tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMe and My Camera Ch. 04

Me and My Camera Ch. 04


Peter Greene makes a decision after watching his daughter with her boyfriend a second time.


Peter Greene looked at himself, sitting in a bean bag chair so he could be as close to the big screen TV as he could possibly get. Looking down at his crotch, he saw his limp cock, now a deep red in color after he had been stroking it almost non-stop all night.

"And morning," Peter mumbled as he looked over at the clock. "What the hell is wrong with me?"

He had lost track of how many times he had gotten off while watching his daughter Alison and her new boyfriend Will. At least five times for sure, he mused, and as he stroked his dick while covering it with lotion that soothed the raw skin, he suspected he could do it at least once more.

Peter got the tape cued up to the right part, having memorized the precise spot where things got interesting, and pressed play. There she was, his pride and joy Alison, getting her top pulled over her head by her boyfriend Will, her smooth shaved armpits glistening and deep.

Soon Alison was naked and Will was rubbing her diminutive breasts, his black hands tenderly massaging the little swells while Alison unbuckled his slacks. It was daytime on the screen, and judging by the way they were sweating it must have been Tuesday, when the temperature was near 100.

They would be sweating more by the end of the film, which would take place 48 minutes from now, but first it was Alison kneeling before her black boyfriend, pulling down his underwear and exposing his ebony spear, which was already hard.

The thick six inches quickly disappeared in Alison's mouth, and Peter could see Will's reaction as his daughter began deep-throating his cock, her hand churning his balls as she took all of him in.

Unlike the first time Peter had caught the two lovers on tape, Alison was not going to suck Will until he came, drinking his cum with a passion. They had other plans, and as Alison climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees, it was clear what the plans were.

Even watching this for the sixth or seventh time, Peter still couldn't get over the size of his daughter's butt, especially in relation to the rest of her body. Her arms and legs were reed-thin and her breasts were nearly non-existent, which made the presence of her lush full buttocks look even more voluptuous.

Will seemed to enjoy Alison's big rear-end, his long black fingers kneading the flesh as he bowed his head between the cheeks. Alison had been shaving her armpits since she had started seeing Will, but her bush remained lush and dense, and she had let the hair that grew around her anus remain.

Will attacked it with a passion, and Peter wished that the camera could have followed his face into the crack, capturing his tongue as it lapped at Alison's anus before most likely burrowing into her ass, if her reaction was any indication.

Alison seemed to have a thing for asses, judging by what she had done with her friend Lois back when Peter had first starting taping what went on in his daughter's bedroom, and after Will had his fill of munching back there, he went in for the kill.

He positioned Alison so that her butt was way high in the air, and then jumped up on the bed, standing behind Alison while coating his manhood with lubricant. Then Will was oiling up Alison's anus.

Peter remembered tears coming to his eyes the first time he had watched this, horrified at what he was seeing. The glistening black spear looked huge now, despite the perfectly normal size of it. Something about knowing where it was going to go made it look scarier.

Dawn would never let him do that to her, Peter recalled, but Alison was different. She not only let Will take her anally, she WANTED it. Standing on the bed, hovering over his totally vulnerable daughter, Peter moaned as he watched Will's cock replace his fingers in Alison's rectum, and as Will slid deeper and deeper into her, his own cock was hard again.

Peter kept stroking his swollen cock while watching Will slide his cock in and out of Alison's ass in a slow and sensuous rhythm. He was sticking all of it into Alison, and Alison was taking every inch, clawing at the sheets while her mouth contorted.

Will was a master cocksman, that much was obvious. He had excellent self-control, crouched over Alison while impaling her with every downward stroke. His deep black skin was glistening with sweat, the droplets raining down on Alison's pale skin like a shower.

AS the tape went on, Will's pace got faster, and his thrusts were accompanied by slaps on Alison's ass. They were playful slaps that only reddened the skin of her buttocks, but it accentuated his complete control over Alison.

Almost time, Peter noted as he looked at the clock. How could he do it? How could they do it? Thirty solid minutes of non-stop ass fucking. Alison had cum a few minutes earlier, and now her boyfriend was about to cum as well.

Peter watched as Will's body tensed and his head rolled back. "Cumming," Peter whispered to no one. Not him, but Will. Will was cumming, sending what had to be a massive load of his cum deep into Alison's bowels.

Peter held back on cumming himself until exactly the right moment, managing to keep from ejaculating until Will straightened and pulled his deflating cock out of Alison's anus.

Then, as the fat black cock popped out of Alison's hairy asshole, Peter came, watching his daughter's gaping anus as Will's cum drooled out and down the insides of her thighs.

He didn't cum like that, Peter noted, seeing the little ropes of cum that he had squirted out and now rested in his pubic hair. That's what happens when you get old, along with having cum so many times before.

Now Peter looked away from the screen as Will and Alison hugged and kissed each other, feeling disgusted as he invaded their private time. Peter finally turned off the screen and got up from the bean bag chair, his ass stuck from being in it for so long, and made a decision.

This was it. No more spying on his daughter. She was an adult and had a right to her privacy. It wasn't her fault that he was stuck in a boring marriage.

The camera got removed from Alison's room the next day, and after being unable to decide, finally destroyed all of the tapes he had of Alison; alone, with Lois and with Will.


