tagFetishMe and My Master: First Lesson

Me and My Master: First Lesson


You are coming home after a long and hard day at work. I am waiting for you right at the front door, welcoming you with a hot, deep, and passionate kiss. My tongue deep in your mouth playing with yours. I wait while hoping so much that my Master will be in a good mood, so I will be allowed to kiss him. I am dressed only in a black silk robe. I just took a shower. My pussy and my butt are smooth and freshly shaved, just the way my Master likes it. I have put on the right quantity of his favorite perfume and I cannot wait for him to get home.

While still kissing you, I start undressing you very slowly. Opening button after button and following my hands with my mouth and my tongue. Kissing and licking every inch of your skin. After I have finished with your shirt, I unbutton your pants, open the zipper and slowly slide my hands into your pants, softly moving them over your butt. I push your pants down over your butt onto the floor. I get down on my knees to help my Master step out of his pants and take of his socks as well.

I hope my Master will be pleased with his slave and he will show me so by his penis hardening in his briefs. Master tries to lead me to the living room, because he is expecting a glass of wine, the porn in the TV, and a blowjob to be waiting for him, but I have different plans for today. I softly lead my Master to the bathroom. On the way, I open my robe and let it drop to the floor. I can feel my Masters eyes on my arse while I walk in front of him. In the bathroom, I sit on the edge of the bathtub, spreading my legs wide so that my Master has the perfect view on my freshly shaved and washed pussy. Bare, soft, and pink pussy; wet with anticipation for what might follow.

I had hope my Master cannot resist what he sees there so he would lick my wet pussy, maybe even ask me to pee for him, but he don't seem to be in the right mood yet. So, I continue as planned. I run him a bath, carefully checking that the water has the right temperature and ask my Master to get into the bathtub. I join him and I start to wash him softly, while getting all the day dirt and dust of his skin.

I wash your face, your shoulders, and your chest and I cannot resist playing with your nipples whenever I come near them. I wash your arms and hands, your feet, your legs and especially carefully and softly wash your penis and your balls. You relax more and more and you seem to enjoy what your slave is doing. To reach your back easier, I place myself behind you, my Master, and I wash your hair, your neck, and down your back.

"Please Master; I would like to wash your arse, too. Please get in a better position so that I can wash it too."

You get on your hands and knees exposing your wonderful butt to me. I softly run my hands over it, washing it especially thoroughly between the cheeks.

I am not be able to resist, without asking my Master for permission, I get up, stand over you, and pee on your butt. I spread your cheeks so that my pee runs down your butt, between your butt cheeks. I hurry to get back behind you and start to lick my pee off your ass while using my hands to spread your cheeks so that my tongue has better access. I run it up and down and I carefully penetrate your secret back hole with the tip of my tongue, teasing you more than really getting it in.

"Oh, Master! What a wonderful and special taste!"

While my tongue continues enjoying your sexy ass, one of my hands reaches around your waist, searching for your erected penis.

I grab your hard and big penis carefully and start to work on it, moving my hand up and down steadily. It gets bigger and harder in my hand, but suddenly you tell me to stop. You get up and tell me to stand up too. You stand behind me and tell me to lean forward. I do as I am told and I lean forward while resting my hand against the wall. You grab my hips and pull my arse back. You tell me to spread my legs as far as possible. I stand right in front of you while exposing my butt and my dripping wet pussy to you, Master. You plunge your huge, rock hard cock into my pussy. You thrust in deep, but only twice, and then you pull back. You spread my butt cheeks and push your cock, now wet with my juice, into my back hole.

"Oh, Master! It feels so great when your penis fills my secret hole."

You fuck my butt. You fuck it hard and deep. I am moaning and screaming with pleasure.

It doesn't take long and I can feel that you are close to cumming. You move faster and faster, thrusting in deeper and deeper. You, too, are moaning loudly. Then you cum, you cum hard in my tight arse. I feel load after load of your hot cum as you shoot into my ass.

"Oh, Master! That feels so good."

You rest for a moment before pulling back. I know what my Master would expect me to do now, so I turn around, get down on my knees, and start to lick and suck his cock clean. It tastes of his cum, my pussy juice, and my shit. I carefully lick every little bit of my Masters gorgeous cock.

Once I have finished cleaning my Masters cock with my tongue and my lips, he orders me to open my mouth and he pee right into it. I have to swallow hard so that I can handle all his golden juice, but part of it is dripping out of my mouth; warm as it's running down my chin and dripping on my tits.

"You have been a no-good slave today. You peed on your Master without being told to do so! You know that you will have to be punished for such a bad behavior!" My master says with a devilish smile.

I start to tremble. I had hoped so much that my Master would like what I had planned for him tonight, but now, he does not. Worse, he is angry with me because I took control for a moment. I tremble out of fear at what punishment he might have in mind for me. He is such a strict Master by not allowing any mistakes to be made by his slave.

"Get a towel and rub me dry, but gently!" he orders.

