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Mean Girls Reunion 05



When Amanda left, I had just about had it. All these sexually tinged encounters -- whether in my head or not -- all these near misses, and the uncertain future as a whole was doing me in. Before I could cope, I needed a breather.

I marched to the nearest closet I could find, looking for a few minutes to myself. The minute I found one and got inside, I saw how I failed.

I had to step into the one closet where Lindsay Lohan was on her knees, with a cock right in her mouth. Once she saw me and got it out, we both just stayed still and quiet --and so did the guy with the cock, apparently.

"Come fucking on!" I finally called out.

Shaking my head, I sat down on the nearest chair as I heard Lindsay and her 'friend' scatter. I heard the door open and close, but when I looked over, only Lindsay was still there.

"Well, obviously...." Lindsay started but couldn't finish. "I mean, that was...." she still couldn't excuse. Mind you, this was 2003 and Lindsay was still considered a good girl back then -- one of the last time periods where she was. She wasn't as experienced and open at this sort of thing as she's....presumed to be now.

"Look, you work here, right?" Lindsay finally steadied herself. "I've seen you talk to Amanda. This place has been good to you, right?" I couldn't argue, so I stayed quiet, which encouraged Lindsay to add, "If....what you saw doesn't stay between us, it'll be bigger than the movie. Probably wreck it in some ways, really. That's no way to be good to it, really."

"Really?" I asked, perhaps harsher than I should. "The movie's what will get wrecked?"

"Hey, it won't get buzz for the right reasons! Not the reasons Tina and Mark want!" Lindsay argued. "And you think Rachel, Amanda and Lizzy will break out if they're too busy talking about my mouth?" she pointed out. "You don't want their big break ruined, right?"

"That's really all on me?" I nitpicked. "I wasn't the first one in this closet."

"Hey, don't treat me like a criminal!" Lindsay spat. "I'm old enough for that stuff and then some! None of us cheated on anyone, so there!"

"Now you're proud of it? You just said it'd ruin the whole movie and your co-stars. Which is it?" I counterattacked. By then I realized we could go round and round on this all day. I really didn't have the patience or desire for that.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay?" Lindsay actually gave up first. "I just....I never got caught doing stuff like that before. Hell, I just started doing it. I'm getting bigger out there, so if I'm ever gonna do stuff like that and get away with it....I figure I don't have much time left. I guess you made it run out, huh?"

I gave a little laugh, although I wasn't in a laughing mood yet. Lindsay continued with, "I want a little more time to....push myself. Before I gotta go back to being a good girl. Can you just help me do that? Please?"

Under normal circumstances, I'd probably just agree to keep quiet. If I hadn't had any sexually-related encounters with someone from this movie, I'd probably say yes right away. But under these circumstances, this was the breaking point.

Lindsay would get to keep her reputation and cocks, and I'd be left with nothing. Again. Nothing but more blue balls, and a barely plausible dream that I could make this gig start a career.

If I was getting nothing else for it in the future, I needed something now. Something to make the past and the future all worth it, if only for a few glorious minutes.

I deserved some of those minutes, I told myself. I wanted them. And after all those moments with sexy ladies on this set, what better way to top it off? And who better to do it with?

"You want to keep having....secret fun?" I let out.

"I was having it earlier, yeah," Lindsay said.

"But I stopped you before you finished," I recalled. "I don't think he gave you....all the fun you wanted. If you really want it....I wonder how much."

I let my eyes wander over her red top, grey skirt and boots -- and all the shapes and figures they showed off. I actually hoped I was getting hard enough for Lindsay to notice, if she needed the deal sweetened. I was new to the "extort someone for sex" game, so I just went off what perverts in movies would do -- after shaking off comparing myself to them.

Another look at Lindsay's chest, open v-neck, legs, hair and slowly aroused face, and I was able to stomach it.

I settled into my seat and pushed my hands onto my pants, accentuating my bulge. In case she still had time to question this, I started unzipping and unbuckling to distract her. Once I finally exposed my cock on this set, Lindsay gave me her full unquestioning attention.

"Not too shabby," Lindsay said, her raspy voice turning sultry. Maybe she was just putting on a performance, since I practically blackmailed her. Yet she got back on her knees and took me right down her mouth, in the performance of her life.