Alison went off to college as scheduled, and after she had been gone for over a month Peter made a decision. He was going out to see Alison, and was going to confess what he had done. The guilt was overwhelming, and even if Alison hated him and never spoke to him again, he had to do it.

He decided to use the excuse of having to travel out of town on business, which was true, only it would take a detour for him to get to Ann Arbor, Michigan from Chicago, Illinois.

Before leaving, Peter decided to put the camera in his bedroom. Maybe when he returned home, Dawn might miss him enough to have sex with him, although that wasn't likely given the frigid temperature of that room of the house.

Maybe he would catch Dawn canoodling with another guy, Peter chuckled to himself. Fat chance of that, but who knows? Maybe she was getting taken care of by some mysterious dude, which would explain why she didn't need him.


"Daddy!" Alison yelped when she opened the door of the apartment that she shared with three other students.

One of her roommates waved at him as she went by, and Peter detected the aroma of pot as Alison hugged him and ushered him inside.

"What a surprise!" Alison said, looking so much different than she had a few months earlier.

She was dressed like an 18 year old college student, instead of the drab labor camp attire she had always worn, and seemed much more outgoing as well.

"I was in the area and decided to pop in," Peter explained, his nose twitching. "I should have called first. Interesting... air freshener."

Alison blushed, looking so adorable that he hated what he was about to do.

"Would you like to go get something to eat?" Peter suggested.

"Already ate. How about coffee though?"

"Sure," Peter said. "Is Will around? Maybe he would like to go too, that is if he's still - you know."

"Oh, he's still my guy," Alison chirped. "He has classes though."

Alison took her father on a tour of the area on the way to the coffee shop, and after they got their drinks at the counter, Peter suggested that they go way in the back of the shop, which looked deserted.

"Oh-oh," Alison said as they eased into the booth. "You've got that look about you. Like you're going to tell me something bad. Are you and Mom getting a divorce?"

"No," Peter managed to get out before he started to break down.

"Daddy?" Alison said, reaching across the table to grab his hand, and as Peter tried and failed to get his emotions under control his daughter got worried.

"Daddy, please!" Allison begged. "What is it?"

"There's something I have to tell you," Peter said, only able to get a word or two out at a time. "Something terrible."

"What is it?"

"You're going to hate me. Hate me ever more than I hate myself," Peter said before breaking down again.

"This isn't about the camera, is it?" Alison asked.


Peter's head jerked up at those words, looking at Alison in disbelief, while she stared back with a face that was as stoic as could be.

"You knew?" Peter asked.

"Duh!" Alison snickered. "How dumb do you think I am? You didn't hide it that well, you know?"

"Why didn't you rip it out, or call me on it?"

"Parents do stuff like that all the time these days," Alison explained. "Mr. Angelo used to give Lois drug tests, and some kids get their phones bugged and their Internet traced. No big deal."

"You aren't mad?" Peter asked incredulously.

"Nah!" Alison said with a shrug. "Hell, sometimes I would make sure to get into a good position for the camera when I was doing stuff. Guess I'm a bit of an exhibitionist too. Besides, you're paying 29K a year for me to be here. You deserve something for your money. Most of the time my bedroom was pretty boring. I don't do drugs. That was Lisa smoking pot back there."

"It wasn't boring," Peter said. "You want boring, you should check our bedroom."

"I know," Alison said. "That's why I figured you were upset. Kind of expected the divorce announcement when I saw you. You guys used to rock that bedroom late every Saturday night."

Peter blushed when Alison said that, and shook his head sadly.

"No, not any more," Peter said sadly. "About the camera - did anybody else know?"

"No way," Alison said. "Will would have freaked. he's kind of an introvert."

Peter nodded, not mentioning the way he had rode her like a jockey, smacking her butt while fucking her in the ass.

"I don't think Lois would have dug it either," Lois mused. "Mrs. Comstock would have killed herself if she knew. Becky might have gotten a charge out of it though."

"Becky?" Peter said, trying to figure out who Alison was talking about. "Mrs. Comstock? The school bus driver? You mean..."

"Guess you didn't have the camera up as long as I thought," Alison said. "You missed a few. They were in my lesbian phase. I think I'm past that now."

"I'm sorry," Peter said honestly. "Not about missing anything, but about the intrusion. I was as wrong as wrong can be. I'm ashamed of myself."

"Like I said, I'm alright with it. Who knows? Maybe when I come back home for the holidays we can watch the tapes."

"Destroyed," Peter said. "All of them."

"Too bad," Alison said. "How did I look? On film I mean."

"Beautiful," Peter said, a tear returning to his eye. "Beautiful."

Father and daughter walked home hand in hand, and after Peter refused his daughter's offer of letting him crash on the couch, Peter got ready to leave.

"Oh, Daddy?" Alison said. "You ever see Lois around?"

"No," Peter said. "I haven't. Not since you left for here. Actually, not since you and Will got together."

"Yeah, she got kinda upset when I started hanging with Will," Alison said. "Jealous. She's kinda - um... not interested in guys."

"I understand." Peter said as they hugged.

"If you see her, tell her hi for me. Tell her I love her and all."

"Can do."

Peter Greene felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from his back, and as he went back home, he vowed to try and make his marriage work.


In the last chapter, Peter Greene confronts his wife, Dawn.

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