I hurry to get a big soft towel. I wrap it around my Masters wonderful body and dry his skin.

"Enough, slave. Get back on the floor! Get down on your knees and your forearms! I want see your tits and nipples touch the floor with your arse up. Spread your legs!" he demands.

I do as I am told. In this position, I am totally exposed to my Master. I tremble and shiver in anticipation at what might follow.

He tells me, "Don't move, slut! I will be right back. It's time for your punishment."

He leaves me alone in the bathroom. I don't know how long I was waiting there while not moving the lightest bit. I do not want to give my Master any reason for a more severe punishment. Suddenly, he is back.

The first thing he does is blindfold me with a dark black scarf. He does this so that I cannot see what other things he brought back with him and what he will be doing.

Demanding my attention, he says, "High time, you dirty whore, that your Master teaches you only to pee, shit and cum when he allows you to do so. Do you understand me, slave?"

"Yes, Master." I say.

"What did you say, slave?" he yells. "I didn't hear you. Tell me what I should teach you. Tell me loudly so that I can hear it clearly."

As loud as my trembling voice allows me, I respond, "Master, you have to teach your slave that she has to ask her Master for permission to pee, shit and cum."

With a nod, He says, "That's better. I will give you the lesson it takes. I will train you to keep control over your body! Now, I want you to drink the water I brought for you. Drink all of it! Open your mouth and take the straw that I hold directly in front of your mouth and drink - slowly!"

I do as I am told and Master put the straw into my mouth and I suck, feeling the water in my mouth, running down my throat.

"Next to your butt slave - I have prepared an enema for you. I am sure it will cause you the feeling that you need to shit soon. Your bladder and your ass filled, you will desperately need to go to the toilet, but remember it's me; your Master deciding when you go or how else you might be allowed to relieve yourself."

Still sucking on the straw, my heart beats wildly and my Masters words arouse me. I am so horny and I am sure he knows. I wonder what he has in mind next. I can feel his hands on my bum. Placing one of his hands between the cheeks, I notice he has put some lube on his hand. He then properly runs it between my ass-cheeks and into my asshole. Then he spreads the cheeks and I can feel that he penetrates my asshole. I do not know what he's using, I just feel that it is something cold and rather big, spreading my back hole. Then, I feel a liquid. It is pleasantly warm and filling my intestinal. My bladder and my intestinal being filled up. My heart begins to beat so fast. I have no idea how I can stand not knowing what is coming.

"So, there is only one of your greedy dirty holes left!"

I can feel my Master's hand examining my pussy, running over my clit then pinching it. I scream of pleasure and pain.

"Mmm, your cunt is dripping wet. You dirty whore. I'm sure you would like to be fucked and cum, but you will have to wait and I will make you even hornier and more aroused!"

With those words, I can feel my Master as he pushes a big vibrator into my pussy. It is moving slowly but I can already hardly keep from cumming because of how turned on I am. At least I finally finished all the water I had to drink and my Master finished the enema.

"Get back into the bathtub, slave! I do not want you to cause too much of a mess on the floor. You, for sure will cause a mess as soon as I tell you to do so!"

My Master takes off the blindfold and he pulls the vibrator out of my dripping pussy. Oh dear, it is such a relief as I was so close to cumming. I am totally turned on. I get back into the tub as my Master told me to do.

"Down on your knees and hands slave! Place yourself at one end of the bathtub. Leave some space so that I may stand behind you, looking at your bum."

I place myself in the tub as told. Hardly there, my Master pushes the vibrator back into my cunt, making it move faster now.

Mmm, I don't know what to do so that I will not cum before I'm allowed to do so. My entire body is shaking and trembling. Master steps into the tub. He stands behind me.

"So, my dirty slave, how do you feel?" He asks.

"Oh, Master! Please? I have to go to the toilet. I have to pee and to shit so badly. Please, Master, will you allow me to go?"

"No way, slave! You know that! You know what will happen! What about your sluttish cunt? Isn't she about to climax or should I make the vibrator move faster?" He asks.

I reply quietly, "No, Master. Please don't. Please, I will cum if you do that and then I will be disobedient again. Please, Master, allow me to cum?"

"So, my dirty slave, you are already at the point where you can't stand it any longer? Well, I will not be too hard on you then. I will not make you wait too much longer. First, I have to pee myself and when I have finished, I will watch you relieve yourself, but not all at once." He continues, "One after the other, but I will tell you which first. Do you understand me, slave?"

"Yes, Master. I understand." I can hardly talk anymore as my voice trembles and I am so aroused and excited.

Oh, yes! It feels so good when my Masters warm pee hits my back and runs down my body, along my butt and down my legs. Especially when I know that I will not have to control my own needs for much longer.

"Now, my slave! Push, shit, and I will watch. I want to see your shit running down your legs." He demands.

"Oh, Master! Please, that is so humiliating when I have to do that. Please allow me to use the toilet?" I beg.

"No, slave! No way! He replies. "You know that. Start to push and I want to see your legs being covered with your brown shit!"

