited until you left and asked the sales lady for help. She remembered exactly what size you were and she helped me pick them both out." "I thought the dress looked familiar."

"Yea, she said that you stared at it for a bit and she could tell you really liked it." He smiled with delight. "They just happened to have one in the back that was your size."

"Here, open this one." He handed me a blue and white present.

This box was a bit larger and I could tell that it was not clothing by the shape and weight. After removing the paper I stared in wonder. "What is it?" I asked, puzzled by the odd parts inside.

"It's an enema kit," my Dad said smugly with a wink. "It will make more sense later... I promise you will not be disappointed." He said with a devilish expression on his face.

"I can't wait," I laughed.

As I sat there and smiled at him he handed me a blue velvet jewelry case. "Here, this is for you too." His words and the tone he used were warm and soft as he slowly opened it towards me. Inside was the most beautiful white gold necklace with two hearts entwined and set with a row of diamonds. It sparkled and shimmered in the low light from the tree. I just stared in awe at its amazing beauty.

"I tried to find something as beautiful as you... this is the closest thing I could find." His eyes met mine again.

I sat there speechless. Never had I received such a beautiful gift before.

"I... I... don't know what to say, it looks so..." I stammered as he began putting it around my neck.

"I feel a bit awkward... you spent way too much on me." I said while he grabbed my chin and then kissed me.

"You are worth it, and much more!" he whispered into my ear.

I tilted my head down and could feel my cheeks flush as I blushed. I then reached under the tree and pulled out the two small gifts I got him.

"Here... Open this one first." I handed him the small green wrapped box. "I got this for you before I came up here." I felt myself blush again.

He carefully removed the silver bow that seemed bigger than the box and stuck it to my left breast, just above the nipple. As he removed the paper it revealed a small black velvet jewelry case. Inside the case was a thin plain platinum pinky ring.

"Read the inscription," I said, excitedly.

"To the man in my life who has always been there for me. I love you. ~EM," he read out loud, squinting at the tiny letters.

"Seems even more appropriate now," I smirked.

"It's perfect, I love it," he said in a soft voice.

As I saw him motion to put it on his finger, I said "I hope it fits."

Though he had to push firmly to get it over his knuckle, it seemed to be a near perfect fit.

"I will wear it always!" he exclaimed as he embraced me.

After we hugged, I handed him the other gift. It was lighter and a bit bigger. Its festive blue and silver paper sparkled from the glitter in it.

"This one I got for you when we went to the mall. It's not as serious," I giggled with delight.

He quickly opened it to discover a vibrating cock ring.

"It's rechargeable!" I said excitedly. "Do you like it?"

"Is this to encourage my angel to stay mounted on the tree?" he asked with a laugh.

"I definitely believe that your angel would find it hard not to want to stay on top of your tree," I replied and laughed back.

"I charged it before I wrapped it, just in case you wanted to take it for a test drive," I said with a wink.

I barely completed my sentence before he attacked my neck with love bites and groped me in my love hole. Within moments I had placed the ring on him in high speed and he was balls deep in my canal. The sensation was amazing and despite all the fucking we did earlier, he plowed into me like a starved rabid dog.

Only a few minutes had passed before he drowned my pussy in a flood of cum. The moment I felt him pulse into me, I began squirting too. He collapsed on me, my breast in his mouth like a nursing infant. We were both utterly spent and lay there in our sticky mess while the vibrator continued to stimulate me into an orgasmic comatose.

"Merry Christmas!" we both passionately whispered to each other.

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