I was torn between thrusting into her mouth or reaching down to her tits. But when I saw them move in her top, and felt her mouth and tongue work on every inch of me, it was an easier decision. If I didn't distract myself with Lindsay's tits, I'd fuck her mouth way too quickly.

Of course, feeling those plump beauties didn't help me contain myself. Especially when I couldn't feel a bra beneath that sweater.

I reached down further to try and lift her shirt up, while I still could. Lindsay was going faster on my mouth -- for whatever reason -- but I was clearly interrupting her technique. She popped off me right as I almost exposed her chest, then went and did it herself.

Once she was topless, she went back to sucking me, although my attention was down below. I grabbed her again, this time with no barriers between my hands and her tits. The difference was almost overwhelming. Especially when I rubbed Lindsay's nipples enough to make her moan on my shaft.

"Am I gonna make you cum?" Lindsay asked in a teasing, smoky purr. Clearly she was pulling out all the stops to finish me faster. But I didn't care -- and I had to fit in a few things first.

Instead of answering her, I bounced her breasts up before she could suck me again. Getting the message, Lindsay sat up higher and let me place her tits on my cock. She let me stroke myself with her boobs, yet she soon took them off -- only to go down on me and lather me up thoroughly.

With my cock fully wet and even harder due to her moans and seductive eyes, Lindsay tit-fucked my soaking shaft by her lonesome. I sat back and watched the show, almost out of ideas to prolong it. As I realized I might cum soon, I reflected on the things I wouldn't get to do -- which didn't seem fair either.

After letting myself enjoy her tits for two more seconds, I sat up with more effort than ever before. "Go over to the wall. Turn around and put your hands up," I ordered before I lost my nerve. I even nodded my head towards the door, subconsciously reminding her I could still blab if she didn't listen.

Lindsay kept a poker face on, getting up and walking to the nearest wall. She faced it and turned around, leaving her naked back, clothed ass and boots on display. Leaving the boots alone, I sat on my knees and worked on lowering her skirt and underwear instead.

When they came down and Lindsay stepped out of them, her bare, heart shaped ass was right in my face, like I wanted. Wasting no time, I planted my face between her cheeks and my tongue between he pussy lips. Licking her out like a madman, my hands went on her hips and squeezed, as I practically motorboated Lindsay's ass.

I heard her moan as I rapidly licked her up and down -- I assumed it was genuine. She sure felt genuinely wet, though, and I genuinely couldn't get enough. Putting my hands on her ass and jiggling her supple flesh did help.

I wasn't even touching my cock, but Lindsay's taste and her noises weren't helping it go down. Maybe it'd be enough to fuck her for more than a minute, though. I figured this was the time to find out.

To get Lindsay ready, I thoroughly licked every inch of her pussy, then thrust my tongue in several times. When I took it out, I put it below her opening and licked up -- all the way up her pussy and up her ass crack.

After my tongue reached her cleft, I got up before Lindsay could comment on my extra effort. I lined my cock up against her lubed lips, put my chin on her head and thrust in to the hilt. My hands went on her waist to steady her, which also helped me stay steady as I pumped her rapidly.

I looked down and saw Lindsay push her rippling ass against me, then rested my head on her shoulder. My lips went to her ear, nibbling it and breathing my approval and grunts, although my voice couldn't have been as arousing as her's. She further proved it by cooing and cursing her approval, getting herself ready to go off.

I was almost out of tricks to stretch this out more, and almost out of things I had to do. Save for one on both counts.

I made myself pull out of her and take her back to my seat. "What the fuck?" I heard Lindsay groan as she caught her breath. Without answering her in words, I sat back down and had her sit directly on my lap, fitting me right back into her.

With her riding me and facing me, I could finally put my mouth on her bouncing chest. I caught her left breast with my lips, all as my hands slid over her ass. Lindsay bucked on me while her tits bounced onto my face, which went back and forth on each breast as fast as it could.

Finally there was no way around it. My left hand went over to stroke her pussy further, but my right stayed clamped on her ass. Their stimulation, and my oral work on Lindsay's chest, would hopefully be her last straw before mine came.

Unfortunately, it felt like it would be a photo finish.

Before Lindsay could cum on me, I had to get my cock out of her. It did feel like she was cumming right on my balls -- but when I came, it landed up on her tits and neck.