I do not hesitate any longer. I desperately need to relieve myself after the enema so I push as he insisted. Without effort, I can feel and smell my dirt as it comes out of my asshole and slowly begins to run down my legs. I feel so dirty, but it is such a relief that I am happy that my Master gave his permission.

"Good, slave. Now, push hard and empty your intestine completely then rub yourself. Smear your shit all over your body, your legs, your ass, your tummy and especially your tits." He orders.

As I do as my Master told me.

"It looks nice, slave. Now pee for your Master."

I begin to plead, "Master, please. I cannot with the vibrator in my pussy and being so close to cumming as I am. Please allow me to cum first and then to pee afterward? I can't do it the other way around."

Master asks me, "Are you quickly being disobedient again, dirty slave? You should not be. You know that. Is your Master not just about to give you a good lesson on what will happen to you if you are misbehaving?"

I am almost in tears and I begin to beg, "Master, please? You are right, Master, but I can't pee now? Please? I cannot while the vibrator is in my pussy. Please? Can I at least take it out? I can try to pee for you then. Please, Master?" I need to pee so badly and my pussy is so hot. I am so close to cumming that I do not know what to do."

"Well slave, I won't be too strict today. I can see how much you suffered and I'm sure you have learned your lesson today," he says smiling at me.

He bends down and pulls the vibrator out of my pussy.

"Thank you, Master. Thank You!" I'm saying happily.

"Now pee!" he orders. "Pee and hold your hand under your pussy and catch some of your pee with your hand so that you can drink it when you have finished."

Oh, it feels so good to finally be allowed to pee, to release my almost bursting bladder. I hold one of my hands under myself and catch as much of the warm golden juice as my hand can hold. It seems to last forever until I finally emptied out myself completely.

"Good slave." He says with approval. "Now drink the pee in your hand, but also let your Master taste."

I instantly respond, "Oh yes, Master."

I smile at him because I now know that he is satisfied with his slave tonight. I am also smiling knowing that makes me happy. I move my hand filled with my pee to his mouth and he takes a big sip and I join from the other side. My master smiles at me. Once we have finished the special drink together, he starts kissing me deeply and passionately. My body shivers with anticipation and my womb aches with longing to feel his rock hard cock in my dripping wet pussy. My master breaks our kiss and steps out of the bath tub.

"Clean yourself, slave. I want you to wash of your dirt from your skin and hurry. I am waiting for you in my bed. I want to fuck you. So, hurry, slave!" He orders.

Without hesitation, I obey. I turn on the shower, grab the soap and wash myself very carefully, making sure not to miss a spot. I do hurry, because there is no bigger pleasure for me than to be fucked by my Master. I step out to the tub, grab a towel, dry myself as much as necessary, and hurry to my Masters bedroom.

As I walk in, he tells me, "Come over here, slave."

He is lying on his back and his cock is rock hard and big.

"Now for your last lesson for tonight; I will fuck your hot and tight pussy and you will cum exactly when I tell you to cum, no earlier and no later. Do you understand me?"

Instantly, I respond, "Yes, Master. I do."

He gently demands, "Get on your knees and hands again. I will take you from behind so that I can thrust in deep and fuck you hard."

I get onto the bed, on my knees and my hands as he told me. My Master grabs my hips and pushes his huge, thick, and hot cock deep into my hot cunt. Oh! He really fucks me hard with deep, very deep strokes, pulling almost out of my pussy and then plunges his cock back in hard. With every thrust, his balls slap against my clit, boosting the sensation. Oh, it feels so good and my entire body shivers and quivers. I am so close to orgasm. I try to ignore that feeling so that I would not cum before getting my Masters permission, but that hardly works. My Master moves faster and faster and his stokes are getting harder and deeper each time. We both scream and moan from pleasure and lust. I know that he is close to cumming also and I hope he will tell me to cum together with him, but he does not. Without telling me to cum, he suddenly shoots his loads of hot and creamy cum deep into my cunt, one load after another.

"Cum now, my slave!"

I finally hear him say and I do as I am told. I cum hard, very hard on my Masters cock. My body is out of control. My pussy clenches on my Masters cock, milking him as my body shakes heavily.

I scream and moan, "Oh, Master!"

Slowly, very slowly, our bodies calm down and we collapse in each other's arms. Holding each other tightly, we then kiss softly.

"Slave, I hope you learned you lesson for today. I hope, for you, that there will be no need to repeat it!" he says.

"Yes, Master. I did learn my lesson. I will never pee, shit, or cum without asking for your permission first." I respond.

"Good slave! This is enough for today. Your Master is tired. Now, lay on your tummy so that I can use your bum as my cushion. I need a good rest."

I turn on my tummy as my Master settles his head on my butt.

I whisper softly, "Good night, Master. Sleep tight."

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Absolutely zero character development, it didn’t really flow at all. Honestly I found the story to be all over the place and I didn’t really have an enjoyable time reading it. Either the author needsmore...

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