tagGroup SexMe, You, and Your Girlfriend

Me, You, and Your Girlfriend


You and I work together. We're working on a new contract together and I look over at you and see you looking at my tits, which I can admit are looking super fucking hot today. You see that I caught you and you blush. I tell you I'll be right back. I leave the room and come back a few minutes later with a big smile on my face. I tell you I want to take you home. Your cock is already hard but you say, "But I have a girlfriend". I tell you to forget about her for one night, I'm going to give you the fucking of a lifetime.

That seems to be enough to convince you and we leave in your car. I start sucking your cock in the car and you just love it. We get to my place and we can't take our clothes off fast enough. In between clothing removal, you're fingering me, sucking my tits and I'm pulling on your hard cock. We finally get to the bedroom and put on a movie. This chick is being fucked from behind and eating another girl's pussy. I immediately start to get even more horny than I was already. I start fingering myself on the bed and you start playing with your cock. I lay down on the bed with my mouth at your swollen cock, which has just a small amount of cum on the end. It tastes so good. You bring yourself around and put your face at my wet pussy. We start sucking each other so good. You're fingering my pussy as you suck on my clit and I'm sucking your cock and playing with your balls. You start moaning at how good I suck you off.

Suddenly there's a knock at the front door. We ignore it. We hear high heels coming down the hallway towards our fuckfest. My door gets thrown open and it's your girlfriend. She looks angry! We stop what we're doing and you're about to start explaining yourself when she throws open her jacket to show that she's completely naked underneath except for a very nice strapon. I called her before we left to tell her that I was taking you home to fuck you and we had this all arranged. You laugh a few times before continue with my pussy. You start sucking on my clit and your girlfriend gets me to suck her dildo a few times before sliding it slowly into my pussy. I continue sucking on your swollen cock while you suck my clit and your girlfriend fucks me from behind. You step away and your girlfriend rolls on her back. She slowly takes the dildo out of my pussy and slides it into my small ass.

I'm lying on top of her with my legs wide open being fucked up my ass by your girlfriend. You start masturbating while you watch this then you come over slowly and throw your cock into my throbbing messy wet pussy. I'm being fucked in two holes right now and it feels unfuckingreal. Your balls are slapping on my pussy while you fuck me and I'm screaming with pleasure. Your girlfriend gets out from underneath me. She removes the dildo and places her pussy on my face. I start tongue fucking her and fingering her pussy. You start sucking on her tits while still fucking me so hard. She's moaning so fucking loud! She's about to cum. She cums in my mouth and i suck it all up. Your girlfriend's pussy tastes so fucking good. You keep pumping your hot cock into my pussy and I'm screeeeaming, 'FUCK ME! FUCK ME SO FUCKING HARD!" Your girlfriend starts fingering herself while watching you give me the fucking of my life.

You moan that you're about to cum and you pull out and cum all over my tits. Your girlfriend lays me down, grabs the double ended dildo, slides one end into my hot pussy and the other end into hers and starts fucking me and sucking your cum off of my sticky tits. She finishes sucking my wet sticky tits and continues to fuck me. We're fucking each other and moaning and screaming and you start getting hard again so you start to play with your used cock. I love watching you masturbate so I start fucking her harder because it turns me on so much. I suck your girlfriend's tits meanwhile keeping an eye on you stroking your cock, which now has more cum on the end. You see me watching you so you kneel on the bed and slide your hot cock into my willing mouth. I suck you and lick your balls while still fucking your girlfriend. She starts sucking my tits again and moans that she's going to cum again. She keeps pumping the dildo, which is super fucking wet. She cums all over it and it leaks down the dildo onto my pussy. She and I sit on the edge of the bed and you come over and suck my pussy then hers, going back and forth.

You decide you want more fucking so you grab your girlfriend off of the bed and put her on your cock while you're standing. You open your legs wide and put her legs around you and you start pumping your cock into her. She's moaning and screaming, fuck me harder! Harder! I go underneath the two of you and suck your balls while I fuck myself with the dildo. your balls are wet with your own cum, hers and mine. It tastes so fucking good. I fuck myself so hard with the dildo. I can't fucking stand it anymore so I lay on the bed and watch the two of you go at it while I play with my tits and fuck myself with the dildo. The two of you are fucking so hard. You tell her to get on the bed on all fours. Then you tell me to lean over her. You then come over and throw your hot wet cock into her pussy. You ram it in and out a few times and then pull it out and ram my hot wet pussy. You go back and forth fucking us for about five minutes. You pull out and then start tongue fucking us back and forth. I start to cum and you suck my pussy until there's no cum left...

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