We still rode out our orgasms and the different ways we were painting each other. When I got my bearings, I noted the more visible paint job I left on Lindsay's upper body -- and so did Lindsay.

"I thought you'd let me have it in my mouth," Lindsay reminded. It did seem I denied her that mouthful of cum a second time. I wiped a spurt off her right tit and put my wet finger near her mouth, yet she licked it up too quickly and wiped and licked the rest off herself.

After she was done, she got off my lap and left awkwardness, uneasiness and unfinished business in her wake. Strange, since this was supposed to finish my little sexual running gag on this set. I finally had my release, thanks to an in her prime Lindsay Lohan -- which should have felt more triumphant than it did.

I figured the euphoria would fully come after I got dressed and left, ignoring the awkward silence with Lindsay. "It's all safe with me," I did manage to tell her before I left, at least putting her mind at ease about that. Her clean image was safe, and her more daring desires were still secret.

The irony of that was impossible to ignore over the next 11 years. So was the unintentional triumph of fucking Lindsay when I did, no matter the circumstances or awkwardness.

Little did I know just how it would matter later.

January 2014

"You're the guy?"

I heard Lindsay Lohan's question over the music. Part of me was still nervous about it.

The other part remembered she was asking if I was the guy for the story. Not if I was the guy from 11 years ago. Hell, there was probably a lot she didn't remember from 1 year ago.

"Yeah, I'm the guy," I finally confirmed. Lindsay didn't notice my little pause, as she found us seats at the club.

I was lucky enough to contact someone who could keep up with Lindsay's club schedule. Then I was lucky enough to get here before she left, and to get her attention enough to talk. Maybe I could stretch my luck a little while longer.

I didn't know if I'd caught Lindsay while she was on the wagon, falling off it, or if she was way off it again. There were so many conflicting tabloid stories, I didn't know which Lindsay I'd get.

She didn't have a drink in her hand, her now light red hair looked neat, and she had a black coat, white shirt and grey skirt on with no cleavage. It looked promising so far, but appearances could be deceiving -- as Lindsay herself taught me once.

"So they're telling me you're writing a Mean Girls sequel?" Lindsay asked. Well....that could be due to bad sources, not drunk or drug stuff. Hopefully.

"It's a reunion. For my magazine," I corrected, handing her my business card. "We want to do a cover story and photo shoot next month. We've got almost everyone other than you."

"Almost?" Lindsay asked. "Did you get Rachel?"

"No, she won't be able to make it," I admitted. "Amanda, Tina, Lizzy and Lacey are all in, though," I added, praying Lindsay wasn't feuding with any of them. Her expression didn't change -- and I chose to believe there were no chemicals involved. Encouraged, I continued, "But if we get you, we'll really be good to go."

"You mean you're not right now?" Lindsay asked. Damn. I figured she wouldn't catch stuff like that. Maybe she was too on the wagon. "If I don't agree to this, what happens?"

I sighed, having falling into a trap -- and not the one I feared getting into. But maybe appealing to her ego was the way to go here.

"Look, we already don't have Rachel. If we don't have you too....it'll be harder to get this story off the ground." I confessed. "I mean, Amanda, Tina, Lacey and Lizzy are great....but they don't move issues like you do. Obviously. You being with them....with us....would be a really big boost."

"So you need me," Lindsay figured out.

"Yes," I groaned, then dared to get more personal. "I've been putting this thing together for two weeks. I went above and beyond for this project," I said without getting more accurate. "I'm not even the guy on the magazine that does that. But if I don't pull this off, I'll never be. So....it'd be a big boost for everyone involved."

"You're the one that needs me," Lindsay rubbed it in further.

"Yes, that's been established," I struggled not to lose patience -- but perhaps I failed with my next argument.

"And you probably need it too. You can't go back on Oprah for a while, or do more nude scenes with porn stars," I needled. "You need another way to prove you're on the straight and narrow. Or at least convince people you are. Going back to your last real hit is your best option. You won't get a better chance like that for a while."

I tried to keep a poker face on, but I was succeeding less than Lindsay. That shouldn't have been right for so many reasons. Still, I'd come this far -- why would the universe let me fall short now?

"But I'll get one eventually. That's usually what happens," Lindsay pointed out. There was no way I could argue with that concept -- if not the logic of it. "You made it sound like this is your only chance."

"I wouldn't go that far," I tried to lie.

"I would. This is your big break, and it's all riding on me now," Lindsay hit the nail on. "So you need this more than I do. Which means you need me to cooperate to save your career. If I'm not pleased by you, I can choose to ruin you. No matter what you put yourself through."

This was getting way too specific. And familiar. And quite troublesome. That inevitable sense of cruel irony washed over me again -- only this time, Lindsay wasn't the butt of the joke. Maybe I was 11 years overdue to be the butt.

"You know, maybe this isn't the right place to do this," Lindsay predicted. "I could stand to go home early for once. We can hash out the rest there."

I followed Lindsay out of the club, now savoring the loud music that made it impossible to think. When we got into her car and sank into silence, I missed the music immediately.

I didn't know what to say. I didn't have anything to explain Lindsay's last few choices of words -- except the sadly obvious answer. She remembered who I was and how I blackmailed her for sex, and this was her revenge. Ruining my one shot at a real career was as vengeful as it got.

First I felt desperate, wanting to beg her not to turn this down to hurt me. Then I felt apologetic, wanting to assure her I'd never used a girl like that before, never had since, and never would again. Then I felt outraged, since she's the one who could have turned me down. Especially since she had no more problems looking like a whore in public after that.

Before I got angry enough to say that, we had arrived at her house. On the walk there, I realized that calming down was for the best, if there was any hope left for me. Unfortunately, I had no alternatives worked out by the time we got inside.

"Wait right here, I'll be right back," Lindsay told me before going up her staircase. I waited there without moving an inch, or sitting down on any of the couches. She probably wasn't being literal with the 'wait right there' order, but I wasn't taking a single chance. I had no legs to stand on, and I did a poor job of hiding it -- so in two ways, this was my own fault.

If having sex with the hottest version of Lindsay Lohan was something to fault. Blackmail be damned and being a nice guy be damned. But then again, I didn't have sex with Lacey, Tina, Lizzy or Amanda through blackmail. For one reason or another, they wanted me anyway.

They were all decent people that way. They were decent, gorgeous, talented women that way. They wouldn't hold a mistake over me like Lindsay was planning to -- however she was planning to.

"Okay, I'm done," Lindsay called out, letting my torment begin.

But....what I saw then wasn't exactly the torment I expected.

Lindsay came downstairs in the tightest, littlest red dress I could imagine. Her cleavage was pushed up and virtually every inch of her legs was on display, yet she was mercifully barefoot. For a moment, she wasn't the train wreck the world had come to define her as -- she was one of the sexiest women alive again.

All for me. After she all but told me she remembered who I was, and what I did to her. No way that was a coincidence -- or a good one. "What the...." I started.

"Sssh. No talking," Lindsay said softly, almost like 11 years ago. That didn't help my confused boner either. Neither did this next part.

"I'll tell you when to talk. When to thrust, when to move your hands, when to use your mouth," Lindsay continued. "If you do anything I didn't tell you to do....then there's no story for you. That includes cumming too. Especially cumming."

At that point, Lindsay turned her back to me and pretty much brushed her ass against my groin. I let out a groan, despite not knowing if that was allowed too. "That's acceptable," Lindsay concedes. "But you do anything else without my permission....your career is over."

Okay, now my boner was less confused. So was the rest of me. Didn't mean I liked being clear about this. "I can't cum once?" I had to be clearer on.

Instead of answering with words, Lindsay turned around, pressed the front of her body against me -- pushing up certain parts of it along the way -- and slid her hand down to my crotch. Her head rested on my shoulder as her hand cupped my bulge, but didn't free it.

Every part of me was a frozen, erect statue at that moment. Before I could think about changing that, Lindsay whispered, "No touching. No thrusting. Or it's all over."

I tried to remember that, even as Lindsay slowly stroked my bulge. Even as she moaned her appreciation in my ear. Even as her free hand took mine and put it between her own legs. Even as she tried to hump herself against my hand, which couldn't even stroke her like she was stroking me. Yet she still seemed to make it work for her.

Lindsay pulled away slightly so I could see her face. It was better to look at than her visible, half naked chest, or her hand still on my clothed cock, or her swinging hips working themselves over my frozen hand. Perhaps remembering the toll the last decade took on her face would help me calm down -- then I wouldn't be so aroused by the rest of her.

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